George Clooney was in a motorcycle accident in Sardinia, but it’s not serious?

George Clooney Shoots A Speedmaster Campaign

George Clooney decamped to Europe for the summer, like usual. I thought he was already in Como, Italy, where he owns a lavish mansion, and where he usually spends the months of July and August. Maybe he’s been using Como as a base, but he was in Sardinia this week, riding his motorcycle. Apparently, there was an accident:

Actor George Clooney was taken to the hospital in Sardinia and released after being involved in an accident while riding his motorcycle, hospital officials said. The John Paul II hospital in Olbia said Clooney was released Tuesday. Local media that had gathered at the hospital said Clooney is believed to have left through a side exit.

Local daily La Nuova Sardegna said the 57-year-old Clooney had been headed to a film set on Tuesday when his motorbike was hit by a car. Private Mediaset, citing gossip magazine Chi, said the accident occurred near Costa Corallina, in the province of Olbia.

Police had no immediate information. Calls and emails to Clooney’s spokesman weren’t immediately returned.

Clooney has a home on the Italian mainland, on Lake Como.

[From Bloomberg]

Headed to a film set? IMDB doesn’t have anything currently in production, but it’s possible he was shooting something smaller, like a commercial. Anyway, if he got up and left the hospital already, it’s probably not a huge medical issue. It’s possible he was really hurt and he just didn’t want to stick around because of all the paparazzi, although I would hope that the doctors wouldn’t allow him to leave if he was in truly bad shape. Also: George is 57 years old and he has a really bad back. Maybe it’s time to give up the motorcycles?? That being said, it doesn’t sound like the accident was his fault at all. A car hit him. Ugh, Sardinian drivers, amirite?

George Clooney dines at TAO in West Hollywood

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  1. Surely Wolfbeak says:

    Here’s to tiny European cars.

  2. crazydaisy says:

    Not sure how I feel about George’s swept-back hairstyle in the top pic. The man is so tan, though! Hope he’s not hurt—motorcycle accidents are terrifying.

  3. Jayna says:

    He’s been working on his Netflux or Hulu miniseries. In Sardinia since. I think May. He’s directing and in a non-lead part . Catch-22. It’s when I first saw their babies a few months ago with their faces not pixillated. They are cute babies

  4. Jane says:

    57 year old father of twins riding a motorcycle.

    Not a good idea.

  5. Miss M says:

    I wonder if the driver was Elisabetta. I kid, I kid. She might be in LA with her family.
    George should retire the motorcycle rides. It is not about you anymore, George. You have two kids…

  6. anniefannie says:

    My husband was sideswiped by a car running a stop sign while riding his motorcycle
    ( going approx 35 miles/ hour ) He was released by the emergency room the same day but had horrific injuries. His entire left side of his body was scraped from ankle to shoulder. His Dr told me these kind of accidents are far more painful then breaking bones….
    I hope GC a speedy recovery…

  7. AnnaKist says:

    Oh, Olbia! It’s just a few kilometres from where I was born. Ah, Sardegna! Commente mi mancas! Siiiiigh.

  8. Lilix40 says:

    Something similar happened to my dad a while ago, except it was a damn TRUCK in a road. Thank God he didn’t sustain any injuries besides a scraped bottom, but his motorcycle’s back wheel was wrecked!

    Edit: it was meant as a response to anniefannie, but somehow ended up as a new thread

  9. homeslice says:

    There always seems to be a manufactured “little” motorcycle incident to remind us that George is such a manly man out there on his hog.

  10. noway says:

    Okay I saw this on CNN this morning mixed with Trump news and the Supreme Court nominee. It’s getting some real big news play, along with a few black comedy jokes of imagine finding George Clooney hitting your windshield, cause apparently that is what happened. Also, it was a Vespa not a motorcycle, and he was heading to the set for Catch 22 the Hulu show he is in and directs a few episodes.

  11. Harryg says:

    He seems very accident-prone?

  12. ladida says:

    If I had a husband he would not be allowed to ride motorcycles.