Kat Von D asked for donated breastmilk, requested that donor be a vegan

Kat Von D is a POS anti semite and an outspoken antivaxxer, I’ll just start with that. I won’t buy her makeup brand anymore. Kat and her equally goth tattooed husband, Prayers singer Leafar Seyer, welcomed their first child, Leafar Von D Reyes, earlier this month. In a new post she shared to Instagram, Kat revealed that her milk didn’t come in soon enough so she had to ask for breastmilk donations for her baby. (I can’t embed that here as it has a sweet video of sleepy Leafar nursing.) Kat did what she thought was best for her baby’s health and asked her midwife if she knew any vegan nursing moms who would donate milk. A donor came through, Kat’s milk came in, and Leafar was fine. Here’s what she wrote:

During the first two days of Leafar’s life, his blood sugar count had been low, and as much as I had committed myself to strictly breastfeed, my milk hadn’t come in yet. The pediatrician suggested asking around to see if any friends might have a bit of extra milk they could donate – and if not, I’d have to consider supplementing with formula – something we personally did not want to do. I called my beloved midwife, @losangelesmidwife to see if she knew anyone who might be willing to share a bit of their breastmilk who was on a plant-based diet, as that was crucial to us, and she quickly connected me with @mattersofmotherhood who, without even knowing me, and without question, stepped up and donated a few ounces to us in the middle of the night. Needless to say, Leafar’s levels boosted, and we are now happily breastfeeding at home. Can’t thank @mattersofmotherhood enough for getting us through those rough nights with your donation. This is true community. True sisterhood. True kindness. And I can’t wait to pay it forward one day soon. 🖤

[From Instagram via People]

Her baby is adorable. A lot of people raise their kids vegan and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s also a choice to get a baby donated breastmilk from a donor who follows your preferred diet, and Kat is very privileged to have enough connections to be able to do that. There’s a growing awareness, through the #FedIsBest movement, of moms feeling pressured to solely breastfeed and the issue of babies needing supplementation. I wish Kat would have included a line or two about how there’s no shame in feeding formula to a baby but I truly doubt she thinks that.

Also I just learned that Kat did a homebirth documentary. I bet we’ll soon be hearing all about that.


photos credit: WENN and via Instagram

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  1. BearcatLawyer says:

    Vegan breastmilk will not protect her son from polio. Still permanently cancelled for me.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      I was going to say, “I sure hope no unvaccinated carriers-of-disease come anywhere near her kid.”

      yeah, the anti-vax thing is bad enough, but she a freakin’ anti-Semite. so F her.

    • Chaine says:

      My thought too. I feel sad for him that he is born in one of the most wealthy and privileged countries on earth, with wealthy and privileged parents, yet he will not have one of the most basic safeguards against harm that we can offer our children.

      • Col says:

        It’s not just him. Kids with cancer or who are going through chemo are put at risk by other unvaxed kids who they themselves may be healthy. I met a woman today who had 2 of 3 polio shots and caught polio from her Dr Dad. She is left with small side effects but if she hadn’t had the 2 shots she also would have died. My uncle was also a Dr who had polio. Stupid anti vaxxers pile on the problems for parents of sick children.

    • holly hobby says:


    • Charlie says:

      Can I add that tattoo ink is’t FDA regulated and is full of heavy metals like lead – so anti-vax and vegan, sure. That’ll do.

    • Pixelated says:

      I literally screen shotted this from her IG and texted my friend, saying how entitled she is.
      I used to live in San Diego, where her husband is from, and I worked with people who knew him and they said he was involved in a lot of gang activity. People can change, but I don’t know…she’s gotten soooo preachy recently. Not to mention her shady past.
      Sephora has a lot of her stuff on sale. Anyone remember when her new releases sold out super fast? Cause I do. She needs to just retreat from public life and go live her goth, vegan, privledged Hollywood dream.

  2. Lindy79 says:

    That child will need all the help he can get with these two scumbags as parents.
    Didn’t he also disown his other child after she was groomed by his bandmates, basically putting the blame on her when she was a child at the time.

    • Sayrah says:

      Do what?!

      • Anon33 says:

        He has a teenage daughter from another relationship who was apparently “dating” his friends and/or band mates (not entirely sure) while she was underage and he blamed HER. He’s a real special piece of trash.

    • Nanny to the rescue says:

      Wait, what?

      Googling brings no results.

      Is this some rumour or did you mix him up with somebody else?

      • tmbg says:

        Scroll down to the paragraph in this article that starts with “Your 2011 book Living Dangerously.” He discusses his daughter there.


      • Nanny to the rescue says:

        Thanks. Now excuse me, I need to wash my eyes with lots of soap. Just reading this gave me a bit of heaving effect.

        And then I googled his name with info from the interview and patched the story together … So in 2010, when his daughter was 13 or 14 (she’s 21 or 22 now), she had sex with some of his band members, which pissed him off and his anger almost landed him in jail, and what he’s got to say about it is “I’m talking about the guys that were supposed to be my friends. We were supposed to be having each other’s back, and they were fucking my daughter. I just finally saw my daughter a couple of days ago; I hadn’t seen her in four years because of what she did to me and how she hurt me and betrayed me.”

        It started fine, he’s angry at his “friends”, as he should be, because f*****g perverts, but at the end, he goes blaming his daughter? Who was 13/14? What the hell is wrong with him? Also, his victim complex over this is baffling. You weren’t the victim here, ass*ole.

        (Sorry, mods & readers, I’m just venting because this is the first time I see this. I’m legit angry. Gah!)

      • LT says:

        @Nanny – that is horrible. That poor young woman.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Ah I have a vague recollection of reading something about that a few years ago – i think it was not long after they got together.

  3. Enormous Coat says:

    Are all of her fillers vegan?

  4. Lila says:

    I’m surprised she didn’t demand that the donor not be vaccinated.

  5. Lizzie says:

    people who act like their baby was the first ever born make me rage…i can tell her journey is one of obnoxiousness and smugness and is not at all original.

    however – that is one cute baby. i sincerely hope he remains healthy despite his mother’s insistence on needlessly risking his sweet life.

    • me says:

      I really hope someone does a study on babies who were vegan and breast fed, and only ate organic and were never vaccinated. I want to know if they become super human as adults.

      • Lizzie says:

        LOLZ. i just pictured an xmen style school of kids infected with radioactive mutated preventable disease soaking beans with their minds.

      • Sleanne says:

        History has an example of this situation… Picture it: 1300s, vaccines or formula not invented, and a meat rich diet reserved for upper classes so closer to a veg diet for the serfs. Unvaccinated, veggie, breastfed toddlers vs bubonic plague… Super soldiers, indeed.

  6. TyrantDestroyed says:

    Of course she won’t say anything about formula fed babies. She is too entitled for that. Cancelled along with her husband.

    A year ago, when my daughter was born in an emergency C-section (she was too big) I had post-op complications and due to a genetic blood disorder my milk came late. Even if I was feeding her calostro she was screaming for food because it was not filling her up. After a terrible night I asked formula and I was ashamed for that by the nurses. At the third day when I was about to leave, a nurse came to scare me with a pamphlet thar stated that because I chose not to breastfeed I would get uterus cancer and my baby would have obesity and made me acknowledge it before authorizing my baby’s discharge.

    At home, after battling a terrible post op and post partum depression that lingered for a couple of months I was able to regain control and thanks to my husband’s incredibly support (he literally pumped me with a small manual pump to stimulate the milk production) I was able after a month to feed my daughter only with breastmilk and even a year from then she is still breastfeeding.
    While I understand the benefits of breastfeeding I know is not the same situation for every one and nobody should be ashamed or intimidated if chooses to give formula.
    A friend of mine had baby that went to some health problems due to starvation, she recovered after staying in the hospital for a couple of days but it was a big scare for the parents.

    • L84Tea says:

      People who shame moms for bottle feeding make me ragey. Two of my best friends are twins and both had breast cancer (one found out she had it while she was pregnant and had to have both breasts removed WHILE pregnant). Both of them lost their breasts and one of them even had to have a hysterectomy, so she ended up adopting. Each of them on separate occasions have been shamed publically by rude strangers for not breast feeding. Do people not EVER consider that some mothers physically can’t do it??


      • Lizzie says:

        your friends must have super human emotional control b/c i would go off if someone had the nerve….

        two strangers have gotten an earful from me after a public comment on my child rearing and i can assure you they no longer have opinions. and it wasn’t over anything…let alone something so traumatic. people need to just shut up.

      • Juls says:

        Catch 22: if they would have been able to breastfeed, and did so in public, they would have been shamed for that too. You can’t win. Some loser with nothing better to do will always put their judmental 2-cents in.

    • Angela82 says:

      I would have cursed out the nurse. I was a formula/bottle fed baby and so was my brother (her choice) and neither of us ended up obese or with any other health issues and my mom is in her 60s and has yet to be diagnosed with cancer. In fact my grandma (mom’s mom) also bottle fed bc she had tried to nurse her first baby in 1951 and she didn’t produce enough milk and at the time there was nothing they could do. All her children are alive and well today. Stories like this make me really dislike humans.

      Now the anti-vaccine BS I have no patience for. I don’t think these morons should be given a choice TBH. They are a danger to society.

    • BrutalEthyl says:

      You should voice your concerns about what happened to you at the hospital. Those nurses were way out of line in the way they treated you. My guess is that hospital policy is to encourage breast feeding, but new moms don’t need Nazi nurses shaming them if they don’t have enough milk or can’t breastfeed for other reasons, or even if they choose not to breastfeed. And nurses aren’t going to force patients to sign documents saying they understand that not breastfeeding causes cancer, etc. That’s purely an administrative show of power.

      Please lodge a complaint about the way you were treated. If you know other women who gave birth there and went through something similar, see if they’re interested in complaining, too. You might need to have another baby in that hospital and you shouldn’t have to dread it.

      • Meghan says:

        My sister’s nurse shamed my sister for having an epidural because the nurse had both of her children naturally. So my sister’s epidural wore off and she was in a lot of pain and the nurse refused to call the anesthesiologist to add more to the epidural.

        I waited until the nurse was at the desk with other nurses, stormed up and demanded they call the anesthesiologist as my sister was moving her legs and feet and needed more in her epidural. Anesthesiologist came and I never saw that nurse again.

      • Just me says:

        @brutalethyl agree with what you say in general. However perhaps ypu could use a different word. The word “Nazi” in this or any other context except WWII atrocities or those white supremacist losers that “play nazi” is utterly inappropriate.

  7. Kitty says:

    Vaccinate you baby, dumbass!

    • me says:

      I have a cousin who won’t vaccinate her son. Our school board doesn’t allow non-vaccinated kids to attend school (which is awesome). She’s hiring a lawyer and demanding her son be allowed in. This is the society we now belong to. No one cares about anyone but themselves. Obviously some kids are allergic to vaccines and are allowed to attend school with a doctor’s note. But if your child has no allergies or no medical reason not to be vaccinated, then vaccinate them !

      • Kitty says:

        I don’t understand people…tell your cousin to type in small pox, measles, polio into google images. I can’t imagine risking a child’s life that way. I hate when my kid has a cold for a few days, I’d die if I had to see her suffer through something that was so preventable.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        Your cousin is the reason why diseases that were for a period wiped out (esp in the West) are coming back – curable diseases like polio, measles etc.. Am sure she’ll still feel good about herself if her son gets really really sick or makes someone else really really sick.

        Just wait to these un-vaccinated kids grow up, kids who may not get any of the above diseases as a child but could as an adult which has unpleasant side effects like causing infertility. For the young girls, being pregnant and exposed to these diseases could have disastrous affects on the baby. There are reason why science went to a LOT of trouble to get cures and vaccines. TB was ruthless and killed hundreds of thousands of people – both children and adults.

      • me says:

        @ Kitty and Digital Unicorn

        I totally agree with you ! The worst part is she’s a f*cking teacher !!! You’d think she’d know better !

  8. Mee says:

    Every picture of her and Rafael Reyes is pure hilarity. I burst out laughing each time 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Look how goth we are everyone!! Look!!! Loooookkkk!!!!!

    • Laur says:

      They really are SO EXTRA. I started following her on IG a while ago cos I like her tattoos but she is just insufferable with her oh so unique not-uniqueness…

    • Chaine says:

      They remind me of those old SNL skits called “Goth Talk” with Molly Shannon and Chris Kattan.

    • laura-j says:

      And I have to admit the baby in black made me laugh too. It’s awesome. I can’t stand her at all but I love the commitment to over the top gothness.

    • Isabelle says:

      When you see try hard image focused Parents early on trying to turn their children into another vision of themselves, which is the highest level of narcissism, here is to their kids turning out to be preppy Alex Keetings with different views than their parents.

  9. Ophelia says:

    I don’t care if she asked for asteroid-planted grass-fed breastmilk, but I care that the baby might go unvaccinated.

  10. Rocky says:

    I had the same issue with my son. I didn’t want him to have a bottle so he lapped up formula out of a little cup for a few days. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen.

    • Kitty says:

      Nothing wrong with a bottle

    • Anon33 says:

      So instead of giving your son a bottle which at least appromixates a nipple, you treated him like a housepet? How is that better, exactly?

      • Mstak says:

        If it’s really early on and there’s concern for nipple confusion then yes people use other methods. It really depends on how set someone is on their chosen method of feeding their child.

      • Millennial says:

        I imagine she was trying to avoid “nipple confusion” which can effect some babies and cause breastfeeding issues – on the second day of breastfeeding the lactation consultant came by and gave us a little spoon to hand express milk into if my nipples were getting too sore (which they were). A cup is basically the same idea. We used it for a few hours so my nipples could get a break. Honestly probably saved me from cracking and bleeding. 10/10 would do again.

        I don’t get the judge-y comment?

      • MrsBeast says:

        Wow, so harsh Anon33. Relax.

      • Babies can drink from a small cup for the first few months of their lives. Then, they somehow lose the ability and have to go to a nipple, whether from the breast or a bottle. Says my pediatrician brother. Anon33, that was an extremely judgmental comment.

  11. Almond biscuit says:

    Vegan nutrition for children or in pregnancy ain’t healthy.

    Though as a mother who might need donated breast milk I would be worried, too. What does the donor mother eat? Does she take medication? Does or did she smoke? And does that go into her breast milk? And: can I ask for breastmilk from non-tattooed women just in case some of that ink goes into the milk??

    Some countries have breast milk banks where mothers can donate or request breast milk. Often these are in hospitals who do some laboratory analysis of the milk. I start liking that idea very much.

    • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

      That is ridiculous.

      Like with any pregnancy/person, you have to have a balanced diet in order to get all nutrients. My best friend is vegan and has raised four vegan kids. She just had a baby 18 months ago and breast fed/pumped. She told me she has to take a supplement (I think B12), but beyond that you can get every nutrient you need from *gasp* vegetables.

      I do not understand why people think the only protein sources we have are meat. And I say this as a meat eater who day dreams about cheeseburgers every time I get my period.

      • Steph says:

        I was about to go vegan but I dont think is as good as people make it to be. I watch this girl on YouTube and she went vegan for about 5 years. She had to stop because she had a lot of problems pooping and digesting food, she incorporated chicken and fish into her diet and shes better now. I’m not against veganism but it doenst work for everyone.

      • MrsBeast says:

        I was vegan for several years and it did not work for me. I ate the very best options out there and I made myself sick and depleted. Yes, I took supplements. Yes, I had enough protein. Not everyone can or should be vegan. When I began to eat eggs, cheese, fish and poultry again my health dramatically and immediately improved within a couple months.

    • Bellagio says:

      Why not? Balanced vegan or plant based diet will give you everything you need and is healthy.
      Eating dead flesh from another species is something I would have trouble qualifying as healthy.

      • Khy says:

        But dead flesh taste so good

      • ichsi says:

        A vegan diet isn’t automatically healthy, meat isn’t unhealthy by nature. We’re omnivores and perfectly capable of digesting the dead flesh of other animals, some nutrients (iron and proteins) in fact are processed particularly well if they come from animal sources. The problem is that we had to go and mass produce meat, leading to suffering animals being pumped full with antibiotics and a ton of other bad stuff that is in fact unhealthy. Then again, there’s a lot of vegan food out there that’s just not nutritious and full with carbs and fat to generate some kind of flavour. Putting your children on a vegan diet is possible but it takes a lot of effort if you want to do it right, even more so than with adults and this isn’t doable for everyone.

      • MrsBeast says:

        Dead flesh is delicious. Nom nom nom.

    • OriginalLala says:

      sorry almond biscuit, you’re wrong – a balanced and nutritious vegan diet can be great for kids. Please don’t perpetuate that kind of thinking, it’s outdated and just plain wrong.

      • Samab says:

        It may be.But in order to be so you must have some skills in nutrition or you have to go to a nutritionist to well balance things.Must of the people don t and thats dangerous.Where I come from there’s a come back of rickets and it’s among vegan toddlers.
        I have been working in organic/vegan stores,I’ve seen plenty of teens eating just vegan sausages everyday….but hey!Im vegan!It doesnt matter how unhealthy really is the sausage.End of the story …yes you can be a healthy vegan but it takes knowledge not to mention the money you need to buy in vegan stores your daily supply of food

  12. Caitrin says:

    …do they also need to be unvaccinated?

  13. Mstak says:

    For every mother shamed for bottle feeding there’s a mother shamed for breast feeding. Over all it’s just a constant message of “you’re doing it wrong” no matter which way you go about it.

    I’ve got two kids vaccinated though broken up so no more than two shots a visit and then my son with multiple allergies who isn’t yet. (I know I know– but it’s scary when your kid has an anaphylactic rxn to so many things and so far his pediatric allergist and PCP are understanding and cautious)

    • Lizzie says:

      people who can get vaccinated should so children like your son with severe allergies who might not be able to get those shots has the protection of from herd immunity. you shouldn’t have to worry about your child getting a preventable disease based on someone else’s risky choice.

    • Pamela says:

      “for every mother shamed for bottle feeding there’s a mother shamed for breast feeding. Over all it’s just a constant message of “you’re doing it wrong” no matter which way you go about it.”

      Mstak, this is a really eye-opening statement. I never even thought of it that way. I am well aware of the bottle-shaming. But I actually forgot that even though there is such a huge push for “Breast is Best”, the mom’s that DO breastfeed are also shamed mercilessly for not hiding in a closet at home to do it! You are right, it really is a matter of “you are doing it wrong” no matter what side you fall on. Ridiculous!

      • Dee says:

        As women, we are generally damned if we do and damned if we don’t. So…screw other people’s opinions, as long as you’re not harming anyone!

  14. Pandy says:

    Could care less about the breast milk thing … why is everything so goth and black around them? Even the baby is dressed in black! And he looks like a goth chicken (the husband not the baby). And I think we are wearing the same sweater lollll.

  15. Dee says:

    Poor baby has a father who disowned his own daughter for having “sex” with his friends. She may have even been underage when he blamed her for “stealing” his friends from him. Perhaps this kid will have a better chance as a male. *Massive eye roll*

  16. geekychick says:

    considering there’s huge misconception about formula and breastfeeding pros and cons in American culture, I don’t get the need to constatly reaffirm formula, as if not doing that is somehow offensive to others. She chose to bf and not use formula. That is all. She hasn’t implied those who don’t are wrong. She hasn’t implied anything else, as far as I’ve read here. (I don’t follow her.)I mean, she’s a POS. Her request for vegan breastmilk is on par with that NYT article where woman insisted her surrogat hat to have same diet, values and degree of education(!!!!!). I think these women can’t see nothing outside their own privilege. But here, I don’t think there is room for
    offense, just because she didn’t repeat the same old mantra: formula is great. Yeah, nothing against formula, but biologically, around 1%of women can’t breastfeed-we’d die out in the past if such a significant percentage of women were unable to breastfeed in the past. So let’s stop with this, need to have an excuse why you do formula. Can’t, won’t-doesn’t matter! Decide for yourself and don’t be ashamed! :)))

    • Anitas says:

      +1. UK where I live has some of the worst breastfeeding stats in the world. Only 34% of babies at 6 months are breastfed in any capacity. I am truly sorry for any woman who has ever been shamed for feeding her baby appropriate food, whether it was formula or breastmilk. Nobody should be put through it and we totally have to support one another and the choices we make. But breastfeeding is still in need of public promotion, education campaign, normalization, etc. There is so much misinformation, often from healthcare professionals who are not educated enough to support women feeding their babies. Mothers need to be enabled to make an informed choice. The need to reaffirm formula every time we talk about breastfeeding, in a society where >70% of infants are formula fed is a bit like “what about men” when we talk about women’s issues.

    • Betsy says:

      Because nursing is eff-all difficult.
      Because for some of us, it hurts throughout nursing.
      Because neither nursing nor formula feeding – or mothering in general – is supported.
      Because nursing confers no proven benefits.
      Because nothing hurts worse than medical professionals shaming you for your choices.

      • Col says:

        Nursing can also deplete your body of nutrients, calcium can be depleted from your bones without proper intake yourself. Good for baby but it does take a toll on the mother.

  17. Janet says:

    Obviously never heard that beggars can not be choosy

  18. Eliza says:

    I donated. They do ask your diet when you donate (probably more for if the child has allergies or sensitivities). My baby had food sensitivities (dairy, soy) so all the milk I stored before we figured it out was no longer able to be used. So I donated to a milk bank charity that works specifically with hospitals who have preemies who can’t take formula. I went through a vigerous screening process including extended blood work.

    There are places that will pay you for your milk. She probably went to one of those where the request is more preference than requirement. They also aren’t as strong with their background scans. Vegan does not stop illness. Many babies have issue with soy too so vegan can exacerbate sensitivities if soy is the main source of protein.

    She is awful. I feel bad for her kid and hope she grows up healthy happy and to be nothing like mom.

  19. Jessica says:

    Can’t stand her. Total idiot.

    That’s all I got.

  20. Marigold says:

    I think she’s a douche and all, especially and particularly about vaccination but I do take issue with the idea that she has to say anything positive about formula feeding. We don’t ask formula feeders to prop up breastfeeding (before anyone @s me about stigma, breastfeeding certainly comes with it’s own and has abysmally low rates in the US for a multitude of reasons). She could have said nothing about formula and it would have been fine, too. #FedisBest as a movement certainly has some questionable and problematic feelings about breastfeeding so I certainly won’t ever be jumping on that bandwagon or asking anyone else to, even if they’re an a-hole otherwise.

  21. Smiles says:

    She is the worst. These people who choose not to vaccinate based on the opinions of people like this t*** or reading it on Facebook need to consult some peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles on this topic or gain some common sense!!! I really just can’t. As an ED nurse, it is infuriating when parents who bring their children in to be seen tell me their children’s vaccinations are not up to date because they “don’t believe” in them.

  22. Lady Keller says:

    My youngest son just has chicken pox (3 days before he was scheduled to be vaccinated). He didn’t have any complications, and thankfully chicken pox is not that serious of a disease. But it definitely hit home that despite trying my best and vaccinating my kids on schedule there are still nasty diseases out there and when they are so young you can’t always protect them. I thank my lucky stars that it wasn’t something more serious. It could definitely have been much worse.

    Why anyone would choose to not vaccinate their kids is beyond me. I will admit that I am not totally convinced vaccines are safe but I would rather risk a vaccine reaction than have My kid die or be disabled from a preventable disease.

    • AMAyson1977 says:

      My oldest got the flu the week before I had scheduled his well visit (at which he was going to be given the flu vaccine!) and I felt SO guilty. Fortunately he bounced back quickly and it wasn’t life-threatening, but like you said, it’s scary and I don’t get the reluctance to vaccinate.

      I carefully chose my pediatrician and I absolutely trust her professional advice and recommendations. She has the years of training and experience to make them, unlike anti-vaxxers who “research” on the internet. It’s the height of arrogance to think that your Google search, no matter how “extensive,” is somehow equivalent to the education and training of a degreed medical professional.

      My kids get all the shots, all the time, on-time, and will until I am not in charge of their healthcare anymore. Refusing to vaccinate for any reason other than a legitimate, documented medical reason should be illegal and is tantamount to neglect IMO.

  23. Andrea says:

    I don’t think she is shaming formula mothers, she simply didn’t want to use formula for her child. Read up on how the formula industry tried to squash reports that breast feeding is best to make a billion dollar industry. Coupled with the fact that you get 3 months maternity leave at most, most of my friends got 6-10 weeks, and formula is the easier option. Most other nations get 6 months-1 year maternity leave. Most of my friends did formula because of the back to work, was far too difficult to breastfeed/pump. I had one friend who could not due to medication and got hell from the nurses about it. Another friend who was a single mom who had to go back to work after 2 weeks! We don’t have a nation that is helping mothers and thus a lot do not breastfeed unless they have the means and time to do so. That is the issue we need to discuss/think about!

    • Rabbitgirl says:

      I agree on your last points, but not on your first points. I would love to have breastfed, but I could not. And I bet it is a lot easier than constantly sterilizing bottles. At issue for me is not so much her lack of mentioning formula. It is her lack of care for her child’s health. Her kids is starving, blood sugar dropping and her concern is 1. breast milk first and 2. vegan breast milk… making phone calls, asking around, all of that takes time. She could have used donated breast milk from anyone at the ward who was willing. But noooo, it had to be vegan because that is more important than her kid’s blood sugar dropping.

    • Anitas says:

      My heart breaks over the inhumane practices in the US when it comes to supporting mothers and parents in general. To be made to put your 2 week old newborn into daycare, when he isn’t even aware yet he’s not a part of you anymore, and go back to work when you haven’t even recovered from childbirth yet is so cruel. Mothers and babies deserve so much better.

  24. Aren says:

    I hope the baby grows up healthy somehow, it’s not his fault that his mom is an idiot.

  25. RBC says:

    One thing I don’t understand about Kat and other antivaxxers, didn’t most if not all of them get vaccinated as children? They all seemed to turn out to be healthy adults( their views are another issue) So why are they so against having their children vaccinated?

    • Rabbitgirl says:

      Argh, my BFF is like this. She won’t even vaccinate against tetanus. No really! My husband got chicken pox as an adult and she wanted to bring her kids over to get exposed so they would get it when they are young. I can’t even with these people. I mean what does it say about you that while your baby’s blood sugar is plummeting, you are more worried about getting “vegan milk” as opposed to getting the baby fed as soon as possible? Argh, I can’t stand her.

  26. LP says:

    That kid’s gonna need a lot of therapy.

  27. Celebitchy, more than anything I’m stunned that you weren’t able to post Kat’s video of the babe breastfeeding! Are the Boobie Nazis out in full force? Terrible!!!

    • BearcatLawyer says:

      It’s the advertisers on the site. They get nervous about nudity in photos and videos.

  28. Rabbitgirl says:

    God, I can’t stand her or her idiot husband. I can’t stand their stupidity and negligence. I applaud the lady who helped her. But I too agree that she should have said something about formula. I can’t stand the “oh, but I’m a vegan” so I need the “vegan” breast milk BS. If your baby’s blood sugar has plummeted, then you supplement with formula and if you can’t bring yourself to do that because you are so “committed” to breastfeeding, then you find whatever milk you can and worry about the vegan crap later. What an idiot.

  29. CairinaCat says:

    The thing that gets me about anti vaxxors is they claim that kids get autism from vaccines,
    obviously not true.
    But really????? you think your child becoming autistic is so horrible you’d rather risk they die of a horrible disease?
    Both my kids are on the spectrum, it is highly insulting that my kids who are for the most part perfect. They both have genius level IQ’s they just have a few issues, are considered worse than dying of smallpox or polio.
    I live in California so I am surrounded by these ignorant stupid narcissistic people

  30. Jag says:

    I’m confused as to why she didn’t go to a local breast milk bank? They would have supply from all kinds of mothers, so she would’ve been able to find someone vegan who had been tested for communicable diseases. There are also many websites where women sell or donate their milk, too, but it’s up to each woman to be tested or not that way.

    If a woman has a good diet, there is no need for supplementation for baby for the first year of breastfeeding. Most babies want to try solid food by that time anyway. (It’s best to wait until 6 months old for solids so that their digestive systems fully form or close or whatever it’s called or there can be gastric issues later in life.)

    Of course the recommendation by W.H.O. is for breastfeeding for two years, which gives the child the best immune system and I.Q., according to studies.

    Breast milk is such a perfect, nutritious food that even adults could live on it alone, and it’s being studied as a cure for some types of cancer. I hate that it’s been demonized so much by the formula makers’ PR teams. I’m actually trying to lactate so that I can donate my milk. (Non-pregnant women can induce lactation.)

  31. MSat says:

    Donating breastmilk is where it’s at. I’m saving my kudos and kind words for the moms who do it!

  32. Littlefishmom says:

    That guy looks like he’s holding a doll of himself. They both need to go away, for a long, long time.