Joan Jett is so hardcore she made Kristen Stewart cry

It seems Joan Jett is concerned that Kristen Stewart might not be up the challenge of playing her. Joan’s official website released a statement as production on The Runaways started, saying in part, “While Joan is not involved with the casting decisions, she is eager to see Kristen’s work and meet with her about the upcoming role.” Translation: “Kristen Stewart is not worthy, but I won’t bad-mouth her until she pisses me off.” Meanwhile, Kristen seems to be diving head-first into playing Joan, even though her new ragged haircut seems to be pissing off the Twihards who demand that Bella should only have long, romantic locks of hair, because that’s the way Robert Pattinson likes it! And the Twihards definitely know what Pattz likes.

It seems Joan has made a few trips to the set to see Kristen and give her some first-hand lessons in Being Joan Jett. Unfortunately, Joan is really hardcore, and she made poor Bella cry. Uh-oh. Now the Twihards are going to come after Joan Jett! Eh, I bet Joan could take them:

Joan Jett is all about tough love.

The rocker gave Kristen Stewart, who plays a young Jett in the upcoming biopic “The Runaways,” a hard time last week, causing the young starlet to burst into tears on set.

Says an insider, “Joan just wants Kristen to play an authentic version of herself, so she needled her a little bit too much. But she apologized when she realized how upset Kristen got.”

At least there’s no bad blood between the two. Says our insider, “They’re like mother and daughter now.”

Better watch out, Joan — mess with Kristen and you’ll have Rob Pattinson to contend with. (LUCKY!)

[From The New York Daily News]

In other news from the production of The Runaways, Tatum O’Neal (Oscar-winning daughter of Ryan O’Neal) has been cast as Joan Jett’s mother, while Alia Shawkat (of Arrested Development fame) will be playing Robin, “an 18-year-old tall and slender bass player who is the oldest and most feminine of the band, hinting further that the character may have been created in essence of the band’s original Micki Steele.”

I think Kristen was probably the best choice to play Joan because really, who else could they get, Megan Fox? But I wonder at the wisdom of the casting as far as fanbases go. Yes, Kristen is one the hottest actresses around, and I applaud her desire in wanting to try a new, hardcore character. But will her Twihard fanbase stick with her as Bella morphs into Joan? Doubt it.

Joan Jett and Kristen Stewart are shown out on 6/18/09. Kristen is also shown on set on 6/22/09. Credit: Fame Pictures

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  1. ash says:

    wow, I wonder what she told her. Love your opening paragraph about how the Twihards want her hair to be long, flowy and romantic. Dumb twits.

  2. Cletus says:

    I think Joan Jett should play Joan Jett. I don’t care that she’s, like, 50 years old. I don’t care who plays Lita Ford, though.

  3. MSat says:

    They could have found an unknown actress to play Jett. I really don’t see how Kristen Stewart is going to pull this role off. Joan Jett has this amazing combo of tough, kick-your-ass androgeny and total hotness. She still looks sexy at 50! Whatever. I was so excited when I found out they were doing this movie- until I heard about the casting.

  4. princess pee says:

    I really don’t expect this movie to appeal to twihards, anyway. The audience they are aiming for is totally different.

    Ultimately, I think it will be good for Kristen to get more exposure with the non-crazies… it might translate into more roles once Twilight is over.

  5. G. says:

    I agree with MSat.

  6. lisa says:

    Can’t stand either one.

  7. Wench. says:

    I’ve not seen Twilight – not so much of a buzz this side of the pond so the mania is going over my head. I’ve not even seen Kristen Stewart in an interview but (and maybe it’s just me) but she’s got a severe case of Smug Face going on in every picture I’ve seen!

  8. Feebee says:

    Will her Twihard fan base stick with her? Myabe not but then maybe that’s the plan to ditch those crazies.

  9. Annicka says:

    I cannot stand Kristen Stewart. I don’t think she has the talent to pull off being Joan Jett, and I hope Joan realizes that soon and kicks her ass off production.

  10. Michelle says:

    Joan Jett actually hand picked Kristen to play her in The Runaways.It’s normal for an actor to get together with the person they’re portraying on film to gain some insight into the role.

    Dakota Fanning also got together with Cherie Currie (the person she’s portraying in the film.)


  11. Persistent Cat says:

    Ok Kaiser, we get it, the Twihards, yes, they’re fanatical.

    You run the same tired joke to death through your posts.

  12. lola lola says:

    Cletus is right. Joan Jett should play Joan Jett. She still looks great and could, obviously, kick some wussy teenage butt.

  13. Ned says:

    “They could have found an unknown actress to play Jett”.

    My thoughts exactly.
    Kristen Stewart is a pretty girl with an attitude, but that’s about is as far as acting goes.

    She “models” the same attitude in all her film (I saw 2 of them) and like Angelina Jolie has 2 expressions (only different kind).

    I saw an interview with her and it turns out she talks like that off camera too.

    She can’t act, so they should only blame themselves.

    I think they were supposed to know exactly what they were getting, as she gived the same 2 expressions and sometimes it can work (and an ensemble cast and great script and when you need a teenager acting just like that…).

  14. GoGo says:

    I’m with Cletus… e’en at fifty Joan’s cooler and better looking than this little twit. I’d be pissed if she was cast as me too!

  15. paris herpes says:

    Honestly, they could have found someone way better…even Ellen Page could do a better job as Joan Jett even though she’s probably a little too small to play her.

  16. Julia says:

    She’s too wussy to be Joan…

  17. mercy says:

    That is o-tone Roger Ebert: “What surprised me was how much I admired Kristen Stewart, who in “Twilight,” was playing below her grade level. Here is an actress ready to do important things. Together, and with the others, they make “Adventureland” more real and more touching than it may sound.”

    But surely you guys know better than him. While everyone is entitled to like whomever you choose some of these comments concerning her abilities as an actress only imply that you have seen none of her movies or only twilight and that explains a lot about you. Same goes for judging her by pics. Says more about some here than about Kristen Stewart when they assume her being smug or entitled or, happened before, using drugs.

  18. Ned says:

    I saw Adventureland and like I said, it was an ensemble work, good script and she wasn’t the one who carried the movie.

    She did her same modeling of the same old “attitude” expression which was right for her part, and that’s about it.

    She did the same “modeling” in other movies and when she gives inetrviews.
    I suspect that is all she has, and that is not acting.

    “Ready to do important things” means she might be able to.
    I think that is all she can do, and though it’s not really acting, I do think you can use her in those kinds of settings (a supporting part, with an adolescent attitude who doesn’t need to do much beyond “model” the same thing she did in Adventureland).

    I do think she is pretty and I think there is always room for pretty girls who “model”, if others carry the film and the script is good.

    They don’t all need to be actors and many of today’s “actresses” (Alba, Biel and the list goes on) can’t act at all, and there is room for them.
    Krister just joins the group of non actors, which is fine, but don’t expect much more.

  19. Hieronymus Grex says:

    The idea that they believed this wisp of a child is somehow able to embody the ballsiest woman in rock music, only confirms my belief that music and film has become just another trade-able commodity to be bought and sold at will and that the actual art of it has long been forgotten. They aren’t interested in presenting compelling riveting story of Joan’s struggle up from nothing in seedy dives and biker bars, just hopping on the Kristen Stewart bandwagon before her mediocrity makes her unmarketable.

  20. Hieronymus Grex says:

    While everyone is entitled to like whomever you choose some of these comments concerning her abilities as an actress only imply that you have seen none of her movies or only twilight and that explains a lot about you.

    Yes, it explains that people leap to the most inaccurate conclusions when their personal sacred cow is brought to question. Her acting as I said before is mediocre and she’s the flavor of the month thanks to Twilight and that’s all there is to it. There’s a perception based on the box office receipts from that movie that an audience is willing to pay to see her again, and it will bite the decision makers in the @ss sooner or later and by then you’ll have another total stranger hand-picked to be your hero and will rabidly defend her or him as well.

  21. mercy says:

    “Rabidly defend her”, wow, you DO have issues. Your problem, not mine.
    And Ned, you said you saw 2 movies with K.S. and now she´s “modeling” in all other movies she was in according to you even if you did not see them.
    Way to go guys. Still shows more about you and not her and not in a good way.

  22. Tash says:

    I’m a twihard but she’s an ACTRESS. It would be weird and pathetic if all she could do was Twilight. I think she’ll rock as Joan as long as she really commits. I wasn’t upset about the hair or anything. People who get upset about her playing other roles are kinda retarded.

  23. LOOKS GOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. BlueSkies says:

    Hieronymus, you go!

  25. ShutUp says:

    I don’t care how great an actress Kristen Stewart is or isn’t; she’s nowhere near badass enough to play Joan Jett! If she does pull it off, she damn better win some sort of award since the girl couldn’t be any more opposite of the Queen of Badass-Rockery – JOAN JETT!!!

  26. Carbel says:

    i´m all ready see the film, and it´s very good, i like so mucho…i love the look of Kristen and Dakota,and i think that Kate Moennig can make this rol of Joan Jett too…well i know is some old.

  27. Sierrah says:

    Look guy all u haters Joan Jett is a rock god legend for crying out loud she built citys with rock an roll like forreal guys come on kristen Stewart played an awsome part hey I maybe 13 but at least I know things about rock n roll in like y’all