Kevin Hart finally offers a comprehensive apology to the LGBTQ community

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I keep saying this, but the Kevin Hart/Oscars/homophobia controversy has been one of the most bizarre scandals I’ve ever covered. It feels like a case where a lot of people were just talking past each other and misunderstanding each other, and no one stopped to say “wait, this is exactly what I mean.” On Sunday, I summarized where we were at the time – Ellen DeGeneres was trying to make it seem like Kevin Hart could and should come back to the Oscar hosting gig, and even Hart seemed like he was thinking about it. Hart also claimed that he had repeatedly apologized for his homophobia in the past, even though no one can find anything in their archives. Kevin also seems to think he’s been “bullied” and that his career is “over” or that the Academy had something to do with orchestrating everything that happened.

What’s been clear is that Kevin Hart hasn’t really stopped and really asked himself if what he did was wrong and how he can change and make amends. We all make mistakes, we all say or write the wrong things sometimes – it happens. But what comes next is important, and Kevin had not shown that he really understood that, nor did he seem to understand that the Academy was asking relatively little of him to ensure that he could keep the Oscar hosting job. And now, more than a month after Hart quit the Oscars gig because he refused to issue a comprehensive apology, Hart is issuing a comprehensive apology.

Kevin Hart is reaching out to the LGBTQ community and apologizing once more. The Upside actor, 39, extended the apology on his SiriusXM radio show Straight from The Hart, which airs on Monday night. Hart, who stepped down from his Oscars hosting gig after past homophobic tweets of his resurfaced, said, “Once again, Kevin Hart apologizes for his remarks that hurt members of the LGBTQ community. I apologize.”

The father of three explained he had revisited his offensive tweets and his comedy set on his 2010 comedy special Seriously Funny in which he also made homophobic jokes.

“We thought it was okay to talk like that [in the past], because that’s how we talked to one another,” Hart explained. “In that, you go f—. This is wrong now. Because now we’re in a space where I’m around people of the LGBTQ community, and I’m now aware of how these words make them feel, and why they say ‘That s– hurt because of what I’ve been through.’ So then we say, ‘Hey, man, as a group, let’s erase this s–. We don’t talk like this no more. Hey, let’s not do this. We don’t post this s– on social media.’”

Hart then promised he was “going to make sure that I don’t do anything else offensive [in comedy] because I talked to some friends of mine” who had given him their point of view. The star shared he understood what he had previously written was hurtful to those who read them.

“I’m not debating right from wrong. I’ve already stated it’s wrong. But, the other side of it is this: If the fight from the LGBTQ community is equality, that’s the fight,” he explained. “The fight is the will and want for equality. I’m riding with you guys. I understand you. But in the fight for equality, that means that there has to be an acceptance for change. If you don’t want to accept people for their change, then where are you trying to get to the equal part? Where does the equality part come in? Because all of the people that have done wrong are the people that — you want their attention to say, ‘This is why we want you to change, so we don’t feel the way that we feel.’ And those people go ‘S—. I used to f—— be this way, guys, I’m not anymore. I’m sorry.’ But then they go, ‘But you didn’t say it right. Saying, ‘I’m sorry,’ you didn’t say ‘Sorry, sorry, sorry.’ But no, wait, guys, I just said ‘I’m sorry.’ ‘Not the way you should have! What does that mean?’ And then they break down the way things should be said.”

Hart equated the response he received even after apologizing as a form a “bullying,” saying, “And now it turns into, you’re bullying them because now, now that I said what I said the way that I would say it because I’m me, you’re now trying to change me into becoming what version of me you want me to be. I don’t think it’s wrong for people to have their own personal beliefs. I think that in the times that we’re living in, we have to be understanding and accepting of people and change. Bottom line.”

[From People]

First of all, I think he finally hired some kind of crisis manager or a publicist who specializes in these kinds of PR nightmares, because the main part of the apology was pretty good and… it doesn’t sound like all of the sh-t he’s said up until this point. Secondly, why couldn’t he do this back in December? This is exactly what the Academy wanted from him – a comprehensive apology, an acknowledgement that those kinds of “jokes” are no longer acceptable or funny. And finally… the self-pity has got to go. He needs to stop talking about how he was “bullied.” He was not.

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  1. Incredulous says:

    Why would you want to host the Oscars this badly AND end on a Sorry, Not Sorry?

    • elo320 says:

      This little worm is just as homophobic as he was, how is this a good apology? It’s a joke. He goes from saying it was nornal when he said it (it wasn’t), deflects blame by saying we all did it when the issue is HE did it, then lies again about how he already apologised and whines about being the victim here. He’s a joke. I have no doubt he’s rolling his eyes about this and making homophobic jokes in private still.

    • BlueSky says:

      Don’t think it’s a coincidence that he has a new movie coming out and doesn’t want to keep revisiting this.

    • osito says:

      Because his ego is actually the size of a red dwarf and his narcissism has been triggered.

      But seriously, folks, he still doesn’t believe that he did or said anything wrong. He really wants us all to believe a lie that he told (that he totally apologized years ago) because for those that buy it, he is recast as a victim, and he doesn’t have to take responsibility for his behavior. He got someone to write him an apology, bungled it because he didn’t care and he’s not a good actor, and then continued the tantrum that is his usual reaction to people being offended by the things he says and does because that’s what he actually believes, so it’s easier for him to talk about it instead.

      So I’m still over it, won’t be surprised if he’s at the Oscar’s, and think that “cancel culture” isn’t helpful anymore because it has stopped meaning anything. Louis C.K., Kevin Hart, and every other asshole who doesn’t get that they can’t behave however they want and we all just have to take it are proving that our opinions of them don’t *really* matter. They’ll just appeal to the lowest common denominator and continue to make their stacks.

  2. A reader says:

    Uggggggghhhhh. Should’ve just left it at that first paragraph. It’s like he can’t help digging that hole deeper every time he opens his mouth.

  3. Ali says:

    They are totally still letting him host the Oscars, always have been, and the Ellen thing was such a fake set-up. I kinda feel bad for all the people wanting to win an Oscar this year because the people handling the awards show part of it have really made a joke of it all.

  4. Thirsty Hirsty says:

    James Gunn’s apology was earnest, timely, honest and truthful. He still got kicked off the Guardians’ set…..and he wrote ‘his’ crap well over 10-15 years ago…and apologized IMMEDIATELY he was called out for his crap, and even explained his thought processes. KH wrote his 8 yrs ago. KH couldn’t be bothered to apologize initially. Then he turns himself into the victim. James Gunn did not get the same treatment if KH is being reinstated? Are we tip-toeing around because KH is a POC? Is JG getting a more raw deal because he isn’t??
    There seems to be a moving standard when in the public eye…..seems to me, anyway…..

    • Renee2 says:

      I don’t think that it has to do with Kevin Hart’s race, don’t forget that the most high-profile people who have called him out have been queer Black men. If anything, it’s that he made the remarks about LGBTQ people.

      I think the difference between his treatment and the reaction to James Gunn’s past tweets is that those charges were led by a coalition of Republican/maga folks who had ties to Disney …and don’t forget, the target audience for those Guardian movies is kids and young people. It would have been a bad marketing move to not cut ties with Gunn, no matter how sincere or remorseful his apologies were.

      • osito says:

        Also, let’s be really clear that James Gunn was joking about child rape while making what was ostensibly a children’s movie. In *any other* professional environment, HR would greet you at the door before you got a chance to even look at your desk. A great apology (and JG’s was an excellent apology) wouldn’t save you in that environment, and shouldn’t have saved JG. Cancelled forever? No. Lost that one job, though? I can understand that call.

      • Its Ok says:

        @osito He wasn’t joking about it during. It was something he said over a decade ago. Meanwhile, the guy who called him out is a well known conspiracy theorist who believes that date rape doesn’t exist and has actually assaulted people. Cernovich only called him out because Gunn had been critical of Trump. Disney proceeded to fire him and reinforced the delusional beliefs of Trump’s conspiracy theorist extremists who believe that Hillary Clinton eats babies.

    • WTF says:

      Yes. Because that happens all the time. America (especially 2019 America) really tip toes around people of color. Can you give us an example of when that has happened? Because this isn’t one. KH is cancelled and so is JG. And they both deserve to be cancelled. Maybe not for everything forever, but certainly for now. You don’t get to make movies for kids if you joked about molesting and raping kids. You don’t get to host a show in entertainment if you make jokes about gay people. I know people are pulling back from ‘cancel culture’, but I’m okay with it.

  5. molly says:

    He DEFINITELY hired someone, which, good, I guess.
    I’m curious about the timing with the Ellen appearance. Was this scheduled after that because it didn’t go how they thought? Was this apology at her suggestion? He totally should have done statement weeks ago, but he was either too stubborn or too ignorant to see the need.

  6. smcollins says:

    Better late than never? But the fact that it took this long and after a lot of pressure to do so it just comes across as insincere and self-serving. He really wants that hosting gig, huh? I hope the Academy doesn’t offer it to him again because I think that ship has long since sailed.

  7. Square_Bologna says:

    He has a lot to protect at this time, careerwise. Not just the Oscars gig but his movie that opens this week. I hope that he’s opened his mind even a little bit along the way, even if the main motive was self-interest.

  8. Renee2 says:

    This b*tch. Now don’t get me wrong, I think that it’s good that he apologized more comprehensively but he is still one ignorant and stubborn motherf*cker. He still has a lot to learn, and he’s due to dole out additional apologies to Black women and to Native Americans.

    I think that he is limited in his capacity for empathy and compassion so I don’t really feel that he has grown in all of three days. So I’ll cut to this, why was he so reluctant to apologise in the first place?? Didn’t he understand how it was f*cking with his money and future job opportunities, ie more money??? He seems to be all about that and I think that is what ultimately made him come around, not that he had a sudden change of heart.

  9. Cay says:

    1) Why does he talk about himself in the third person?

    2) Why have I become so cynical that I think Ellen must be producing something with him and this all comes down to a money deal between KH and ED?

    3) He should have stopped after : “Kevin Hart apologizes for his remarks that hurt members of the LGBTQ community. I apologize.”

  10. Lala11_7 says:

    His own personal beliefs is that of a homophobic person…and I’m sick of hearing him…and seeing him…and GAWD help his children…if one of them are gay…

  11. Penguin says:

    I didn’t even read the post but I’m just here to say too little too late Kev. I hope every future endeavour he has fails miserably (probably won’t tho). And from the comments it’s sounds like a non-apology. Jeeez he’s out

  12. Winnie Cooper's Mom says:

    It’s evident from these quotes of his that he is bitter about having to apologize. He has major attitude here and is pissed that he can’t remain his homophobic self, he’s pissed he had to formally say something. I lost major respect for Ellen for essentially forcing his hand. If someone in his position has expressed publicly how he feels, let them feel that and deal with the ramifications. I don’t get her defense of him at all. I agree there must be something in it for her behind the scenes. Also, how desperate are the Oscars for a host who’s a POC? If that’s the case, there are plenty of more eligible individuals who meet that standard. (Idris Elba, Octavia Spencer, Viola Davis, etc… it doesn’t have to be a comedian!) The Oscars need to move on from him. He’s still seen as very problematic.

  13. Original Jenns says:

    I hate judging and picking apart a person’s apology, especially if it comes from a sincere place, but that’s what I’m doing here. What he’s saying is, if people are going to apologize, then you have to accept their apology or you’re a hypocrite for asking for equality. No one has to accept an apology, and the sooner he realizes that, is when he truly grows as a person. You don’t apologize to get your apology accepted. That’s still selfish, it’s still about you and your feeling of absolution. Apology regardless or not it’s accepted, and that is true remorse and change.

    I’m still waiting on his and his wife’s explanation of the “cowboys and Indians” birthday party – I know Kevin had nothing to do with planning that, but he defended it. That just makes me write off his wife even more than when she rewrote their romantic history and got called out by his ex-wife.

    Adding in regarding Ellen – I saw a comment somewhere in which the author stated it was not a GLBTQ person working with him, it was from one celebrity to another. Ellen spoke as if she was a representative of all queer people, and that was wrong, especially since she is a white, privileged, rich celebrity.

  14. Loretta says:

    That apology is a mess.

  15. Chaine says:

    I’ll reserve my opinions of his “change” until I see whether he acts differently and sincerely supports LGBTQ causes/people in the future.

  16. lucy2 says:

    Whatever PR person helped him with the first part was on the right track, but then he messed it all up again by complaining about the very people he was supposedly apologizing too.

    “But in the fight for equality, that means that there has to be an acceptance for change.” And there is…when one shows that they WANT to change. Where exactly did he demonstrate that before this? Nowhere. All he did was cry about being bullied.

    Being called on your sh!t is NOT bullying. And crying about yourself in this situation is not expressing a desire to change and understand. I hope he is more careful with his words, and I hope he sets a better example for his kids, but I’m not believing he is at all sorry.

    • Bryn says:

      I highly doubt he’s changed either, it’s pretty evident with all the poor me crap. I’m waiting until the next time he cheats on his current wife and is caught on camera saying homophobic stuff to the next mistress. I bet it will happen. Remember all the stuff he was saying about loving his wife and would never cheat and than he was caught cheating and had to apologize. This guy is a mess and always will be

  17. Aren says:

    It angers me that we all have to accept his fake apology like it was a gift from heaven. The guy is homophobic but we should feel proud that he acknowledged it?

    I feel for the parents who have a child who identifies as anything other than hetero, things are going from bad to worse and all those children are at risk.

  18. Jenn says:

    Emma Stone’s apology for Aloha was better

  19. Tiffany says:

    No, he is cleaning up this mess because he has the film with Bryan Cranston coming out and it can potentially be prestige for him. It will take him to another level movie wise and award season in 2020, he wants that.

    He needs people to see this film. Dude as far as I can tell has never had a flop and this movie cannot be the one that does.

  20. Ellis says:

    This little mishegoss will make a nice opening (running maybe?) self-deprecating joke to open the Academy Awards with. If they “take him back” after this palaver that is not a comprehensive apology.