Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas finally had their Hindu & Christian weddings in India

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Good lord, I was exhausted by Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ wedding months before it even happened. Exhaustion gave way to…apathy, tinged with confusion. Why are they so extra? Why an exclusive Vogue (digital) cover? Why all the Instagrams? Why does every part of their courtship, engagement and wedding have the feel of some kind of sponsored stunt? Anyway, enjoy:

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are husband and wife! The couple tied the knot during a Western wedding in Chopra’s home country of India on Saturday, PEOPLE confirms exclusively. The nuptials, held at the Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, come just four months after the pair was engaged in July 2018.

Chopra, 36, was a glowing bride in a custom Ralph Lauren wedding gown, and Jonas, too, wore Ralph Lauren. In fact, so did both families, all of the bridesmaids, and all of the groomsmen (which included Chopra’s brother Siddharth and Jonas’ three brothers, Joe, Kevin, and Frankie). Of course, Lauren is an important designer to the couple not only because he is a close friend of the actress but also because she and Jonas, 26, both rocked Ralph Lauren Collection at the 2017 Met Gala, which took place one week after their unofficial first date.

The groom’s father, Paul Kevin Jonas Sr., officiated Saturday’s Christian ceremony, where the couple exchanged wedding bands by famed jeweler Chopard. On Sunday, the bride and groom will continue their epic wedding weekend with a Hindu ceremony to honor Chopra’s background.

[From People]

Mazel tov. I hope they’re happy, and I’m not saying that sarcastically. I worried that Priyanka was just marrying some dude because she wanted attention, or she wanted to kick her career to the next level. But nothing would make me happier than if this was a true love match, and they ended up proving all of their haters wrong. What do you think, will she be pregnant by next year’s Met Gala?

Cover courtesy of Vogue, additional photos courtesy of Instagram.

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  1. Zee says:

    I was convinced this is just a pr stunt. I never believed they’d actually get married. But I wouldn’t put it past Priyanka to get married for attention. I just wish she had chosen a better match because Nick has as much charisma as a piece of toast. He always looks half passed out while Priyanka tries hard to fake chemistry.

    • Ainsley7 says:

      This was good match if they wanted attention. People wouldn’t be nearly as interested if it just seemed like two celebrities rushing into marriage again. It’s the weird lack of chemistry and ridiculous brand deals have forced people to debate what is going on here.

    • Coco says:

      I was reading an article about this on Jezebel yesterday. Someone commented they had been at an industry party and they were there. She was completely uninterested in him unless cameras were around. It seemed like a pr relationship to this person.

    • T.F. says:

      Two to three yrs.

  2. Sonia says:

    I never cared about either of them before, but after their tacky sponsored wedding and their cringey Vogue videos and the ridiculous article, I think I hate them?

    • Meredith says:

      Same here. Had no opinion one way or the other about either of them and now I’m side-eyeing the hell out of both of them. I will eat my hat if this is a real relationship.

  3. Chaine says:

    He looks totally absolutely comfortable sitting next to and even lightly touching a live human woman.

  4. OSTONE says:

    It felt like she wanted to get as big as a celebration as her friend Meghan.. the engagement pictures were the same poses too.

    • Jessica says:

      She probably wanted the vogue cover. Let her hustle. Kim did the same for cred and look how it worked for her and that family. Yeah I know Jonas isn’t the same level of fame as kanye but then he also isn’t nearly as offensive

  5. CharliePenn says:

    Well I love the word “amalgamation” so she is scoring points with me hahahah.
    They are an odd pairing but I wish them all the best. Is he a petite man? He appear to be. I have one myself and I love a petite, handsome man. But I think it makes him look even younger and even more like a kid, with this very sensual full-blown woman at his side.

    • hindulovegod says:

      Yes, he is around 170 cm (5’7). I find that they don’t look like a match, as she is larger than life and he’s comparatively bland. But they seem happy. Best wishes to them.

      • Spicecake38 says:

        YEAH!He’s small in stature,which is fine,but she exudes charisma,and her presence just overwhelmes him!I cannot believe he’s only 26 though,not because he looks older or because their age difference matters,but it seems like he should be about 45 by now because he’s been around for,like,ever.They don’t match in pictures IMO,but I hope their real life union is a very happy one.

  6. Jegede says:

    This is tackiness worthy of no words.

    • Mel says:

      Wow, I just saw the pictures of the wedding, is this for real? I dont know anything about them really, but are high profiles wedding in India this over the top or what? Some one enlighten me please because I am in taken back with all the craziness I just saw. Like, they did a musical for their wedding? Whaaat? And how much money does this couple have because that wedding looks freaking expensive. Or was it sponsored or what? Lol. Sorry, im just blown away. I dont have a comment about them as people but just the massiveness of the wedding. Shes beautiful though

      • JoyBells says:

        Bollywood this year has been all about high-profile weddings this year. Priyanka is the 4th famous actress to get married and you can rest assured that every single ones of those previous weddings of the other actresses were big and over-the-top. (One actress got married like two weeks ago and we are still getting pictures of their 3rd reception party.)

        To be fair,even for normal weddings of many Indians,the wedding festives are OTT. As for the ‘musical’, that’s a pre-wedding ceremony called the ‘Sangeet’. It’s a festive of music and fun-times. Usually the girl side and boy side perform dances and songs,all the family members and friends take part in it. Priyanka’s is the same,only difference is that she is a professional and a Jonas brother sang at their wedding.

  7. Mia4s says:

    Thirsty beyond belief. Public Amazon gift registry. Brands congratulating them on Instagram. She wears a Marchesa dress at Anna Wintour’s bidding to secure Vogue coverage. The THIRST!!!

    I have no interest in either as a performer but this PR show has been highly entertaining…and still a bit underwhelming…no one seems to care all that much?

    Of course the irony will come when the inevitable divorce arrives and they ask us all to “please respect their privacy”. 😂

  8. skipper says:

    I know nothing about her and very, very little about him. Would they both really get married (legally married at that) as a PR stunt? That seems so wild to me!

  9. Jessica says:

    Why does wanting attention and love have to be mutually exclusive though?
    Plenty of these Hollywood couples do both. See kanye and Kim and a bunch of other attention whore couples who are still together.
    I mean even formerly beloved power couples like Pitt and Jolie was doing these lame cringey photo shoots, and really worked that angle as the perfect love story. They were just more crafty and subtle about it.
    Also I don’t think a huge Bollywood star was ever gonna have a low key subtle wedding.

    • Sonia says:

      There’s a lot of space between “low key subtle wedding” and “wedding sponsored by Ralph Lauren, Tiffany’s, Amazon, freaking Lime Scooters and featuring a harlequin romance photoshoot in vogue accompanied by embarrassing and cringe inducing videos”

      • Jessica says:

        True. You’re probably right. But you’re probably also looking at it with western glasses to an extent.
        My point was love and need for attention aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive.
        And anyway if you get two people who both are desperate for attention this is the result, see Kim and kanye or Taylor swift and Tom Hiddleston. 😂

      • Sonia says:

        Nope. I am Indian (American). You saying a Bollywood actress would obviously have an over the top wedding is in itself low-key prejudiced.

      • Booie says:

        But the real question is, who will sponsor the divorce?

      • Jessica says:

        @ Sonia
        You trying to pin prejudice on a fellow POC , please stop. Bollywood in itself is just over the top by western standards. So pretending it’s exactly the same culture is just not true.
        And if you cared to read my post I said Bollywood and Hollywood weddings tend to be attention whoring and over the top both. Also I said western glasses. A POC brought up in the West ( America) doesn’t have exactly the same glasses and culture as person brought up in Asia/Africa. We are all conditioned by living in America/Europe.

  10. Snowflake says:

    Love seeing 2 cultures mixing! I dont understand all the hate around their marriage? And i dont see anyone getting married for PR, silly.

    • skipper says:

      Agreed. From my understanding the Jonas family are devout Christians so for them to embrace her culture so lovingly speaks volumes. I’m here for the couple and wish them all the best.

  11. rachel says:

    This might be off-topic but I’m bummed Meghan couldn’t be there. I wonder why?

    • MeghanNotMarkle says:

      Probably a combination of security issues (yes, even with the amount of celebrities there) and not upstaging the bride.

      • ...otaku fairy says:

        Just her showing up to another royal’s wedding pregnant was read by some catty folks (who should probably never get married) as a thirsty attempt to steal the other girl’s thunder. Those complaints would probably have been even louder if she had shown up to the wedding of a couple that’s famous but not royalty.

  12. skipper says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with being so extra and over the top about their engagement and marriage. They appear to be very much in love so I get it. I’m really happy for them.

  13. tuille says:

    These 2 look so odd together. She’s much older & bigger so it makes him look like a tween by comparison.

    • Jane says:

      I totally agree. Standing next to her he always looked like her kid brother. I saw one photo of them together that made her almost look like his mother had she been a teen mother. He is always going to be one of those men with a baby face. I still thinks he looks exactly the same as he did when he was with the Jonas Brothers.

  14. Electric Tuba says:

    Why are these 12 year olds getting married who the who the what now? This is a typical wedding in some parts so really no big deal.
    I like this kids song Close with Tove Lo. It’s a great song to um…. strip to lol

    • Claire Voyant says:

      You’re fight about that song. I’d strip for hubby if I had better balance…or better health insurance 😂

  15. Bubble bee says:

    I really feel that people have been incredibly mean about their marriage and in particular about Priyanka. There’s been a lot of insults about her age and a lot of talk of “they don’t look right together” which I take as a dig whistle for “Nick should be with a white woman”. It’s been pretty gross.

    • tuille says:

      My comment about their appearance together has to do with her greater size, both height & weight. To me he looks very scrawny & she’s very full-figured, which she emphasizes by often wearing clothing that’s just a bit too tight. If she sits on his lap, will she squash him?
      I never thought about anybody being “white” or not (he’s more tan than she is, I think) until you brought that up.

      • eto says:

        He’s not more tan than she is in the Instagram photos. I don’t really have a dog in this fight, but just came to say that your whole “I don’t see color” thing is wack.

    • SK says:

      Nah, I think I’m this case that is not the case at all. From what I’ve read, most people think they look odd together because she is a fully grown, beautiful, sensuous, voluptuous WOMAN and Nick looks like a little boy masquerading as a man beside her. I think people expect Priyanka to have someone who seems like more of a man than a boy. I don’t think people are bring negative about her age so much as pointing out that she’s a woman and he seems like a boy. That’s not a negative. I’m her age and I love being a woman in my mid-thirties.

      • Bubble bee says:

        Not so much here but I have definitely seen people say she looks like his mother and that their age difference is disturbing. She’s only 10 years older than him and if this were a man it wouldn’t be an issue. Also Priyanka isn’t voluptuous. She’s tall and fairly slender. It’s not like Nick is marrying Scarlett Johansson (although if he was I somehow don’t think their would be a problem). Priyanka is no more voluptuous than Sophie Turner, Joe’s wife. Often women of color involuntarily have their bodies sexualized and I feel that’s part of what’s happening in this case.

      • Valois says:

        Priyanka isn’t tall, she’s 5″4 or so.

        I do get your point to a certain degree, Bubble. Yes, I also think she looks older than 35 and he looks younger than 25 (especially because I still associate him with teen pop) but that’s something we see with older men and women all the time and they don’t receive the same level of attention.

        (I have to agree with others though, I do think their thirstiness seems super weird and extreme.)

    • Spicecake38 says:

      I don’t have an ounce of prejudice toward them.She is just an amazingly gorgeous woman and he looks so small and overshadowed by her.In real life they could be the most well matched couple on Earth,I hope they are!

    • Ange says:

      You’re right, nobody here has said a single negative thing in a racially charged way. It’s exactly as it’s always been said, she’s not big but she visually overpowers him every time they’re next to each other. Just because she’s a woman of colour doesn’t mean she’s exempt from people wondering about this super fast relationship and marriage between two people who don’t seem to have a lot of chemistry and the multitude of sponsored deals around it. Seems kinda mean to bring it up and keep defending it here when nobody has actually said what you’re throwing around.

  16. MarcelMarcel says:

    So far her dresses have been beautiful so I’m totally here for coverage of this wedding.

    Also I realise people here question the validity of the romance but I feel like a whirl wind romance is entirely possible?

    They both come from cultures that value marriage. So it makes sense to me that they’d choose marriage as a public declaration of love, passion & commitment.

  17. minx says:

    I think they probably like each other and they wanted to get married for their own reasons. He in particular doesn’t look head over heels.

  18. Jane says:

    This is #4 Trending on You Tube. SMH:

  19. FilmTurtle says:

    Ah, the Screaming with Laughter photo. A true evergreen (see also: Gwyneth Paltrow wedding).

  20. Bliss51 says:

    I suppose there are attorneys that specialize in this sort if thing. A relationship that leads to marriage and along the way appearances at say the Met gala, the engagement ring, all the branding, sounds exhausting. I can’t imagine the number of contracts. Sounds profitable all way around.

  21. RBC says:

    I feel the same way about this couple as I do about Justin Beiber and Hailey Baldwin. Something is just “off” and very try hard about the pairing. It is like they are trying so hard to prove that they have a real relationship. Just odd

  22. Em says:

    There is NO such thing as a “low key” Indian, particularly Hindu, wedding. And that goes for non-celebs. If you are a major Bollywood star, multiply that by 10. So yeah, this is absolutely par for the course. It’s a cultural thing. She doesn’t need to get married to gain attention or as a PR stunt.

    • BeanieBean says:

      I was wondering about that. It seems very similar to Elizabeth Hurley’s marriage to an Indian businessman.

    • Sonia says:

      Not true at all. Compare this to Deepika Padukone recent wedding. Theirs was beautiful. This one is tacky as hell.

      • Olive says:

        i saw deepika getting slammed by bollywood fans on twitter today in response to nick & priyanka – seemed like a lot of people LIKE the big wedding and not the quiet, private one. also criticism for him not marrying in india.

      • Kk2 says:

        Deepika’s wedding would still be over the top by Western standards. And there were tons of pics in the Indian papers and a star studded Mumbai reception (with photos in papers). Also wonder if it makes a difference that Deepika is South Indian. My South Indian friends have way lower key weddings than my husband’s Gujarati family, but I don’t know anyone from Bangalore, only tamil and Kerala, so I’m just speculating. Priyanka is Punjabi and I hear they are similar to the Gujaratis in that way- very big, over the top weddings.

        The endorsements and whatnot aren’t my cup of tea but not worthy of outage either. Tiffany’s said they didn’t sponsor (as in pay for) anything. The Amazon registry raised money for charity. The Vogue feature is obviously a calculated professional move for her and I like ambitious women so I don’t hate that either. They also don’t need anyone to sponsor anything. She’s worth at least 25 mil alone.

        I don’t think it’s a PR marriage. They are an unconventional couple but I like that. I think the idea that she is doing it just for attention is nuts. I know nothing about Nick Jonas, only Priyanka ( and im American!). She is already loaded and super famous internationally. I’m sure she is trying to capitalize on the attention but that’s her career advantage. And she’s 36 and has been vocal about wanting kids. So, not crazy that she’d want to get married relatively quickly.

  23. Lilly (with the double-L) says:

    Congratulations to the happy couple.

  24. Paris says:

    Everyone is exhausted by Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ wedding!

  25. Justjj says:

    The hate surrounding them seems racist and ageist to me at its core. Sponsored wedding or no, the thirst might be strong with them, but I’m rooting for them to prove every hater wrong and last.

    • Sv says:

      These two aren’t any different than a whole bunch of celebrity couples where two extra try hards finally find each other like ARod and Jlo. The difference that puts everyone in their feelings is this particular kind of age gap, race, and culture. I have grown to enjoy this relationship because it pisses off all the right people. Indians for Priyanka marrying a younger white man. Jonas fans for him marrying an older Hindu brown woman. His Bible quoting parents participating in all these Hindu rituals, especially drives all the right kind of Christians crazy.

      • Kk2 says:

        I think you articulated exactly why I’m cheering for them too!

        Also between this and Meghan’s wedding, I love that two very high profile weddings of the year feature brides over 35. Especially with this cultural idea that women expire in their mid 30s. And both to younger men too! I love it. Blast it everywhere.

    • Parigo says:

      Yea, I don’t like these comments at all. What is wrong if the guy looks “younger and smaller”. Sexist much?

      Plus Nick has been working since he was a child and never engaged in any toxic behavior à la Bieber or Lohan. He seems pretty mature and put together.

      I am loving the pictures in traditional Indian garb. Sophie looks like she’s having the time of her life. I mean sure, odds are they probably will get divorced, but I wish them the best.

  26. TyrantDestroyed says:

    I don’t know much about this pair but the photos are a bit cringey: She is laughing like a super excited bride and he is smirking in most of the photos like a fratboy?

  27. Case says:

    Serious question: Do PR relationships ever actually lead to marriage? I’m of the mind that it’s a stunt, but this looks like an awfully expensive wedding to be fake.

    Whatever. I think it’s really cool to see their families embracing each others’ cultures. They don’t have much chemistry but who knows? Maybe they’re madly in love. Hope so.

  28. hkk says:

    Wedding industry is very over the top in northern India but it still comes down to the sensibilities and personality of the couple. Some marrying couples will have pressure from their families to have this type of wedding. My husband is Punjabi (but Sikh) our wedding in northern Punjab was purposefully simple as we’re both opposed to gross consumerism.

    • me says:

      Punjabi weddings are getting way out of hand. I had a cousin get married in Punjab a year or so ago. The amount of money spend was bonkers ! The crazy thing is, the marriage only made it a few months ! Now the bride’s family is suing the groom’s family for retribution for the cost of the wedding (as in most Punjabi weddings the bride’s family pays for most of the wedding, which is very UNFAIR and needs to change). It’s stupid to spend so much money on a wedding. It’s all about “showing off”.

  29. Gina says:

    I’m just your very average middle class white girl, but every Indian (Hindu) wedding I’ve been to has had at least 2000+ guests and been a glorious 3 day long affair. Also remember that Priyanka was Miss India and Miss Universe (or World – can’t remember which) but that pretty much guarantees her ‘royalty’ like status in India, at least.