Star: Jennifer Aniston’s “revenge” romance with Gerard Butler

Well, we knew this one was coming, didn’t we? After two weeks of stories about how Bradley Cooper totally shafted Jennifer Aniston with the whole “just friends” thing and the date-with-Renee Zellweger thing, we now have Star Magazine’s cover story: “Jen’s Revenge”. Which sounds like a horror film. And I think “Jen’s Revenge” has been used several dozen times for tabloid covers over the past four years.

Anyhoodle, “Jen’s Revenge” is apparently having sex with Gerard Butler. Personally, I think having sex with Gerard would be a reward unto itself, without adding any “I’m going to get back you, Bradley Cooper” revenge fantasies into the mix. The cover photo is from yesterday’s “candid” paparazzi shots that seem… posed. TMZ and Lainey already pointed out that this Butler-Aniston pose is identical to the Pitt-Aniston pose in Mexico, just before their separation was announced. But let’s not let the photo op get in the way of a good story:

Jennifer Aniston’s not wasting any time when it comes to finding a new man. After a failed fling with Bradley Cooper, she’s already moved on to her sexy costar Gerard Butler!

“Let me put it this way,” says a source on the New York set of their movie, The Bounty. “They’re both hot and single! After they finish a scene, they stick around so they can hang out with each other. Neither is in a rush to leave.”

In fact, Jen and Gerard are so affectionate on set, sources tell Star, that they often practice kissing scenes even after the cameras stop rolling! “Jen will say, ‘I think we need to do that again,’” the source says. “She says Gerard’s a great kisser.”

The pair have adjoining trailers, and they’ve been seen dashing off to Jen’s haven for a private “lunch.” During one recent visit, Gerard stayed in Jen’s trailer for 30 minutes.

And the chemistry doesn’t fizzle after work, an insider adds. The new couple have even continued their heated make-out sessions in Gerard’s hotel room! But insiders aren’t surprised, noting that the romance has been almost a year in the making.

“Gerard’s been after Jen ever since they met at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2008,” a source tells Star. “He really has a thing for her. He wants to date her, not just have a fling — or at least that’s what he is telling her! He has a reputation for being the biggest cad in Hollywood, and Jen knows that. She said no to him for almost a year, but he never gave up.”

[From Star Magazine]

You know what gets cut out of the picture on the cover? Gerard is carrying a plate and fork in his right hand. He was eating when Jennifer persuaded him to walk arm in arm with her! Did she whisper, “This will be the cover shot! It will help you promote The Ugly Truth!” As far as whether or not Gerard and Jennifer are actually hitting it, I think the chances are pretty good, even though he denied “getting cozy” with Aniston in his Esquire interview. My guess is that, at the very least, Gerard and Jennifer are very friendly and he’s happy to be associated with her romantically.

Header photo via CoverAwards

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  1. nnn says:

    Lol, oh boy !

    same ol’, same ol’

    ahahahahaha !!!

  2. Ursula says:

    Ha ha ha , I am looooving this. I hope they hit it on. Look at them, they look great. I have been rooting for them to hit it off. He is superb and she is gorgeous. I am actually smiling while writing this.

  3. gg says:

    I really really really really hope Jennifer finds a good true man and gets married soon because, oh, how sick I am of the speculation on her boring love life and the non-love-triangle with the Pitt camp musings. oy …

  4. alex says:

    LOL!! They make her sound so desperate and pathetic. I don’t think Gerard is hitting that anyway lol

  5. Hieronymus Grex says:


  6. HashBrowns says:

    Wow…how nice of Star to photoshop the hell out of Gerard Butler’s face so he looks like a friggin newborn. Think this head was photoshopped on as well? Perhaps this is a photo of Jennifer and Brad from years ago but they copy pasted Gerard’s head onto that body and copy pasted the clothes too so it would look like they were getting cozy…

    Anywho, she does that particular position a lot with dudes. I think she’s just an affectionate person who seems kinda touchy feely with her friends.

  7. Codzilla says:

    How many times can one site post the same story?

  8. Nev says:

    Should say from a pr source on the New York set. Any way we all knew this old played out pr rubbish was coming.

  9. Ursula says:

    GG, I didn’t see anyone mentioning the Pitt camp. This romance will be good for Butler’s career. Jen deserves a good man and an identity outside the unholy bermuda triangle.

  10. Cheyenne says:

    Dear God, she never learns. Spite sex because she was rejected by some B-list actor? Does she have any idea how pathetic this makes her look? Does she even care any more?

    One thing is certain — if she thinks Gerard Butler is the answer to her dreams, she’s in for a very rude awakening. This guy makes Mayer the Player look like a choirboy. He’ll hump her and dump her so fast she won’t know which end is up when he’s done with her.

  11. Jazz says:

    I predict the next story will be “Gerard Butler & Bradley Cooper fight over Jennifer Aniston”, and “Jen torn between two men”. Or better yet “Jen pregnant! Who’s the daddy?”.

  12. MissLizzy says:

    oooo i hope they get married *lol*

  13. Cheyenne says:

    Jazz: I predict the next story will be “Gerard Butler & Bradley Cooper fight over Jennifer Aniston”, and “Jen torn between two men”. Or better yet “Jen pregnant! Who’s the daddy?”.

    ROTFLMBAO!!! OMFG, I can’t wait. That one will be better than the whole tired Pitt/Jolie/Aniston saga. Nothing beats an old triangle like a new one.

  14. kathrien says:

    i really hope jen is datting gerard..because he sounds like a nice guy and she really needs to get married and have children soon!!somewhere now that gay whore angelina jones must be losing her tiny mind!!

  15. Bob Lawblaw says:

    “After a failed fling with Bradley Cooper, she’s already moved on to her sexy costar Gerard Butler!”

    How does one exactly fail at a fling?

    Shouldn’t that mean you’re in a relationship, married, or expecting with said fling cohort?

    I mean, it seems more like flings are the only thing she can make work.

  16. Linda says:

    DOES anyone actually believe that Jennifer Aniston would remember one single pose with Brad that took place YEAR’s ago?????? And that now she is trying to recreate that very same POSE with Gerard? Please, that is the most STUPID statement any gossip site has ever made!!

    Honestly people – can we see how absurd this is!

  17. Annie says:

    I thought Gerard was into that Bollywood actress?

  18. DD says:

    right because everytime one date doesn’t work out we vengeful, pathetic women will go out on other dates for revenge. Could the headlines get any stupider.

  19. Charity is Chic says:

    I’m totally confused. We are supposed to believe every tabloid story ever written about Jen but we are not supposed to believe any stories written about Brand–gelina. Are you serious???

  20. DD says:

    Codzilla: I was thinking the same thing. I feel like I’ve been seeing the same posts several times a week. But there is a minor new twist to this post I guess, it’s no longer Jen just dating Gerard or Jen crushed by Bradley’s denial of their affair… it’s now Jen dating Gerard to get revenge on Bradley.
    Tomorrow it’ll be Jen crushed by Gerard’s denial of their affair or has that story been posted yet, because he has denied it already. There you go some new material for the next story.

  21. magma says:

    i can’t belive star magazine!!! I mean “jen’s revenge”? Are they f**king kidding me? Bradly said that he’s not datting why would they make this kinda crap??GOD they are sooo pathatic..they would do ANYTHING to get some cash!!!jen is not needy nor desprite .she just went to a resturant with a friend who is appearentlly gay!! She just picks the wrong guys!! But i hope she really IS datting gerard.

  22. Sauronsarmy says:

    Charity is Chic: That’s because you’re a non-believer. *Cluck Cluck*


  23. lk says:

    Jen is desperate for PR again. Time to cook up YET another triangle. I guess all that Michael Jackson death stuff cut into her spotlight.

  24. someone says:

    First of all, I only remember Jen going out to dinner with bradley ONE time..there was no relationship, this story is for Gerard..go for it Jen….Cheyenne??? Do you believe everything you read in the rag mags??? If you need to get out more.

  25. UrbanRube says:

    Can you say “Notch of the Night?” Another one for the bedpost.

  26. Charity is Chic says:

    Wait, because I don’t like Brandgelina that makes me Godless. The brangeloonies really have created their own reality, with their own Gods apparently.

  27. hmmm says:

    How did Star get those pix in time for their magazine? I thought those pix just came out yesterday. I guess this was a move by her PR people. I dont get why she does this.

  28. sdleo says:

    let me take a wild guess at the desperate source of this article: Mr. Huvane and his pity party pathetic serial dumpee client, Ms. Fraudiston herself.

  29. Cheyenne says:

    To someone: Can you read? I didn’t say I believed it. I commented on how pathetic this story makes her look. The tabs make up bullshit out of air. One date does not make a relationship. But they make it sound as if she staked everything on this one date and she is furious that it did not pan out so now she is dating Butler out of “spite”.

    She needs to get a new publicist. Huvane is making her look ridiculous. He seems to think bad publicity is better for her than no publicity. Of course, in her case, he could have a point. If it wasn’t for the Pitt/Jolie/Aniston triangle, she would have faded into oblivion five years ago.

  30. Tintangel says:

    Some one better tell Gerard Butler about this “romance” because I don’t think he knows. I hear he spends his off time hitting the clubs and any female under 30.

  31. scyter says:

    jen’s revenge??? Hahahaha!! They make me wanna throw-up!! Jen is a mature smart woman.she wouldn’t play such children me if she even cared about these stupid rumors she would have at least been on the oprah or ellen show and say something!!!but she has brain wich is something ange would NEVER have!!

  32. Beth says:

    The tabloids get really silly when it comes to Jennifer. A month ago she was in love with Pitt and they were back together, the following week she’s in love with Cooper, last week she was devestated by Cooper dumping her, now she’s in love with Gerard. It’s just laughable. Also are people so desperate for Jennifer to be in a relationship that they think Gerard is a great catch? He’s just like John Mayer except a much bigger manwhore. These photos are obviously staged. Nobody does this unless they want to be in the tabloids. They knew the photographers are there.

  33. Goddess711 says:

    If that’s revenge, then revenge is sweeeettt! I want revenge with Gerard Butler too! MrrrrOOOWwwww!

  34. Ursula says:

    Is it me or is Cheyenne the number one resident Brand- angeloonie and Jen Hater is trying to give our Jen constructive advice. Nothing like advice from your hater. Hopefully, Jen will read this blog and take your advice.

    I wish Jen all the best. She is not a slut by any stretch of imagination. Anyone who believes that she sleeps with all these men is loony. That is for Angiejo who picks up total strangers and takes them to hotels for a romp. She also deflowered all the boys in high school and for her pass time, makes play for married men.

    I am firmly rooting for Jen and Gerald.They make a fine pair.

  35. beatrix says:


    Why don’t you get it? Brandgelina itself is a religion. Loonies have faith in everything they say and do. Is it safe to say, Brandgelonogist?


    Jen is a Greek. Greeks like hugging and holding. It’s in their DNA. They can’t help it. Besides she has many, many male and female friends she has been seen hugging all the time. What does it make to you, loonies? Is it an orgy? She also hugs Owen Wilson like that onset Marley and Me. Not everyone doesn’t like to be hugged and touched like Jolie. Some of us are warm, affectionate people.

  36. Codzilla says:

    DD: LOL, I bet you’re right.

    Charity: I’ve often asked the same question about why so many people on this site believe every negative story the tabs print about Jen, but any bad press Brangelina gets is automatically dismissed as BS. I’ve never received an answer, though.

    Cheyenne: “someone” is right — your post read like a person who bought every word of this ludicrous story. Did Jen molest your kids or something? I can’t imagine hating anyone, let alone a person I’ve never met, as much as you apparently despise this woman.

  37. mk says:

    Codzilla, from someone who is made a lot of negative comments about other celebs, I don’t think you have any right to lecture to others. You sound like a self-righteous hypocrite. People are ALLOWED to like/dislike whomever they want. Just b/c people don’t like YOUR FAVORITE–is no reason to go off on others.

  38. Codzilla says:

    mk: I’ll say whatever I want, thank you very much. And I couldn’t care less about Jennifer Aniston (funny how those who don’t despise her are automatically labeled “fans”), but I’m just as entitled to question the intensity of people’s vitriol as anyone else.