Kate Hudson overheard calling Alex Rodriguez her boyfriend

Kate Hudson tends to dive head-first into her relationships. She can also jump in and out of them pretty quickly, but it seems like she definitely puts her heart into them and doesn’t hold back. Though it’s obvious she and Alex Rodriguez have been dating for some time, neither of them have ever officially acknowledged the relationship – until now. According to Life & Style (and it is Life & Style, so grain of salt and all that), Kate called A-Rod her boyfriend at a dinner with friends – multiple times. Which was also funny because he was right there.

In case there was any doubt, Kate Hudson is making it clear that she and Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez are officially an item, Life & Style has learned. On July 19, the couple dined with friends at seafood haven Lure in New York City, and Kate revealed to the table that Madonna’s ex is now her boyfriend.

“Kate kept saying things like, ‘My boyfriend this, my boyfriend that,’ when referring to Alex,” an insider tells Life & Style. “She was talking about him even though he was right there. I think the people they were with are Alex’s friends, because Alex and the others were already there when Kate showed up around 10:30 p.m. A-Rod and his guests had gotten there closer to 9:45.”

The couple have been dating for about two months. In June, Kate was seen at a New York Yankees home game rooting for Alex, and earlier this month, the duo were spotted dining together in New York. Soon after, they spent time with Kate’s 5-year-old son, Ryder, at The Resort at Pelican Hill in Newport Beach, Calif.

“They were really cute and cuddly together,” adds the insider. “You can tell Kate really likes him. They were whispering to one another, just acting like lovers!”

[From Life & Style Weekly]

That’s actually really cute. All of Kate’s relationships make me sort of nervous for her, because you can sense they can easily implode. It doesn’t seem like she ever has bad intentions or is purposely reckless with other people’s hearts. But it seems like few of them ever last longer than three or four months. On Friday Kaiser wrote that Alex treats Kate like a queen – and he’s spoiling her son Ryder too. It’s sweet that he cares enough to try to have a good relationship with her son, and it sounds like they’re still very much in the lovey-dovey phase. Kate’s obviously very happy, and hopefully that’ll last.

Kate Hudson and her five-year-old son, Ryder, are shown below outside a Lakers game in LA on 5/17/09. Credit: Fame. Header photo thanks to Agent Bedhead.

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  1. QB says:

    Good for her but is not good for a kid to meet all of his mothers Boyfriend.

  2. Ron says:

    What male celeb under 50 hasn’t been Kate’s “boyfriend” at one point or another?

  3. lrm says:

    oh god-she has serious father issues….or she’s conflicted. or both. she’s so overated,and was virtually shoved in our phases as the ‘next generation’ of actresses up and coming…as a hollywood heir,no less. nepotism is alive and well.

    seriously,several years back,suddenly she was everything,and it literally was as though their was a ‘campaign’ to ‘make her an actress’,or rather,to make her a celebrity to the public.
    Noone questioned it,and voila,we have this person famous for mediocre acting and being the daughter of actors.
    oh,and those mediocre roles came from her overexposure and being forced to see her as an actress.

    she’s so lame to me. and immature. i really dont care who she dates,but she sure needs to realize that she is following a pattern here….

  4. anonymous says:

    It’s very important for a kid to meet their parents gf or bf. If the kid doesn’t like that person, the relationship isn’t going to work out very well in the end. You have to see how the person is with your kid as well. If all parties like each other and get along well, the relationship can go forward from there.

  5. Obvious says:

    I really hope Ryder grows into his looks during his teenage years. I means he’s cute, but Not that cute. that being said, Kate needs to take a year off from dating and provide a stable life for her son. Letting her son get attached to all these men that keep flitting out of her life cannot be good for that child.
    Talk about abandonment issues

  6. Ash says:

    I just hope all those steroids didn’t bulk up his STDs too.

  7. maritza says:

    They make a cute couple, I hope it lasts.

  8. DD says:

    What makes me nervous about Kate’s latest romance, is that he’s Madge’s seconds.

  9. TinaWithPom says:

    Ryder looks similar to Sarah Jessica Parker’s son.

  10. phoebjuo says:

    Kate get that kid a haircut. nd get rid of that loser ARod. He is a great ballplayer but a real jerk.

  11. adajane says:

    She sleeps with everyone, and A Rod is a male whore. Her kid desperately needs a haircut and a stable mom.

  12. margaret says:

    she is a very pretty girl ..but she’s butt crazy ,,she gives it away like a bad cold,, and her son later in life may or may not have any respect for women,,hell his mom is all over ,,,my opinion,,right or wrong ,,,can’t wait to see who’s in the wings? new or old ???

  13. Christine says:

    Kate, honey, get Ryder’s hair cut! He looks like an ugly little girl….

  14. pooh says:

    Are some of you really commenting on a child’s looks?! Get over yourselves! I’d hate to see what you looked like as children, probably butt-ugly if what you’re showing of your personalities is any indication.

    As for Kate, I agree that she’s overrated and she needs to slow down on how many different men she exposes her son to in a month. She needs to take her time getting to know the guys she dates before introducing them to her son. I wonder what his father thinks of his son’s emotional welfare.

  15. Jason Schnur says:

    Why attack the kid?!!! Have some propriety. Leave the poor kid alone!

  16. Marika Saliba says:

    It’s sad when comments are made against an innocent child. Ryder is a cute child
    who very much looks like both his mother and father. Kate being the offspring of
    a famous mother still had to prove herself
    as an actress. It’s obvious since her divorce, she is all over the place. Let’s hope she finds what she is looking for. I will say, that A Rod isn’t it!

  17. Rani says:

    I think Ryder needs a haircut. I think Kate Hudson isn’t the best actress. But she isn’t bad either. As far as A Rod he’s a total idiot. But he is good-looking.

  18. marcus says:

    kate you better watch out for your stalker neil bergman aka nikki, hes going to be jealous of a rod. He will probably steal both of your undies this time

  19. Amy says:

    Ryder is adorable and Kate is a very good actress BUT… isn’t that a wedding band on Alex’s left ring finger???

  20. LizDee says:

    She must have some excellent publicist.
    She’s always in the news making it appear that she’s an A Lister, which she’s not.
    Her best outing was NINE YEARS ago when she won the Golden Globe, and was later Oscar nominated for “Almost Famous”.
    Every movie that she has done over nearly the last decade since then has not been successful.
    Like I said she needs to give her publicist a raise, HE or SHE is what is keeping her name and pic in the news, not who she is dating.

  21. Angel says:

    Oh please wish them well.

  22. serendipity909 says:

    My goodness, everyone seems to have quite an opinion, and some quite unnecessary at that. If there are so many of you that don’t even like her, and “really don’t care” who she sleeps with, then why are you wasting precious time out of your own day, focusing on the person you don’t like, all to post that you don’t like her? She isn’t asking for your approval, nor your applaud or opinion as to whom she can and cannot date. And yes, I do like her as an actor, so my time typing this is because I enjoy her movies and find her funny. Oh, and leave her kid alone, that is just bad karma. All of you need to go get a life, because apparently the fact that she has one is bothering you……

  23. Abraxus says:

    I like Kate, but she really should stay away from the bad boys – I speak from experience, they seem like fun etc at first, but it goes south really quickly. I finally found a good guy, one of those so-called “nice” guys – he figured I would never want to be with him, but after a week I thought wow, this is the one, he treats me wonderfully, he is committed and stable too – sometimes you have to look beyond the obvious to find the best man, and Kate keeps picking guys who have already cheated – not a good choice!

  24. I think she is soooo unattractive and sooo flat chested and a female whore and he is a male whore. So they will get along just fine. Really, get the poor little boy’s hair cut. Where is your mom, Goldie.

  25. anthony mor says:

    I agree. She is ugly. Nice bod, but no boobs. Kid is ugly too. each will screw anybody.

  26. Jan KC says:

    I guess A-Rod isn’t a boob man

  27. Katrina says:

    Oh Kate…
    I’d go get an STD test if i were you… if hes been with the “Big M” theres no telling what he might have.

  28. Stephanie says:

    I like Kate Hudson, mostly because I’m a longtime fan of her mother Goldie Hawn but Kate does get around a little too frequently for someone with a small kid. I, too, think A-Rod is a jerk plus you couldn’t pay me to take Madonna’s hand-me-downs. Talk about cooties. Plus it’s just gross the way the celebrities are swapping partners all the time. On a personal note, after reading all these comments I just can’t believe how many people mis-spell the simplest words. That’s public school for you.

  29. gracie says:

    Ryder is a cutie, I do not understand those who attack a little five year old child, a new low in this messed up culture!

    Kate is a good actress her Mom Goldie is an American treasure. I am sure Kate agrees. Her Dad Mr. Hudson was not like her Mom, who loved and cared for her. I pray one day Kate will heal from the pain her father left on her. She does give thanks for Kurt Russell who with Goldie reared her and whom Kate considers every bit her Dad!

  30. justathought says:

    kate Hudson is very pretty when they put makeup on her otherwise “eh its a no go! Her son looks silly with that hair on him and I’m not old believe me I love boys with long hair its just it looks stringy and not right on that little guy! She has been had by so many who can keep count of whos been with who in hollywood. A~rod~ Maddonas ex~ oh gee amother that has been with so many! Guess the hollywood boys like to merge at the same water hole all the time heehee!!!!!

  31. boob says:

    Alot of stupid Boob comments here! Obviously boobs are not what are attracting all her famous Lovers!Fat people have bigger ones and shes very thin. I think she looks great! Some fold are just jealous of her looks! DUH!!!!!!!!

  32. Linda says:

    why the heck doesn’t she cut that kids hair instead of letting him run around looking like a homeless person?

  33. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    She is deffo a tramp and he seems to be all over anything that stops still long enough. They seems perfectly well suited.

  34. Leave Ryder alone. He is a cute kid. Does need a haircut. Being that cute makes him look like a girl. He is a child of God’s and loved beyond measure.

  35. lucy says:

    How can you people judge anyone if you haven’t walked in their shoes.Why does she have to be a slut because she dates what you say are alot of people. She’s a single person looking for what we all want, someone to love and be loved by.As for attacking her litle boy, the terrible things some of you said about this 5 yr old, he’s just a babe! You can’t comment on her parenting skills, you have no idea what she has explained to that child. Let them be happy or at least let them have a shot at it.

  36. anon says:

    She is homely and should never wear the hair back or cut it short. Her mouth is thin and weird. Odd flat nose. Small eyes.

    She sleeps with everything seriously.

  37. Ricky D says:

    Poor thing, such low self esteem, goes from man to man to man… can’t hold on to one, but must be seen on the arm of one. So pathetic, and a bad actress. Too bad she didn’t take after her mother in this regard. Poor A-Rod.. struck out on this loser

  38. Caz says:

    Oh so many jealous people! IMO Kate is a very good actress. As well as beautiful on and off screen. The majority of the Hollywood Elite don’t look so swell w/o make-up. And to go to the size of her chest?? Please people, be a little less shallow! A Rod is a HO,agree on that and ANYONE who hooks up with someone that has cheated once is a FOOL. They think that “they” will change him. Not gonna happen. Once a cheat, always a cheat IMO. And to be rippin on her son? He is 5 and I would bet money that she is just trying to let him make a simple decision as to how he would like his hair. Many hollywood kids (boys) are wearing their hair just as long and they are just as young. As far as Ryan meeting all of Mommies boyfriends, since when does any one of us take anything read in a tabloid as FACT? There is NO WAY for any of us to know exactly how many men she is seen out with are just FRIENDS, or BOYFRIENDS! Kate strikes me as the type of mother (considering her stable upbringing) that only has her childs best interest come first.

  39. Deborah says:

    Is A-Rod GAY??? Cuz he sure looks it in that picture! Is he a closet gay? Is all the whoring around a cover for his homosexuality? My gay-dar is going crazy here!

  40. Anoneemouse says:

    That’s because “boyfriend” is easier for Kate to say than “flavor of the month.”

  41. sunshine says:

    Kate, Come on lady , you can do sooooo much better… Need help??? Not Madonnas hand me downs

  42. Donna says:

    Being a celebrity is another word for Whore….I mean comeon, how many men has she been with, linked to and screwed, we don’t think their holding hands now do we? The list that we know of is pretty damn ong, god what a pig!

  43. Eleanne says:

    I see there is no one left in Hollywood she has not slept with… so now the East Coast.

  44. Deborah says:

    Come on…seriously…does no one want to comment on whether A-Rod is a closet homosexual? Like I said, my gay-dar is clicking off the chart here!!

  45. charlie says:

    come on…..ryder is adorable. he does need a haircut though. alex is nothing……….period.

  46. Lisa T. says:

    Who really cares who Kate Hudson dates? She has more money and time on her hands than most of the women and men in this country, at least. People should stop being so preoccupied with these movie stars and get interested in more important issues in the world!

  47. Lisa T. says:


  48. Holly says:

    Let’s see, A-Rod left his wife for b*tch Madonna, right? Now he’s with Kate? Seems to me in sports and Hollyweird it’s OK to be immoral (adultery) and then to subject your poor little kid to it….good grief.
    I don’t feel sorry for the screwed up adults but I sure to pity their children who are going to need years of therapy after watching all this garbage.

  49. Cate says:

    Can you imagine the STD’s he has by being with madonna ?? Man, this girl gets around…who hasn’t she been with ?
    She is not all that…he movies are dumb. I am glad to see him treating her kid better that his own. Cheating on his pregnant wife…NICE ! LOL

  50. Chelle says:

    Wow! I had no idea how many people commenting on Kate Hudson actually knows her and knows her so well she tells them everyone she’s intimate with! I grew up with 3 brothers, my best friends, and have always hung around thier friends. Because I had so many male friends,it was assumed I dated all of them, or so, many people who did’t know me thought. Little did they know, because I don’t make a habit of broadcasting who I choose to sleep with, that I was a virgin til I married at 22. This may be breaking news but Kate Hudson is free to date, be friends, or sleep with whoever she wants. Just about every woman I know tends to look better with some makeup on. Where is the rule you’re not allowed to be seen without it? Where is written if you don’t have big boobs you have to get big fake ones? That’s a personal decision and commenting on her son’s looks is way out of line and just plain mean. I’ve seen tons of pics of him on outings with his mother not with a nanny and he looks healthy and happy. Way to go Kate!

  51. Mary Jane says:

    Actually, Deborah, here in Seattle (very liberal, open gay community) there was ALOT of talk about A-Roid and his preferences. I don’t follow baseball but I believe he got married after he left Seattle…

  52. chelsi says:

    i dont think some of you people aren’t giving her enough credit. so what shes a celbrity…they are only human just like all of us.i know many people that are going through pretty much the same thing, but it isn’t being announced to the whole world. so what if she has dated hundreds if guys. that just means she hasnt found exactly what she wants. i think kate is just trying to find the ONE.

  53. Classy Woman says:

    Maybe Bush League AROD ought to spend some more quality time with his neglected brats?

  54. Classy Woman says:

    “i dont think some of you people aren’t giving her enough credit. so what shes a celbrity…they are only human just like all of us.i know many people that are going through pretty much the same thing, but it isn’t being announced to the whole world. so what if she has dated hundreds if guys. that just means she hasnt found exactly what she wants. i think kate is just trying to find the ONE. ”

    No, honey, she’s a cheap HOLE.
    Don’t make excuses for shallow, slutty women who spend their whole lives running after useless men.

    There’s more to life than cock, toots.

  55. Yuka says:

    I agree with Anon. Kate Hudson has an ugly, weird face which can be counterparted with KStew (yeah she also looks weird). But I don’t care with the flat boobs, BTW. 😀