Mom of OJ’s girlfriend wants you to know her daughter is not a slut

Proving that skankiness can transcend the generation gap, the mother of OJ Simpson’s creepily Nicole Brown lookalike girlfriend, Christie Prody, has resorted to informing the media that her daughter isn’t a big bag of herpes. And by that I mean she’s letting us all know that Prody is faithful in her love to the Juice. Supposedly, Prody slept with Simpson’s gardener, Janos Gonzalez, and OJ went apeshit. You know how some people just look smart? Prody isn’t one of them. But it’s a relatively small percentage of the female population that are so stupid that they’d be dumb enough to f&%# with OJ under any circumstances, especially romantic.

“The mother of O.J. Simpson’s girlfriend Christie Prody said her daughter is not the type of girl who fools around with the household help. Defending her 32-year-old daughter against reports that Simpson went ballistic when he learned that Prody supposedly had slept with his gardener, Cathy Bellmore, 54, told the Daily News, ‘No, that isn’t her. That’s not in her character. She’s never cheated on a boyfriend before.’ The gardener’s wife, Marlene Gonzalez, disagrees. She has said Simpson showed up at their Miami home on July 29, raving about how Prody and her husband, Janos Gonzalez, had had sex earlier that day. She said she gave the football great the brushoff, but when Simpson saw her husband, Simpson went into a rage and threatened to kill him. Police came to the home, but no charges were filed, she said.”

[From the Daily News]

And how exactly did OJ meet this Nicole doppleganger? Apparently Prody was in L.A. And waved to Simpson. He walked up to the car and asked for her number. This was right after the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Doesn’t that just give you goosebumps, butterflies, and heart palpitations all at once? According to Prody’s mother, Simpson is her second boyfriend. Ewww. Way to settle down with a winner.

“‘Christie was always a very shy, quiet girl. She gave me absolutely no trouble whatever,’ Bellmore said. Mom said it’s heartbreaking to see her daughter caught up in the latest Simpson melodrama. ‘She’s a great person who’s involved in a messy situation,’ said Bellmore. Asked why her daughter doesn’t split from Simpson, Bellmore said, ‘There’s reasons. I just can’t get into it.’ Asked if it was love that kept Prody tied to him, Bellmore said, ‘I don’t know what it is anymore.'”

[From the Daily News]

Boy those last two quotes really inspire confidence. Her own mother sounds like she’s slightly afraid for her daughter, but is still willing to hint that her daughter may not love Simpson. She doesn’t know what it is that keeps Prody tied to Simpson? Fear of a knife wedged into a major artery could be one.

Picture note by Celebitchy Christie Prody is shown in Vegas the night before OJ was arrested. Thanks to Splash News.

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