Kit Harington describes the last ‘GoT’ scene he filmed & it seems like a CLUE

'Game of Thrones' season 8 premiere

It’s only a matter of hours now until the season premiere of Game of Thrones. It’s been so long since we’ve had fresh Game of Thrones, I forgot what this feels like. Excitement tinged with dread, especially since we can feel that so many people are going to die in this final season. As I’ve watched HBO’s GoT marathon this week, I realized several things about this series. One, Richard Madden was much more attractive than I gave him credit for in my first-watch of the show. Two, I appreciated Catelyn Stark so much more on the re-watch. Three, Brienne was ALWAYS awesome. Four, they did f–ked up things with Sansa’s age and timeline. Five, Kit Harington was always a better actor than anyone gave him credit for. Really, go back and watch – I’m not saying he’s the second coming of Daniel Day Lewis or anything, but Kit was absolutely one of the better actors on the show. And all of us had a front row seat to his maturation into manhood. He no longer whines about his hunkiness. He no longer talks endlessly about his hair. No, our Kit is all grown up. Kit chatted with InStyle about the end and all of that. Some highlights:

During the first season of GoT: “Those innocent times. Those times when I wanted to be recognized. I was completely naïve. I don’t think I was prepared for anything like this. I didn’t have a beard back then, and I’ve got a bit of a baby face underneath this scruff, so I think that helped. Then they went for a completely different take. ‘Grow a beard. Look rougher. That’s what we want.’ I pushed out this scruffy thing that they had to draw on and fill in, but, weirdly, I remember it as a rite of passage. I’d never tried before, and I grew this thing, and it changed me. I felt like a man … a young man.”

Whether he knew GoT would be a cultural phenomenon: “I honestly didn’t think about that at all. Being in an HBO show was success enough for me. Until Season 5 or 6, literally that far in, I was thinking, ‘Next season, am I gonna get paid?’ That’s how I treated it. When we first got nominated for an Emmy, I didn’t know what that was. It was when I went to Comic-Con that I realized there was a cult following springing up. And soon it was more than a cult following. It’s become a bigger thing on television … Yeah, I guess I have to slightly admit that now — it is kind of one of the biggest shows ever.”

How he feels now that he’s wrapped: “You don’t feel one thing; you feel a hundred. Sadness. Elation. Excitement. Dread, definitely. But more than anything there’s just this flickering light at the end of the tunnel. Once it’s aired and done, I think I’ll just have this great sense that something’s been lifted off my shoulders. I’ve underestimated how much pressure has gone with the show for 10 years.”

His final day on set: “I think I got my final day changed about 18 times, to the point where I didn’t know when it was. I was like, ‘Just don’t tell me.’ Then it came, and I had that final scene, which was very average. I was just walking somewhere with Liam [Cunningham, who plays Davos Seaworth] and Jacob [Anderson, who plays Grey Worm]. It couldn’t have been more of a wet fart of a scene. But I completely broke down after it. I’d seen Peter Dinklage do his last scene earlier in the day, and he broke down. I’d been at other people’s wraps, like Sophie Turner’s. You just saw them collapse. And it happened to me. It was a beautifully weighted ending. Then it was like, ‘OK, I’m actually done with this show. I love it. It’s my pride and joy, and it’s been a pleasure to be a part of it, but I’m done.’ ”

It was his last day filming, not his last scene within the show: “I still don’t trust that the ending that was written down is the actual ending. I think they kept it from all of us. The secrecy this year was just huge. No one I’ve spoken to has guessed the actual ending. No one has got it right yet.”

Falling for Rose Leslie:
“I think almost the worst thing about falling in love with Rose and marrying her is that it’s going to be very hard to work with her again. Working opposite her was one of the highlights of my life and career. I don’t know when, if ever, I’m going to get to do that again, because we’re married now, and it’s hard to work opposite your wife.”

[From InStyle]

Honestly, I sat here and literally GASPED when he said the final scene he shot on set was with Grey Worm and Davos. Granted, they film episodes out of order sometimes and I’m sure they filmed all six final episodes all together to save time and money. So the scene with Davos and Grey Worm might be in the first episode of the season. But… I doubt it. I think Jon gave us a little spoiler. And why would Jon Snow be dealing with Grey Worm at all unless Dany isn’t there… OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. Does Jon survive and he takes over Dany’s army of Unsullied? “No one I’ve spoken to has guessed the actual ending.” WTF Cersei totally is going to bang the Night King, isn’t she? Even the Night King will be like “damn, you are one icy bitch.” Alternate theory: Lady Stoneheart on the Iron Throne. And does Tyrion make it to the end? THE NIGHT IS DARK AND FULL OF TERRORS.

'Game of Thrones' season 8 premiere

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  1. Lucy says:

    You sexy Bastard, you. I’m gonna miss you.

  2. FHMom says:

    I think they have filmed alternate endings, and not even all of the actors know for sure. I would love, love, love for Davos and Greyworm to make it to the end, but it’s also possible that they all die together. So I’m just going to hope for the best but expect my heart to hurt badly.

    ETA they may also leave the end vague a la The Sopranos

    • ds says:

      I love Davos!

    • Megan says:

      So far every character’s end story has been death. No one married the love of their life and sailed off to Bravos. I suspect most of the characters will die and the circumstances will be tragic for those left behind.

    • Steph says:

      If they do that, fans will mutiny. 2019 is already emotionally heightened.

      If that’s their plan, David Benioff better go into hiding.

    • TaniaOG says:

      I do think it will end a la Sopranos. And I will be pissed!

  3. Loretta says:

    I want Dany with Jon and on the throne

  4. Erinn says:

    “So the scene with Davos and Grey Worm might be in the first episode of the season. But… I doubt it. I think Jon gave us a little spoiler. ”

    I think so too. If he’d died he’d have known when his final scene was for sure. And if he HAD died, I bet he’d have broke down before that scene he references.

    However, him walking away doesn’t mean he’ll reign either. It’s always possible an ally is left in charge and he and the others are walking away with intentions to keep on patrol and stay vigilant of the next threat or something. WHO KNOWS. I haven’t even fully kept up with the show, but I’m biting my nails waiting for the finale.

    • Anitas says:

      I don’t know, I read it as he didn’t know when his last shooting would be, not which scene is his last?

    • shocked and appalled says:

      Disagree strongly. Number one, GOT’s PR folks would help people prepare for what they will and won’t say in interviews so as not to spoil things. They would have developed and rehearsed QAs re what he’d say about shooting his last scene. Second, shows rarely shoot things in exact order, and just because it was his last scene, doesn’t mean it was his last scene on the show, and it certainly doesn’t mean it is the show’s last scene. I’d be willing to bet on it. Also, I mean, that was actually a snippet from the article “It was his last day filming, not his last scene within the show.”

      • Erinn says:

        No, I got that. I guess what I meant (and I’m running on two hours of sleep, so I’m probably not the most coherent) is that I think if he had shot his characters death scene, I suspect that he’d have been more emotional over it regardless of when it was shot.

        And I totally misread the ‘Just don’t tell me.’ part as him saying don’t tell him when his potential demise would come up. But again – 2 hours of sleep so definitely didn’t explain that well.

  5. Eve says:

    Jon Snoo Snoo.

  6. broodytrudy says:

    Get hype!

  7. Susan says:

    They don’t film scenes in order. So his last scene to be filmed is not necessarily his last scene in the show.

    • Alyse says:


      Plenty of reasons for him to film with Davos and Greyworm too.

      I’d love if Davos & Greyworm (and Missandei) all survive though….
      Maybe all the royals die and those 3 start up a democracy?!

  8. Originaltessa says:

    I think you guys may be overthinking it. It was his final scene, only meaning after he filmed that scene he’d never film another, never be called to set again, never sit in the makeup chair etc. They DO film extremely out of order. I think half of them “died”, and that filming day for all of them must have been hard, but I think he’s only talking about the end of his job. And I can think of a million reasons Jon and Greyworm would interact with Jon. Dany May be dead, but she also may not be. Not a spoiler imo. Just a little nothing scene.

    • AryasMum says:

      It could be simple field battle strategy. Dany wouldn’t necessarily have to be present because she fights atop Drogon.

      It does give me pause that Emelia said she had to go out walking for hours to deal with the final script. That sounds ominous, but it could simply be the rumored treason/execution of Tyrion, the death of Missandei, or even Jon. I imagine all these options would shake her. Perhaps it’s even the death of Drogon – her last piece of Drogo.

  9. AryasMum says:

    I don’t think his statement spoils anything, really. A couple of the actors have said their last day was literally going up and down stairs. Plus, there may have been edited scenes and/or script changes with re-shooting.

  10. Miss M says:

    “Richard Madden was much more attractive…”

    Robb Stark was always my favorite. I refused to watch the Red wedding episode. In my second round of GoT (in preparation for this season finale), I watched it and cried nonstop.

    • AryasMum says:

      I didn’t appreciate Robb on first viewing (probably because I first started watching at Joffrey’s death), but on re-watches I appreciate his acting and his beauty.

      • Miss M says:

        My suggestion is for everyone to go back and watch the scene in season one when Baratheon goes to Winterfell. Pay attention to Robb noticing the way Sansa looked at Joffrey. He acted like the concerned big brother. Subtle acting, but clear intention. He had my attention there!

    • Lucy says:

      I’m mad at myself for not caring about him back then. He’s an excellent actor. Also he’s HOT.

      • Miss M says:

        My friends from time to time remind me of my broken heart when Robb died, hahaha
        I quit season 4 completely because Robb died.
        I am proud I noticed his beauty and talent very early 😅😍🥰❤️

      • Originaltessa says:

        The writers didn’t write him in a way that made us care for him. He was just another “King” in the mix like Stannis and Renly. His mother was always with him and the two of them made some really bad errors in judgement which ultimately ended their lives, and the lives of a lot of men. I’m not sure we were supposed to like Robb. On rewatch you get the sense he’s just a boy in way over his head, and his mom is seriously messing everything up. Their storyline is kind of infuriating for me.

      • broodytrudy says:

        I never got into him because he seemed SO DUMB. Like, bro, you live in the got universe, how have you survived this long?? Constantly makes poor decisions, has no sense of duty. It didn’t mesh at all for me with the way he was written in the beginning of the show, like he was some savvy political guy. Honestly, he deserved everything he got.

        Richard Madden is smoking, though. Omg.

    • styla says:

      Ok Robb Stark was the hot. His hair was incredible and I liked his crabby stare. I didn’t like his desire to marry that girl and the way he veered off course there… but he’s beautiful.

  11. PlayItAgain says:

    I’ve been trying to prepare myself for all my favorites to end up dead, but I don’t think I’ve been very successful. I can’t help it—I want Jon to live. I don’t think he will, but I want him to. And Arya, Brienne, Ghost, the Hound, Tyrion, and Gendry. But they’ll probably all die in some awful way that leaves me bereft over the demise of imaginary people.

    This is why I tried to ignore Game of Thrones for years—I knew I’d be hooked. It wasn’t until I was going through chemo in 2017 that I finally caved and started binge watching during the weeks after each treatment. I didn’t really have energy for anything else besides lying on the couch, and this tale of dragons, fierce women, dragons, hunky guys, ice zombies, and dragons was just what I needed.

  12. isabelle says:

    Remember they don’t film in linear timing, the first scene of the season could have been filmed last. I’m rewatching the show as well and boy have they grown up. The Hound is what gets me emotional, he cared about the Stark girls from the beginning. Like covering Sansa up after Joffrey stripped her in court and saved her from jumping over the ledge after she saw Ned. The Hound is IMO the most fascinating one to watch from the beginning. Didn’t like him at the time and looking back he was one of the descent ones out of the bunch.

    • Originaltessa says:

      I just rewatched that episode. Was she going to jump, or push Joffrey? Or both? I still wonder. The Hound saved her, regardless. Love him too.

      • AryasMum says:

        She was going to push Joffrey. So while he saved Sansa the fallout of killing Joffrey, he was also doing his job of protecting his king.

      • isabelle says:

        Took it as both, she was going down with him IMO

    • AryasMum says:

      He did protect Sansa and backed up her story that saved that drunk soldier, but Tyrion was the one who covered her up and rescued her from Joffrey’s stripping and beating. The Hound didn’t intervene.

      I always felt there was a romantic undertone to his feelings for Sansa, specially when he showed up in her bedroom and offered to take her away.

    • Lightpurple says:

      I love the Hound. He makes a great argument about nobody having any honor but he lives by a code. He was genuinely concerned about what happened to Arya. He also went looking for Sansa and saved her from gang rape when she became lost in the riot in King’s Landing. That’s why I want Brienne to choose him.

    • nicole says:

      I think the Hound will either die protecting Sansa and/or Arya…or will be their protector for life. Either way, i think his life/death will be in service to the girls. Of course, either/both may not even make it to the end.

      • AryasMum says:

        If he dies this way, I hope he dies for Arya. I think their relationship is more parental and built over time.

    • Sayrah says:

      I’m trying to finish my rewatch of season 6 tonight and I just got through the episode where he reappears and is moved by the former bad guy who changed his ways for the greater good. I love the hound. But yeah I thought he was awful to me when I first watched. And Ned was so wonderful and honorable. Now I watch and think how can you be so stupid?!

  13. Jan says:

    All I know is when we get to the end Cersei better be dead!! I haven’t watched for eight years to see her win the throne! May not be popular but I really hate her.

    • Megan says:

      The prophesies are a bigger deal in the books than the show, so I don’t think it is a question of if, but who. Maybe she dies in childbirth. If Jamie is the father of her baby it’s sort of like the younger brother killing her.

  14. Kristin says:

    But if Jon Snow died, wouldn’t he know his character was dead instead of not know how it ended?

    • SK says:

      I think he’s saying he didn’t want to know when in the timeline it would be when they were scheduling his final scene to film.

  15. Lightpurple says:

    Hot Pie for King!

    Catelyn Stark made incredibly stupid decisions that got herself and half her family killed. She pretty much abandoned Bran and Rickon and put everything in motion that got Ned, Robb, the Blackfish, Winterfell staff, Talisa, Grey Wind, and later Rickon, Osha, and Shaggy Dog killed.

    • Kimmy says:

      Robb/Talisa/Grey Wind/even Catelyn was 100% Robb’s stupidity. Catelyn warned him that Walder Frey would react poorly to Robb not honoring the marriage arrangement she made. Catelyn made dumb decisions too, but that one was all Robb.

      • Eve says:

        Agree with Lightpurple and Kimmy.

        I found Robb’s decisions incredibly stupid and that marriage to Talisa — even if the’re so very much in loooooove — sealed the deal for me.
        I kept yelling at the tv: “You’re at war, dumbass. It’s not the time to play lovey-dovey sh*t with anyone!!!”.

        I could see what was going to happen in that episode (The Red Wedding) from a mile away. I was like:”Dude, you crossed Walder Frey once, then you bring your pregnant wife to a potential mega dangerous situation?”.

        Everybody KNEW Walder Frey was a resentful, coward a**hole and he thought Frey would take that (the broken oath) easily? He could right into that trap.

        In the end I was only sorry for Grey Wind (that died without any of defending itself). And Arya who, once again, saw a member of her family being decapitated — she sees Robb’s body with the direwolf’s head.

      • Eve says:


        I meant “he (Robb Stark) walked right into that trap”.

        “(…) Grey Wind — that died without any chance of defending itself”.

      • SK says:

        Let’s just remember that Robb was only 16 in the show, and 14 in the books (his actions remained the same from the books). Teenagers make stupid, impulsive decisions. We all know that. He believed in the “right” thing, like avenging your father and marrying the one you loved. He was awash with teenage hormones. He was suddenly given power before he was ready. These decisions make perfect sense in this context.

        This is why GRRM’s books are so good. Because teenagers do and would make silly mistakes. If they were perfect it would break the gritty realism of the world he has built.

        Also, I don’t think show watchers realise in the same way that book readers did what a crime and travesty the Red Wedding was. In the world of GOT Guest right is an ancient and sacred custom going back thousands of years to the First Men. It is referenced endlessly. It is a sacred law of hospitality (especially in the North so it makes sense that Northmen would put absolute trust in it). When a guest (any guest, background doesn’t matter), eats the food and drinks the drink off a host’s table ‘neath their roof, guest right is invoked. Bread and salt are the key things that need to be offered and consumed. When invoked, neither the guest nor the host can harm the other for the length of the guest’s stay. For either to do so would be to break a sacred covenant that is believed to invoke the wrath of the gods. both old and new. Even robber lords and wreckers are bound by the ancient laws of hospitality. To break this is a very grave crime indeed.

        Walder Frey would never have dared to do this – massacre guests in a violation of all the sacred laws of hospitality – without the backing of Tywin Lannister and the King. He curses his family in doing so and makes them hated and distrusted by the entire country. In the books it’s so bad that characters frequently think and speak on how the Freys are now cursed and the thousands of Sparrows that converge on King’s Landing are especially furious about the Red Wedding as it is against the gods, signals a total breakdown of society, and is a terrible crime that should be punished. Which is why Tywin backs away from it and places the blame on Walder Frey. In the books, the Small Council discusses how to blame the Freys for the massacre and turn attention away from the Iron Throne.

        For the same reasons, the mutiny at Craster’s Keep is especially appalling and is dealt with as such. Only kinslaying (what Tyrion did to Tywin and was thought to have done to Joffrey) is an equivalent crime. They are the two worst possible things that you can do.

        In this context, Robb was not an idiot not to expect or anticipate the Red Wedding. He should have expected something; but not that. Indeed, Cat warns him to immediately eat of the bread and salt upon arrival, which he does, thus invoking guest right which was sacred. The RW was completely unexpected and a terrible crime.

        The RW was actually loosely based on the Massacre of Glencoe in Scotland which happened in the 1600s and is STILL referenced to with anger today. Highlanders were not oathbreakers and the sacred trust of hospitality laws had been invoked. 400 years later it has not been forgotten that they were broken and there is still negativity surrounding it. So you get the idea of what GRRM was going for.

    • SK says:

      Perhaps it’s because I’m a book reader; but I disagree. She made a couple of bad decisions:

      1. Trusting Littlefinger (but considering their past history it is not surprising that she did)

      2. Kidnapping Tyrion (although this could have worked really well. It was a badass move in some ways)

      3. Letting Jaime go. I know why she did it – she was desperate to save her girls. In the end it led to his redemption and semi-saved her girls; but if they’d had him the Red Wedding wouldn’t have happened – the Lannisters wouldn’t have risked it.

      She negotiated with Frey as instructed. It wasn’t a great negotiation; but they weren’t in a strong position – she had to convince him to commit treason against his King. The Red Wedding occurred because Robb reneged on an agreement. Let’s not forget that the Red Wedding was a huge travesty against one of the greatest rules of their times. You don’t attack guests that you’ve invited in and had bread and salt with. It was not easily foreseen. The Freys cursed themselves in the eyes of all by doing this.

      Ned is dead because he was too honourable and he tried to “help” Cersei and in doing so showed her his hand. She is ruthless and she outmanoeuvred him. He is also dead because Joffrey was a psychopath, a brat and an idiot. That is not Cat’s fault in any way. Yes she kidnapped Tyrion and Jaime was angry as a result; but that’s not why he was arrested. Cersei didn’t give a cr-p about Tyrion. This was her outmanoeuvring Ned because he knew her kids were Jaime’s and not the King’s.

      The thing we have to remember about Robb, Sansa, Jon, Dany and such; is that they were aged up for the show (approximately 2 years and they age more during the course of the story than the book characters) and yet their actions and storylines remained the same.

      Robb was 14 when he did all of this in the books. That was why it was so extraordinary that he was so incredibly successful. He outmanoeuvred seasoned generals and won and won and won. It’s also why he didn’t yet get the seriousness of some of his decisions and why he made a silly, immature mistake about who he married. It’s why his mother was there.

      Jon was 14 at the start of the books, Margaery 14, Meera Reed 14, Dany 13, Joffrey 11/12 (birthday very early), Sansa 11, Jojen Reed 11, Missandei 10, Arya 9, Bran 7, Myrcella 7, Tommen 6, Rickon a toddler. Jorah was 44, Oberyn Martell 40, Davos 37, King Robert, 35, Ned 34, Cat 33, Stannis 33, Jaime and Cersei 31, Khal Drogo 31, Littlefinger 29, the Hound 27/28, Tyrion was only 24, Viserys Targaryen 21, Beric Dondarrion 20/21 (and very enthusiastic and naive), Renly was 20, Theon was 18/19, Brienne calculated by readers at 17/18, Shae was 17, Loras was 15. They age about 2-2.5 years in the books written so far.

      They aged them up mostly because the sexual nature of Dany’s storyline in particular was a bit gross for TV (although realistic for medieval times which the books ape). However, if you see their actions in the light of their original ages, they make so much more sense! Tyrion finding himself in his 20s, adults mucking it up in their 30s when things get grim. Sansa being a bit bratty and unworldly and then totally lost at 11-12 years old. Joffrey being a bratty psychopath of a boy king who could at times still be influenced by his elders. Jon being a morose 14 year old stewing over his bastard status and being a bit sullen and then maturing very fast but being a surprising choice for Lord Commander. Dany making some terrible decisions but learning as she went. Brienne being very naive…

      A young guy in his early 20/ recently told me Sansa is his most hated character and I rolled my eyes so hard! Okay, I think her reaction to what was going on around her was the most realistic, especially bearing her age in mind. She learned and survived which is pretty extraordinary. Being heroic is rare – especially when we’re talking kids.

      • Eve says:


        Thank you for your input — I’m now very interested in what happened in Scotland.

        And I understand everything that you’ve said but…we’re discussing the show, not the books. Please, take that into consideration.

        I only know GRRM because of the show — after it ends I may give the books a shot.

        By the way, the “broken oath” I referenced above was about Robb breaking the first deal his mother made with Walder Frey, not about the tradition/rule of the guest right.

      • Eve says:


        If I remember correctly the “Guest Right” is briefly mentioned in the show by Bran through an anecdote he tells about a cook who served a king a meal made out of said king’s own son and for that he (the cook) was cursed.

      • derpshooter says:

        I agree with some of what you say, but I wonder if Robb simply being there with his wife would count as harming Frey, and therefore the guestright custom had already been broken by Robb? Cause Frey turning it into a bloodbath seems right on brand for Westerosi gods bringing down vengeance, honestly.

      • SK says:

        Hey @Eve. Okay so I get that we are talking about the show. My points are in that context. But the show is still drawn from source material. In that source material the characters are younger. And even though the show has aged them up, the main storylines remain the same – especially in the first few seasons.

        So, Robb the 14 year old in the books, achieves a lot, surprising everyone, falls for a girl he meets, sleeps with her in a weak moment (after he finds out about his little brothers being murdered by his close friend Theon, who he trusted) and does what he sees as the “right thing” and marries her, in the process setting off a terrible chain of events. Robb, the 16 year old in the show, does almost the exact same.

        The Red Wedding is an event that comes directly from the books. Rob’s mistake is directly from the books. Therefore, I think it is interesting to note that these actions were originally those of a 14 year old – which makes a lot of sense and adds extra context. And even just viewing the show, people forget that, although the actor was in his 20s, the character was just 16 in the show. Making silly mistakes based off hormones at that age is not exactly uncommon. His just had extremely serious repercussions. Let’s not forget that these kids were incredibly sheltered before the events of the show.

        And in regards to oath-breaking – yes I knew you were referring to the marriage pact that Rob broke. I’m not sure why you didn’t think so? My comment addressed more comments than yours and was trying to give context as to why Robb wasn’t an idiot for not expecting the Red Wedding and why that event was so shocking.

        The books are great but verrrrry Long. Honestly, I feel like he could have used some sharper editing – especially in the last two. They can drag at times. But the highlights are just incredible. And there’s so much meat in there. The show is brilliant but it can’t reasonably cover all of the brilliant things in the books. Some of the speeches in the books that didn’t happen in the show were just incredible. And some of my favourite characters and storylines from the books are not in the show at all. The show completely stuffed up Dorne which is full of wonderful storylines and characters in the books. The main POV in Dorne in the books – an incredible princess – is not even a character in the show. That said, some things the show has condensed down to the essence when it meandered in the books – and that’s a good thing. Also, Cersei’s character is more layered and less cardboard cutout bad guy in the show. In the books she is SO EVIL. My god, the things she does!

        Bran mentions the story of the Rat King in the show I think. Obviously they have to condense and condense and condense. In the books it’s mentioned A LOT.

        Hope that helps! X

        PS: not sure if you read it but I posted another long comment about guest rights above that gives more context too.

      • SK says:


        No, I don’t think so. In the books actually his wife isn’t at the RW. He sees it as a bad idea to potentially irritate the Freys further by having her there and doesn’t bring her.

        In the books she is different – she is Jeyne Westerling and from Westeros. She nurses Robb back to health from an arrow wound and comforts him when he gets news of his brothers dying. This all despite the fact that her family are technically his prisoners. He sleeps with her and marries her the next day to protect her honour. Then, after the massacre, it comes out that her mother was giving her herbs to prevent pregnancy and secretly negotiating with Tywin. She is banned from marrying for two years to assuage any suspicions about her being pregnant by Robb. She is devastated. You can read about her character here:

        The point being that in the source material the RW happens and she is not even there. So I don’t think that is the cause of it. Also, I don’t think that, by the rules as they are set down, this would be enough to violate one of the most sacred laws of their people.

      • Eve says:


        “And in regards to oath-breaking – yes I knew you were referring to the marriage pact that Rob broke. I’m not sure why you didn’t think so?”

        I was just clarifying what I said in my original comment because I thought my wording might have sounded confusing. That’s all.

        Thank you again for all the tips. Yesterday, after our convo, I immediatly messaged a friend who could possibly own the books.

        He does. He told me he had all five books (that I can borrow) but also said that there were maybe three ou four more books regarding some specific characters (like Daenarys Targaryen) that he didn’t own.

        It’s hard to for me say if these five books he has cover the whole story (up until season 7) because the editions change from country to country. Actually, he tried to lend me two of them once, but when I saw they’re massive, I gave up.

        Will try again after the series are over.

        P.S.: Rest assured I understand the context you presented (Robb Stark being a horny and reckless teenager which explains his poor decision making). Perhaps it’s just me, the fact I’m a certified cynic and naturally suspicious…I struggle to see how he couldn’t have seen that coming.

  16. Ann says:

    “Even the Night King will be like “damn, you are one icy bitch.”” LOL! I can’t wait for it to be Sunday!!!! And I’m also very much looking forward to Monday so I can read the recaps. So excited!!!!!!

  17. SpilldatT says:

    I’m NOT ready for this snow to end.

    Just not ready.

  18. mrsodie says:

    I don’t think the comment is a clue in any way. They always shoot out of order. They even shoot whole episodes out of order. It’s also possible they had to bring him in to do a pick up scene or coverage for someone else’s scene. They have to do the schedule according to what location they’re at, not where they are in the story. I think there is zero chance of Grey Worm OR Davos surviving the series, unfortunately. Harrington is too experienced at keeping things under wraps to let a big spoiler slip. The actors were very carefully prepped to avoid giving anything away.