Samaire Armstrong thinks she could kick Rachel Bilson’s ass

side by side pictures of samarie armstrong and Rachel bilson. Armstrong's caption reads: I could kick your ass. Bilson's caption reads: Please, you're so nasty. Bring it on, bitch
Samaire Armstrong is set to return to the O.C. this season as Anna. Her character will provide a much-needed challenge for bickering on-screen and real life couple, Summer and Seth.

In a recent interview with gaming site IGN, Armstrong revealed that she thinks she’s tougher than Bilson:

GN: You better not smile too much or Rachel’s gonna kick your butt.

Armstrong: I don’t know if she can. [Laughs]

IGN: Wow!

Armstrong: I’m serious. Come on. I really don’t think Rachel Bilson could kick my ass. She’s too sweet.

Now that’s a fight we would pay money to see.

The Nylon Magazine Guys Spring 2006 launch party was held last night at the Roosevelt Hotel. Guests included cover boy Adam Brody, his girlfriend Rachel Bilson, and singer Avril Lavigne.

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