People: Khloe Kardashian still wants to marry Tristan, she keeps him on a ‘short leash’

I truly believed that we should give Khloe Kardashian the benefit of the doubt, and we should give her some time and space to just figure things out with Tristan Thompson. My thought was that she would obviously just want to concentrate on baby True and she would put off making any decisions about leaving Tristan for a few months. I side-eyed her decision to stay in Cleveland, and I thought it was a bad call to stay living with him. But it just kept getting worse and worse. Now Khloe is basically half-estranged from her family but she’s riding-or-dying for Tristan. People Magazine’s sources say Khloe STILL wants to marry Tristan.

Khloe is “doing great” these days: “She seems happier and happier every day,” the source tells PEOPLE. Tristan is back, living in his home with Khloe and True. Now, the source says Kardashian “feels very good” about her decision to remain in Cleveland.

The short leash: “She wants her family to be together,” the source says. “She keeps Tristan on a short leash. He has been very apologetic.”

She wants to marry him: “Khloé wants to get married eventually, but there are no serious wedding talks yet. She does talk about a future with Tristan, though. She believes they can figure things out and have a happy life together. True is doing great, too. And Kris [Jenner] is so proud of all her grandkids. She constantly shows pictures of all the babies.”

Tristan apparently wants to be with Khloe too: A source previously told PEOPLE that he “wants them to be together” and has admitted his behavior was “completely wrong.”

Her family isn’t happy: Several insiders have told PEOPLE that Kardashian’s decision to reconcile with Thompson hasn’t gone over well with her famous family. After she celebrated her first Mother’s Day alone in Cleveland with her baby while her mother, grandmother and sisters remained in their hometown of Calabasas, a source told PEOPLE that the family “still disagrees with her decision to stay with Tristan, but they are trying to be supportive…They wanted Khloé back in L.A. for Mother’s Day, but she’s doing her own thing. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks. She actually seems very happy. She doesn’t really talk about Tristan, she just wants to talk about True. She loves being a mom.”

[From People]

I rolled my eyes so hard at the “she keeps him on a tight leash” comment that I now have a headache. Girl, you aren’t keeping him on ANY kind of leash, much less a short one. He’s literally hitting up Instagram “models” in every city. He was cheating on you throughout your pregnancy! THERE IS NO LEASH. He’s doing whatever the f–k he wants. What’s sad is that this crap will blow up again and when Khloe tries to play on public sympathies, everyone will just scream “WE KNEW, GIRL.”

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  1. Nancy says:

    I seriously doubt she ever had any intentions of leaving him. He is hardly at home nesting with her and the baby, as he is a little busy at the moment trying to get to the Finals. She’s probably nothing more than a distraction.

  2. Heat says:

    Right – because putting your significant other on any sort of leash is SURE to create a solid, everlasting, and loving bond.

    • MousyB says:

      Right?? Even if she was able to keep him on a “leash” that is such a horrible way to go about a relationship/example for True…

    • Raina says:

      Yes, I absolutely agree that keeping someone on a short “leash” (blech) is a terrible idea. A person who wants to cheat will always find a way and if you have to babysit your partner, it’s not a good relationship. Simple as that.
      I did, however, want to mention that when people declare,” Once a cheater…” I, personally, do not always find that to be true.
      Aside from my own experiences and that of certain friends, my parents are an example of change and growth being possible. When my parents met decades ago, my father was in his 20′s, my mother was 19, the dynamic was compatible but laced with immaturity. Something in them, I suppose, kept it going when many people would have walked away. Both cheated. Both fessed up.
      My point is that after a few turbulent years and my oldest sister being born, something just switched. It’s a choice. They had both chosen to keep the family going because there was real love there and made conscious efforts to gain the trust back again.
      Naturally, no two couples are alike. It comes down to the individual, what they can accept or forgive and if they’re capable of moving on. It is a position that really makes one vulnerable because the past wasn’t exactly evoking future confidence or security.
      They have been married 40+ years now and to my knowledge, which I believe is accurate, they have been faithful. The ups and downs were still there, but they committed to dealing with it as a team, even through my father’s bout with alcoholism and recovery.
      It is possible. It’s not for everyone, true, but it is.
      Ultimately, it really is what we are able to live with.
      Just my 2 cents. My apologies for the length.
      Forgot to mention something important, I think: My ex husband and I did not make it. Yes, cheating was involved on his part. No, I was not able to move past it at that time. Now, he is remarried and seemingly, very happily so. We are pretty decent friends for our son’s sake and we genuinely like each other. Maybe it was youth or the combination of our personalities, he has given her the faithfulness he never did me. No, I’m not bitter. I’m glad he’s grown. But, yes, he was diffrent once with me.

  3. Tate says:

    Nice storyline for the next season. 🙄🙄

  4. grabbyhands says:

    Please. This is part of the new post-pregnancy plan since the first one isn’t paying as many dividends as they hoped. He may be a cheat, but just like most of the other men who pass through that family, he’s just a means to an end and if she’s wanting to “keep him on a short leash” (gross imagery considering the way they fetishize black men) it’s because he is going off script and doesn’t in fact, give two flying f*cks about their publicity machine.

    This is all still about attention and control for her and wringing as much publicity out of her pregnancy as possible. Like everything in that family is about.

  5. Beth says:

    Khloe is just sticking around because she wants to be in love and have a happy family with a guy who loves her. No matter how much she wants that kind of relationship, Tristan has made it obvious he isn’t an honest guy who’s ready to settle down and love Khloe. She’s a doormat who’s going to keep letting this pig walk all over her

    • Nanny to the rescue says:


      As much as I can’t stand any of the Kardashians, I feel bad for her. She’s in a vulnerable position, especially after having a baby. She still thinks the fairytale can come true. I think she hopes Tristan would be her Kanye (who indeed seems to adore Kim at least). Damn, Khloe, run and find a decent man.

      • minx says:

        She didn’t have a baby. She obtained a baby. Which, fine, but don’t lie about it.

      • Nanny to the rescue says:

        What do you mean, she obtained a baby?

        Is there another conspiracy theory I’m not familiar with?

      • applepie says:

        @Nanny. No disrespect to you, but Please! Even if she wasn’t sure what sort of guy he was, she should have at least considered this before becoming pregnant. She made her bed, she lies in it…alone probably…money does not solve everything, however she is comfortable enough on that score to be able to get through this. She also has her close family. She just wasn’t clued up enough in the first place to deserve our sympathy. Bad choices here, big time.

      • Nanny to the rescue says:

        She’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, true, and she should have considered his past (and literally present since he had a baby on the way when they got together) before getting with him but I can still have some sympathy for her, surely? I don’t think she and her sisters have a good grip on reality, and landing in it must be hard.

  6. Jag says:

    I want so much to be snarky, but I was that stupid once. I stayed with an abusive guy who ended up cheating on me, and later dated a different guy who completely catfished me. I allowed both to treat me badly; yes, they are jerks for treating me that way, but I should have ended both relationships significantly sooner when my gut first told me to.

    I just hope that she wises up before she marries him because he will take her for everything that she has, and she will regret it. (No, thankfully I didn’t marry either of mine.)

  7. PoodleMama says:

    Time for a new storyline. You can’t release a few pap shots of him on his phone sitting near her and convince people he actually gives a crap about her or fatherhood.

  8. Eric says:

    Putting a leash on TT is about as effective as investing in the “commemorative coin” regarding the North Korea summit.


  9. Elisabeth says:

    you need a leash when you have a dog

  10. lightpurple says:

    The Cavs play here tonight. I’m seriously tempted to skip work today and park myself in the lobby of their hotel just to see who Tristan is with today.

  11. Tessa says:

    There HAS to be another explanation for this madness. The Kardashians spit men out, she has money etc .Perhaps are not romantically involved really. He’s a paid sperm donor or one of them is a beard. PMK raising his profile in return for completing her 3 babies plan?
    I can’t imagine PMK would allow Khloe to stay in that situation, she controls everything with an iron fist

  12. RBC says:

    If you need to keep the person you want to marry “on a short leash” , then it is time to rethink your choice in partner. Do you really want to spend the rest of your life with someone you can not trust?
    Life is too short

  13. smcollins says:

    I’m just wondering how long it will be before he impregnates someone else. Is that what it will take to make her wake up and remove herself and her daughter from this toxic situation? Granted, we don’t know what he says to her behind closed doors but the writing seems to be aaaaalllll over the wall. She needs to leave while her dignity is still intact (or at least what’s left of it).

  14. Nicole says:

    Lol he’s in the finals. I bet anything that he’s had other groupies since the story broke. Once she accepted this (which she did when she got with him while his girlfriend was pregnant) she accepted a life with a cheating dog. Oh well

  15. Josephine says:

    The children are such an afterthought to celebrities. Which I guess explains why so many children of celebrities seem to have issues. Parents are supposed to be protective, unselfish, and these two seem the exact opposite.

  16. Alexis says:

    She doesn’t sound very bright.

  17. Really says:

    Girl, you know he will cheat again.

  18. SunnyT34 says:

    Girl, there is no head in that leash!

  19. Jane Doe says:

    She’s a moron! She’s got all the money in the world and is settling for someone, who texted another woman, about wanting to run back to her and eat out her vagina?? While she was in the hospital having his kid! LMAO! Talk about low self esteem! Short leash my ass! He knows he’s got her wrapped around his finger and she’s not going anywhere!

  20. Ladykeller says:

    She’s delusional. Too many years of living reality tv drama. I don’t think she knows what is real and what is a made up plot line anymore. The whole Klan is so used to creating a story then acting it out in front of the camera on “reality tv” that they can’t differentiate plot line and actual real world life anymore. I think a few of them have forgotten that life is What happens when the camera stops rolling.

  21. JennyJazzhands says:

    Just like her sisters, khloe wants all of her children to be by the same man. So, we will have to endure these stupid headlines until she he fills her quota of biracial children she wants. Then, and only then, will she dump him like a hot potato.

  22. HK9 says:

    While a wedding for the show would bring ratings, she’s got to let it go. This will not end well.

  23. Moec23 says:

    She is just so desperate. It’s really sad.

  24. Keri says:

    Those nail-talons are so gross! She’s an idiot and now we can all look forward to more drama.

  25. Shannon says:

    Honey, stahp. He ain’t on no damn leash, short or otherwise. He’s just not that into you, accept it.

  26. Nope says:

    When did they get engaged?

    I don’t remember them getting engaged .. in fact I don’t recall any marriage talk …

  27. Lilith says:

    Haha good luck with that Khloé. Because as we all know, serial cheaters immediately change their ways once they are put on a “short leash” 🙄

  28. MerrymerrymonthofMay says:

    I DOUBT she keeps him on any type of leash. Cheaters don’t change.

  29. Yathink says:

    2 options here:

    1) she’s well aware that he’s still humping anything that moves and will never ever marry her and if they’re living together it’s only an attempt on his part to deflect some of the bad publicity while he gets through the finals after which he will flee. She knows this and is fine with it coz story lines and $$

    2) she’s the most deluded, sad, level 10 clinger in existence and will ignore every sign and even outright declaration that he’s done with her because she thinks if she doesn’t agree to being dumped it hasn’t happened.

    Either way she’s trash.

    • jwoolman says:

      Or maybe

      3) Khloe knows he won’t be faithful but she is ok with that and just wants her child to have two parents involved in her life. I’m sure it’s a big place, they probably aren’t tripping over each other the way lesser mortals would. They might actually like each other and he might like the easy contact with his daughter.

      People do have open marriage type relationships, maybe this is one of them. It’s physically dangerous today, though, so she needs to be careful.

      And being “half-estranged” from her family is not a Bad Thing. Staying away from Mama Ten Percent and Toxic Kim especially is a Good Thing.