After 150lb weight loss, Ruby Gettinger says friends have tried to sabotage her

A slimmed-down Ruby exercises on Santa Monica Pier, CA
Savannah, Georgia native Ruby Gettinger is the star of the reality show “Ruby” on the Style Network, now in its second season. Ruby has struggled with her weight all her life, and weighed as much as 715 pounds 10 years ago. She’s is now under 350 pounds, having lost 150 pounds through diet and exercise since the start of her show a year ago. A friendly, open person with a strong network of friends and family, Ruby easily wins people over with her kind personality. Not everyone is rooting for Ruby’s success, however. The 5’9″ redhead said that friends have told her she’s lost enough weight and that one even stooped low enough to send her a box of candy as a present:

Talk about frenemies. Now that reality TV star Ruby Gettinger is less than 350 pounds (from her highest weight of 716), some so-called friends have told her she doesn’t need to lose any more weight.

“I’ve had friends say, `You look good right now. You need to stop losing weight now.’ I don’t get it. It’s almost like misery loves company,” said the Savannah, Ga., native in a recent interview.

In fact, Gettinger says she’s had people send her a basket full of sweets from a candy shop, knowing she’s on a diet.

Gettinger stars in her own show on the Style Network (8 p.m. EDT Sundays) as she struggles to get healthy.

When “Ruby” – now in its second season – began filming last year she weighed 500 pounds. She’s now lost 80 inches overall and 30 inches from her waist which Gettinger jokes is a whole person.

She can walk two miles now and craves healthy foods like fish and vegetables.

Gettinger says her goal is to be healthy and not to get to a particular weight.

[From The AP via Huffington Post]

I was first introduced to Ruby last November, when I covered an interview she had with In Touch. I was moved by her struggle, and by how honest she came across. She said at the time that her goals were to do things that average-size people take for granted, like take a bubble bath, ride a bicycle, and paint her toenails. She’s since been able to experience things that were impossible for her before, like riding a bike and going camping.

Ruby is on an amazing journey and she doesn’t let detractors get in her way. She told MSN in an interview last year that she tries to surround herself with positive people and not let negativity get her down. “I don’t let negative attitudes and meanness from other people keep me from living my life… I am a girl who loves life and loves people, and I find that in this life there are more good people than bad, and that is who I choose to surround myself with. I want us all to get healthier, but also to live life to the fullest along the way.”

Ruby hosts what she calls “women’s fat night,” an informal support group that she started with her group of friends. In a clip available on her website, below, you can see that some of her friends are heavy too. Some may be envious that she’s in the spotlight and is changing her life with help from a team of experts. They have a lot of fun together, though, and from the clips I’ve seen of her show it’s hard to tell that there’s any animosity there. It’s sad that this happens between friends, and I’ve had my feelings hurt in similar situations. Sometimes people just can’t accept it when you’re different from what they’ve come to expect.

You can learn more about Ruby and see segments from her show on her website. “Ruby” airs on the Style Network on Sundays at 8pm.

Video: Ruby hosts “women’s fat night” where they talk about going to the gynecologist.

Video: Ruby on motivation and inspiring others

Header image from 7/11/09 in which Ruby exercises with fans on the Santa Monica Pier. Credit: Splash News. Photos below are of Ruby at the 34th Annual AWRT Gracie Awards Gala on 6/3/09. She is shown with Niecy Nash, Kathy Griffin, Suze Orman and Rachel Ray. Credit: PRPhotos (group photo) and (single head shot).

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29 Responses to “After 150lb weight loss, Ruby Gettinger says friends have tried to sabotage her”

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  1. barneslr says:

    Any so-called “friend” who would want to sabotage her success is a jerk and a loser and should be cut off completely. Quite frankly, I’d never speak to that person again.

    Friends support you in reaching your goals, especially ones that are so important to your health. I suspect this “friend” is probably also fat and is afraid that if Ruby loses her weight, she’ll have to face her own inadequacies.

  2. GimmeABreak says:

    She’s spent her whole life getting people to feel sorry for her and depending on others. One episode of that stupid show will prove that. She’s a whiner.

    And the fact that she doesn’t have a weight goal and just “wants to be healthy” is sabotaging her own self. You HAVE to have a goal. Otherwise you’ll never make it. You’re just floating out there. She’s clueless.

  3. bros says:

    gimmeabreak, I agree. I think most people that get to 715 pounds play the victim very well, and its an addiction that is almost as hard to beat as the food addiction.

  4. Wow says:

    Frenemies, indeed. There are those out there (I guess her so called friends) who probably WANT her to stay an unhealthy weight. Perhaps some of them are overweight as well and feel threatened that she is able to lose some of her weight and therefore they try to sabotage her. Sad really, but there are those who get jealous when their friend start to lose weight and they haven’t.

  5. Nebraska says:

    These kind of “friends” are energy vampires.

  6. gg says:

    Maybe she has some psychological work yet to do, but when “friends” turn on you, they deserve to be busted on your TV show. lol

  7. Giz says:

    Why does this woman have a show and why does anybody care? I’m not hating this woman, I’d have to know her in order to.

    I’m just perplexed by all these the so-called “realty” show “stars” who are over-exposed, talentless and have absolutely nothing to contribute to civilization with the exception of assisting in its continued decay.

    And of course, there is always some sort of redeeming factors in watching and hearing people make total asses of themselves in front of camera. Damned if I know what they are.

  8. whatever says:

    There are some so called friends that are like that. Whether it is weight loss, getting a good job or career, being happy or just improving your life, some people do not want any one else around them that could be better off than them. Every person has someone in their life like that and it is up to that person to decide when enough is enough.

  9. rbsesq says:

    Gimmeabreak and Bros, I’ve never watched the show, so I don’t know anything about Ruby. However, I applaud her choice to have a “weight goal.” Being healthy IS a goal. And it’s not defined by a number.

  10. Fiestarter says:

    All this woman does is whine and complain. Look, I admire anyone who can shed massive amounts of weight, but let’s be real, she isn’t that special.

  11. raven says:

    Someone who has lost over 400 pounds is not clueless. And this reality show has to be better than some involving empty-headed, fake-boobed, materialistic types. This woman has made great strides in improving her life and could be a model for people who wanted to improve themselves in a variety of areas.

  12. Lem says:

    Best of luck to Ruby. She has a whole team behind her. Yes her friends do try to sabatoge her and she tries to sabatoge herself. It’s what people do. Is it supportive? In general her friends seem very supportive. But they of course eat pizza and pinks. They’ve eaten together for decades, it’s how they’ve communicated.
    A. They can’t be expected to eat only healthy, just because she is. She can’t expect there never to be temptation. That’s part of breaking the cycle.
    B. yes she’s whiny and it’s all about her, she’s a southern woman. She’s doing it and good for her.

  13. sdfsd says:

    whatever- i dont see why anyone would want to sabotage their friend. But this show looks really cute, im looking forward to seeing her healthy! How much do you want to bet shes going to suddenly burst into superstardom at the end of a season in a few years where shes finally healthy? She’ll prob get asked to be on lots of magazine covers. Can u imagine if she got tummy tucks and stuff and actually was asked to do playboy? (NOT that i think playboy is a good thing, but it would make a statement)

  14. Lyla says:

    It’s a good show, and she doesn’t come off as whiny. I’m always amazed by how her close friends seem to have no problem chowing down on pizza in front of her while she picks at a salad. I’m sure they love her but…c’mon, only she’s responsible for all the weight she gained, but as a friend you should be courteous and supportive enough of her efforts to lose it all NOT to eat things that she enjoys in front of her.
    As for those “friends” who are sending her candy? Not friends at all, that is so shitty. That’s like sending someone trying to quit smoking a gift basket filled with marlboros and a lighter.

  15. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    I think she’s a beautiful person.

  16. lucy2 says:

    Not to sound too terribly mean, but maybe her friends are sick of the whiny, babyish, helpless victim attitude she always seems to have?
    I watched a good deal of the first season of her show. Her weight loss is commendable (though with a nutrionist, doctor, trainers, and everything being paid for by the show, including all her packaged meals, I would HOPE she was getting results) and I do wish her much success in that regard. But holy cow, she was SO annoying. Super whiny, her voice became like nails on a chalk board to me. I wanted to keep watching to see how she did, but couldn’t take it, and all the manufactured drama.
    In all serious, that’s lousy of her friends, but hello, welcome to human nature. People get jealous, insecure, and petty. She needs to rise above it, talk to them honestly about their “sabotage”, and if they don’t knock it off, stay away from them.

  17. paranel says:

    Who is this woman and what does she do for a living?

  18. Fat Elvis says:

    Never seen the show, but losing 150 pounds is no small feat, so my hat goes off to her.

  19. I have watched this show and I don’t find her to be a whiner at all. I think part of the charm of this show is her joi de vivre. She is really beautiful person. I find it inspiring. It isn’t just about losing weight, it is about facing your demons and doing something about it.

  20. Terrible Heather says:

    This is the first reality show that is worth watching in my opinion. This IS a real show, a real person and a real challenge and positive goal in mind.

    Ruby is so nice I can see why she has so many friends, good friends, that care about her. I would be friends with her if I lived in Savannah.

    Say what you want, I have lost 30 pounds since last year with 15 more to go and it is not easy, by any regard – it’s remapping your day, your thoughts, your habits, preparing, will power, being empty or hungry, finding other ways to comfort yourself, overcoming well meaning sabotagers (and the very people who think you should loose weight will offer at their approval some fattening treat to ease their own guilt, or be superior so I understand this article.

    I think the courage this woman takes to expose herself so intimately is fantastic.

    She is inspiring me to be nicer, more appreciative and to get healthy. She’s going to do it too, watch everyone! I hope she gets a talk show when she succeeds too!

  21. Aspie says:

    Great job for Ruby! She is so sweet and seems like such a nice and genuine person.

    But of luck to her continued weight loss successes!

  22. Beatrix says:

    I’ve grown to be a fan of Ruby and her show; I think she is very brave and a great inspiration to people that struggle with their weight. I haven’t found her whiny at all. She is fighting an uphill battle, all the time with a smile on her face. I think that is, by definition, the opposite of a whiner. I was kind of shocked at first to see how hateful some of the comments on here were, but I suspect the people that wrote them are desperately in need of attention. I hope they get what they need soon, so they can start moving forward. Good luck!!!

  23. Tammie says:

    I am amazed at all of the negative comments!! Some who claim to have never seen the show, so how the hell can you claim that Ruby is whiny?? This is definately reality & I think she is very brave to share her weight loss journey with viewers! Hell, I won’t even weigh in front of my husband of 22 yrs. Anyone who has ever lost any significant amount of weight, or seriously tried, should be proud of Ruby – I know I am!!!

  24. Dorie says:

    I’m a big woman struggling to get healthy, and I can’t stand this show.

    Ruby has everthing paid for her. Trainers, food, support, etc, I’m sure she’s getting paid for the show.
    Losing weight is a struggle and no fun,yet she is whiner. Her voice drives me crazy.
    Oh, and Ruby, the word is EX-CIT-ED not CITED. Or however you try to blur it for the week. Ex-cit-ed.

  25. Val J says:

    Hi. I’m a Ruby fan and enjoyed this weeks show! She was real and got to the accountability part of weight loss success and self-sabotage. As an addict, I can relate to and would like to communicate with Ruby and encourage her on her journey. I’m going on my own weight loss journey again, hopefully for the last time and I’d love to be and receive support and tips on this struggle. We are not lazy, stupid people. We have a disease and it is a serious problem so for people who want to criticize, just go some place else to do it. How can I email you Ruby? sincerely, lol

  26. Danielle says:

    I think Ruby has done an AMAZING job and has come so far from where she was! She has so many fans rooting for her to do well and those people who try to sabotage her aren’t her friends…friends don’t do that. She is a true southern girl….kinda whiny…some of her words aren’t always pronounced correctly but maybe that’s just her?! Well, yeah it definitely is lol…..HACKY? Just say happy! LOL
    and there’s many more but she is one fun loving chick! Best of luck always Ms. Ruby!

  27. jennifer says:

    Dorie, thank you for clarifying the word “excited.” It drives me nuts how she says it and it seems like she says it about most everything. I hope she continues to lose weight, but I agree that it is difficult to watch the show sometimes because of the whiny voice and ‘poor me’ attitude. I do, however, watch it because I like to see how she is doing and I want to lose weight myself so that makes the show interesting to me.

  28. Am i allowed to make a recommendation? I think that youve got a little something decent in this article. But let’s suppose you included a couple of links to a web page that backs up precisely what you are telling? Or possibly you might give us something to take a look at, a specific thing that would connect what you’re expressing to something concrete? Just a bit of advice.

  29. Julia says:

    I am so proud of what she has done!!!! I have a Aunt that was close to Rubys weight and got the lap band. She weighed 170 after two years. Now three years later she has gained it back! Ruby is getting off her butt working out and learning how to eat again. I am sure she did this to show people you can do it on your own without cheating and getting surgery! KEEP GOING RUBY your doing good!!!