Dave Grohl got a WTF text from James Corden for criticizing Carpool Karaoke

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Back in October of last year, Foo Fighters were on The Late Late Show with James Corden, joining James for his always entertaining Carpool Karaoke segment. After a 6-hour filming day, fearless Foo leader Dave Grohl said that the experience was “uncomfortable.” What you might not have heard was that Dave’s comments seriously annoyed James, and he responded with an angry text.

The Foos, currently touring Europe behind their Concrete and Gold album, performed in Manchester, England earlier this week, and shared the details of the exchange with The Sun. Dave said that after his comments made the news, he heard from James.

“I got a f***ing text from [James] that morning. He was like, ‘What the f***, dude?’ I was like, ‘Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!’ I had to text him back and was like, ‘No dude, that’s not what we meant.’ What we were trying to say was it was uncomfortable to sit in a car and try to sing our own songs.

“If we were singing Queen songs or Led Zeppelin songs or Beatles songs, it would have been fine. But to sit there and sing your own songs . . . we felt weird about it. I don’t drive around Los Angeles singing to my own songs. So when we said it was an uncomfortable experience . . .”

“I felt so bad when it came out in the press — ‘Foo Fighters had a terrible time, they hated the whole f***ing thing’. We didn’t. He’s such a sweet guy.”

[From The Sun]

Fortunately, James and the Foos have been able to get past this and Dave and crew performed on The Late, Late Show this week. The band is just one of the many high-profile guests featured on the show this week, with episodes filmed at the Central Hall Westminster in London. Sir Paul McCartney joined James for Carpool Karaoke. Let’s hope he speaks of the experience positively.

I’m a Foo Fan and was glad to see them back own James’ show, but the absolute best thing that has come out of the London Late Late Shows this week was James playing a spirited round of “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts” with my beloved CHER. It was like truth or dare, with the dare being to eat some unfamiliar foods. James refused to reveal who was drunk at Prince Harry’s wedding and who he wouldn’t want to do Carpool Karaoke with again (the Foo Fighters were not a choice) choosing instead to consume a thousand-year-old egg and a fish and chips with mushy peas smoothie.

CHER crunched on a dried caterpillar so she wouldn’t have to reveal her top lovers (besides Tom Cruise?) and then was presented with a cow tongue she’d have to eat unless she could say something nice about 45. Once again proving she is the hero we need in these troubled times, she said “There’s nothing nice about him” and took a bite of tongue. Brava.

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Foo Fighters during an appearance on CBS' 'The Late Late Show with James Corden.'

Cher during an appearance on CBS' 'The Late Late Show with James Corden.'

Cher during an appearance on CBS' 'The Late Late Show with James Corden.'

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  1. MrsBanjo says:

    I remember an interview Grohl did ages ago where he elaborated on being uncomfortable specifically singing their songs in the car. That Carpool Karaoke segment was pretty great, though.

    Cher is amazing. There’s no way I could take a bite of tongue. I’d probably find some way to give a backhanded compliment like, “He does an impressive impersonation of Pizza the Hut.”

    • Yup, Me says:

      Tongue is pretty good in tacos and I like the idea of publicly stating “He is a terrible person.” and being willing to eat something unappetizing for it.

      Now, if it was compliment him or eat a roach or something, I’d probably have to say “His tiny ass hands look baby soft.” Or “My friends and I have really bonded over how much we despise him so he’s brought us closer together.” Or “I have a citrine the same shade of orange as his face and hair. It’s a pretty stone.”

    • holly hobby says:

      I do like it braised in soy sauce (you have to try it to see). They should served it braised and sliced. I can’t believe she at the tongue as is.

      Sir Paul’s karaoke was wonderful!

  2. Amelie says:

    I don’t watch Carpool Karaoke. It’s fun, but I dunno, I don’t feel the need to watch it. I’m also not really a fan of James Corden. I don’t know why, just find him kind of irritating. Also the fact he couldn’t understand that an artist would feel weird belting out his or her own songs in a car while being filmed for it for national TV… yeah that’s weird!

    • Lexter says:

      Then dont agree to be on the show? There had been countless eps before they did it. It wasn’t some big surprise what they get them to do. Show a little professionalism!

  3. NeoCleo says:

    If it were me I would have said “He has a nice uvula!”

  4. Lilly says:

    I watched that show and along with Cher I could not think of something nice to say. It really has you trying to think, because you don’t want someone to have to eat that food.

    p.s. I watched the new Rachel Bilson show and I liked it, not love and I think it’s her charm really.

  5. xpresson says:

    How Old is Cher??? I mean look at her hands??? can we have Surgery on hands? Those hands are so youthful… same as her neck.

    I’m impressed.

  6. paranormalgirl says:

    Can’t stand Dave Grohl. Dude has gotten so full of himself. Of course, so has James Corden.

    • Siiiigh says:

      Examples of his arrogance? I’m kind of indifferent, but haven’t ever read anything that made me think he was arrogant. I don’t read a ton about him, though, so that might explain it!

  7. Siiiigh says:

    No fucking way she doesn’t eat lengua tacos on a regular basis, lol. They’re both adorable performers, and this is a pretty fun set-up/gag for an interview.

  8. Yes Doubtful says:

    I loved the carpool episode with the Foos!

    Cher and Steven Tyler both had awesome Spill Your segments! I don’t know why Cordon even participates. He rarely reveals anything and it’s always the same questions for him.

  9. aerohead21 says:

    She’s in her 70s and given all the work she’s had I think she looks amazing for her age and not ridiculous like the cat lady.