Katie Holmes’ haughty lip syncing Judy Garland tribute on SYTYCD

Katie Holmes’ strange Judy Garland tribute to raise awareness for the charity Dizzy Feet (link has automatic video), aired on So You “Think You Can Dance” last night. It was a nice… gesture for Katie to try and help this charity that provides scholarships for underprivileged talented youth. I want to give her the benefit of the doubt, and I’m really trying to bite my tongue/clench my typing hand here, but “Kate” was downright haughty in her performance. I will give it to her that she is not a bad singer, although she lipsynced to a studio-recorded track, and that she’s not a bad dancer, although she kind of strutted and posed around the stage and it wasn’t too demanding. Why did she make it all about her, though? If she wanted to help the charity, she could have either danced with a bunch of young kids that are benefiting from the work they’re doing, or stepped aside and let some kids perform. A nice, heartfelt video from Holmes talking about how she’s been moved by the young people she’s worked with would have gone a long way to promote the cause. But no, she wanted to showcase her talent for whatever reason. We did pay attention to her, that’s for sure, but is it for the right reasons? Did Holmes approach SYTYCD about performing and was it their idea to mention the charity?

Several of you commented on Kaiser’s story about this yesterday that Katie isn’t a singer or a dancer. She showed that she’s competent and entertaining, I think, and could likely do some sort of Broadway show. That was probably the point of her performance, along with bringing some ratings in for “So You Think You Can Dance.” My mom loves that show and thinks it’s a lot of fun, and now some more people have been introduced to it, along with the charity that Holmes mentioned.

This woman just rubs me the wrong way, and I can’t help but noticing how sexy she tries to be, her jacket lifting up to show her abs while she pouts and preens. That’s not what this song is about at all – it’s a positive spiritual song.

Here’s Judy Garland performing that same song in the 1950 movie Summer Stock. She doesn’t dance as much as Holmes, but her moves are subtle and graceful and she sure can sing. She’s not full of herself either.

Update: Let’s take another look at Holmes’ face at the end of her performance.

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  1. Fiestarter says:

    I am sorry, but her voice is grating and she is kinda heavy on her feet. I don’t think it was that good. Better than I can do yes, but not Broadway worthy.

  2. michelle says:

    My husband commented that what she did wasn’t dancing, it was as you said, strutting around more than anything. And the singing was very obviously lip synced. Although I did enjoy it, and even though it wasn’t supposed to be about her, she has a banging body! Was that a belly button ring she was wearing?

  3. SolitaryAngel says:

    I hated it.

  4. Eileen Yover says:

    If that’s dancing than anyone can dance! All she does is vougue around and have pout face. I agree-what exactly does this do to raise awareness for the charity?

  5. drm says:

    Judy Garland was the real deal, Kate Holmes is not…the expression on her face at the end…PULEEEEZE!

  6. Rosi says:

    So trying hard to be sexy …
    but it ain’t working, darling, I’m afraid.
    I still see Joey Potter all over her … she is without doubt the most uninteresting famous actress I could think about.
    It looked nice but not very special to me.

  7. Ned says:

    She looked ridiculously tall next to all the other male dancers, and opted for heels that made her tower even more so.

    Her emaciated physique didn’t help either.

    She also has some sort of problem with her mouth or something is not symmetrical about her face. I am not sure what it is, but every time she tried to smile in a sexy face- one part of her face was pulled more than the other.

    It does seem like the production did above and beyond to invest in that performance and that really great professionals worked with her.

    Her problem is that she doesn’t got “it” or doesn’t have enough of the “it” factor. A presence or charisma.
    Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know.

    Technically she did everything right (plus, who knew that she can sing?) but there was something else missing.

  8. happymom says:

    I thought the performance was embarrassing. What kind of ego must she have?!

  9. Ursula says:

    If for a moment you separated your hatred for her beliefs, you wouldn’t be so bitter over just a performance she did for charity. I applaud her for her effort. I quite loved it myself. I can bet all you people would have thought different if she was not married to Tom Cruise. She seems harmless enough and nice enough. Good for her for doing it.

  10. Guttersnipey says:

    I think I might hate her more now than I did before.

    Okay, I definitely do.

    I think I might hate her more than I hate Paris Hilton, even.

    Okay, no way. But I now hate her JUST AS MUCH.

  11. Granger says:

    That wasn’t dancing. The performance was over-hyped — touted for weeks as such a big deal, this “star of the silver screen” (wtf???) showcasing these previously unknown talents. And then she lip-synchs and struts around on stage? If I were a SYTYCD producer, I’d be totally embarrassed.

    And nobody’s yet commented on the fact that SHE WASN’T EVEN THERE! It wasn’t even a live performance! She’s in Australia right now, filming! What a complete, over-hyped rip-off.

  12. Neelyo says:

    Why?!? Why that song? Why her? Why imitate Garland?

    She doesn’t have a strong enough voice to sing the song and her dancing is leaden, but hey if Melanie Griffith, etc. can do CHICAGO on Broadway, there’s no reason why the Cruise-bot shouldn’t.

    For someone who wants to have a movie career, it seems a strange move to go on a TV show and do some random musical number when you’re not very good. I sense that this was Tom’s idea and a bad one.

  13. rose says:

    i’m not a huge fan of hers but i think that’s just her face. lol. i think she always looks like that. it reminds me of a thousand scenes from dawsons creek so i don’t know if she was really being “haughty”

  14. Lee says:

    I don’t know what it is about Katie Holmes. I always feel kind of embarrassed for her, as if she’s perpetually trying to justify her “fame” and not doing so well…

  15. vicsmith says:

    She turned down Dark Knight and is now singing badly on TV shows. This woman needs a new manager.

  16. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Leave it to England to believe that Katie Holmes was somehow fit to step into legendary Judy Garland’s dancing shoes.

    A little smug Katie, and so little to be smug about.

  17. Bubulle says:

    Katie Holmes tries way too hard to prove she’s relevant. If she wasn’t Tom Cruise fake wife nobody would give a fuck about her.

  18. headband says:

    See, that pic of her face at the end says to me “ok, that’s over.”

    It’s more likely that she just did it to support the charity and her friend the choreographer, not for herself.
    Katie didn’t need to do that personally or professionally.

  19. Bodhi says:

    Michelle~ My husband said the exact same thing! He wanted to know where the DANCING was.

    I’ve hated Kat(i)e Cruise since Dawson’s. I can not freaking stand her bitchy little half-smile & how she talks out of the side of her mouth. I mean, does her mouth not open all the way?

    Her singing voice isn’t bad, but it was obviously recorded in a studio & any joker can sing into a can & have their voice “fixed”. Auto-tune anyone?

    The whole thing was just plain dumb; she just plain isn’t talented enough to pull off something like this with authority

  20. karen says:

    I think I; maybeli ke everyone else, was expecting something more. I mean we had weeks of her going to dance practice; the outfits, the rolled up jeans, the mommy/daughter dance classes.. SO I was expecting her to be live on the show dancing/singing. But neither happened. She was not on the show and she was not dancing or singing. I don’t really know what is going on with Katie. I just think she seems a bit lost. First movies, broadway, designing, dancing, singing.. Will the real Katie Holmes stand up?

    My guess is she does not even know who she is anymore.

  21. princess pee says:

    Oh it was painful to watch. The singing was okay, a little boring, but it did totally sound like it was modified in studio to sound good. There was no dancing, really, as previously mentioned. What really got to me was the little bow at the end… and the smattering of applause. It seemed to me like they wanted us to believe she was there.
    I did enjoy how everyone was passing the buck, though. Katie says that they asked her, Tyce asked her. Nigel says that she asked them. NO one wants to take responsibility for that mess.

    Lastly – I felt like she seemed really wishy washy about the charity, too. She sort of stumbled her way through the chat with Cat. Which was also pre-recorded, so they could have done a retake.

  22. MarlaAnn says:

    Good for her I guess for getting up there but I felt she was channeling Britney Spears with those faces, it was strange, it didn’t seem like a musical number it looked more like a pop video. Not a fan.

  23. Kaylee says:

    I find her somewhat annoying, but not overly so. No one can compare to Judy Garland and when you’re doing an homage to someone incomparable, chances are you’re not going to make a lot of people happy. I thought her voice was a little thin, but I remember that from Dawson’s Creek. Remember when she was in that beauty pageant? Yes, I am that sad that I remember stupid crap like that.

    As to why it wasn’t live, this is from Adam Shankman’s twitter:

    I think it’s great that everyone has opinions, but be clear: Katie wanted to do something with the show for dizzyfeet foundation, but had to govto Australia to shoot a movie, so she had to pretape. She did it before dff had nonprofit status. We couldn’t legally announce. Not very cool to cut her up for what she did, and when she did it

  24. Renee says:

    It felt kind of like watching an audition.

  25. Bina says:

    Her body is very ungainly. At one point I actually thought she was trying to dance like Michael Jackson.

  26. bros says:

    nothing she was doing was dancing, and i kept getting distracted by her ridiculous crooked mouth. a bunch of snappy movement does not equal dancing. this was just a dumb vanity project to prove she is animated and her computer chip allows her to move fast sometimes. oh, and that her barley water diet is evidently working. she is still a trainwreck of an actress though.

  27. Katharine Jaynes says:

    It was a very short show… less than 2 minutes??

    I agree she seemed like she was strutting around. The worst part was the faces she made as she was strutting. She looked really obnoxious with the open mouth hanging there trying to be all sex.

    Like the budget/stripper-version of Judy Garland. haha.

  28. Lyla says:

    Ouch. I got through the first minute of that mess and had to stop it, the woman is not a natural dancer, her lines were all over the place, she had no deportment and had no tension in her arms or legs at all.
    I watched it with my 11 year old twin nieces who have studied ballet for 9 years and go to a prestigeous dance academy, one of whom asked me what was the point of all their training, practise and hard work when at the end of the day talent is ignored in favour of fame.

    How much of an insult is it to the actual contestants who have actually trained and work their bums off every week, to have to watch that mediocraty?

    Hieronymus Grex, please don’t blame England for this….mess we all know its that bloody Tom Cruise’s idea-hes probably hoping Katie will shoot scientology hypnotist lasers from her eyes so his plan to take over the world will be made that much easier.

  29. Pepper says:

    Well it must be difficult to dance naturally when your circut board is malfunctioning

  30. e says:

    When Judy did “Meet me in St. Louis” there is a big singing and dance number on the trolley. I heard that Judy did it flawlessly the first take but they had to do a few more takes because the other performers made a few mistakes. Judy was the real deal. They tell singers not to attempt Mariah or Whitney because it just won’t measure up and they should have told Katie Holmes not to embarrass herself by attempting Judy.

    I hated Kidman when she was married to Tom and Katie is no exception. Maybe when they split up I will start to like her again but in the mean time I wish she would just go away.

  31. SassyKate says:

    Oy, I had to go watch the Judy Garland version afterwards to clear my head. It wasn’t horrible in other circumstances, if it was a high school production it would get high praise.

    Watch the Judy Garland version. Her voice is precise, you can tell her movements are precise, her arms and legs go exactly where they should, yet it seems so fluid and effortless. She was an entertainer. Katie Holmes is a bad impersonator.

  32. sm says:

    I thought she was FANTASTIC! My goodness give the girl some credit! I love to see some of you people do what she did. She is beautiful and very talented! why dont you all be nice!!!

  33. bagladey says:

    That was a whole lot of nothing, junk, pageant nonense – and not very good pageant crap either. I am not impressed. If this was an audition she would not get the part – Neexxt!

  34. Jo says:

    Her HORSE-SIZED LEGS AND FEET under that tiny body are just weird.

  35. Lee says:

    The word “fantastic” and the name Katie Holmes will never legitimately be in the same sentence. Ever. And no amount of pity will make it happen.

  36. JaundiceMachine says:

    Do Scientologists even believe in Judgement Day?

  37. Bodhi says:

    ditto comment # 35!

  38. Giz says:

    Holmes is sort of odd looking, not in a bad way. Is it me or does she have kind of a square shaped head? maybe it’s the way the hair is styled.

    As far as the dancing goes, I was waiting for a pole to make an appearance at some point.

  39. M says:

    I’m not sure why SYTYCD hyped it up so much. I kept thinking before “It’s Katie Holmes … she’s no dancer,” so I couldn’t understand why they played her up so much — particularly since they have (mostly) legitimate singers/performers on their results show each week. If the producers didn’t do that, I don’t think Katie’s reviews would have been so bad.

    Admitedly, I’m no fan of musicals or musical theatre, and am not familiar with most of Judy Garland’s work. When I watched Katie’s performance last night, I thought it was bad and embarrassing. When I watched Judy’s performance, I was able to see how Katie and Tyce were trying to pay homage to Judy and the original performance, and in retrospect I don’t think Katie’s was nearly as bad as I first thought. She wasn’t great, but she was okay. And that’s the problem with Katie … she’s just vanilla, no spark, no real appeal. So to hype her up like she was the next coming of Judy Garland was overreaching to say the least.

  40. Ling says:

    I feel like, if Judy Garland had had the benefits of all modern recording technology, her voice would sound astounding.

  41. efc2 says:

    Katie spends a lot of time in the dance studio with Suri – maybe she thinks she’s a dancer because she’s taking mommy and me ballet classes? seeing this made me think she wanted to be a dancer, but she can’t compare to the dancers on sytycd. she obviously thinks she can dance, but that was more of an audition than a performance.
    Also, Tyce Dioro could not have choreographed that…he has insane talent – there’s no way he did that after choreographing the breast cancer awareness dance… if so, i hope he didn’t put a lot of effort into it, and got paid handsomely, otherwise his emmy should be revoked

  42. Loser1 says:

    Hahaha, what a bunch of haters you all are. Get some talent and then talk.

  43. RubyKaur says:

    OMG, she looks like a fool! That was too funny! The part that makes it even funnier is that she thinks she is amazing! How delusional can one get?

  44. gg says:

    What’s with the smirking??

  45. Who Gives A Sh*t... says:

    …she had all the presence of a Giant Redwood w/o any of the charisma.

    As a former dancer, I was worried that people were conned into thinking that what she did was dancing. Au contraire!! Thankfully, most seem to recognize it was just posturing.

    If that was her coming out Happy Dance just before her pre-announced split from Tom, then life-after-Tom will return in all its lackluster glory.

  46. Kelly says:

    she prob practiced hrs n hrs just to be mediocre lol

  47. Ally says:

    Wasn’t there some Judy Garland project or remake that this was basically a Sean-Young-Catwoman audition for?

  48. I Choose Me says:

    I didn’t see any haughtiness at all but I do agree that the charity she’s repping could have been promoted better than this.

  49. kristin says:

    Meh, I used to love Katie back in the day, but she”s annoying me more and more lately. I feel like she’s desperately trying to justify her relevance.

    As for the dancing, of course its not good. Katie doesn’t know how to control or hold her body correctly when she’s just standing around or walking; she’s got a fairly awkward presence and stance (hence, why she was great at playing an awkward high schooler on Dawsons Creek. Of course that doesn’t translate to being confident or graceful on the dance floor. Ginger Rogers, whom I believe was the best (non-classical) dancer in recent history, was always graceful and elegant and poised – dancing or no. Her body had the shape of a dancer’s and she had the confidence to pull of anything. Judy Garland was similar, if not to that extent. Katie doesn’t have any of that going for her. She’s sort of a clumsy, heavy-stepper.

  50. kristin says:

    Oh, and this was a total vanity project. Charity, shmarity.

  51. she's only seventeen says:

    that was painful to watch, my god.

    as a former choir girl, her singing isn’t so terrible, as it is in need of a lot more training. it just – i don’t know – there’s something about it that’s less than stellar, mediocre even.

    then again, i think she’s painfully vanilla and unmemorable.

  52. Giz says:

    Loser1, We’ll all come back when you find some talent as well! (Not holding my breath)

    It is commendable that Holmes did this for charity. Writing a larger check and leaving at that might have been a better choice. And still it doesn’t make her any less odd looking!

  53. Bill Hicks is God says:

    “I thought she was FANTASTIC! My goodness give the girl some credit! I love to see some of you people do what she did. She is beautiful and very talented! why dont you all be nice!!!”

    A big shout-out to the clams in the house rooting for Tom Cruise’s no-talent Beard.

  54. marion says:

    It’s not the performance that people hate, but the fact that she has much more talent than people have given her credit for. Yes her appearance was over-hyped, but that’s not her fault. Her name-because of Tom- has value and haters can’t stand that. She’s doing something that Tom has no connection with, thereby proving that her star doesn’t need him to get bigger and better roles. And that’s what’s happening-she’s finally becoming famous BECAUSE OF WHAT SHE CAN DO, and NOT because of who she’s married to or how she dresses her daughter. GET USED TO IT.
    FYI- lip-synced or not that’s still HER VOICE.

  55. alibeebee says:

    She was lame I bet the exec wont do that again.. and I would like to Add I know I could have done better. I could have sung it live and danced better. she didn’t dance she looked like she swallowed a bird and was trying to keep it in her mouth. I think she doesn’t have a place in musical theatre broadway .. Stick to acting or something.. or just be half of TomKAt and that is all. I have no use for her.

  56. c says:

    we should all be applauding that the charity she’s doing this for isn’t (as far as we know) connected to scientology…now how on earth did tom approve THAT?

  57. sandy says:

    “…she had all the presence of a Giant Redwood w/o any of the charisma. ”

    to who gives a sh*t- HILARIOUS! thank you for giving us a tremendous laugh!

    i couldn’t help but thinking that her entire performance was so similar to Nicole K. in Moulin Rouge. (with the exception of Katie’s Very bad lip syncing!). Was this Katie’s way of telling Hollywood that she can be in musicals too? And that she can sing and dance as well as her husband’s 2nd ex-wife?
    also, i found it very tacky of the show to keep saying her performance fee was being donated to HER OWN CHARITY!!! DUH
    isn’t that the least she could do?
    thanks Katie, now we know “Dizzy Feet” has earned a penny from last night.

  58. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Hey ‘c:’ “we should all be applauding that the charity she’s doing this for isn’t (as far as we know) connected to scientology…”

    It is now.

  59. greta says:

    CB, thank you for that Judy version, it wipes the memory of the dancing thighmaster version out of my memory. I couldn’t take my eyes off those unfortunate thighs. Why did they let Kate go bottomless?? OMG! Judy had gorgeous dancer legs. Delusional Ms. Thighmaster needs to keep those things covered. If ever there were proof that scientology is wrong about shrinks, this is it. Ms. Thighprancer needs an anti-psychotic to clear her head of the sychophant gibberish in it. She is totally wacked if she is proud of this!! OMG Someone start a Hollywood chapter of Scientologists Anonymous!

  60. Just a Poster says:

    I haven’t seen it yet.. was it really that bad??

  61. DD says:

    Well it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. It was boring, anti-climatic and thankfully short.
    I guess she’s not getting any work these days…

  62. C says:

    Wow – y’all are ruthless – dancing & singing ehh – not so great – but the girl has a great body – maybe not a dancers body but most dancers have bodies like anorexic little boys. When you run marathons, you’re going to have strong muscle definition in your legs – it doesn’t make them ugly.

  63. Bodhi says:

    Kat(i)e has only run one marathon & even that is up for debate.

    & marion, it is her voice &, as loads of people have already mentioned, myself included, with todays technology anyone can walk into a studio, sing & walk back out with a fabulous sounding track

  64. Jennifer says:

    It’d be great to see her do a britney spears biopic, she sounds and moves like her. no joke, she would transcend britney. She looks just enough like her.

  65. Margie says:

    It looks like really expensive and well produced high school talent show act. I think Tom fronted the money so that the boredom wouldn’t get to his stepford wife. Couldn’t she do something creative like the choreography?

  66. Lucinda says:

    Given the level of dancing talent on the show, it was disappointing that they chose to bring a “name” rather than a dancing talent. She neither sang nor danced. She lip synced and strutted. I’m not saying her recorded track was bad, but singing live is a whole different skill that she didn’t display last night.

    For me it wasn’t about her. It simply didn’t live up to the caliber of performances you usually see and since it was their 100th episode, I expected better.

  67. Kati says:

    whatever. none of you can do a large fan kick or spot your head and do multiple turns. most people look retarded just putting their arms up the air. her movement was simple but dynamic. what she did was standard, nothing special but standard and skilled

  68. Bodhi says:

    For a show of that caliber it SHOULD have been spectacular. & I bet that with a month of training, most people could do that routine

  69. It Was Billed ALL WRONG... says:

    …charity work or no, Katie’s TAPED/HYPER-POSED STRUTTING NOT DANCED/LIPPED-SYNCED performance was billed all wrong by SYTYCD producers. Had they promoted it viewers as – “look, we’ll prove to you that ANYONE can ‘bounce to the rhythm’ at any point in life with this taped rendition of one of founders” – then perhaps many more people would run to take dance classes, and we wouldn’t have been insulted by all the hype!!

  70. kelly says:

    I think people are making a bit too much out of this.

    She’s not a fantastic dancer, nor is she a fantastic singer, but she put on a good performance. I don’t think that she presented the number any more egotistically than anyone else would.

    I’m not a fan of hers by any means, but Katie’s always had this little crooked smile, and it’s accentuated by lipstick. I didn’t see any smirking going on, just someone who was pleased with a performance they were proud of.

    I think there are other things we could pick apart more intelligently, rather than using the nuances of someone’s body language to illustrate the sum of their character.

  71. princess pee says:

    I’m sorry Kati, have we met? What exactly do you know about me, my experiences, and whether I can dance or not?

    Again, I’ll say that mediocre performance aside… she didn’t do much service to the charity other than donate her fee. (yes, to her OWN charity. Nice.) When Cat Deely interviewed her before the video played, she didn’t express passion. She didn’t clearly explain the way the charity works, either. Since it was ON TAPE, they could easily have re-shot it until she sounded like she cared, or knew what she was talking about. (yes, about her OWN charity)

  72. heather acq says:

    sorry, that is not talent. i have to agree with the others and say that wasn’t even an example of dancing.

    i still wonder if she has slept her way to the top. she’s even reached higher levels by making her marriage to a gay man last this long.

  73. YoMomma says:

    The Garland version is far superior even if she was saturated in drugs.

  74. bros says:

    imnotobsessed has the twitters from shannon moakler who apparently was PISSED tht katie half-assed her way through this with her tree trunk legs of mediocrity and defiled the memory of judy garland. they are hilarious tweets. i suggest reading them.

  75. the original kate says:

    i wouldn’t say it was horrible but it seemed like she was half asleep; therefore it made me sleepy, too. and honestly if you are going to try and cover a classic song sung by a legend you’d better be a damn good singer. katie is not.

  76. Anna says:

    Wow, that was awful. I always knew Katie Holmes could never even start doing a good job on this, but the result is not only bad, it’s also a bit boring. She dances worse than a lame horse and of course her voice doesn’t even begin to reach Judy’s quality. I know it’s supposed to be a tribute and not a replica performance but heck, even at a tribute you try and do your very best. If that was Katie’s very best, she shouldn’t have gone through with it.
    Poor Judy is freaking out in her grave right about now. Nobody does Judy like Judy did. There’s just no match. Katie’s attempt was futile and godawful, she should have just stuck to promoting the charity.

  77. Kat says:

    I can pose and smirk in heels, too.

  78. justbeinghonest says:

    I think she is one of the founders of the charity – aka gave a lot of money. Probably got talked into doing it by that media whore Nigel Lythgowe (sp?).

    It was definitely awkward, but less awkward than Ellen Degeneres judging the dancers the night before.

  79. Dizzy-Two-Left-Feet says:

    @Kati: I must take issue with your presumptions. Can’t speak for annnybody else here, except myself – a former Ford Foundation Scholarship, classical, ballet recipient, who was very put off by Katie Holme’s non-dancing bit on a show that’s ALL ABOUT DANCE! However, right now, I’d like to comment on her lip syncing. Clearly, some of the reason that singers – WHO ALSO DANCE – resort to lip syncing is due to the physical exertion that dancing requires. Such tandem performances can make artists too winded to produce adequate vocals. But, the kind of “strutting” performance that Katie did last night is expressly designed to minimize physical exertion so that the vocalist can actually have enough breath to sing!! So, Kati, re Katie, there are almost too many reasons to count why that non-performance left a great number of us feeling insulted. You cannot take a classic from a classic and crap on it like that?!?!?!?

  80. javelin says:

    Did anyone else think “Aw, this is her sad little “Moulin Rouge”…” when they watched it? The 4th Mrs. Cruise will get a thirty second ipod commercial.

  81. judy says:

    katie holmes preform was bad she look so bad lip singing & dancing . i love the show and was looking forward to the show last night, if she wanted to make appearance on the show she could of , i know ppl lip sing but she did it so badly. if i was her i wouldn’t make another appearance doing that .

  82. nelle says:

    katie, katie, katie….stay at home with Suri , you have proven time and again you cant act, now you have proven you cannot sing or dance . Enjoy life, sit back and just enjoy.(embarassing for tom , really).

  83. Tinsel says:

    Maybe it’s actually for a foundation for provides scholarships for provides scholarships for undertalented privileged youth and she’s they’re poster child?

  84. Shay says:

    As I sat there watching all I could say was “why?”

    I’m sure they did it to get more viewers but when I hear “katie holmes dancing” unless she’s dressed up as Xenu I don’t really care.

  85. Jed says:

    I too, while I was watching, first thought, “Is she just lip-synching this?” I mean, if she is, as many people assume, demonstrating she’s potential Broadway material to any producers out there she certainly, given the not too physical exertions of her “dance” routine, could have worn a body mic and actually sung this. Thats what any Triple Threat does 8 times a week on Bway. I too, thought the main reason is “Auto Tune” – to let the little divette have a chance to fix her voice up in Audio post. Her singing is at best just “OK”; PLUS she had the noive to “modernize” the melody (of a STANDARD!) in many places to make it more “hip” for the demographics. Not a terrible performance but at best, just mediocre. Especially seeing the high standards and hard work these young dancers on SYTYCD put out every week.

    Thank you so much for posting Judy’s performance side by side. Its just so superior in every little way, and looks effortless, not completely forced as Ms. Holmes’ did.
    Judy – A+
    Katie – C+

  86. Catherine says:

    I don’t think it was the fact that she is not a trained dancer, but more the fact that her not being a trained dancer was spotlighted. They could have had more shots of the dancers guiding her around more than shots of just her slapping her thighs and shaking her hips. She reminded me of how stiff Renee Zellweger was in Chicago.

  87. loldongs says:

    I like Katie Holmes, and it’s nice to see her smile even if it’s just a wry grin.

  88. Ned says:

    “Did anyone else think “Aw, this is her sad little “Moulin Rouge”…” when they watched it? The 4th Mrs. Cruise will get a thirty second ipod commercial”


  89. Catherine says:

    I missed the show but watched both Katie and Judy’s performances just now. Whoa.

    The difference between a woman (J) and a girl (K) are obvious. And the smirk … looked to me like she was communicating that she’d trumped someone who dared her or pronounced that she couldn’t/wouldn’t do it.

    Sad. Hope she grows up soon.

  90. cc.cc says:

    Did you miss the fact that she is a co-founder of the charity? It makes sense for her to do something to raise awareness. As to her version being more sexual, think about the time when Judy Garland performed this originally. Her version was also sexual for the time. While her attempt was slightly misguided, part of the blame falls on the choreographer who put the routine together. He was the one who allowed her “strutting” around.

  91. teehee says:

    I dont see Judy dancing much either, thats the first time Ive seen her version and apparently people just have a previously held notion about Judy being better. Both of them dont do much.

  92. Mom-0-4 says:

    I’ve seen better preformances at dance recitals. Please know Tom encouraged her to do this so he could look better! (lol)

  93. K McFarlane says:

    Catherine Zeta Jones would have KILLED that routine.

    Katie was fine. Her voice is pretty. She was just…insipid.

  94. luna says:

    lol i was watching the soup and they had a clip of the dance on there. after, they had that screen shot of her smiling when the dance was over and joel mchale just looked at her for a moment and then said, “so…you think YOU can dance?” haha

  95. Sarah says:

    That was sad. It just proves she’s a climber. Like marrying TC for the status wasn’t bad enough…now the “dancing” and the “singing”? I don’t care about lip-synching…recorded before hand or not, it still sucked ass.
    What an ego! So not mature and elegant.
    Katie, please please stop!

  96. NYCGAL says:

    This is NOT dancing. It is merely gesturing and pouting. And all the press releases quoting Holmes’ dance coach and Mia Michaels touting Holmes’ performance before it aired were contrived and takes away their own credibility.

    Also, Holmes should spend some of her “business partner’s” big bucks, go to a coach and learn how to speak on camera. At this point, she should know better than to continuously scratch her arm and deliver empty talk throughout an interview. She’s like a little girl playing a role. Very transparent. Very phony.

  97. OH, yeah! says:

    #88 – oh, YEAH, I did! When they did the lift, I thought, “boy, Nicole did it SO much better in Moulin Rouge!”

    Thanks to whoever posted the Garland video. For all the pain and loss in her life, that gal made you really want to “get happy.” Katie just made me … want to change the channel. Real quick.

  98. No comparason. Judy Garland had “IT,” that ineffable star power. Shame on Katebot for even thinking she could touch this legendary performer. FAIL.

  99. winter lassie says:

    wow what an education she got from her former catholic school, how to sing and dance like a tramp to a christian song. how proud her parents and former teachers must be.

    also I went to look at the dizzy feet foundation and what a lame website, is that charity even for real? it gave absolutley no information about it except just give us your money. seems shonky to me.

  100. Gabrielle says:

    She looked Okay, Just seemslike she is trying too hard. Maybe she’s trying to make a name for herself. I’m Sure being maried to such a control freak like Tom Cruise is very debilitating.Plus it gets her out of her boring lifestyle. I don’t like to judge and not exactly a “FAN” but she has issues and is probably just having some fun.

  101. BlueSkies says:

    Oh God, don’t you just hate Tom Cruise more now than ever? He’s always stuffing his non-talented beards down our throats.

  102. flippinsweet says:

    That smirk of hers drives me crazy. And not in a good way.

    That article nailed it. It was all about her. “Dizzy Feet” was just the ruse.

  103. Bee says:

    I can’t believe how people are slamming her trying to do something for a charity! I’m sure the founders of the chartiy, one of whom is so you think you can dance’s producer, asked her to do this to bring more attention to the charity. How many people had heard of the charity before this performance? Give the woman a break! She’s married to Tom Cruise for goddness sake. I think that’s punishment enough.

  104. gg says:

    Everytime I flip past a picture of Katie doing that dance with the smirk, I am reminded of this important beauty law:

    Never wear dark red lipstick and do the twisty-lips. It gives one a wicked stepmother vibe, and that’s never good.

  105. frewt says:

    I thought it was a thinly veiled attempt to show the world her versatility ala Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge and her singing and dancing skills were about as mediocre as Kidman’s also.

  106. QueenMab says:

    FAIL. Even the Wonderful Judy is spinning in her grave fast enough to generate electricity for the entire Eastern Seaboard. And notice that Judy didn’t have to do it with her rear hanging out of microshorts, either. I can just see Katie-bot in the fittings, “make them shorter and tighter, my ass isn’t showing enough yet”. FAIL, FAIL, FAIL.