Offset’s former mistress Summer Bunni apologized publicly to Cardi B

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Less than 24 hours after Cardi B announced her split from husband Offset, she posted the first-ever social media photo of their daughter Kulture (seen above). Kulture is a cutie! Beautiful baby! I feel like people keep forgetting that Cardi only gave birth to Kulture in JULY. Cardi was back at work and back on red carpets within a matter of like six weeks after giving birth. In fact, I feel like a lot of the shenanigans around Cardi post-July can be explained by “postpartum hormones.”

Speaking of, even though Cardi sounded pretty mature about her breakup/separation from Offset, there was soooo much drama leading up to the split. Offset has been cheating on Cardi the whole time, and he recently got caught up in a situation where his texts to another woman were published online. He texted his mistress, a woman named Summer Bunni, and was requesting a threesome with her and a Cardi-esque rapper named Cuban Doll. According to TMZ, Cardi wasn’t just pissed about Offset’s texts to another woman, she was pissed off that Cuban Doll is trying to copy her vibe. And now Summer Bunni has gone to TMZ to apologize to Cardi for the whole thing:

The woman with whom Offset allegedly cheated — not long before Cardi B gave birth — says she’s remorseful, and tells TMZ … she never wanted to be a homewrecker. Summer Bunni cried openly while telling us how guilty she feels after word got out her hooking up with Cardi’s husband might have been a catalyst in the couple’s split. SB is the woman Offset allegedly asked to arrange a threesome that would include rapper Cuban Doll.

Summer tells us she hasn’t messed with Offset since Cardi had their baby, Kulture, but still feels ashamed for playing any role in breaking up their marriage. She insists she didn’t know how serious Offset and Cardi were — which seems absurd. They were married! Bunni hasn’t spoken directly to Cardi, but she tried to deliver an apology through us, and says she hopes the estranged couple will reconcile.

As we reported, Cardi says she and her “baby daddy” are still friends, but the love is gone.

[From TMZ]

Yeah… I hope Cardi and Offset do not get back together. I can’t believe there are actually fans out there, hoping for a reconciliation. Cardi and Offset were a mess together, and their divorce is going to be messy too. Mostly, I want Cardi to just take some time off and spend time with her baby. I think that would be good for her – a chance to reboot and get some distance and all that.

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  1. Stacy Dresden says:

    He is an asshole!

    • Steff says:

      Maybe Cardi wised up and realized that. He chose to cheat constantly and was let off the hook making Cardi look foolish. She did no favors for herself by attacking his side pieces and not him all this time.

  2. YaSureJan says:

    Doesn’t he have an album coming out soon? She’s been spending a lot of time with the Kardashians. I’m calling PR stunt

  3. bacondonut says:

    summer bunni…heeheehee…honestly these names just get weirder and weirder

  4. Tiffany says:

    That cutie. I can just eat those cheeks.

  5. Fubar says:

    This is gong to be a very messy divorce. He is entitled to almost $50 millions dollars of her money. She is entitled to none of his. There was no pre-nup. Most of his money was made prior to them getting married and hers after.

  6. Pandy says:

    Way to publicize yourself when no one is mentioning a “mistress” …

  7. billypilgrim says:

    I’m sick and tired of the men getting off with little to no blame when THEY cheat.

    I know it takes two to tango and all that jazz, but Cardi needs to save every single one of her shoes for Offset.
    He’s been cheating on her the whole time.
    Hate there’s a baby involved in this whole mess.

    • Original T.C. says:

      Women will continue to go after the other woman believing *she* is the one that should stay away due to some vague obligation to the “sisterhood “. Not the man who took actual vows to love, cherish and is obligated to stay faithful to his wife. It’s because we all think (wife and mistress both) men are are a limited resource that we have to fight for no matter how horrible they are.

      It will never change unfortunately, blaming the mistress and taking back the man is set in our DNA. Men know that women will blame the other woman and eventually forgive them so they cheat and will continue to cheat even when caught! Rinse and repeat.

  8. me says:

    Why doesn’t HE apologize too?

  9. HeyThere! says:

    First….this may be the cutest celeb baby ever. LOL

    Second….shouldn’t her HUSBAND be the one apologizing?! Ugh.