Kathy Griffin engaged to Apple co-founder billionaire

Comedienne Kathy Griffin has landed one of the world’s richest bachelors, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. She brought the huggable guy to the Emmys with her, and looked like she was wearing an engagement ring, although she wouldn’t comment when asked about it, saying “I don’t kiss and tell.”

On an appearance on Larry King about her censored Emmy speech she said “What do you make, Lar? You make a few million a year? He craps that out for lunch. I mean this guy has so much money — but I love him for his personality.”

It looks like Wozniak became smitten with Griffin from afar and pursued her, coming to see her perform in July. He is said to have left her a gift basket with items for her dog before they met. That’s sweet!

Just one year after a bitter a divorce from husband Matt Moline, it looks like Kathy Griffin may be ready to walk down the aisle again. We spotted Griffin with boyfriend and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak at the Emmys, and the fiery comic was sporting what appeared to be an engagement ring. “I don’t kiss and tell,” the usually forthcoming Griffin told Usmagazine.com.

The couple did reveal that they met in Saratoga where Wozniak came to see Griffin perform. “I was a fan of hers before we met,” he tells Us. “I love her personality and her quick thinking. I think we have so much in common.” Quips Griffin, who later shared chocolate covered strawberries with Wozniak at the Entertainment Tonight party at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, “The thing is he doesn’t realize that I am the brains of the operation and he is like some dumb bimbo that I picked up!”

[From US Weekly]

People are saying that Wozniak isn’t much to look at, but I would take an average-looking good guy who is successful any day over a hot one who can’t rub two sticks together. Remember the first season of that stupid dating show “Average Joe” from 2003? The woman who was trying to find a mate, Melana, ended up at the end with the choice of a funny as hell moderately chubby but cute guy, Adam, who was an Internet millionaire with his own bar in NY city, or a hot but dumb waiter who still lived with his parents. She picked the hot dumb guy! (The average guy that everyone loved, Adam Mesh, got a spin off show in which he picked another chick, but that didn’t last predictably and now he’s married to a woman that was his neighbor.)

Anyway Kathy Griffin looks like she made a good choice, and if she’s at all inclined for the good life she can most likely indulge to her heart’s content. You go Kathy!

Steve Wozniak picture from Commons.Wikimedia.org. Kathy Griffin picture from the Emmys thanks to PRPhotos.

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