Alex Rodriguez spends big money on Kate Hudson & son Ryder

Kate Hudson watches Alex Rodriguez at the New York Yankees game on 3rd July
Sometimes, when I’m reading a story about a celebrity couple that spends a lot of money on each other, buying each other extremely lavish gifts, I think to myself “Soulless consumerism meets celebrity oligarchy, end times are near.” Other times, I really enjoy hearing about the gifts. It really depends on the couple. With a couple like Posh and Becks, or even Oprah, I tend to roll my eyes. When it’s someone like Denzel Washington, I go “aw… sweet.”

So imagine my surprise when I read this In Touch report on how Alex Rodriguez is dropping major cash on Kate Hudson and her son – I didn’t roll my eyes. I actually found it a little sweet. A-Rod apparently treats Kate like a queen, buying her lavish gifts and letting her use his plane whenever she wants. He also gets gifts for her son Ryder. Now, I don’t think Kate and Alex are going to last or anything, and yes, she’s probably screwing up her son by letting him get attached to these guys, but I still like this story. Mainly because I don’t think Kate is very materialistic (she really does seem like a hippie), so it must be nice for her to experience a guy who actually wants to spoil her a little:

They’ve only been dating for a few months, but Alex Rodriguez is already spoiling Kate Hudson. According to an insider, Alex recently bought her an 18-karat gold Cartier Roadster watch, and gave her unlimited access to his private jet.

A-Rod has also been lavishing gifts on Kate’s son, Ryder – in addition to a VIP tour of Yankee Stadium, he got the 5-year-old a mini-motorized bike.

The two were even seen shopping up a storm together at Barneys in LA on July 12.

“Kate’s never had a guy spend so much money on her so soon,” her pal explains. “She’s very impressed with Alex’s generosity. But she also thinks he is a very nice guy. She is really falling for him.”

[From In Touch, print edition, July 27 2009]

Is Kate falling for Alex? They’ve been dating for a couple of months now, so I guess they’re still in the heat of it. When the heat dies, that’s when the problems start, especially for Kate. Star Magazine has a semi-interesting take on the whole A-Rod/Hudson situation – it’s an interview with a woman A-Rod had an affair with back in 2004:

Alex Rodriguez’s former lover tells Star that Kate Hudson should enjoy her fling with the baseball stud — while it lasts!

“Kate is setting herself up for disaster if she is taking Alex seriously!” fitness expert Alicia Marie, who says she was secretly seeing Alex behind his ex-wife Cynthia’s back for four years, tells Star in an exclusive interview.

Alicia began seeing Alex in 2004 after meeting him at the NYC restaurant Tao. “When I was with him, he never said anything about his wife,” Alicia tells Star. “I figure he had some kind of arrangement, since he was still married.”

Alex and Cynthia’s divorce was finalized in January — but Alicia says Kate can forget about becoming the next Mrs. A-Rod. “If they’re together, they must have something in common. But I hope she’s just having fun with him, because he’s the type of guy who will break your heart!”

[From Star]

Okay, so this woman that the then-married A-Rod had an affair with back in 2004 is getting her name in the tabloids by giving Kate Hudson a “warning”. Interesting. I’ll buy that A-Rod is a douchey cheater, but I kind of think he’s a romantic too. I’m judging him from the whole Madonna incident, when it seemed like he was way more into Madonna than she was to him. I think it’s perfectly possible Alex has real feelings for Kate. And one thing to keep in mind: Kate is as much of a heartbreaker as Alex, if not more so.

Kate Hudson watches Alex Rodriguez at the New York Yankees game on 3rd July

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  1. truth says:

    it’s not going to last. as a single mother kate should not bring her child around every man she fancys.

  2. gg says:

    I agree – meanwhile get thee to a salon and fix thine strawlike, poorly-dyed hair!

  3. Jane says:

    Astroligically speaking, they are a match made in heaven, she is an Aries he is a Leo, this can be soul mate kind of material. I’m betting this one will last a long time, not forever, but definitely is serious. I’m a witness to these two signs being in it for the long haul, just wait and see.

  4. anonymous says:

    Kate likes excitement, likes to have fun, loves sports, and drops guys at the slightest hint of boredom. I think this will last because he does offer the kind of fun and challenge that she seems to thrive on. I agree also that i don’t think he is quite as douchey as the press makes him out to be.

  5. GimmeABreak says:

    Why is it when celebs starting dating star athletes, they immediately starting going to their games and sitting on the front row?

    They are such attention whores.

  6. radiobleep says:

    Ha! Not materialistic? I have a friend who did security for the Black Crows for years. He said Kate spends money like it’s water. It was supposedly an issue in she and Chris’ marriage.

  7. Wench. says:

    Urgh, this is all kinds of wrong towards her son.

    If she wants to be in a relationship, albeit a fling, then I don’t think people can chastise her decision. She should just keep her son away from the situation until it’s stable and lasting.

  8. Green Is Good says:

    She’s looking all kinds of hag-like.

  9. Katharine Jaynes says:

    Not to be completely shallow, but Kate has really been looking beat up this summer… maybe she’s going through something, but she has not been looking good.

    On one hand it seems like the constantly changing male figures in her sons life could be traumatizing, but on the other hand, Ryder’s dad is a constant in his life. He may not realize his mom is having romantic relationships with all these men, and could just identify them as “Mommy’s friends.” Also Goldie and Kurt Russell have had an open relationship, and were both very liberal and unconventional in their upbringing of Kate, so I tend to think she just goes with the flow and isn’t planning out these relationships.

    On the whole she seems like an active and present mother, and I’m sure she adores her son.

    For his part, A-Rod is not exactly father of the year.

  10. dee says:

    she’s a BIG whore…….

  11. Gistine says:

    I think she is under ordinary looking. No features, just blah. That mousy hair isn’t doing anything for her either.

  12. Karrie says:

    Unbeilevable–I REALLY don’t get the HATE directed at this woman. She seems like a nice person who has bad taste in men. She’s not a fameho pushing herself into the tabloids w/interviews, magazine covers, or parading around on the red carpet unless she has a movie out. Calling someone a whore because they date around is sickeningly MISOGYNISTIC. And, she didn’t do her hair for watching a baseball game? What a crime! Let’s stone her. You people are seriously twisted and are obviously taking out all your issues onto someone who doesn’t deserve it.

  13. dirty martini says:

    I am totally wondering about that cone like strapless bra under the Tshirt…..couldn’t she find something a bit more, ahem, natural ????

  14. BlueSkies says:

    Nobody wears a watch today with time available on devices we all carry.

  15. paranel says:

    Although I was never a fan of Alex ( especially after seeing him dating Madonna of all people ) ,I must say generosity is such an attractive trait in a man.

  16. Sarah says:

    People, when actors (including Kate Hudson) look bad or change their hair, it’s not always a personal decision or because they are going through something. It’s often for a role. So, that said, Kate’s hair is reportedly brown and mousy this summer for a role.

  17. toby says:

    alex rodreguez buys all his skanks jewellery, from strippers to madam kristin who has a huge collection, rodreguez should pay those girls its the least he could do for all their troubles, hudsons son gettin alot out of it, all the toys & plane ride. good on you arod.

  18. Linny Warren says:

    Nice for Kate and her son Ryder, but what about his own kids who just had their home broken up and now he buys gifts for his girlfriends child. Not to mention the woman he left behind who
    cares for his 2 biological children.
    Are they getting Gifts too? Hope so!!

  19. timmbo says:

    arod is rich but his two daughters are always so poorly dressed even his poor exwife looks like she needs a makeover & some nice clothes, its obviously that a-hole has them all on a budget. spends millions on a skank & her kid.

  20. belinda says:

    arod dude really needs to spend some serious douch on his own kids, buy them some decent clothes,gives a rolemodel image of wholesome good guy to the public but hes a cheap & lousy father.