“Whoopi Goldberg says Neil Armstrong didn’t walk on the moon” morning links

Whoopi Goldberg

- Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t believe Neil Armstrong really walked on the moon [Agent Bedhead]
- ABC’s “Dating in the Dark” has three single men and three single women who live together in total darkness [Television.AOL.com]
- Leonardo DiCaprio Enters the ‘Twilight Zone’ – His Production Company Taps Writer for Big-Screen Adaptation [Moviefone]
- “Harry Potter” Actor Escapes Prison For Growing Pot; Gets Community Service [Radar Online]
- Topless same-sex wrestling appears to be the hot stuff with celebrities this week [Cityrag]
- Carnie Wilson Dropping Pounds After Second Baby [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
- Hayden Panettiere’s New Movie Finally Breaks $10 Million Mark! [MoeJackson]
- Fergie Lost 17 Pounds [Hollywood Rag]
- Bam Margera in possible overdose [The Blemish]
- Five Pitches for Burgeoning Sitcom Star Padma Lakshmi [Defamer]
- Russell Crowe out and about in London yesterday with his family [Evil Beet]
- A Tale of Two Desperate Housewives Brides [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
- Man and woman who met each other by searching for their own names on Facebook get engaged [Bitten and Bound]
- Is Polo Great Nacho Figueras Really A Ben Stiller Character? [Best Week Ever]

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15 Responses to ““Whoopi Goldberg says Neil Armstrong didn’t walk on the moon” morning links”

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  1. Frenchie says:

    She might have watched William Carel’s fake documentary (2002, “opération Lune” in french), fell asleep before the end, or went to get a beer at the wrong moment and missed the conclusion.

  2. fizXgirl314 says:

    *eyeroll*… what an idiot… do people still remember that lame fox bit they did a while back? i didn’t realize there were people stupid enough to believe it :/

  3. j. ferber says:

    Love Whoopie, but that’s just silly of her.

  4. Giz says:

    I remember hearing this a lot growing up. I just rolled my eyes. BTW, is Whoopi even relevant anymore? I can’t remember the last time anyone hung on to any of her babblings.

  5. Bobby the K says:


    A few years ago i read a piece by a journalist who was at nasa during one of the later moonwalks, or launches or something.

    the news people were milling around during a break and he saw someone go into their room and place some documents on the chairs. he said the guy was in a black trench coat and everything.

    these papers had some of the ‘proofs’ that the moon landing was staged.

    the journalist found out later the guy was a nasa operative and it was nasa starting the rumour.

    why? to cover up all the evidence pointing toward the existence of ufo’s and extra terrestrial life forms.

    at this point in the 70′s he said, people were noticing things in certain images and film and asking questions about stuff they had heard out of nasa.

    i don’t know if that is at all true (certainly wish i bookmarked the piece), but it’s like a conspiracy within a conspiracy.

  6. erika says:

    guess she missed the episode of mythbusters where they debunk the more popular conspiracy theories.

  7. Praise St. Angie! says:

    All Whoopi needs to do is watch the Mythbusters episode where they debunk EVERY piece of “evidence” that the conspiracy theorists have put forth.

    the flag was “rippling” because of the movement of twisting the flagpole into the moon’s “soil”. it was simply momentum that lasts longer when done in a vacuum…like the moon’s surface.

    I equate these nut jobs to the people who used to think the earth was flat.

  8. Amoosed says:

    In the clip she is merely expressing an “appreciation” of the conspiracy theory. To my great disappointment she did not say that she agreed with the idea that they did not walk on the moon…!

  9. Sunnyjyl says:

    She was expressing her opinion. She was sharing the opinion of conspiracy theorists, and their commitment to that theory given all of the evidence that there WAS a moon landing.
    This article was misleading big time.

  10. Ella says:

    If people are stupid enough to believe Scientology, Whoopi gets a free pass from me to believe the moon landing was a fluke.

  11. Hieronymus Grex says:

    So because enough people believe the same lie, that makes it sacred?

  12. HaydenPantyairs says:

    Everyone on the View is now officially certifiable.

  13. Ursula says:

    But most people outside America believe it was all staged. I mean, comeon. Anyway Americans believe Santa and the tooth fairy too.

  14. barneslr says:

    “But most people outside America believe it was all staged.”

    All that means, then, is that most people outside America are pretty stupid.

  15. judy says:

    Another mental giant heard from. Thats what happens when you hang too much with Elizbeth.