Lea Michele’s Christmas plans include eating, watching movies: basic or goals?

Lea Michele’s interviews aren’t on my must read list, but I have a grudging respect for her. She reminds me of Paris Hilton in that she has a high opinion of herself and she’ll tell you about it. I wish I had that kind of confidence. Anyway Lea talked to People Magazine about her holiday plans and they sound so nice that I got excited for Christmas! I can’t believe how soon it’s coming up. Now all I want to do is sit around with my mom in my pajamas, watch Hallmark movies and eat. Lea’s Christmas is just like mine. What does that say about me?

Lea Michele plans to get cozy with her fiancé Zandy Reich this Christmas.

“Having the morning and having a bagel, I know it’s so silly and stupid, but that is so romantic to me,” she gushes. “Not having plans, you don’t have to get up and rush. And it’s cold outside, maybe it’s snowing and we’re just sleeping in. The best.”

“I don’t know the secret yet,” she muses. “I’ll tell you that. I’m still trying to figure it out. I just think that I take cues all year. I’ll just kinda try to see if I hear anything, and I’ll wait the whole year.” (On the other hand, she’s easy to shop for: “There’s no planting seeds. I’m totally out there and open. Spa gift certificate, candles, pajamas … It’s like, just please buy me this and nothing else.”)

This holiday, also joining Michele to sing carols with the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus at the Bryant Park skating rink will be her mom and dad.

“We’re just gonna be cozied up together, the four of us. Super simple cooking, Christmas movies, hanging out relaxing in pajamas,” she says.

[From People]

I love that Lea is like “get me these specific things on my list.” This reminds me that Lea is engaged. I’m looking forward to her wedding as you know it’s going to be as extra as she is. I couldn’t find any information about a potential date for that, except for the fact that she’s using Pinterest to plan. Maybe she really is like Paris Hilton in that her wedding isn’t going to happen either. Getting back to Christmas, I’m going to watch Hallmark Christmas movies this weekend in anticipation of watching more schmaltzy movies with my mom over the holidays. That’s the good thing about Christmas romance movies, there are so many you never run out. I know Lea has a different career trajectory but I would watch the hell out of Hallmark movie with her in it. Oh I just saw Kat Graham in The Christmas Calendar on Netflix. That was so cute. I’m saving A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding to watch with my mom!

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11 Responses to “Lea Michele’s Christmas plans include eating, watching movies: basic or goals?”

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  1. Lala11_7 says:

    The older I get…

    The more I value staying home…and just kicking back and watching movies with Bae….the time spent together…eating…laughing…sleeping has become….


  2. Zapp Brannigan says:

    Croissants and fruit preserve for breakfast, full turkey dinner in the early afternoon followed by Christmas films (The Polar Express, Elf and some version of A Christmas Carol) a long walk out in the cold and then home to turkey sandwiches, pajamas, board games and a log fire for the evening and another film. It is all go at Chez Brannigan on Christmas day!

  3. BANANIE says:

    Oh my goodness the calendar movie was SO BAD. Vague spoilers:

    She picked up on the fact that something was going on very quickly. Like how did she even see the correlation between the items in the calendar and her life on like day three? Also, how did she have a montage of dates with the doctor dude where they’re laughing and chatting. But then suddenly it’s like ‘we have nothing to say to each other’? And naming the store after the calendar is stupid. And she’s lucky she considered looking at the back of the calendar (if I recall correctly) to see the letter, because it’s quite possible she wouldn’t have seen it and there would be no resolution.

    I usually love these types of movies but this one was terrible. However I adored the love interest.

  4. Lisa says:

    Sounds pretty perfect to me.

  5. Amide says:

    Goals. Goals. Goals.👏

  6. Naddie says:

    Goals, also for new year’s eve.

  7. bonobochick says:

    The Lifetime Christmas movies this year have been more enjoyable than the Hallmark Christmas movies, IMO. Plus Lifetime is better at diversity and integration in its movies than Lifetime.

    I like Lea and unlike Paris, Lea is talented. Sure, she is extra but she also seems to work hard for what she wants. No shame in that. As for her fiance, I believe she and Zandy have known each other for years & have been good friends as far back as when she was with Cory Monteith. I think Jonathan Groff will be Lea’s best man instead of her having a maid of honor.

  8. Usedtobe says:

    Yup goals!
    She irritates me sometimes but I do genuinely like her and I’m so glad that she found love after Cory’s death. That still breaks my heart.

  9. Shelley says:

    I’m basic af at Christmas! Food, family and Hallmark!

  10. Misty says:

    I hate that word “basic.” Do what makes you happy even if it seems simple to others. If you are a unicorn frappacino kind of person, go for it. If you like watching Hallmark Channel movies and eating popcorn, sit on your ass and live that shit up. Who cares, just be happy doing it.