Ariana Grande previewed “thank u, next” for two of her exes (update)

Ariana Grande’s cute new song, “Thank u, next” dropped right before SNL aired on Saturday night, leaving Pete Davidson no time to rewrite his sketch to address it. That was surely by design, especially since we heard that Pete had something planned for SNL that would have gone more into his breakup with Ariana. He eventually mentioned it in a very classy way, wishing her well, and Ariana’s catchy song did that too. She thanked him! She called out Pete and three more of her exes by name in the opening to the song, including the late Mac Miller, whom she called an angel, Big Sean and Ricky Alvarez. Well Ariana may not have given Pete a heads up but she tweeted that she previewed the song for Big Sean and Ricky ahead of time.

She totally didn’t tell Pete. (Update: She told him! He reportedly wrote those lines about her into that SNL skit after he heard the track.) There’s a related story on People that Ariana doesn’t talk to Pete and she’s doing great and focusing on herself. That’s what she sang about too so I believe it. A source tells them “They have no contact now and she keeps moving forward. She seems very happy and positive. She isn’t talking about dating and is instead focused on work and herself.

Oh and she commiserated with Camila Cabello about how painful high ponytails are. This is a thing? I wear ponytails a lot but my hair is thin so it doesn’t hurt like Kaiser said hers can. If you have thick hair I guess this can happen though, especially with extensions. Honestly this is the most I’ve ever been interested in Camila Cabello. I don’t understand why she’s so popular.

Ariana also tweeted this. She’s a good person.

Also “thank u, next,” which is number one on Spotify, has become a meme. It was a question in a trivia contest I played last night too.

Eight million views already. A few of those are me.

Ariana and Big Sean in 2015:

Photos credit: WENN and via Instagram

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12 Responses to “Ariana Grande previewed “thank u, next” for two of her exes (update)”

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  1. JAC says:

    They were BOTH milking the relationship, now they are both milking the breakup. Which is fine, but let’s not vilify one and praise the other for doing the exact same thing.

    All in all, they’ve both been pretty classy.

  2. Lala11_7 says:

    A #1 Stunna Ponytail…which is the type that Ari wears…will SNATCH THE SOUL OUT THE TOP OF YOUR HEAD! It will make you rethink your dedication to beauty and humanity…it will make you curse WHOMEVER invented cloth covered rubber bands and BOBBY PINS THAT PIERCE YOUR TENDER FLESH…it will make you snarl at your pet-babies….

    Until you look into the mirror…and think…

    “It’s worth it…”

    • SilverUnicorn says:

      I don’t think it is worth it (to get the extensions).

      And I say this as someone who has a ponytail longer than Ariana in the pic with Big Sean. The only reason I keep my hair that long is to cover the fact I have an oddly shaped skull and I look horrendous with short hair….

    • NicoleinSavannah says:

      So f*cking true. May I just say that You make my days with your posts. I really wish I could do your make-up!

  3. Sunnyjyl says:

    It’s a pretty song.

  4. NicoleinSavannah says:

    Even with fine hair, ponytails hurt. I have fine and thick hair and a ton of it. Thank u, next! So cheesy I had to.

  5. Mindy_dopple says:

    I have thick hair and have to wear my pointy tail tight when I want it at a cute height. Yup, it hurts by the end of the day but it’s worth it when done sparingly. And damnit, I love that song. Anything that will teach young woman to move on and be grateful in your experiences, learn and NEXT!

  6. Steffer says:

    Her hairline looks to be unaffected by the ponytails. I don’t even wear tight ponytails but my hairline continues to recede and I’m 2 years older than her. F**k my genetics.

  7. Egla says:

    I have fine long hair. But they are heavy strangely and it hurts when I keep them in a bun or ponytail. I have to because of my work but it’s a real pain. Also by the second day I start to feel pain at the roots of my hair in a specific area at the top of my head so I have to wash them to make that pain go away. Shower relaxes me. Also I loose hair more when I leave my hair unwashed for 2-3 days (usually weekends) so washing them strangely makes my hair not fall. I have normal hair. What she does to her hair it’s a lot of smoke and mirrors but still a lot of pain going on there. Also extentions ugh. I put 5 blonde thin strands once just for color and I was tha happiest when they fell off. I couldn’t get used to the feel of them on my head. Why do we do that to ourselves I want to know

  8. Meg says:

    honestly i’m so glad people are talking about therapy and mental health like there’s nothing to be ashamed about-her and pete did this. I LOVE that this is being done by famous people. so very much in the right direction because it reduced the negative stigma, yes you can see a therapist have a mental health issue and not necessarily be seen as bad or crazy

  9. K.T says:

    PSA! Not a diss of Ariana but constant highpony tails can harmful especially with heavy long hair and extensions.

    It pulls your skin (which is great on older people because it’s like a mini-brow lift) but that constant stretching may also lead to more stretching of skin and earlier wrinkles. *sigh
    Also, 2nd hightail PSA lol, like any strong hair procedures…overtime it may cause hair loss because your pulling at the roots especially in the foot head area. *sighsigh

    So grrls, I love them, and they look great but if youre doing the super tight all the time we have to be aware of our longterm beauty health 😫😂
    Not to mention the headache from all that weight concentrated in one place. Taking off a high pony is like taking off a super tight underwire bra…magic release!

  10. Mylene says:

    She remember SO much Taylor Swift this day with her antic about relationship. I don’t really have opinion about her but everytimes i saw a news about her on the media i have a eyerolls.