Stephen Colbert has known Amy Sedaris since 1988, they were so broke they shared food

Amy Sedaris stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote season two of At Home with Amy Sedaris. Amy, Stephen and one of The Late Show producers, Paul Dinello, have known each other over three decades, since their Second City touring days. Stephen said at one point that all spoke once a day for at least 15 years. Amy is godmother to Paul’s two sons and they have all appeared on each other’s shows. Amy and Stephen shed a little more light on why they remained such close friends throughout the years: their lives depended on it:

SC: You and Paul and I were just fast friends, and we never had any money because Second City did not pay anything, to purposely “keep you hungry.” We’d physically be hungry. We wouldn’t be paid for two weeks after being on the road for four weeks, and you and (points to Paul) Goofy had, like, coins in your pockets and I was the rich guy with three singles. I remember you snatching it out of my hands.

AS: I made chicken, rice and side salad all for under six dollars. I can still do that today.

SC: But I remember going to your house to eat it and, if I’m not mistaken, spending the night on your couch so I could eat some of it the next day. When people ask me how you get by in show business, I say find someone like Paul and Amy because we kept each other alive, like, literally fed each other

AS: Yeah. But I think I already had the rice

The fact that Amy felt the need to clarify that she already had the rice is the most Amy part of this interview. Like, Stephen is making this huge testament to their friendship and how they pulled each other through the lean times and Amy’s contribution is, “I had the rice so I can’t really count that in the six bucks.” However, she does say right after that that it’s good to have those kinds of staples in your larder and I cannot agree more. My roommate and I would buy one of those five-pound bags of rice and a flat of Top Ramen at Costco at the start of every college semester. We relied heavily on them in between paychecks. These are the kinds of broke actor stories I prefer to the ‘I was down to my last $10 when I got cast in my big break’ stories. Not to take anything away from those who tell the latter, but I think a network of friends supporting each other until fame hits is a more accurate portrayal.

I watched the first episode of season two of AHwAS. I remember why I like the show, it’s all the little asides and dumb jokes scattered throughout. It’s not a side-splitting humor but it’s well done satire – true satire that goes dark in its comedy. In the clip with Colbert, Amy described it as “It’s like Martha Stewart being attacked by wild turkey, with blood” and I think that’s probably the best tag line for the show.

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  1. Jb says:

    Strangers with candy made me laugh so hard yet I was the only person I knew who watched it. My love for David and Amy sedaris is great!

  2. Esmom says:

    Love the vintage photos of them. This kind of friendship is exactly what I wish for my sons as they begin their young adulthood. People you can always count on, and also make you laugh.

  3. Khl says:

    Love these two, love their stories, and love these old photos!

  4. tealily says:

    The first I heard of any of them was Exit 57 on Comedy Central. I love that they’ve all gone on to big things!

  5. Mle428 says:

    I am 100% here for any and all Amy Sedaris posts. Love her!!

  6. Nancypants says:

    Thanks for the tip about her show!
    I’ve been watching and I LOVE these people.
    I’ve been crushin’ on Colbert for years. Side: South Carolinian and some really sad losses in childhood.

    I’m in good shape these days and have been for years but there were lean times and, yeah, it took work and I just recently told my youngest, “You know, if money is ever tight, you can go to King Soopers (Kroger, etc.) at about 8:00 p.m. and just before they close the deli and get a delicious rotisserie chicken for $1.50 ( marked way down to get rid of it) and fresh, baked everyday, at 5:00 p.m. – free French bread from the bakery.”
    As if she’ll ever need that but you never know.
    I just like that she knows.

    I’m a bit of a survivalist.
    My grandparents lived off the grid long before anyone heard that expression and I have what I call my zombie apocalypse stash and all but I always have enough stuff in the pantry and freezer to throw together a big, delicious feed for a crowd.

    These are good lessons to teach our kids because you never know.
    Things happen.

  7. elimaeby says:

    I worked for Second City and I understand the “starving artist” part of it. We definitely do take care of each other because of it. If any of my SC brethren called me and needed anything (food, child care, a ride to a show) I’d be there 100%. It does breed a very familial base with your cohorts.

  8. Lithe says:

    I’ve been crushing on Amy Sedaris for such a long time! She is this warm, smart, zany, ball of energy, utterly hilarious, and has impeccable timing. Love how she skillfully snuck the funny in by saying she had already eaten the rice. 🙂

  9. paddyjr says:

    I loved them on “Strangers With Candy” and am glad they have had so much success! I will watch pretty much anything with Amy Sedaris, she is just so funny!

  10. Oliviajoy1995 says:

    Strangers With Candy is still one of my all time favorite shows. It was so so bad it was good. I always forget Stephen was on it.

  11. adastraperaspera says:

    Love her!! The new show is hilarious.