Senator Ted Cruz jinxed the Houston Rockets with his presence at Game 7

It all comes down to this. #StrengthInNumbers

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I’m honestly getting into this whole “sports blogging” thing. I mean, I know I’m not Deadspin or anything, but as the years go on, I am paying more attention to the NBA and to tennis, of course. So I’ve been following the NBA Playoffs and I was very happy that LeBron and the Cavaliers got it done in Game 7 in Boston on Sunday. Hurray to them and “The King is still the King,” as Rihanna says.

On Monday night, it was the moment for Houston Rockets vs. Gold State Warriors, Game 7. Houston Rockets lead the Warriors 54-43 at halftime. Then it all went to sh-t. The Rockets couldn’t hit a 3-pointer if their lives depended on it. Warriors ended up winning, 101 to 92. It’s being said that James Harden went ice cold. It’s being said that the Rockets just bricked the f–k out of it. But here’s a different theory: what if Ted Cruz jinxed them with his smarmy curse? Cruz is the jackass senator from Texas, so I guess he thought it would be cute to attend the home game, Game 7. Except that he flat-out CURSED them.

I will always believe that as soon as Ted Cruz’s creepy little fingers typed out the hashtag #ClutchCity, the Rockets were going to lose. It was foretold.

Anyway, yet again we have the Warriors v. the Cavaliers in the Finals. How do you feel about that??

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  1. Millennial says:

    Steph Curry vs Lebron makes for good television. I’m happy about it!

  2. Jessica says:

    I love me some Lebron, but that beard needs to go. Most basketball facial hair needs to go.

    • Nancy says:

      LeBron is going to his 8th straight finals…with and without a beard! Most players in the NBA don’t ever make it to the finals. He is legendary. This Cavaliers team isn’t really championship caliber, yet LeBron is so iconic, he made it possible. It is highly likely the GSW will win, maybe sweep, but because of him, we are there. Long live the King!!! LBJ, Cavs!

      • Lightpurplei have says:

        I see Warriors in 5. I would say 6 but you need Kevin Love. I can see LeBron winning one by sheer force of will but not 2. The rest of the team is too inconsistent. And someone needs to tell Tristan Thompson not to celebrate a block when his team is down 15.

      • Nancy says:

        Oh, we’re just happy to be there. Poor Bron is exhausted with all those long playoff games. It will be nice to watch him hopefully do his magic in a Cavs uniform. Would much preferred Houston, tired of Curry and Mrs. Curry. She said the game was rigged when we won the championship!! Bless her heart. Go Cavs!

        BTW Lp, Boston did great. Those guys played their hearts out, but experience won out. The future is theirs. Ciao!

      • Lightpurplei have says:

        Yes, Nancy, barring injury, which happened this year, the future looks bright and the NBA is on notice. Jayson Tatum is on the rise. Stevens will have a real juggling act to do next year when Kyrie & Hayward return to make sure Jayson, Jaylan & Scary Terry get enough playing time.

      • Nancy says:

        Is Jayson #0 jersey?? He looks like Drake’s little brother, so cute. LeBron gave him a big hug and whispered some words of wisdom to him after game 7. He was so excited, claimed he went to LeBron’s camps and begged him to follow him on Twitter! Also saw a pic of a child Jaylan with a young Bron. So sweet. Mutual respect.

      • Lightpurple says:

        Yes, Jayson is # 0. He’s phenomenally talented. Jaylan is great too and he was playing hurt. And Terry Rozier makes 3. They are young, cocky, fearless, and bold, like old time Celtics. One of the best and funniest things to come out of these playoff was the Bucks Eric Bledsoe tried to trash talk Scary Terry. He responded by wearing a Patriots Drew Bledsoe (QB before Brady) shirt. Drew then showed up in a Scary Terry shirt. Their budding bromance has lead Bledsoe’s winery to make a new Scary Terry Rosé. Our bright future will bring us great basketball and wine!

  3. Rapunzel says:

    Cruz is also jinxing America with his presence.

  4. Barfly says:


    That’s all

  5. Rescue Cat says:

    Why hasn’t Cruz been charged for being the Zodiac Killer yet?

  6. RBC says:

    Would have made for some good gossip headlines if Houston ended up against Cleveland. Khloe Kardashian used to date James Harden of the Rockets. His team would be up against Cleaveland that has current bf Tristan Thompson .

    • Miss Kittles says:

      YESSS!!! I said that too!!! As a current Clevelander, I’m ready for us to go up against anyone other than GSW. But at least we have familiarity with them

  7. kate says:

    So, nobody is going to the White House next year right? Cause Steph and Bron told us how they felt about that last year. #ubum

    • lightpurple says:

      Trump hasn’t invited the WNBA champions Minnesota Lynx yet and they won last fall. The guys shouldn’t expect an invite.

  8. OCE says:

    I am feeling pretty good about the CAVS – East side of Cleveland gal here. #Bloop #216

  9. Lindy says:

    Beto for the Senate!! That’s all I got.

    • Giddy says:

      Absolutely! We Texans need to do the country a favor and elect Beto! Remember, a vote for Beto is a vote against the slimy, disgusting weasel known as Ted Cruz.

    • noway says:

      Yes!!!! I know Cruz has the advantage, but I’ve been to a lot of Texas and for the life of me I don’t get their love for Cruz. He doesn’t seem very Texan to me. George W. and Rick Perry are both kind of dumb, but they are definitely Texas personalities. They made sense. Cruz is just smarmy, and just doesn’t have the Texas thing. I don’t get why they keep electing him. There are other crazy conservatives who don’t talk like a weasel and just seem so weak.

      • holly hobby says:

        He’s Canadian (no offense Canadians). I don’t know why he is allowed to run for office since he was born upstairs?

    • phlyfiremama says:

      Yes, please!! Beto O’Roark is within a single digit of kicking Cruz to the curb!! GO BETO!!!

  10. Dana Marie says:

    Beto for Texas!

  11. Starryfish says:

    Ted Cruz ruining everything will never not be funny. 😂

  12. adastraperaspera says:

    I can never say enough bad about Ted Cruz. Here is a tidbit: his campaign paid $5.8 million to Mercer and Bannon’s company Cambridge Analytica for “voter ID targeting.” Also, looking at him gives me stomach cramps.

  13. Tiffany says:

    I am on the Lebron train sooooo….Go CAVS!!!!

  14. KiddV says:

    Go Dubs!!

  15. hollah says:

    I would have much preferred the Cavs VS. ANYBODY ELSE EXCEPT GSW. I mostly feel bad for Chris Paul. Literally half a game away from finally making it to the Finals. I don’t think his body can hold up to many more seasons for another shot as good as this one. He needs to get his Banana Boat buddy LeBron to share his magic fountain of youth.

  16. hollah says:

    BTW, Kaiser, I love the sports stories!

  17. Renee says:

    Go Warriors! I’ll be at game 1 Thursday night cheering for my Steph, Draymoney, KD & the rest. Strength in numbers!

  18. KBB says:

    He almost ruined it for the Astros too. I hate this jackass showing up at every big Houston event and posting photos of himself there like he’s some loyal fan.

  19. holly hobby says:

    Looks like everything those GOPers touch will rot. If they governed with their conscience and put country over party maybe that wouldn’t happen. Oops too bad so sad Rafael.

  20. Starkiller says:

    I once heard someone say that Ted Cruz always looks like he’s wearing a human skin suit that zips up the back and I think that’s fairly accurate.

  21. girl_ninja says:

    Its as though Cruz is decomposing or melting. I can hardly stand to look at him.

  22. Bronson says:

    I’m from the bay area, so I am STOKED at yet another Warriors / Cavs championship showdown. Watching both teams is amazing, but I totally understand if the rest of the country could care less. GO DUBS!

  23. The Other Katherine says:

    Thanks for continuing to ruin everything, TED. You are the curse that keeps on giving.

    But I adore Steve Kerr, so I can’t be sad about this.

  24. phlyfiremama says:

    Beto O’Roark (from El Paso) is about to kick Cruz’s butt to the unemployment line~polls show that he is within a single digit of beating Cruz. So if you live in Texas, VOTE BETO!!! Are you registered to vote? Get registered~you can do it online.