Britney Spears charged with hit and run and driving without a license

Britney Spears has been formally charged for the August 6th fender bender she caused in a parking lot. Multiple paparazzi filmed and photographed the incident, in which Britney rammed her car into the side of a parked Mercedes station wagon. She got out afterwards and looked at her own car to assess the damage, but didn’t think twice about the other person’s car or look at it and she definitely didn’t leave a note. Here’s the video of the hit and run if you didn’t see it the first time.

The woman whose car that was even told the press that she was never contacted by Britney or her people. Now, at the worst time for Britney, although pretty much any time in the last 6-8 months could have been considered the worst time for her, she’s being charged with a hit and run causing property damanage for that fender bender. No one was hurt or anything, but she was incredibly careless and self-centered, and as JayBird wrote at the time she should have realized she wouldn’t get away with it.

Well, she didn’t, and she also didn’t get away with driving without a license on top of that. She doesn’t have a license to drive in the state of California, where she’s lived for years. It is unknown if she has a license in Louisiana, but if she did have one at some point it’s surely expired by now.

Both the hit and run and driving without a license charges are misdemeanors, and she could get up to six months in jail for each. It’s doubtful she’ll see the inside of a prison no matter how much we’re praying for it, though.

Spears was seen in tears entering her latest lawyer’s office Friday afternoon after she learned of the charges. She will be arraigned on October 10th.

Britney may as well just order up a few pitchers of frozen margaritas, pop a couple Xanax (thanks Diva) and settle in. She’s got a lot of things weighing on her and probably just wants to be comfortable and oblivious in that giant hole she’s dug for herself. There’s a rumor that she’s being urged to go back to rehab, but given her attitude about the last time she was in I doubt that’s going to happen.

Thanks to INFDaily for the header image and FlyNet Online for the video.

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