Candy Spelling sends snotty letter to daughter Tori through TMZ

Candy Spelling is at it again! Candy has been taking issue publicly with everything about her daughter Tori for years now. It got a lot worse when Tori wrote her autobiography, which included some slightly harsh remembrances of her mother. It escalated further and further over the past few years, to the point where Candy has never met her granddaughter (Tori’s daughter) Stella. I honestly can’t remember all of the nasty stuff that’s gone with the Spelling family, but one of the worst incidents, in my mind, was when Candy basically said Tori killed her father. That kind of made me Team Tori for life. But even if that hadn’t happened, this would surely do the trick. It seems Candy decided to write an “open letter” to Tori, and gave it to TMZ to publish:


I Know many middle-aged people have issues about their parents and their upbringing. I did. My memories didn’t match all those of my mother, and, funny thing, it’s the same way with my daughter.

Life has consequences. What you say is on the record. Other people have feelings.

I have a vested interest in this subject. My daughter, Tori’s, two-part season finale revolves around my granddaughter’s first birthday party and how she has made what seems like an agonizing decision to invite me.

Cue music. Cue sideways glaces. Cue [sic] Lights.

I did get an invitation just in time for the RSVP deadline. I’m sure its delivery will be on next week’s episode with some comment about my house or driveway or street or something they won’t like. I wonder if that will be spread out over one part or two. Sigh.

A big party wasn’t how I envisioned meeting my granddaughter for the first time; but, hey, this is Hollywood, and my grandchildren have become reality show props, too. At the time I emailed “yes,” I didn’t realize I was being set up for a two-parter, even though it was clear I was being invited to be part of a segment for my daughter’s reality show.

Spoiler alert. Don’t read this if you plan to sit through an hour of people looking at their watches and saying “she’s late.” I decided my first meeting with my granddaughter should be on home video, not primetime cable; so I emailed that i would not be attending.

Back to other reality stars. My husband taught me that the plots have to be fresh and updated. The same old whining gets tired after a while. Enough complaining about what may or may not have happened during first grade or YMCA camp, or what vegetable you were forced to endure, especially when you are privileged enough to be on TV and get paid for it.

For all the reality show personalities, please remember that real life doesn’t get edited to make things better or worse or get better ratings. You’re responsible for what you do. Life isn’t just a show. And your families can’t just be props. Make your own season finale without creating conflicts you will regret later.

[From TMZ]

“My husband taught me that the plots have to be fresh and update,” Candy writes as she bitches and moans about all of the same old crap. Tori didn’t fall far from that tree, did she? I’m saying that even though I, Team Tori – do think it’s a little gross that Tori and Dean let their kids be such a big part of the show. But I’ve also watched the show, and they seem like great, involved parents. Unlike, say, the Gosselins or whatever. Or Candy Spelling. Because at the end of the day, I kind of think that if a woman really wanted to see her granddaughter for the first time, there would be nothing that could stop her. Not even some cameras, old plotlines or bad back-lighting.

Tori Spelling and her family are shown out in Malibu on 7/26/09. Candy Spelling is shown at the ESPY Awards on 7/15/09 and shopping on 4/15/09. Credit: Fame Pictures

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  1. icky says:

    Candy’s a bad , grouchy gramma 🙁
    and why the hell is she calling her daughter “middle-aged”? and yet she is carrying an orange back-pack purse in the first pic that woman has got some age issues

  2. j. ferber says:

    I think Candy makes some very valid points. I’m not team anyone on this, and Candy has way too much time on her hands now that her husband is gone, but inviting her mother to this party with cameras rolling was certainly not the way to go. Candy should have said no from the start and had a private meeting with her daughter’s family. But unfortunately, the Spelling family does not do “private.” With her wealth and time, Candy should set up a foundation and get into some type of charity work, whatever issue that appeals to her. Petty public bickering with one’s family members is such a waste of time.

  3. Ursula says:

    Gosh, she is such a bad mother. Poor Tori, being unpretty and having such a mother.

  4. happymom says:

    I agree w/ferber that while Candi has valid points-this was not the forum to bring it up. I just think it’s crazy to do this all via TMZ. And in terms of exploiting your kids, Tori was in front of the camera from a young age-not as though she had a “normal” childhood either. Although I find Dean is rather repulsive and a tool, I also think he’s a really great hands-on dad. And Tori-for whatever her “issues” seems like a pretty loving mom.

  5. Cinderella says:

    I don’t blame Candy for backing out of the shoot. Her first meeting with Stella should not be before a camera.

    On the other hand, she showed her true colors by referring to her daughter as middle-aged. What a stab, and it’s not even accurate. She must be insanely jealous of Tori’s fame, and she’s trying desperately to establish an audience of her own.

  6. raven says:

    Candy Spelling is spiteful, mean person.
    She reminds me of Anna Nicole Smith’s estranged mother, Virgie Arthur. Virgie didn’t want to see her daughter for 10 years, but she wanted Anna’s money after she died and custody over her daughter Dannielynn.

  7. Wresa says:

    As my Ma always said: “Money can’t buy you class.” Both Tori and Candy are guilty of whoring out their relationship issues for $$. And why is Candy complaining about her daughter whroing out their relation$hip problems when she is doing the same thing right now (for less)?!?!?

  8. nj says:

    I think Tori is 36 or 37 years old. That is not middle-aged. My mother would have swum oceans, crossed deserts and stormed barricades to see her grandsons. An NFL team would not be able to keep her away. Tori may not be a saint, but Candy seems like a miserable witch who wants everyone to deign to her. When you live that life of excess with servants and attendants kissing your butt 24/7 you run the risk of developing a mentality of expecting that treatment from everybody and Tori wouldn’t do it.

  9. icky says:

    both women are passive agressive- this is why they resort to trash talking via various media outlets- Candy is utimately at fault here. She did not want to see her grandaughter at her birthday because she doesn’t want the public to see what a creepy bitch she is, nor does she want to boost Tori’s ratings. She is insanely jealous of Tori’s fame (which is small and humble, in comparison to Candy’s riches) This woman once told her daughter(when she was still an adolescent) that she would be “sort of” pretty once she had her nose job!!! She is a vile crocodile

  10. Mollybloom says:

    I think they are both pretty horrible people. While Tori and Dean act like great parents on the show, it is hard to forget about the son he rarely sees from his first marriage and the adopted infant daughter he completely disowned after his divorce. It sort of leaves a bad taste in the mouth when you see Dean cooing over Stella. I think Tori and Candy deserve each other.

  11. Leticia says:

    Tori seems likable and has a good personality. But when she met Dean, they were both married to other people and Dean had just adopted a baby daughter. Dean not only left his wife, but literally left the daughter permanently because he renounced his adoption of her. Can you imagine waiting months to adopt a child and then legally un-adopting them? All of these people are sad. I wouldn’t want Candi for a mother, but I also wouldn’t want Tori for a daughter.

  12. j. ferber says:

    Regarding the “middle-aged” comment, Tori IS middle-aged. And it serves Tori right, since she famously mocked Dean’s ex-wife’s age by saying Dean needed a young wife who could give him children (Mary Jo has a son with Dean and they adopted a daughter, presumably because of age-related fertility issues). Age-baiting will always come back to bite you in the ass since everyone gets older. Dean and Tori treated their exes despicably. I don’t feel sorry for Tori. She gets to milk the conflict for ratings for her show.

  13. Firestarter says:

    If Candy is so adamant about things not being done on camera, maybe she shouldn’t take her fight with Tori to TMZ, Barbara Walters and The National Enquirer, which is just as bad.

    No matter what people feel about Tori and her relationship with Dean, that is a non-issue when it comes to what a nasty woman Candy Spelling is and has always been. What people don’t talk about is tha fact that when Aaron Spelling was on his death bed, she was running around gallavanting with another man that she claimed Aaron told her to date. The other man was even at one point, living at the Spelling Mansion while Aaron was still alive. She was also a piss poor mother when she was younger and treated both of her children like extentions of her doll collection: Seen and heard only some of the time.

    Candy needs to STFU and Tori needs to move on and live her life without the idea that her mother and she will ever have anything as far as a relationship. People also need to remember, Candy is the parent here, and she has long acted as anything but.

  14. Katharine Jaynes says:

    Recently old family videos have turned up, I brought them in to have them converted to DVDs. It’s become my own personal family reality tv show! I hadn’t know my grandfather was attached to his old video camera so thoroughly, but the videos of my parents being all lovey-dovey and romantic with me and my siblings as young kids was really surreal to see! My parents (like many others) grew out of their honeymoon phase. They’re relationship remained good, but they were not as romantic as they had been when they were young and it was really something to see they way they were. The videos showed me a side of my parent’s relationship I never would have seen had it not been for them.

    In my opinion, this is the same as Tori & Dean’s reality show. They are still in the romantic honeymoon phase of their relationship. Maybe they will grow out of it, maybe they won’t, but I dont think it will hurt the kids, if they ever see the footage I think it would make them happy to see how in love their parents had been. Personally, I didn’t like Tori & Dean until I saw their show. It’s very sweet, harmless even. The kids are so cute and angelic, and Tori and Dean seem like very loving and involved parents.

    On the other hand, Candy seems like a terrible old woman. She lives alone in one of the largest homes in the country and sits around writing obnoxious letters about her daughter for no reason whatsoever.

    Team Tori.

  15. Ned says:

    Tori is the most selfish and ungrateful person.

    HEr parents made a huge mistake with her.

    They spoiled her and now she is the epitome of the privileged and spoiled Hollywood brat, who would sell her own mother and children for a neno second of publicity.

    Candy is more than right.

  16. Wench. says:

    The orange outfit is giving me a migraine.

  17. Diane says:

    It’s difficult for me to ascertain the truth with either of these women. A need for money and attention appears to be the driver for both. No sympathy, empathy from me = )

  18. Katrine says:

    Candy Spelling is one sick mother. I’m sure Tori isn’t perfect, just as I’m sure the media only shows us what they want us to see, thus skewing the situation and placing emphasis on the bad things. Keeping that in mind I’ve formed my opinion.
    I can honestly say if my mother was anything like Candy Spelling I wouldn’t acknowledge her in public or private.
    In my heart I feel for Tori and understand her desire to want things to be ‘normal’ between herself and Candy, but the proof is there, it’s just not meant to be. No fault to Tori I wholeheartedly believe. Tori’s children will be fine wihtout Candy acting as a grandparent.
    I didn’t have a very close relationship with my mother either. We were around each other until the day she died, but we were never close. She wasn’t mean, but I believe being detached was worse than being abusive. I wanted her to show me some kind of affection, some sign that I was special to her. It wasn’t until my son was born that my mother ever showed emotion. The relationship between my mother and I didn’t improve, but that’s life.
    And with life I think that even family can cut ties. I support Tori and Dean and feel as though Tori may always have that hope of having some sort of relationship with Candy, but she also needs to put that hope away, in a safe place and go on with her life. She needs to be happy in her life, even if it’s without her mother.

  19. Nicole says:

    I had read somewhere that they told Candi that the cameras would be there, but she would not be taped.

    Also, as far as the kid that Dean had prior to meeting Tori, Jack lives with them now…it’s just the Mom doesn’t want him shown on camera.

  20. Juls says:

    Tori is at least reaching out. She almost had to do a reality tv show to show her true colors and that she wasn’t a terrible daughter. Her mother could have called her, emailed her, sent her a letter, or asked if they could meet some where not so public. No she sends her a letter through TMZ. That is just wrong. At least Tori invited her to the birthday. Most loving mothers and grandparents would go to the hospital to see their grandchild after they are born. Not wait and complain about it.
    Tori is lucky to have the people she has around her. She has a great husband and children along with wonderful friends. Not many people have such a great support system around them. I do not get along that well with my family or my husbands family and I don’t have the support system she has. She should cut her ties so she can stop hurting and so her children do not get hurt as well. Even if her children were to have a relationship with her mother and she didn’t, they would have a hard time loving their grandmother when they know their grandmother hurts their mommy. Children can sense those things and be very hurt by that. So I just say God Bless them in overcoming this situation.

  21. Wow says:

    Can they both just go away? Really, why would Tori even WANt someone like Candy around her children if she is so horrible?

    They are both attention seekers. Gah! Why don’t they just leave each other be since they don’t like each other so much?

  22. Crystal says:

    This is pretty sad! To say that “my first meeting with my grandchild” Hello Stella will be 1 year old and this in my opinion shouldn’t have been a “first meeting” that should have happened the day of delivery. I know my parents where there waiting for my kids to be born and some of you said it best, there was nothing in this world that would’ve kept my mother from being there. Candy is just a bitter old woman! Candy should step up and be a mom and a grandma, it’s her loss that she’s not there!

  23. Mommy says:

    Tori needs to stop setting herself up to be knocked down by her birth mom.
    God help me, but I agree with Deano, and he’s a tool!
    It’s like an abusive relationship without the make-up sex…which is something Tori makes lots of references to with her ex boyfriends. She kept looking for a relationship just like she had/has with her birth mom.
    Now, even though Dean is a total tool, he seems to support her and she loves him.

  24. Debbie says:

    I am so sad for both. Is money worth not having family. I have one grandson and nothing would keep me away from him. Candy should have split the family fortune with the children. Tori and Candy should call each other not talk via email, text or post on a website. They need to heal and work on it together in private. I love Tori&Deans show. Rmemeber no one person is at fault there are two sides but its time for them to come together talk and hash out the problems and if in the end they cant have some sort of relationship they let them split away from the cameras and keep it peaceful for the children. Good luck to both.

  25. Neelyo says:

    they’re both PR whores and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were in cahoots.

    Candi managed to publicize the reality show and the upcoming two part episode, even if she did spoil the ending.

    And as far as Tori and Dean being good parents, who knows what happens when the camera’s not rolling. I personally think Dean married her for the money and has been pressuring her to get back in Mom’s good graces so he can get his hands on the Spelling motherlode.

    It’s a show, it’s not reality and Tori and Dean are shitty actors.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Candy for someone who hates reality TV you seem so caught up in watching the show! Is that how you try to connect with your daughter you blame for your husbands death! You’re pathetic and the best thing that can happen to Tori is she moves FAR AWAY from you! I wouldn’t want you around my children either all your riches you squander and don’t share with your family! You’re a spoiled bitch who will die alone if you keep up the attitude and blaming Tori in itself how terrible you’re to publicly say that I would hope you come to your senses if you have any and apologize as publicly as you demonized her. I never liked you when he was alive and it’s apparent you were jealous over a very loving daddy/daughter relationship! Br grateful he cared these days men like that are hard to find!

  27. HalfBloodPrincess says:

    Candy Spelling is just living up to her name. What can you expect of someone with a name like ‘Candy’? Tori should do herself a favor and forget that woman ever gave birth to her. I wonder if Candy is her real mother because she sure acts like the mean step mother. And, what airline does Candy work for? 🙂

  28. Meghan says:

    I think that despite everything Tori and Dean have remained true to what they believe. Their kids are on their show…so what…they don’t seem to have any problems because of it. I love how Tori and Dean are so humble and “normal”. I think that they are a wonderful couple and great parents!! Their show makes me smile every week!! I love stars that are just like friends!!

  29. Nancy says:

    If Candi was such a horrible mother – why would she be a good grandmother? I don’t understand why Tori and Dean would want their kids to interact with her.

    Just live life to the fullest and forget about Mommy Dearest.

  30. sbsachs says:

    Having grown up with a mother like Candy, I can tell you of a lifetime of pain. Toxic Parents is a good book, therapy helps, staying as far away as possible helps. I did not have a moments peace until the day she died.
    Candy would bitch if she were hung with a new rope! It scratches, it’s not pretty, does it have to be this color?
    Candy is a very sick person and so jealous she had to continue to inflict pain in order to get attention.

  31. Velzora says:

    As a mother and grandmother – there comes a time that if you want to be with your grandchildren, you have to just FORGET ABOUT IT! Is it really worth not being with your grandchildren to keep this feud going? I think not. My daughter’s aren’t perfect, and I certainly am not perfect…..but those grandbabies sure are, and I wouldn’t give spending time with them up for anything, and you shouldn’t either…….those precious years will be gone before you know it.

  32. laughing says:

    Candy had a shop in Beverly Hills in the mid-eighties. she was hated by her employees and considered a bitch by the people in the shops around her. What does that say?
    Somewhere in the back of my head however, I can’t get past the publicity angle of all this. Are we being dupped in some way? Could it be “the war” isn’t quite as vicious as we are lead to believe?

  33. Melanie says:

    Both Tori and Dean are nothing but adulterers and should be ashamed for breaking up their marriages. They both are money hungry celebs and don’t truly know what love is all about. What they love is playing house and getting attention from the public.

  34. TinaK says:

    So if Tori’s middle aged, does that make Candy elderly? I can’t stand either of them. What a couple of plastic, phoney, selfish, ugly, spoiled drama queens!

  35. Joan says:

    I am not really fmiliar with this situation, but Tori’s behavior over the years has proven to be less than sterling. I will have to side with Candy for that reason alone, but I do not think Tori is a likeable person. She seems like a big phony to me. As to Candy – Go, gal, go! More power toyou. Tori seems to like aggravating her mother, don’t let her get away with that!

  36. hatsumomogirly says:

    Hey, my sister is named Candie and she is pretty awesome. My grandmother picked it, because when she was born she said Candie looked soooooo sweet. And spelled differently to make her unusual.

  37. ALEX says:


  38. blueyedgal46 says:

    ahhhh, seems that Candy wanting to be in the spotlight again.. ” oh look at me, I’m gonna bash my daughter again, poor me”. Give me a break, move on ya cranky old witch.

  39. lisa says:

    I have to say I have been watching Tori and Dean and I am beginning to like her. She has done a lot considering her parents cut the money off. She wrote two successful books, had a jewelry and clothing line, and is making her mark on her own. One would think her mother would be proud. My thought is she thought Tori would crumble and come running and asking for money. How sad that she can’t be a mother first. I agree that the meeting of the grand kids should not happen on the show, but for her go on shows that have been so nasty to her daughter is just hitting below the belt. She goes to TMZ and that cow Chelsey Handler.. who has said the most ugly things and joked about YOUR Daughter.. and you sit on that show and laugh and act like nothing happened.. I will say no matter what you don’t do that to your child. You don’t associate with someone who calls your child a horse face(especially when Tori looks like you). I can’t imagine my Mother doing that for anythng. YOUR CHILD COMES FIRST. That to me was a sick and disgusting thing for her to do. Tori seem to be trying.. and from what I see Candy does have a problem of jealousy regarding her daughter. She has all the money in the world and it just seem she is really lonely. But that is her doing. She has two really cute grand kids, and a daughter who is successful and doing OK.. One would think she would be proud and forget the past and try and have a relationship with her daughter and grand children. They could and should do it in privately. I don’t think she needs to be on that show. But come on Candy this is YOUR CHILD.. not a stranger.

  40. dee martinez says:

    I love Tori and Dean and love the fact that they are very humble and great hands on parents for celebrities. Tori is a great mom and gives those children the love that she yearns for. Tori should (off camera) make amends with her mother and bring her children together in that nurturing environment. Her relationship with her mother is constantly highlighted on her reality show and portraying her mom to be the evil grandma and mother. Sometimes moments with your grandchildren (being celebrities) should be kept in a secure loving non publicized environments. Develop the strained relationship outside the public eye and then come out full force and strong as a bonded family. Tori should really stop the whining already and do what she has to do to meet her mother half way for the sake of the kids. It’s a two way street. There are two sides to every story but a family bond is always the median.

  41. Ken says:

    Until both women come together and grow-up at the same time, if I were either of them, I would not look forward to the day I’m lying on my ‘deathbed’ and have to come to terms with what I have done and said to the other during my lifetime. ‘Should’ve’, ‘wanted-to-but couldn’t’, ‘she said’, ‘I said’, ‘you said’—; none of these emotions/ feelings will be of any use. When the other one is dead, the other can live their life in hell right here on Earth unless they change it now and remember, God decides ‘when you go’…, we think we know better but we don’t. Wish I could go-around one-more-time with my only son who is now deceased—*and we even had a good relationship, still not perfect-but good; that’s what these ‘girls’ need to think about.

  42. Erin says:

    I’ve watched Tori’s show and she repeatedly says that she wants a relationship with her mother, but it never seems to work. Candy however went on all the talk shows crying that she doesn’t get to see her grandchildren, makes horrible statements about her daughter, and even had one of Tori’s worst critic do a promo at her house. Even though the party was to be aired the show has kept people off air before (Dean’s son has been referenced but not shown on showes.)Candy getting mad and posting the nasty letter on the internet for all to see is not the way to make ammends. This may be the final straw that makes Tori finally give up on trying to have a relationship with her mother. And quite honestly she has a right to do it.

  43. julie says:

    Candy is an old jealous, bitter, mean Grandmother and it doesn’t surprise me that she’s gone to TMZ for this. How sad that those kids have a grandmother like her when they have the most loving parents possible. Who cares if they’re on a reality show. You people have to remember that the cameras are NOT on them 24/7 and just certain events are filmed. Don’t bring Tori’s looks into this, it’s about he kids.

  44. AJ says:

    I don’t know about their relationship. But there is nothing, absolutely nothing I could ever do to make my parents turn on me like that. Be mad at me for a day, sure. But never, ever turn their back on me. It’s so sad…

  45. Sharon says:

    The ‘middle-aged’ comment was pretty mean; re: Candy not wanting to meet her granddaughter on camera, while I agree it should have been private, I also am reminded of a line from ‘The Color Purple’ – “nothing but death could keep me from you…” – THAT would be the attitude I’d have about seeing my grandchild – cameras or not.

  46. Bonnie says:

    Your story makes me sad. I hope you ladies can put bitterness aside. Everyone makes mistakes. My mom died when I was six so I know life without a mom. Tori, give Candy a chance to be a good and kind grandma. Candy, give
    Tori a chance to show you how wonderful of a person and a great mother she has grown up to be. Not everyone is perfect and I’m sure that much money would make anyone a little eccentric. Dean, you be the buffer for these ladies to find each other again. Candy wrote that letter b/c she is sad. Wouldn’t you be Tori, if Stella didn’t introduce you to her baby? Good luck on rebuilding your relationship. Forget about past mistakes, don’t bring them up and start making good memories from this day forward. Lots of luck and love to you. Bonnie

  47. pete says:

    Clean it up !!!!

  48. the big r says:

    She accuses Tori of playing to the cameras, yet sends the letter not to Tori, but to TMZ. I bet if Aaron Spelling had left his money to his kids and not his wife, she would be the most doting loving grandmother the world has ever seen.

  49. justmyopinion says:

    As a person who is estranged from a family member I completely understand them both…but why should Tori bow down if she feels she will continue to get mistreated? People want to say family is everything, but sometimes you have to make your own family outside of what you were given biologically…no where does it say to let someone walk all over you. I bet if either one needed a kidney Tori would try to give her mother one in a heartbeat, but I’m sure Candy wouldn’t even bother!!!!!

    Go Tori…do what you need to do for the ones that truly love and care about you! (Dean, Monkey and Ladybug love you and that’s all that matters).

  50. bettyp says:

    Candy Spelling? Leona Helmsly? I think they are mental twins. THE QUEENS OF MEAN! Both witches! Unbelievable – no feelings for anything but money.

  51. SHIRLEY says:


  52. Lisa says:

    Can you IMAGINE your mother not beating down the door to the birthing room to get the first glimpse of her grandchildren being born? My mother was my first birthing coach & we didn’t get along that well even to this day. But she was there none the less.
    Firt of all, Candy sending the open letter to TMZ to communicate with her daughter is soooo HOLLYWOOD! aka HollyWIERD…how much COLDER can you be?? Just her doing things this way shows what kind of a person she really is. and Tori was right!!!

  53. michelle says:

    why doesn’t candy just shut up and leave tori alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you are a horrible mother and you deserve being totally alone.

    tori, don’t reply to her just continue to raise your family the way they you are because of your mother you now know what not to do.

  54. Shmoo_punk says:

    tori is spoiled. dean is a wife and child abandonimg tool. but candi is a nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, NASTY old hag. if she was half as classy as only she claims to be, she would rise above this and make quiet attempts to fix. not public letters to tmz of all places. privledged old witch.

  55. Tina Lindebaum says:

    As a daughter who lost their father tragically, and we had been estranged, but weren’t at the time of his death…I knew what a HORRENDOUS woman Candy was when she made the comment about her daughter killing her father. That woman is incapable of love and it’s AMAZING to me that Tori is as well-adjusted and down-to-earth as she genuinly seems to be!!! I love the love she has for, and with HER own family and have a whole new respect for her, since watching her show.

  56. Sandy Field says:

    I am a mother to 3 adult children and a grandmother to 5. I would never hurt them I love them. My grandchildren are a huge part of my life and I see them almost daily. Candy has said so many hurtful things to Tori that I just cant understand. I am here to love, protect, and be the best parent I can be. I would never tell any of them they are not pretty or hurt them in anyway. How cruel. I dont think Candy has the bond with Tori that mothers usually have.

  57. chad says:

    just tell her she is dead to you and move on

  58. Mickey says:

    If you ask me it takes two to tango. What is Tori thinking? Why would she invite her mom & try to make a show about having her mom see her daughter for the first time on her show? Stupid! And Candy is angry about it but why hasn’t she made an attempt to see her grandaughter outside of this? What pride does to hurt a family. None of them will lay it down & just say, “I’m sorry.”

  59. lisa holland says:

    Tori…Remember when you were a child, you had no idea that your relationship with your mother would end up like this. Be careful because you have no idea what your relationship will be like with your kids 15-20 years from now. As awful as you say your mother was, kids are fickle and yours may think you screwed up too. Your kids are going to know you both broke up marriages, they’re going to see how you talked about your mother, and you better hope they don’t treat you the same way. What comes around goes around. You have more to lose than your mother. This public feud will always be an internet click away for your kids. They may end up resenting you, you just can’t tell which way kids will go. You and Dean both need to tread lightly and get a new topic for your kids sake.

  60. Edward says:

    I think for her age, Candy is still a pretty hot woman!! Maybe Tori is jealous of her?? I think she looks sexy in her high heels!!!

  61. Michelle says:

    I think this whole situation is sad! I’m both a mother and daughter. Three kids ages 24, 17 and 11. Older than Tori, but younger then Candy. I say this because I think I can put myself in either of their shoes.

    Yes, Tori and Dean both cheated, but what matters now is now. They seem very happy and love their children. Yes, I do think they love the limelight. But should we be blaming Tori for that? This is what she was raised up in. She grew up with money, in one of the largest homes I have ever seen (yes, I’ve seen it, not impressed) and with a famous Dad. This is all this girl knows.

    Candy should be ashamed of herself. Nothing, I mean Nothing, should be keeping herself away from her child and grandchildren. And to say that Tori killed her father. What kind of Mother says something like that??? She is going to die a very lonley women if she keeps this up. She either needs to decide if she wants a relationship with Tori and her family or not. If so, work things out! If not, then they both just need to move on and keep each other names out of their tv shows and letters to the press.

    I wish them both the best, but I’m all Team Tori.

  62. Christine says:

    Tori and Dean are wonderful loving parents. It is very apparant in every episode. Tori has also battled her emotions openly surrounding her mother. Her mother is evil and awful and I dont understand any mother who does this to their child. She has always been jealous of Tori and her fathers relationship. Head up, Tori. You have loyal fans and you have done nothing to deserve what your mother is doing to you.

  63. panchang810 says:

    It’s so obvious that the reason Tori dislikes her mom was because Candy NEVER became a MOM to her. As Candy herself said, she acted the same way to her mom when she was young. What you sew is what you reap. What goes around comes around.

    Tori can NEVER be blamed for the anomosity she has with her mom because Candy NEVER tried to build any kind of mother-daughter relationship with her OWN DAUGHTER, so how could she expect Tori to reach out to her?

    At least Tori is doing the best she can so that what she had experienced with Candy when she was a kid will never be experienced by her own kids with her as their mom.

    Candy Spelling will die a bitter, lonely bitch. Her material reaches will never make her happy because she alienated the ONLY THINGS THAT WILL MAKE HER HAPPY more than her money – HER OWN KIDS AND GRANDKIDS.

  64. Velzora says:

    Actually, I think they are both spoiled and used to having their way. Excessive money and “celebrity” make people that way. Maybe they could each use a month in THE REAL WORLD that the rest of us live in…you know, where you have to really work take care of your children yourself, worry about your finances and wipe your own butt.

  65. Jan says:

    I have to agree with you and several of those who responded. Candy Spelling is not a victim in this, she is a PARTICIPANT. If she truly wanted a relationship with her grandchild, she would make every effort, AND SHE WOULD NOT SEEK PUBLICITY BY POSTING OPEN LETTERS TO HER DAUGHTER ONLINE. She is just another example of what she so openly whines about, a publicity seeking reality star. SHAME ON YOU CANDY, your grandaughter will always wonder what it would have been like to have a grandma who loved her.

  66. the original kate says:

    tori is middle-aged? isn’t she about 35? not quite middle-aged but whatever. i think tori is a rich spoiled princess but candy is really horrible. what kind of mother goes on talk shows and sends letters to TMZ about her daughter and grandkids? if she wants to see them all she has to do is call tori and say so. i’m sure candy is leaving nothing to tori or her kids in her will so tori should just break with her mother and get on with her life.

  67. TeamToriNDean says:

    Tori and Dean seem to be great parents and it’s nice to see two people truly in love. Keep up the good work and love the show!!

  68. Bevy says:

    Maybe these women should just stay away from each other. Obviously the ma has all the power. I know that Tori is a VERY VERY wounded by all this.
    It’s a real tragedy to have this whole situation.
    God bless them both and maybe when time has passed SOMEONE will be BOLD enuf to take the first step to reconciliation.
    Until then we’ll get the competing book releases and these PUBLIC letters where the so called “ma” is RIPPING her daughter …
    Go Tori and Dean and your children – hold them close and love them much…

  69. Al Schweitzer says:

    Candy is a gracious, dignified woman! Her wording is measured and precise! She has tremendous self-respect and is unwilling to submit to the elder abuse that is so prevalent in this society today. Every child feels “entitled”, and Tori is no exception. In addition they feel they can abuse and humiliate their parents is ways public and private, and they will get away with it… and more often than not, they do! Kudos to Candy for taking a principled approach to dealing with familial emotional blackmail!

    All the kwetching bitches who are railing against her should eat their own vomit!

  70. Kat Smith says:

    Everyone is missing the whole real point.Candy figured out after her husband died she was nothing without him. She is so jealous of her daughter getting out there and doing things for herself and having her own show. What a bitch for saying Tori killed her father. What kind of freak of a mother would do that to a child.?????? So Candy got all the money and made sure Tori didn’t get any………..Tori showed her she didn’t need her damn money. THAT ticked her off too. All she wants to do is humiliate Tori and hurt her. I don’t blame Tori for ANYTHING she says or does to Candy. That’s no mother!!!!!!!!!!Just pure jealous bitch. She was probably jealous of her daughter and her husbands’ relationship long before he passed. I KNOW her type. I lived it!!!!!!!!with MY MOM; It’s so cruel to do to a kid…………

  71. June says:

    My son & ex daughter in law had one of the worst divorces in history. I was assigned to pick up my grandson for visits. I went through having garbage thrown at me, screamed and cursed at, laughed at, hit with a diaper bag (empty), backed against the railing, etc. I was told, by the police, never to go there without them. I never missed a day with him. Seeing him is worth anything that was thrown at me.
    Ya wanna see your grandkids – swallow your tremendous pride and get over it. Look at how much time has already been wasted by dwelling on the past. If you stay in the past – you’ll never have a future.

  72. Pam says:

    Wow…I’m glad my husband and I are struggling middle-class parents and grandparents. We have a very close family and love each other very much. Maybe being excessively rich brings out the trailer trash in people! It sure has in that horrible mother Candy Spelling. Lipstick on a pig? I think so.

  73. Sonia Gomez says:

    If Tori is middle aged, what does that make Candy?

    Frankly I think Candy has always been in competition with her daughter. They are both ugly with their frog eyes which no amount of plastic surgery can disguise.

  74. panchang810 says:

    For Candy to criticize her own plain-looking daughter when Tori was still in her tender age instead of boosting her daughter’s morale, that alone is a valid reason for Tori to hate her own mother. I’m pretty sure Candy was so JELOUS because the late Aaron Spelling loved his daughter very much. I’m sure Tori experienced her mom’s jelous tirades often which made her hate Candy.

    Whatever happened to a mother’s unconditional love for her own daughter. Obviously, the selfish, jelous and self-centered Candy never had that for her own daughter.

  75. panchang810 says:

    It’s so obvious that the reason Tori dislikes her mom was because Candy NEVER became a MOM to her. As Candy herself said, she acted the same way to her mom when she was young. What you sew is what you reap. What goes around comes around.

    Tori can NEVER be blamed for the anomosity she has with her mom because Candy NEVER tried to build any kind of mother-daughter relationship with her OWN DAUGHTER, so how could she expect Tori to reach out to her?

    At least Tori is doing the best she can so that what she had experienced with Candy when she was a kid will never be experienced by her own kids with her as their mom.

    Candy Spelling will leave thsi planet a bitter, lonely beyotch. Her material reaches will never make her happy because she alienated the ONLY THINGS THAT WILL MAKE HER HAPPY more than her money – HER OWN KIDS AND GRANDKIDS.

  76. Cherrie Redd says:

    Seems to be the pot calling the kettle black. She’s doing the same thing she is accusing her daughter of doing. I don’t know if these people think they are so important or so interesting that everyone wants to know their business, or if they are so deluded in their fantasy world that this is just considered normal, but frankly until I happened upon this article, I didn’t know anything about the matter or care. Other than the fact that this woman has money, she has no obvious redeeming qualities. Just goes to show money can’t buy class. Tori, well, I’m not fond of her either, but just look at where she came from.

  77. Marlene says:

    To Candy,
    What a bitter, spoiled, hateful, spiteful woman. I can’t imagine the hell it must have been, having you as a mother. I would like to think you’re acting out of hurt…but who publicly humiliates their child? Sometimes the most powerful words are never spoken. Learn the art of silence!

    To Tori,
    Your life has sometimes hurt others too. Be humble and regretful of those times. Start fresh today. A mother like yours is toxic and your relationship with her is like a cancer that needs to be cut out. It sounds harsh. But for your own mental well being and for that of your children, forget she’s alive. Get a good counselor and continue being the involved, loving mother we see on the show.

    To the people producing the show,
    Enough of the Tori vs Candy saga. Tori and her children are beautiful and we like watching her accomplishments. Leave the drama for the enquirer. (And TMZ)
    Would someone please take the high road!!!!

  78. gge4ever says:

    Velzora, I’m with you! I’m sure that hurt feelings abound in that family, and they both try to keep it going. I’m also sure they both have valid complaints about the other, and neither person is without blame. Dean is far from perfect as well, with what he did to his first family. I guess that one wasn’t famous enough for him!

  79. Robbo says:

    Who cares!

  80. KATHY says:

    Shame on any mother that attacks her child. No mother-daughter relationship is without issues. But her grandchildren will see this and what kind of message does this send to them? I have no doubt that this talentless woman married Mr. Spelling for the money and that he adored her. But loving his children should not have negated that fact. She has a life that superceedes the rich and famous lifestyle. She should be sharing that life with her children and grandchildren, but she wants to surround herself with yes-men and women, not the people that truly love her. She will come to regret these attacks. As will Tori, but it will be to late to make amends. NOW IS THE TIME! I would never miss out on my grandchildren, nor my children. Shame on her for not being the bigger person, and we as mothers should be that person.

  81. jrd says:

    Candy is just playing the victim. I have a mother like that and she acts like a 5 yr. old. She throws tantrums. Having a mother like that is not easy.

  82. Angelica says:

    she is old…and very classy…tmz

  83. Mary Hanly says:

    Whatever my issues are or have been with my mother, I would NEVER have done this publicly, talked about her on tv, on a reality show, or written a book about her. I don’t think either of them are right.

  84. The_Good_Life says:

    You have children, you raise them, and love them unconditionally. Sometimes you will not agree with their decisions and for the love of God you may almost bite your tongue off at times, but by all means out of respect you keep your mouth shut. As a parent you must give the benefit of the doubt to age and wisdom. Shame on you Candy you are unequivically destroying any chance of being apart of your daughter or grandchildrens lives. I can imagine your deceased husband is rolling over in his grave having married such despicalbe vile creature. In all likelihood you will die, just as you lived; a bitter, horrid, vile piece of escrimate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Melissa says:

    I think Candy Spelling is an immature, selfish self centered looney tune who needs medication. You chastise your daughter for airing your dirty laundry and “using her children as props” on her show. Perhaps your daughter wouldnt have to be such a work horse had you shared your BILLIONS with are a nasty hateful person with no regard to your daughter or her feelings. Dean was SO right when he said “time to cut the chord” .. and you wonder why she utilizes TV to communicate about your “issues” together? Maybe if you’d pick up a F—– phone Mrs. Spelling, your daughter wouldnt have to discuss family issues on her show. You are an evil witch and if I were you, I’d start going to Church … Heaven has no place for narcasistic even people like you who blame their own daughter for her fathers death. You dont deserve Tori OR those gorgeous grandchildren!

  86. ladyd says:

    I am a mother of 2 myself but I can even see both sides. It boils down to this, Tori and Dean have their own careers, so their motivation remains unclear. This is not their sole source of money by any means unlike Kate or even “Octomom”, which are both deplorable people in my book. T & D should NOT be compared to them at all.

  87. Jon D says:

    What a bitch. Candy has more issues than you can shake a stick at. Just look at that picture for christs sake. What is she 70? Grow up lady!

  88. Who Gives A Sh*t... says:


  89. Eugenia Berdali says:

    Mrs Spelling is not a mother. She is a kind of female beast. Who knows where she is coming from, or what her background family was like? Obviously, they were uneducated low lives having raised such a total disgrace of a person. Obviously, it is in that environament that she got her own self loathing that she has managed to transfer to her daughter, since her precious self, although a piece of garbage, is too important to her to even spare her child.

    Mrs. Spelling should do something useful like disappear for the sake of all of us who have to suffer the idiotic behaviors of “celebrities” and para-celebrities like herself.

  90. smb54 says:

    I’m a mother of two adult daughters a few years younger than Tori and we also have a son who is in his 20’s. I strongly feel that most parents are not perfect. One day Tori will see that for herself as her children grow older.

    I feel Tori’s mother loves her, as did her Father, and they did the best they could at that time in their lives while they were raising her. That’s all any parents can do, give it their best.

    We could all look back at our own parents and blame them for any shortcomings they may have had in life but what good would that do? Really, at a certain point you have to go on and be thankful for all the great opportunities you have been given in life.

    Tori has been given many. It is way past time for all of this ugliness to stop. Family is so important and there should be a high respect for parents and especially the woman who carried you for nine months.

    No one is perfect. I would be upset also and I would not like to have been put in this situation either. I have no doubt she wanted to defend herself before the episode came out where she felt she might have looked like she didn’t show up because she didn’t care.

    It’s sad and it needs to stop. I like her outfit. It’s tasteful and cheerful.

    I have no doubt she would love to see her grandchildren. I would hope that this happens behind the scenes for the benefit of all.

  91. Toni says:

    To anyone trying to defend Candy’s actions here — you are as freaking messed up in the head as she is!!! Grow the eff up and deal with your business like a woman and not a whiney child who airs her dirty laundry on a trash website like TMZ!

  92. Jojo says:

    Dear Tori….DUMP THAT BITCH!!!

  93. bgyal says:

    You know I am getting so tired of all the hollywood drama. This is real life people, not some hollywood set. I don’t know what went on in the Spelling household but I feel sorry for all of you. You all will spend so much time fighting that you will miss out the joys of having each other in your lives. My great lessons in life were taught by my mother. Think about the babies and how much they are missing not having thier only living maternal grandmother in thier lives. Today or tomorrow one of you can die and then it will be to late to resolve this foolishness. Someone has to be the bigger person and say thier sorry. Money is only temporary and you cannot take it with you when you die. Your kids and grandkids are a legacy that will continue on once you gone. Do you want that legacy to die when you do? JUST GROW UP all of you and stop being so stupid.

  94. Philip Eyre says:

    As a train person in the field of relationship. I think that Candy thinks her daugther is getting more air time then her so she is doing whatever it takes to get her time. She (Candy) has no job and buying large apartment because you want to be in the think of thing. It was your husband and daugther who are the famous ones not you Candy. You need to be a mother first and stop trying to one up your daugther evertime she does something you try to get you name in the news also. I think you should be the Mother she want and stop trying to amke people feel sorry for you because I ma not buying it Candy

  95. Donna says:

    Frankly she’s got a point. It isn’t appropriate to assume that if you are trying to extend an olive branch that it should be to make your ratings better. That isn’t an olive branch – it’s manipulative. It isn’t loving – it’s manipulative. Put your big girl panties on Tori and meet your mother in private so THAT YOUR CHILDREN CAN MEET THEIR GRANDMOTHER – be mature enought to think about them and not just about you. And Candy, shame on you for setting a bad example for your daughter and her children. You are older and you know better. If your family means so little to you that you are willing to shame her in public – then the shame is yours. Both of you need to grow up, act like adults, think of the children and quit acting like them.

  96. Lori says:

    I think it’s ridiculous that anyone is commenting on either Tori or her mother. NONE of us know what has really gone on between them. NONE of us know what kind of mother Candy was or is or what kind of daughter Tori has been or is. To take sides is ignorant. Both of them just need to throw away the past and make a new future. If there’s one thing I believe now, it’s this. If you let it, The past will haunt the present and destroy a happy future. Candy and Tori, to you I say, neither of you are perfect and never will be, throw the past away and focus on the present or else the past you are creating in the present will haunt your future forever! JUST LOVE EACH OTHER!!!!!!!

  97. Candy says:

    Candy Spelling you are a very sad and bitter person, because all the fuss is not over you, get over it and be a real person, be a Grandma. You are sad. I feel bad for anyone to have to call you mom.

  98. Mady Maguire says:

    I saw Candy on a T.V. interview recently and she still looks absolutely fabulous. She must be in her 60’s now and Torie in her 30’s. Torie never was, and never will be, as cute as her mother–no matter how much plastic surgery– but so what–Torie is still a nice looking woman. This often happen when really clever and rich– but not good looking– men marry really good looking, but not too bright women–the girl children often favor their fathers and the boys get their mother’s brains.

    Here’s an ideal Hollywood resolution for these ladies’ dispute. Candy will become a foster mother and fill her big lonely mansion and empty heart with many unfortunate children desperately in need of a good home and lots of love. (Candy can afford all the therapy it takes to learn how to overcome whatever issues and become a good mother.) Torie would appreciate the new leaf her mother’s turned over and quickly forgive her for all their past bad scenes. Then Torie’s kids would grow up with Grandma Candy’s foster/adopted children and their long term snits and fits and wretchedness over jealousy/age/looks/money/daddy’s love, life and death would slip away leaving just one big happy loving family– in a huge compound. This is one heck of a location– and plot– for a fantastic reality show–sorta like the Beverly Hillbillies–in reverse!

  99. Celia says:

    I don’t know why they don’t get along. Something happened when Tori was growing up. I didn’t read her book. I think Tori is the product of her mother’s upbringing. Yes, I’m pretty sure she was spoiled when she was growing up and I get the impression she was spoiled more by her father than her mother. But I also just get the impression that Candy is not a nice person to her daughter and has been unsupportive of Tori throughout her life. Maybe when that book came out the gloves came on. Why would you not share some of your husband’s riches, that you had nothing to do with accumulating with your daughter? That’s so sad and petty. But most rich folks are petty. Sure Tori and Dean didn’t get together the way they should have and they will eventually deal with those consequences, but her mother is truly something different.

  100. internetangel says:

    hey robbo, obviously you care or you wouldn’t have been reading the story and taking the time to comment on it. I think Tori should let it die. Her mother is a person I would not want around my children.

  101. Dianne Petrina says:

    I’d be more apt to watch a show with Tori’s mom in it (reality show) than with Tori. I find everything about that girl boring…sorry.

  102. das says:

    Enjoyed watching Tori’s show; thought when Dean would see first son it would not be on the show. Now to find out he decided disown his adopted daughter; he is in the same class of people as Candy: selfish and self-centered. Does not care about other people’s feelings.

  103. Terri says:

    Candy wonders why her daughter behaves the way she does? She was the mother raising her daughter. She is needs to take a long look in the mirror at her own behavior. What kind of mother puts her family issue out in public. She is no different than her daughter, except older. Grow up girls. High school is over and your family! We ALL make mistakes.

  104. Mike says:

    Bottom line, this should be a private issue and if Candy really wanted to see her grandchildren, or anyone for that matter, she should pick up a phone and invite them over, no cameras, no press.

    And even though I am in Camp Tori, she should not be trying to get this on her show.

    I have issues with my mother and have been waiting 10 years for her to pick up a phone and apologize for what happened. Many family members have tried to arrange a meeting, but if you don’t have 2 willing parties and it is done privately, it will never happen…life goes on with or without your parents.

  105. Sudini says:

    I do feel bad for Tori having a mother who has no idea how to be a good mother. But I also think Tori invited her in this way to ensure that her mother wouldn’t come. She had to know her mom wouldn’t want to be on TV for this moment. Even though on the outside it would be a grandmother meeting her granddaughter, it would really only serve to highlight the fact that they’ve been estranged all this time.

  106. Heather says:

    First and foremost Candy grow the $&%# up!!! This is what a jealous mother think about their daughter. If she had any respect for you or your family she would shut her mouth, swallow her ego, and do everything that you ask of her to be able to see her granchildren. Her bitching is just her way of saying “LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME”. Second Tori I have had the same problems in my life with a bad relationship with my mother, this created by her jealousy. Her and my sister are the best of friends. If she would have said some of the things to me that your mother has said to you I would have knocked her head completely off her shoulders. You do not need that kind of negativity around your children. You have a wonderful family filled with all your close friends, your husband and your children. You can always pick your friends but never your family, but your true friends are always your family. I have friends that know more about me than my own mother does and I prefer it that way. We share the blood and she is my mother but after everything that we have been through there is no TRUST, you need that for any relationship. If you can not trust what is going to happen or what your mother is going to do after don’t let her into the childrens lives. What is she going to tell them? Lies about you and the things that happened to make her look good. Probably. Lots of Love Tori You are the only person that can really decide what is best for your children.

  107. Dianne says:

    I’d be more apt to watch a show with Candy in it than Tori! And she is an excellent dresser….Candy, not Tori!
    Tori, blah, blah, blah

  108. nikki says:

    Candy is a bitch. Tori just wanted to allow her daughter and her mother to develop a relationship. Though Candy may not have wanted it to be at her first birthday party, she should have picked up the phone and rescheduled. There would have been no drama, no two part episode, no problem. But, Candy is a manipulative bitch and Tori should have known that Candy would somehow make this about herself and not about forming a bond with her grandchildren. How selfish and unclassy can one person be?

  109. Carol says:

    Here we go with Candy Spelling again about Tori! Let me tell Candy, I myself have a beautiful daughter that I don’t even associate with, and I think about her every single day, because of issues between her father/I,since our divorce many years ago, and she is 28 yrs old, she tends to ignore me as her mother, and it hurts me so bad, so Candy, if you love your daughter, and want to see your grandkids, then forget the past and move on, because life is too short to let any moment pass you by, and the same for Tori, and her family. Those grandkids need to know there grandparents regardless of how you two get along! So, make-up, and move on! Forget the Hollywood Gossip/ Spotlight, and think about family, as I wish my daughter would! Age is not a factor at all, just someone who wants to complain about it to add more to the comments to hurt others. Hurt is a bad word, and it can also break your heart, so quit writing letters to the Media/TMZ, or whatever, because it just makes you , Candy look worse as a mother/grandmother, and you are hurting not only your daughter, but your grandkids, and what are they going to think of you when they get older, that is if your still around! You never know what GOD has in store for you! Tori/Dean, you have a beautiful family, but don’t let the spotlight ruin that for you and your family! Keep your family close to your hearts, because the spotlight can certainly break all apart, as it has many others! Tori, just quit the hurt between you and mom, and move on, and let the kids know grandmom, as in real life it should be!

  110. maria says:

    candy is right! the whole time she was promoting her book it was about her mother -if she didnt have the drama going on with her mother she would not be as successful as she has become! she needs to quit crying already because it is getting old and candy is getting tired of it! i agree with candy that she wants ratings for her show and how else to get it but with a happy ending with her mother-sorry tori not the way to go.

  111. Carole says:

    If Tori is middle-aged, what’s that make Candy? Old-aged, Ancient, Over-the-hill? Pick one!

  112. Tina says:

    It’s really sad to see a mother and daughter live this way when it doesn’t have to be. I think they should try to resolve their differences privately and maybe with a counselor. In my opinion family is something more valuable than money and both sides are currently losing out.Life is short and they don’t think about it now but someday it will be too late to say “I love you and I am sorry.” When this day comes both of them will wish they put this garbage aside and did things differently.Good luck to them both.

  113. Nicole says:

    Candy Spelling clearly suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. No way would I let that woman anywhere near my kids if I were Tori.

    Tori isn’t perfect, either, but she came out pretty well, considering the damage an NPD mother can cause a child.

  114. jelena says:

    i think best thing tori can do is become kinda mum she never got to have, enjoy her kids and forget all the hurt she experienced with her own mother. i wouldnt blame her if she disowned her either. its like, that woman is VILE.

    p.s. i forgot to add, candy can have all the $$$ she wants but she will still be miserable, envious OLD w(b)itch. im so happy her daughter became so popular that she became envious of her lol. it certanly serves her right!!

  115. oh please says:

    oh please… Ok so here it is… Candy is mad because she has no power anymore. Her daughter does not need her for money. And really not even her love. Yes it is getting sad to see so many kids in front of a camera, but it is also creative editing! I think her kids are super smart and well rounded. The show is based on what Tori goes through and I think it does a great job! Tori does not let the camera’s follow Liam to school or play dates. Tori has grown up in the spot light and does a great job of editing her kids to have as much as a normal life as she can. Can you image if she didn’t do the show? The Pap’s would NEVER let her and her childeren along.. Good job Tori.

  116. Michael says:

    I think Candy should get a life. She has all this money and nothing to do but bit__ about her daughter. I have watched the show and it is great. Tori doesnt have to let her kids see Grandma, even though she needs to have a grandma in their life. I think Aaron would turn over in his grave with all this drama going on. Candy, get a life. Tori keep doing what you are doing.

  117. Lauren says:

    The thing is Candi Spelling is a bitch and I think she is losing sympathy fast with all this public bashing. Woman, you are in your 60’s and have the maturity level of a snobby teenager! This is almost like a bad scene from “Mean Girls”! I will be the first to say that maybe it was tacky for Tori to invite her mother to a filming of the show to see her granddaughter for the first time. The really sad thing is that Candi and Tori live in the same city and the little girl will be turning one and this IS the first time her grandmother will see her. Does it really mateer whether cameras will be there or not? Do you want to see your only granddaughter or not? Especially when it shouldn’t matter since Candi herself is making this matter so public. I doubt this woman ever wants to see her grandchildren. She’s making such a hostile environment that a reunion is practically impossible. If she chose not to participate in the festivities, an email stating that would’ve surficed. As for Tori being spoiled, yes I am sure Tori grew up very spoiled. However, I am also sure that it was Aaron who spoiled her and not so much Candi. Tori was the apple of Aaron’s eye and Candi I am sure was very jealous of that. I am not a big Tori fan, however, Candi carries most of the blame here. This is her only daughter!

  118. Wendie Yancey says:

    Both of you have played this for your benefit. Actually you would be the last person I would be waiting for to arrive at th B-day Party. If you did not want ot make you introduction to your grandaughter on Tv then why did you not just phone and say you would like to meet her before the party. Then attend the party. What the hell Lady! She was big enough to extend the invite why could you not be cordial. My mother would never treat me that way. My mother loves me even when she doesn’t like me. It is called unconditional love. Does it really matter who said what and when. Get a life and enjoy your family becuase when it comes down to it family is all you have.

  119. judyg says:

    Candy Spelling is a disgrace! Although I’m a Chelsey Handler fan, Candy invited her into her house after all the nasty things that Chelsey had said about Tori! My daughter and I have a difficult relationship at times, but I would NEVER treat her that way. The B needs to just keep her mouth shut concerning her daughter. I think her actions now show what a lousy mother she was!

  120. bee says:

    how about the fact that she wouldn’t have to do a reality show if her greedy mama would share some of the wealth with her daughter. i can not image being that selfish. who needs that much money for themselves anyway? she’s going to regret it someday.

  121. nmd says:

    I think

  122. eileenk says:

    Ok, I am for team Tori, but if I had not met my grandchildren, nor spent time with my daughter in many years, a filmed for TV crowded birthday party IS NOT the place or time for a reunion…..and TMZ is not the place to communicate with your child either….same DNA I guess….drama, drama, drama…..

  123. Carol says:

    This is for DEAN! After reading other comments on family, and you have a son from a previous marriage, and you also have a adopted daughter? I really didn’t know that part, and you have completely forgotten about her since your divorce? If this is true, then I have no respect for you, what so ever! How could you adopt a child, and then ignore her? I see your son from your past marriage on the show, but never seen your adopted daughter, and that is a shame, and I deeply hurt that you would , if this is true, ignore her! Shame on Tori too if this is true, because , now she’s your new wife, and she should except the daughter from the past, as you should also, and do you know what your doing to this child if this is a true statement about you having an adopted daughter? I could never turn my back on a child, even if I had (2) by a new marriage. I’d love them all the same. What is family? If you don’t know, you better find out!

  124. Bran Bran says:

    Team Tori here!!! I wish these two could settle their differences and be a happy QUIET family but that isn’t going to be. Unfortunately much like you Candy lost my total respect when she said that Tori basically killed her father. That was low and inappropriate. He lived with Candy every day, not Tori. Perhaps it was Candy who killed him?!!

  125. fluffykitty says:

    Candy needs to be a classy woman and bow out gracefully. Tori is trying to do her best to provide a wonderful, stable and loving home for her husband and children (something she never got from her own mother). Tori is a working Mom too – Candy never did anything but sit on her butt and lavish herself in plastic surgery, diamonds and figure out ways to embarrass her kids. She blew it and she can’t turn back now, just leave Tori, Dean and the kids alone and let them have their own happy life.

  126. For Crying out loud!!!!!! Grow up all ready Candy.. I am a mom of three young girls almost 10, 8 & 6. I plan on being in their lives thru thick and thin.. I have watched Tori & Dean and I can truely as that Tori is NOT faking being so hurt about your broken relationship.. I know from growing up how it hurt to try so hard to get one of your parents to give you any attention.. The worst part is that you (Candy) where there around Tori.. My parent was not and it still pulls at my heart when I think about all the things my parent missed in my life… You had many chances and your daughter is reaching out to you whether it is on camera or not. It is NOT about you Candy or Tori it is about Liam and Stella and you (Candy) need to suck it up and be there for your family.. It’s the only one you have.. God for bid something happen to Tori,Dean and those Beautiful kids. Then how would you feel after bashing your Daughter into the ground??? If you were my parent and you did this to me I would Never forgive you.. Your daughter is still reaching out to you and If you have any ounce of love for her and your grandchildren you would reach right back and hold on tight to them. Or are you jealous of what Tori and her father had as a relationship that you will never love her?? You made her feel so unwanted and unloved how could you as a mother the person that gave birth to her.. I think you (Candy) are a cold hearted, manipulative and vindictive person. For you to say that Tori is airing all this on the air.. Then what the heck do you call what you are doing??? I think that you need to get off you high horse and stop being mommy dearest!!! All you are doing is ripping Tori’s heart out and stomping on it.. Soon your Grandchildren are going to be old enough to see what you are doing to their mom and they will not want to have anything to do with you..

  127. Lee says:

    Here’s the long and short of it. Candy Spelling is a jealous, narcissistic cruel excuse for a mother. She denied Tori her rightful inheritance out of spite and a need to control. This forced Tori out into the world to make her own money and she has done a great job of it. Who can blame her for taking the reality TV job. If you were able to make millions by allowing a camera crew to follow you around, wouldn’t you do it too? Part of the price means you have no privacy though. You can’t fault the girl. she did the best with what she had to provide for her family. Get off her case already!!!

  128. Andy says:

    Common sense. If your invited to a party to meet your granddaughter for the first time and your uncomfortable about how and where the meeting will be, pick up the phone and call your daughter and let her know you’d like to meet in private. Why make more out of it than that? I doubt Tori was trying to hurt her Mom in any way. She’s a busy mom and maybe she didn’t have the meeting all planned out in her head. Or maybe she did and thought that a party would be less stressful on everyone and would ease the tension in some way. Bottom line…our kids may not always make the best decisions in our eyes, but we do whatever it takes to support them. Tori has made a name for herself on her own and if her mom chooses not to participate well so be it. Maybe next time her invite could be over the phone instead of some other way. I wish they would just call eachother.

  129. kay says:

    will someone please shut up candy. she is nothing but an OVER-AGED, selfish, over rated, lipo suctioned, collagen injected air head. if she really wanted to meet her grand-daughter she would have by now. she’d rather point the finger of blame on someone else than admit any wrong on her part. she is a cold-hearted, hateful cow. if tori’s dad were alive, candy would not be acting this way or saying things in public. she a disappointment!!!

  130. Toni says:

    Dear Tori and Candy
    While I believe each of you have valid points of who did what to whom. Tough shit
    Life’s too short for all this crap what if one of you was to die tomorrow and you didn’t have the chance to say you’re sorry for whatever it really is that’s bothering you two. I was estranged for my mom for years and decided I can’t change it while I will never forget, It’s a hell of lot to forgive Life’s too short. If you can’t get past it then get on with it…… The choice is up to you

  131. Kristi says:

    Ok so skip all the back and forth with these 2 – the real question is “Why would anyone care what Candy Spelling has to say?” She just some stuck up old woman that is too self righteous to even forgive her daughter!! Seriously – is this really news worthy?

  132. Sandra says:

    This family proves that money can’t by love or happiness…..when will people realize this?

  133. Susan says:

    Shame on mom. As someone who loved, respected and lost her mom. Candy should never have had kids as far as I can tell
    I beat all the odds I grew up an abused child but overcame that to raise two great girls one a collage grad.making a good life for herself who still calls me at least 3-4 times a week and drives 4 hours to get home at least once a month, the other talks to me without fear of judgement. I did this without help for the first 16 years. Candy would never have made it a week. Tori just needs to keep on with her life, and though she may never succeed with Candy as long as she keeps trying she can look back after “mom dies” and at least know she tried.
    Good luck Tori.

  134. Melisa says:

    I think that Candy is just jealous of all the attention Tori is getting for being a good mother. Move on old lady! You have had your chance and all you do is blast it on TMZ. I am so team Tori on this one. She has tried giving her mother the benefit of the doubt and keeps getting burned. Personally I would give up and just disown my mother for pulling a stunt like that. Tori is a good person for trying to reach out without the cameras rolling and with. She can’t pause her life just to please her mother.

  135. hatsumomogirly says:

    Damn, this really struck a chord with everyone didn’t it?

  136. Laurie says:

    I feel sorry for Tori and Candy. They both need to grow up and get over whatever tore them apart. Children need to know their Grandparents, unless the Grandparents are crazy or evil. My Daughter and I had a falling out about 15 years ago. I left her Father for another man and although she was grown and on her own when this happened, she just won’t forgive me. I was only 16 when my Daughter was born, so we were more like Friends than Mother and Daughter. Her Father and I lived with his Parents until he got out of College. Since I was working and my Husband was going to College in Chapel Hill, NC, we didn’t have much of a family life as he only came home on the weekends. My Daughter became extremely close to her Grandmama and Grandfather. My Husband and I were so young when we got married that we were not the best Parents. Since my Ex-Husband and I have gotten older, of course we deeply regret the stupid things that we did. Once my Ex-Husband finished College and we bought a place of our own to live, our Daughter did not want to live with us as she didn’t want to leave her Grandmama. We had no idea that it bothered her that we didn’t raise her as she always acted like she was happy staying there with her Grandmama. Since she lives behind her Father, I am not allowed to see her as I would have to drive across his land to get to her house. I just want her to try to forgive me before one of us dies, as you never know when your time is up.

  137. Bettie says:

    What Middle aged!!!! Tori is not that by far. Its sad that Candy will not put the past behind her and move on and see her grandchildren. Grow up Candy. Life is to short. You are truly missing out. My dad did the same and now he is very sorry. Start being a Mother and a grandmother.

  138. jmlbmw says:

    I think all of you need to get a life. REALLY!!! Who gives a damn about what anyone else is doing with their life. Wake up people! It’s a sad state of affairs when all you people have to do is sit and watch other people live out their mundane lives! Live your own life… turn off the TV… laptop… pda… palm… etc… etc… go make love to your significant other… or take your kids to the park… or whatever! Just so long as it’s YOUR life and not some fake crap on the tube or twitter! OK? OK!

  139. Jeri says:

    I have watched Tori and family on TV and as always, Tori is giddy and acts like she knows what life is all about. What ever happened between her mother and her should be forgotten, put behind them and try to move on like a family. Tori gives the impression that as long as she pops out babies, she is creating her own family and doesn’t need her mother. I have to side with Candy Spelling. Tori has always acted like a spoiled brat and even in 90210 she was the classic blonde idiot. I think her acting needs some real cleaning up. She is not too good to speak to her mother. And I agree that the meeting should be private. Tori has layed her entire life out for the whole world to see. It is disgusting at times. Some things are better kept private, but I don’t think Tori knows the meaning of the word “private”. Her mother probably doesn’t have anymore time on her hands than she did before her husband passed away. A mother and daughter should be close. It is amazing how daughters think they can teach their mothers things, when everything they learn comes from their mother. Take a break Tori. Grow up and stop thinking that you know it all.

  140. shaneka says:

    Who the heck cares!!! These people make more money than all of us put together and yet many of us have wasted precious time away from our own families to view and comment on these people. Here is a tip: Turn off the t.v, get off the computer and pick up a book. Leave Tori and Candy to their millions.

  141. Paula says:

    I personally can’t stant either one of them…but I think I might side with Tori on this one. Sure she is doing whatever for her stupid reality show, but Candy just needs to ignore it. There is no benefit in her sending a letter to TMZ that makes her sound hateful. One of them really needs to take the “upper road”

  142. gee is tori stii upset because her mom did not give her another million dollor wedding in less then a year and yes dean is a good dad to the ones he has now what about the others also did he think she was getting more of dads money then she did neither one is anything to look at and tori would not be on tv if it was not for her dad giving her a spot he reminds me of another worthless dad named federline i think candy did to much for this plain jane when she was young and a nose job did not help her looks

  143. mistic says:

    I am sorry that Tori had such a horrorible, no fun childhood, but she still hasn’t grown up.

    These to need to do three things in my opinion.

    Tori- Write a letter outlining every wrong thing your mother ever did, burn it, and let go of the past.

    Grow-up you spoiled rich kid. Get you nose out of fames behind and take care of that beautiful little girl.

    Forgiveness may not be in your cards right now, but it never will be if you don’t start talking to your mom.

    Candy-Get that stuck in the air nose out of your daughter’s personal life. You are a grown woman. Start acting like it.

    Do whatever it takes, like talking to Tori, to see that grandbaby. if that requires camera’s then jump in with both feet.

    Enjoy your life. Stop witching about every little thing, and don’t ever tell a kid they are not beautiful or they killed their parent.

    You both are creeps and the only on suffering in all this is that baby. I hope the two women in her life can grow up enough to provide her with the love and attention she needs to become a stable and wonderful adult.

  144. michelle says:

    I did not know Dean had a daughter. I can’t believe he abandoned her. He was starting to annoy me with all his sex talk, now I can’t stand him. Thank God Tori is working so he has money, otherwise he may leave her too. I did’t know that his son Jack lives with them. In one episode he was coming home from he helping him with homework, so I don’t think he lives there. That would cramp Tori and Deans life wayy too much. I do think Candy needs to get a life and grow up. You only are here for a short time. Why be miserable? Life is too short. She is the mom, she neede to approach Tori. Why are they fighting anyways? Is it because of Tori’s divorce? Or is Candy that mean and miserable? By the way, why are people saying Tori is ugly? She is in noway ugly or too skinny. People need to get glasses. I hope that they can soon resolve all their problems or just cut ties.

  145. Teejal says:

    I read these posts and I think about the back and forth of Candy and Tori and I think about Aaron Spelling. Did he (Aaron Spelling) really intend for his legacy (grandchildren, great grandchildren) to be cut off? Because that is essentially what happened when Tori and her brother did not receive anything from the will? Or from what I understand it was a very paltry sum compared to what his estate was worth. I imagine that man wanted to leave a legacy to his grand children and GREAT grandchildren no matter how they got here! Wow! We have such a short time on earth! Will this fued even matter when it’s time for Stella’s daughter (or child) to get married? But what will matter is that she could provide for her child’s wedding and that HER grandfather made provision for it whether she is able to see monetary benefits of it or not!

  146. c says:

    I didn’t find that letter all that bad. I expected worse from her for some reason. I really like Tori and the show and clearly there are family drama issues like most families but I can understand her mother’s point of view… on SOME things. The party okay. Candy didn’t want her part of the drama to be aired. That’s reasonable. I did not like how she gave a huge guilt trip to Tori about her father though. That is really not appropriate mother behaviour. It’s more what the Eminem’s mom and Lindsay Lohan’s dad types would do. Not good Candy. Tori should get some credit. From what I’ve seen she does look like she’s working hard and seems to want to be a good parent. What more can you ask for from a kid?

  147. Ang says:

    Candy, Candy, Candy…
    The only thing Aaron ever taught you was how to spend money at the country club. If you had any brain in that waste of space, you would see that your daughter is happy. Get over yourself and let people live their lives in peace…Oh, by the way, you’re in desperate need of your botox application again!

  148. Donthatemate says:

    Seriously, you all need to get a life. I don’t see anything wrong with that letter. It sounds to me like Tori’s showbiz friends who control entertainment news are trying to spin this. I hate you all.

  149. Ann OnOmous says:

    Candy Spelling exemplifies the saying that money doesn’t buy class. REGARDLESS of the differences between her and her daughter, she should have the good grace to remember, “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

    My daughter, unbeknownst to me, had “issues” about her upbringing. Her misperceptions – amonth other things – had resulted in her living her life in an unfortunately inappropriate and self-destructive way. After she brought the “issues” to my attention, I knew that, in most instances, they were skewed memories from a child’s perspective. After we talked, and I explained how things REALLY were, she not only understood but had a renewed respect and appreciation for me. HOWEVER, it was not until AFTER she angrily told a number of lies to my husband to try and hurt me and destroy my marriage, as well as caused me much humiliation in our small community.

    In February of last year, she and her boyfriend were one of five couples who had their marriage proposals televised, sponsored by Kay Jewelers. After the proposal was aired, many vicious and nasty comments about my daugher were made on the network’s website. She and I were estranged at the time, due to her trying to sabotage my marriage. Even at that, while I was EXTREMELY angry with her and hurt, I went on the website and DEFENDED her! THAT’S what a mother does!

    SHAME on Candy Spelling!!!

  150. wharrington says:

    These problems are nothing new to families, however, the only reason this is reported because they are the SPELLINGS. Well, excuse me! Do we really care? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Off I go attempting to smooth over a relationship with my daughter-in-law from h….

  151. YAC says:

    Talk about MOMMA DEAREST, Candi, why is she so hard on her daughter? After all she raised and taught Tori everything about Hollywood!! Especially how to spend money on plastic surgery.This Grandmaw’s face is so tight she talks out of a peep hole.

    I truly think Candi is jealous that her daughter has moved on and is trying to have some what of a normal life in a make believe world of Hollywood. Even if it is on a TV reality show.

    Its is sad that with all the money the Spellings have no one is happy.

    This will effect the grand children for life. Stupid can’t be corrected. This is what I think, how stupid this really is.

    Come on ladies grow up and consider the babies!!

  152. Sterling says:

    Tori for killing her father, I doubt that very much. It was Candy’s abuse toward him and her live-in lover! Candy also in Mr. Spelling’s hour of demise she changed the will and had him sign it. I sure he didn’t know what he was signing and in the end almost disinherited his only daughter by only leaving her $100,000. Come on Candy, shame on you! You have made her resort to selling her house, her belongings to do reality show…after what you did to her how was she suppose to make a living in the style her father provided. Her father had plenty to share and you took that legacy away from her. All you have now is your new fancy pad on the East Coast and shopping. What’s your life worth without your children and grandchilden now Candy?

  153. lucy says:

    Does Candy have a cone shaped cranium, or is she rockin’ the bumpit?

  154. mamaofjj says:

    Several words come to mind when I think of Candy Spelling….Sad, lonely, desperate, vindictive and petty. Isn’t she supposed to be the adult in this situation? That means shut your big trap and swallow your pride. You teach your children by example, so if she feels as her daughter is being ungrateful and spiteful, she had to have learned it somewhere. Unfortunately, most people don’t change. Candy will die alone and regretful that she didn’t let things go and get to know her wonderful grandchildren.

  155. Tim says:

    I think Tori’s mother is just a miserable bitch jealous of her daughter’s success.

    She has so much money the only thing left in life to complain about is her daughter. She calls Tori middle-aged?

    Candy, please take a look in the mirror!

    If Tori is middle aged then you must be exteme elderly.

    I think that Candy should just shut her mouth and mind her own business.

    It is up to Tori and Dean whether or not they want this miserable wretch in their daughters life.

  156. Marcia says:

    WOW!! Candy you are really out there! You still don’t own up to being a terrible mother. First of all you have almost a whole year to meet Stella, you could have even been there for her birth and YOU once again chose not to be there and be a part of your grandchildren’s lives! You should be ashamed of yourself! You always manage to come up with some excuse. Enough already! You could die tomorrow and never have made amends. I am mother of three, two grown and one teenager and no matter what they will always be my children and I will love them till the day I die. Candy you need to GROW UP and start being a mother to Tori and grandmother to Liam and Stella! They are two innocent children who don’t care about your past. You are their only grandparent that is still able to see them. So LET THE PAST GO and be the better person for once in your life!!!

  157. Barbara says:

    My, My! Can you just imagine what kind of wife Candy was to Aaron. No wonder Tori and her dad had a tight bond. They were there for each other. Candy could not control their relationship until Aaron became housebound. She even stole Tori’s last months with her father. What a jealous, spiteful bitch. She has not earned the title of “mother”. Candy also stole Tori’s inheritance. I’m sure she was behind Aaron changing his will. Also, Tori’s “has” to work, she needs the money from her Reality Show while the woman who gave birth to her was fortunate enough to marry money. Candy has also stolen the title “Queen of Mean” from Leona Helmsley. No wonder Tori has low self esteem. I’ll be your mom, Tori!

  158. ms.b says:

    unfortunate situation. the children “seem” to be happy but what a sad life. dean IS looked at as a low life and as well. leaving one bed and jumping into another is not cool. i mean it has not cooled down. hot pants he has. moral does not. candy pathetic horrible way to act as a mother but she does not know how to act………

  159. Denoit says:

    Please shut up and go see your grand daughter. All the conditions in the world are just going to have you be “right” and your daughter “wrong”. While it feels good in the moment to write a letter like that – you’ll always be left with “estrangement” and not love and related-ness. Get over it, grow up and be responsible for how your relationship is now.

  160. KJ says:

    I can’t believe that a grandmother has the audacity to ADMIT that she has never met her 1 year old granddaughter, ever. WTH? Sad, sad, sad…

  161. michelle says:

    Booo Freakin Hooooo. It’s a rough life to be rich n snotty, go buy a new benz n drive on for chrisss’ sake!!! Nobody needs to hear your personal woes. I guess it ALL makes for good TV? EH?

  162. Suzanne says:

    Ok she needs to zip it already! MEET YOUR GRANDAUGHTER AND BE A GRANDMA FOR G-D’S SAKE! Tori needs to give up on her….She is a hateful, mean person! Enough said….

  163. FL Gurl says:

    Tori is making money the only way she knows how – off her name – and even that only got her a reality show.

    Candy is an evil, mean, cold-hearted, coniving… She is so diluted to think that everyone must worship her – everything must be on her terms. She is the epitomy of a control freak. She raised Tori – that “middle-aged reality star” is a product of her genes and her environment. Take some responsibility Candy!! Tori, kick this b-otch to the curb!

  164. angelson says:

    The two of them are so ugly! I hope the grandkids are better looking. Tori doesn’t know what reality is any more. I’m with the mother on this one. Aaron Spelling would probably cut them both out of the will if he saw what was going on. This is worse than a bad 90210 episode.

  165. Richard says:

    I am absolutely disgusted with the things that Tori’s mother has been writing and saying!!!! She should be ashamed of the mere THOUGHT of saying that Tori ‘killed her father’, but no, that wasn’t good enough, Candy Spelling actually came out and let that disgusting thought become public!!!!…she should be ten kinds of ashamed!!! She complains that she doesn’t want a meeting with her grand daughter to be in front of a camera rolling, but if that is a such a problem, then why does she have NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER going public with her nasty comments toward her daughter?!?!?!?!? Candy Spelling, you are a horrible mother that should not be a part of your daughter’s or your granddaughter’s lives until you EARN THAT RIGHT!!!! WHERE/WHEN DOES YOUR RESPONSIBILITY IN THIS WHOLE SITUATION COME INTO PLAY??????? you are acting like a child and have nothing to be proud of!!!!!! I don’t understand why you have such a problem going to a ‘big party’ in honor of your granddaughter’s 1st birthday…there are children EVERYDAY that are turning 1 and MANY of those children are getting a large party to celebrate it…what is your problem?!?!?!?!?!? I have no use for you and neither should Tori!!!!! I am amazed that Dean has not gone off on you with his thoughts in this whole mess that you have exacerbated and made quite nasty, but he is most certainly holding back out of respect for his wife…that, I’m sure, you can be thankful for.

    You are a witch and your actions are disgraceful!

  166. Ria says:

    Mother and Grandmother from hell. She has all the money and still cannot find happiness. She is a bitter unhappy person. Pathetic…

  167. Jean Michael says:

    I don’t care if Candy was the worst mother ever. She’s not the one using her children as props in a reality show. Tory is as cunning as her mother or worse. I think the Department of social services (or whatever you call it in California) should take those two little babies away from Tory and Dean. The reason: psychological child abuse. Those two “loving” parents are using their babies for their own gain. They are evil.

  168. V. Millar says:

    I have to admit I wasn’t a big fan but her mother saying that it Tori who caused her father’s death is just plain evil !! I can’t imagine my mother saying such a thing. She is a mean , bitter old woman!
    Also , Tori is not old enough to be middle aged. Using that
    term for a young women just shows that she’s trying to hurt her…. she is jealous of her own daughter.
    Very sad 🙁
    She has set out a jewellery line and a show and done it without any help
    (not that she’d get any) from Candy.
    So I’m team Tori !
    You go girl and forget about Candy.

  169. Jennifer says:

    It just seems to me Candy Spelling seems a bit Jealous of her own Daughter….Could it be that Tori was “Daddys little Girl” and Candy wasn’t??? Candy sure seems to have alot to say about Tori’s life when she isn’t really in it. Grow up grandma!!! maybe it’s time you get off your high horse and start acting your age and be a part of Tori’s life and your grand childrens life…Your acting spoiled rotten and petty!! or one day you will wake up one bitter old women with nothing but your collections of stuff….

  170. Karen says:

    Okay Candy is killing me. She did a special with Barbra Walters or someone where they toured her house & when Candy was talking about meeting or should I say not meeting her grandkids she shows zero emotion. If my child & I were estranged and I didn’t get to spend time with my child & grandchild I would be devastated and emotional. I think most people would be. She shows over & over that she has no care for her child. She slanders her at every turn. I realize Tori may be doing the same but as a parent I would never retaliate I would just let it go and always try to repair my relationship. Obviously that is not what is important to Candy.

  171. Wowtorihasashow says:

    I didn’t even know Tori had a reality show.

    So, who’s Candy and when is her show on?

  172. Logan says:

    Candy does what Candy wants to do. Therefore, Candy has not visited her granddaughter, because Candy does not want to visit her granddaughter. The end.

  173. Barb says:

    Tori needs to stop seeking her mother’s approval. Tori also seems to have an idealized concept of “family” and continues to beat her head against a wall where her mother is concerned. Tori has a wonderful husband, kids and friends. She should just let it go with her mother. I know it’s not easy but I’ve “been there” and it will only continue to cause her pain as long as she continues to look for something that exists only in her head. I’d bet her mother will never come around. Her mother’s excuse that she doesn’t even know where Tori lives is b.s. A woman with her power can find out anything…and I’d bet she knows full well where to find her daughter. Tori should concentrate on what she does have, which is a lot, and not on what she doesn’t have and really won’t like when she gets it.

  174. Sharon says:


  175. Pamela says:

    I suggest Mrs. Spelling research the definition of MOTHER. Buy & read books on MOTHERING & use some of her wealth to actually meet & talk with MOTHERS of children who have credited their Mother with their success in their own life. For her to learn what & how it is to be a LOVING & UNCONDITIONAL MOTHER. It’s sad to realize Mrs. Spelling never obtained & possibly choose not to be a true mother to Tori, but it is never too late!

    Speak to these children & ask them what their Mother taught them, how she treated them & why they love her so much? You may want to start with Michael Phelps(even he is not perfect as none of us are), but we know his entire family have a “FAMILY BOND.”

    Some advise from a Mother….NEVER turn down a chance to be with your child (even if she is an adult)& even more important NEVER turn down an invitation to be with your grandchildren. Life is too short not to FORGIVE. FORGIVENESS SETS YOU FREE, Mrs. Spelling, to go on living! You are not really living with all this pettiness YOU are making for yourself & yes, your family. YOU are the older ADULT here & the most ACCOUNTABLE. At least Tori took a step to reach out to you. Granted TV may not have been an ideal first time meeting place, but it beats you not seeing, holding & caressing your grandchildren. YOU are the MAIN LOOSER here. For the REAL LOOSERS, YOUR GRANDCHILDREN do not know you, so how can they miss what they have never had?THERE ARE MANY LOVING PEOPLE IN Tori’s life who GLADLY & LOVINGLY take your place. I assure you as the G-children mature they will come to resent you & YOU will be responsible for a permanent VOID in their life. You have said publically cruel words about your daughter. If you do the above research & soul searching you will learn MOTHERS do not act in this manner. I ONLY SAY IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO MAKE AMENDS. I would act quickly for no one knows if one will be here in the next moment let alone tomorrow. I am not taking sides I am only commenting on FAMILY & lOVE for as a successful career woman it is my FAMILY who give me my greatest reward, LOVE.

    PS: Aknowledge that your daughter is a successful daughter, wife, MOTHER & business woman & celebrate not covet her success. WOW, ALL OF YOU COULD BE HAPPY!

  176. kacee says:

    The whole family is a mess.

  177. Remedy says:

    LOL @ Al Scweitzer… choke on your own vomit, fool.

    First off- It’s “kvetching”. Second- Whoever you agree or disagree with, you can’t call going to a TABLOID classy. Sorry. She’s handling this in an immature fashion, right or not. You want to post an open letter? I’m all for that IF you handle it sensibly. Post it in your blog or on a reputable site. But this is ridiculous. She’s guilty of all she claims her daughter is doing.

    To all you people who say “A mother will break down doors to be with her grandchildren and nothing will stop them” dear God you’re hilarious. Not only did my mother NOT get involved with my nephew, she said idiotic things to get us all banned from my brother and his wife’s life just to keep her away from him. *IF* I ever had children, I would not allow her near them, no matter what. Not every mother gives a damn.

    On top of all of this, I’m not taking any side. I’m not really a fan of Tori particularly, and her mother is being ridiculous, valid points or not. They both need to dry up and blow away.

  178. nancy lee says:

    Candy Spelling has truly shown her true colors, about as far back as I can remember..she is obviously very jealous of her daughter and very vicous too!

  179. DEBBIE MCCLEERY says:

    Gramma, your daughter is providing for her family the same way your husband and you did. Showbiz is I believe the way you would put it. You taught her well as did her father. Tori was right in one show when she said they were always talking about her and making things up so she gave them what they wanted Tori Spelling, good for her. You on the other hand are providing another avenue on one of the old classic fairy tales, however deciding which witch you play is up for grabs. This about you having power and control, you could give a s… about those kids, cause if you did you would be therelady. Shame on you and any pretense you have for other than that. Tori you provide for you and your family, take care of those kids, and have a great family and love with your husband. I wish I had that!!

  180. I agree that Candy Spelling is simply jealous of her daughter. I am a grandmother, and can tell you that nothing, but nothing would stop me from seeing my gradchildren, but then again, I don’t have all that money that allows people like Candy to do whatever she pleases.

  181. boosmom says:

    Why do any of you care. I find minding my own business takes all my time.

    None of you know either of these women so I don’t know how you could possible have an opinion.

  182. Nikole says:

    Candy needs a reality check, when you have kids its no longer about you its about them.Its beyond me how a mother could be jealous of the attention that her child gets from anyone. Shes the adult and not the child. If she really wanted to see her granddauhter I really doubt that anyone could stop her. All of this seems to be a publicity stunt or is she suffering from the green monster. She should be proud of Tori for standing on her own and making a name for herself or is it thats what all the issue is about. Did she expect or hope that Tori would fall flat on her face and come crawling to her for help. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, the past is the past and the future is what you make it. She needs to put her feelings aside and reach out to her daughter before that option is no longer open to her.

  183. Ken says:

    My take on this back and forth between mother and daughter is that it is unfortunate. I side with the mother because it seems as if Tori is a spoiled child who chose to punish her ailing father because he did not give her enough from his estate in his will. I also do not find her physically attractive. On the other hand, Candy is quite beautiful.

  184. Deborah B**g says:

    It’s easy to forgive Tori any of her poor decisions if this was the example of a mother she grew up with.

    Candy Spelling has always impressed me as being a spoiled rotten complete narcissist of a human being who, it seems, is looking to cut her daughter at any price. If I was in Tori’s position, I might want a video record of this meeting myself- if for no other reason than to protect myself.

    Candy Spelling will be gone soon and Tori will be left with nothing but memories because you know that vindictive mother of hers will cut her out of the will, and the fortune made by her FATHER, not Candy.

    Candy Spelling: you are a HORRIBLE excuse of a mother.

  185. Joy says:

    I agree with Candy, Tori needs to stop whining about how she has so much to do by being a full time mom and has a full time job, but has onsite sitters and a nanny. I’m sick of hearing about what a workaholic she is and she wants to be the best mom! Just do it! Stop talking about it! Plus, she’s using her estranged relationship with her Mother to boost ratings, it should be done in private! Very tacky, Tori!

  186. Deborah Ward says:


  187. Kim Roberson says:

    Candy Spelling is a BITCH!

  188. Lauran says:

    team peace here… i think its very funny how candy posted this blog or whatever, and she most likely thought she would get AMAZING reviews for it… but… she mostly got slammed for being a terrible mother. come on. why does she feel the need to slam her daughter in every way she can? i mean honestly, does she ever really expect to see her grandkids after this? suck it up, be a good person, deal with the cameras, and see the kids… (since thats all you ever think about) and forget about your problems! its not that hard… really!!! and tori really needs to drop her issues with her mom, and let the kids see their grandmother. just because things were bad with her mother when she was a kid, doesn’t mean they will be bad with the kids. 🙂

  189. Lynn T says:

    Tori and Dean deserve each other. They are only concerned with how “they feel” not a moments thought as to how their previous spouses and children would be affected by their blatant selfishness. Candy, I am certain that you did the best job possible in raising your now “middle aged” daughter. I hope you find some peace in your life. Enjoy all that you have acheived. I admire your admirable courage.

  190. Lauran says:

    oh… and one more thing…
    at least tori looks good for what candy called “middle age” cany doesn’t look so hott for what we call “old hag”

  191. terra says:

    Candi is wrong!!! You stand by your children threw thick and thin. Your their parents no matter what. You share all the joys and all the tears even if you dont like what they say. Shes choosing to not be a part of her daughters life and shes taking it out on her grand kids. It was a big step for Tori to invite her mother to the party and Candi being the older and supposedly wiser should have gone running with arms open. No wonder Tori has a problem with her mom. Candi get over it and get back together with your daughter before its too late. As you can tell Iam on Toris side

  192. Lynn T says:

    Oh and by the way, Candy I love the orange outfit. You look fabulous!

  193. Todd says:

    I think Mrs. Spelings comments are shameful and extrememly cuastic towards her daughter. I can’t imagine what Tori and her late father and any siblings, or relation have had to tolerate with reagrds to their relations w Mrs. Spelling. I think Tori and family are fortunate the the “grandmother” has stayed away and can only imagine that Mr. Spelling is turning in his grave over his wife’s remarks. I consider myself fairly grounded yet opinionated and don’t have much sympathry for “hollywood brat – packers”. However, watching Tori on screen, I have found little fault with her on screen behavior with regards to her interactions w her Dean and their children. Considering her upbringing, I think she’s one hell of a mom and wife. I think Tori has matured and completely loves her family. It’s evident she cares about her mother( and lord know why ). What happened to the Mrs. Spelling’s maternal instincts? At some point you have to decide you want to resolve these issues with your children ( at least attempt some type of reconciliation ) – SOMEONE HAS TO TAKE TAKE THE HIGHER ROAD! I can’t fathom treating a child that way. Mrs. Spellings statements are insulting to her role as a mother and as a person. Tori’s lucky to have a close knit support group ( husband and friends ). I have always been an advocate for family but sometimes you have to “write” them off if the relations are not healthy. Mrs. Spelling definitly doesn’t have a healthy attitude towards her child and I think she needs to seek counseling – it’s just not natural. Hold your head high Tori – you are the better person. I can’t imagine the pain you are experiencing with the loss of your mother. Im very close w mine and consider myself fortunate. I wish you and Dean and you chiildren much happiness and love.

  194. Buster says:

    Who does Candy think she is?? Tori did make it big with help from her father. Who would Candy be without Aaron? Candy is just jealous. No mother should treat their daughter like this. And knocking Tori out of Aaron’s will that is just mean.

  195. Yvonne says:

    I feel so sorry for Candy who will die alone and miserable. I’ve been watching Tori’s show and like it and her. She really is amazingly down to earth for being a celebrity. Dean has turned out to be a great guy for her and a great father. Her father has to be happy to know that she is so happy and made the right choice.
    Tori, stop reading anything about your mom, there is nothing you can do there. Because of her history I would want everything concerning her documented myself.

  196. JCB says:

    If Candy refers to Tori as middle-aged, does that make Candy an old, decrepit geriatric? What a shrew.

  197. Deborah B**g says:

    Tori Spelling is 36 years old. Since WHEN is that “middle aged”???

    Candy Spelling: Be Gone before someone drops a house on you, too. You WITCH

  198. westindya says:

    wow. candy. what a way to embarrass yourself. tori has to realize that this woman will always be her mother (no way around that), but she most certainly does not have to be her friend or anything else.

    tori doesn’t need someone who does not wish her well. and it takes a lot more than bloodline to make a family. SHAME on you Candy. I mean! W.O.W.

  199. Shar says:


  200. Barbara Waterhouse says:

    From Manx Tori’s Mother is now nor will she ever be a grandmother. I was at the hospital for my daughter and my grandchildren. Candy is just jealous of her daugthter’s relationship with her father and that is sad.Good Luck Tori and Dean keep the faith. Candy you need to grow up and learn to respect your child before its to late.

  201. jami says:

    I am sure that Tori and Dean’s shows of affection toward their children on the show are not fake, i think the love is there and showed to the kids with or without cameras rolling. I also do not think that Tori has been mean in the things she has said concerning her mother. She wrote an autobiography, it wouldn’t be much of an autobiography if she didn’t tell about her life, and her feelings. And who the hell cares if they wanted to be with each other and not their former spouses? people fall in and out of love, and if they were not happy before, dont they deserve to be with someone else? People are so freaking judgemental! Tori and Dean seem to really love and care for each other and their kids, they seem like a happy family who enjoy being together, they work hard, they arent a drain on our society, so why would any of you haters want to say such awful things about people? Are you that unhappy in your own lives that you cant be happy for others? Seems so.

  202. Kathy says:

    Candy, what kind of mother tries to make her daughter look bad?? I guess you must really be jealous of your daughter to actually put her through all this or you are so starved for attention that you will use who ever even your own granddaughter to get attention. Grow Up!!! Maybe if you try to act like a parent you might actually get to be a part of your daughter and grandchildrens lives.

  203. Terri in Washington State says:

    Candy, grow up for goodness sake. You are a horrible example of a grandmother, much less a mother. You give all us grandmothers a bad name. As a grandma (Nana) I find it very upsetting how you are not mature enough to move on from whatever happened between you and Tori. Tori, love you, Dean and the kids. You are an example of what a mother should be and especially what a daughter is. You never give up on your mom and that is commendable. Just don’t let all this come between you and Dean, it isn’t worth it. Be a mom to your kids as your mother never was to you. Love ya!!

  204. shauna says:

    People get over it. Let it go.. There are millions of disfunctional families (rich and poor) in this world. We can’t dwell on one (the Spellings). If the mom is a bitch so what I too have had my bitch mom times. I too have had brat*E kids (grown up now and still brats). I may not have publically bashed them, but so what. The bottom line if Candy wants to let her daughter know how she feels publically she can do that. If any reader wants to do the same write your local newspaper, better yet any newpaper. Leave celebrities alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  205. Mrs. Weaver says:

    OMG!!! I can’t believe THAT WOMAN!! Tori is so NOT middle aged, that number 1. She is a great mother, unlike her own mother who feels that she needs to SPOUT OFF for everyone to see. She complains that she can’t see her grandchildren, why doesn’t she just take the invitation at what it was, an olive branch from her daughter. But NOOO, not Queen Candy!!! She’s more worried about the cameras then about having a relationship with her daughter and grandchildren. She just makes me nausous.

  206. lily says:

    Why do all of you care about these people? Do you have nothing better to do with your own life? pay attention to your own family.

  207. Baconheart says:

    Never could stand that little jewel of a beast child Tori.

  208. lilmama says:

    who really cares tori is making money in reality tv dad made money in the world of make believe and both reap the rewards everybody go home happy arite

  209. Stephanie says:

    For Candy to come out and say Tori caused her father’s death is just plain evil !! I can’t imagine anybody saying such a thing. She is a bitter old woman!
    Tori is only 35 that doesn’t make her middle aged. Tori reached out and invited Candy to the birthday party and for her to email and say she would not be attending. She needs to get over herself. If it was me I would cut all ties to Candy. Candy donesn’t want to have a relationship with Tori or the grandchilderen.

  210. JaundiceMachine says:

    I don’t know Candy, but I know her type.

    If I were Tori, I would have cut the cord the minute Mommie went running to the Tabs telling everyone that I killed Daddy.

    The only way Mommie-Dearest would ever be invited to the party was if her every word/gesture/breath would be documented on film. More liable to play nice, you see.

    Then again, I had a Mommie-Dearest of my own. Had to learn all my lessons the hard way.

  211. GAD123 says:

    Candy makes Mommy Dearest look like a friggin Angel…Grow up already old lady ….Everything is not all about you! This is your daughter and your grandchildren…flesh and blood…Enough already…you were just Tori’s Mom and Aaron’s wife for crying out loud…Without them you were nobody…Get over yourself

    I wouldn’t want my kids to come within ten feet of a crab like her..Her nastiness may be contagious

  212. truly middle aged says:

    What did Forrest Gump say? “Stupid is as stupid does” How true of Candy (mother of the year) Spelling. A huge dose of laughter is exactly how Tori should react to that classless statement.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Candy Spelling didn’t just suddenly become a nasty rich bitch. It is well publicized that she has been a nasty rich bitch for a very long time and particularly nasty to her own daughter when she was young! Who in their right mind belittles their own flesh and blood IN PUBLIC, and then expect that child to greet you with open arms?! Uhhh, is she stoned?

    Tori may have her share of problems and created a host of others, who doesn’t and who hasn’t? But she truly doesn’t deserve to be in the cross hairs of her own mother who is SUPPOSED to be a parent for life!

    The worst though is openly stating that she (Tori) “killed” her father?!?! It may have been metaphorical in nature (I hope) and done so for effect, but what a nasty, vile she-devil Candy Spelling is!

  213. Debbie says:

    OMG! Woman. Go see your grandbabies! I have a grandson who lives at least a two days drive from me, and trust me, IF I could afford and thought my car would actually make it there, I would be visiting so often, THEY’D get tired of me! I’ve only met my grandson 2 times, the last time was 3 years ago when he was 2 1/2! Do the math! Be better than this. Go see those grandbabies of yours. You’re missing out on something time will NEVER give back!

  214. Lea says:

    With mothers like Candy who needs enemies?

    No matter what your difference you have with Tori, your grandchild did not create this situation There is no acceptable reason why you should refuse to be a part of your grandchildren’s lives. Candy, just remember your grandchild will always think of you as the bitter old hag that you certainly have become. Believe me that is a legacy that will last longer than the years you spent on this earth.

  215. paula says:

    to accuse your daughter of her fathers death….there is no excuse for that. no matter the circumstances a mother needs to rise above, take the higher road. candy seems to have little maternal instincts.

  216. lisa ann says:

    Candy Spelling is obviously mentally ill and has been for a long time. They are both butt ugly, but Candy is someone I think needs to be put in a home so we don’t have to listen to her nastiness. And she thought she was a trophy wife!! Tori, although I am sure is spoiled , needs to go on to be a big success like her father. Her mother has accomplished nothing, is just jealous, nasty and deserves all the criticism she gets.

  217. Catherine Perry says:

    I’ve often thought of this. For some reason, when you see this kind of pettiness between family members there’s a tendency to want to take sides, but I can see that neither of them are willing to let go of hurt feelings for the sake of the children. It’s easy to criticize someone who doesn’t make every effort to see family but there is such a thing as family members that are toxic to your sense of self-esteem. It’s hard to know what went on in that family. For those that think she’s exploiting the kids, I say, ask yourself if you’ve ever watched it yourself. If so, you’re part of the problem. In any case, if either of them have had therapy it sure doesn’t show. They need better counseling I think

  218. Lori says:

    The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. Think about it Tori and Candy, your children and grandchildren need strong people in their lives to teach them how to have an easier and better life. The negativity you both, and Dean are surrounding them with will only make their lives very sad in the long run.

  219. Hopesmom says:

    she sounds like an angry, bitter way past middle aged women.

  220. Aspie says:

    Candy needs to STFU and sit down somewhere. What a terrible “mother”.

    Team Tori 100 %.

  221. Susan M. VerHalen says:

    I think Candy Spelling has a lot of gaul to criticise Tori and Dean for being reality stars. She made sure Tori inherited very little from the Spelling Corporation, and had to earn her own income. I think highly of Tori for finding her own way financially to make it in this economy. She isn’t just a reality star, but also a writer, a great Mom to her kids and good wife to her husband, and an actress as well. It is so sad Candy keeps showing Tori that she and her kids are better off without having a relationship with her Mother at all. Her mother has always resented the closeness Tori had with her Dad, and continues this petty and childish vendetta now that he is gone. Candy is hurting herself most of all. She will end up bitter, and worst of all alone if she doesn’t grow up sometime.

  222. gimper says:

    What is the big freaking deal? I’ve never seen a story on TMZ or Celebitchy get so many comments … and I don’t get the big deal about this….a ll I know Tori for is 90310 and being the really skinny woman on tabloids …. i know they’re dysfunctional…but there are a lot of dysfunctional people in hollywood …why are there guys getting so much attention?

  223. dirty martini says:

    The apple doesnt fall far from the tree. Everything Tori knows, she learned from Mommy Dearest. SO while Candy does make a point or two, she is the Mom, SHe did start it all…….and you do reap what you sow.

    TOugh call but at the end of the day:

    Team TOri.

  224. JUDY says:

    OF course, this all goes to prove that money can’t buy class. They need to behave like “old money”. Old money didn’t air their dirty laundry in public.

  225. sally clifford says:

    Please Candy, as one mother to another, meet with your daughter in a cabin in the mountains with a family counselor. Life is very short and she’s your only daughter. Let her know you will fight heaven and hell for her. Tori is very thin right now and needs you. I believe she is most like you of her parents so of course you will clash,but what she has achieved so far is because of her likeness of you.Pull her back to you even if it’s done publicly. She must be afraid if she is doing this publicly. Come on girl if she didn’t care would Tori talk about you so much?

  226. Tanner says:

    I love Tori and Dean. It is clear they are very much a team, and I think that they are simply just showbiz people making it how they are really earnest and great at it. I think they are fabulous and the love for each other and their children is priceless and adorable. Candy….. not adorable. I have a feeling Tori won’t be sandblasting her kids like this one day. Certainly, I don’t believe she’ll be taking shots calling them “middle aged.” Wow. That is just a horrible woman. No wonder the rest…….

  227. Ignore, Ignore, Ignore the hate. Unfortunately we are dealt the wrong end of the stick and it seems that the shit end of the stick is Candi (I can’t even call her your mother, since she didn’t raise you, she raised her dolls). I hate to read the terrible things people blog but apparently they too are angry ugly people. Hold onto the people that are always there for you, Dean, your friends, your chilren because in the end when everything else is lost they will reain. I believe Candi is realizing that for herself now. ALSO Dean is right. Holding out hope for someone beyond help is not doing any good for yourself or your husband or your children. many of us have had to cut out a parent all together. I would not even give her the time of day long enough to respond to her ugly assertions. It is just for her to degrade you in front of the world. I can’t bring myself to say anything more about her because of this. Keep your chin up. You are a hard working wife and mother and you can go through life focusing on that instead of trying to defend yourself against someone obviously “out of this realm of reality”. Take care of yourself and your own family (that doesn’t include the drama of holding out hope for someone who is hopeless)

  228. Peggy says:

    All for a Show??? To make a Scene??? What happen to the first 365 Days??? Why didn’t SOMEONE offer the “OLIVE BRANCH” THEN?!?!? PLEASE – get some C.O.U.N.S.E.L.I.N.G.

  229. Drake says:

    Candy Spelling is a self consumed B I T C H !!!! My Dad married my Mother his third wife (trophy wife)! She told me and my siblings she did not want us and we ruined her figure. My wife and I adopt a family of three children and she would not even hug them or call them her grand children. News flash people real mother walk thru fire for their kids over and over again. Candy is only concern with how it looks to everyone else. With women like Candy their children are only accessories just like a match hand bag. When they are out of style or do not mind anymore you just dismiss them. I have seen Tori’s show and It is amazing to me she is as great a parent that she is. It sure did not learn from her mother. Had to be her Dads that was the loving parent. Hang in there Tori. The good news is that one day the old battle axes die. Then you can look down to the ground and talk to her. The best part is she can talk back or bitch back you!!!! That’s the best part of being the kid 9 out 10 times if we wait long enough we always get the last word. LoL

  230. Alisha says:

    I can’t believe Candy is actually worse that I imagined her to be. Tori loves her kids. That much is obvious. She also loves her mom. If Candy read Tori’s book or watched her show with an open heart she would see that. She misses her mom and fears her mom’s rejection. It doesn’t matter that the birthday invitation came near the rsvp deadline. For Tori to invite her was lovely. The fact that her mom would CHOOSE to let an entire year go by without seeing her beautiful granddaughter is shameful. One has to doubt Candy Spelling has any positive maternal feelings toward Tori. Most people care more about their children than anything else. Candy appears to care more about herself and her image than anything. Life only happens ONCE. Are you insane Candy? You have a daughter who is doing a great job raising two kids and you should be PROUD of her. You already missed Stella’s cooing and rolling over, sitting up, crawling, walking, hugs and smiles. FOR WHAT? Your pathetic pride? Who would choose to miss those things? There is no excuse for you. The road goes both ways and you are Tori’s parent. How sad. Don’t waste another day! Get your ass over to Tori’s house and meet that baby girl. You can’t get those years back!!! If you felt any closeness to Tori, wouldn’t you let your pride go and be her mom again? It’s not going to be easy, but it will be worth it. And the world will respect you for making the effort. Drop everything and do it now before it’s too late. You’re a piece of work Candy Spelling. Prove the world wrong and do the right thing.

  231. Kirsten says:

    This woman is disgusting! She is not a mother! To tell your child that you are responsible for the death of your father is inhuman and abusive. I thought i killed my father because i was not there for him when he died. I found out 14 years later he died of a Pulmonary Embolism in his sleep, i could not have saved him, and neither could Tori. I have a mom like Candy. She is verbally abusive, manipulative and bitter. What i have done to deal with the situation is to distance myself from my mother. Like Tori, i have tried over and over for so many years to get through to my mother but it hasn’t worked and I’m afraid it never will. To be verbally abused is hell because a person carries those words with them for the rest of theirs lives, u can’t get away from the words because they are forever embedded in your mind. Staying away from my mother has been the healthiest thing i have done for myself, i suggest Tori do the same. Sometimes you just have to let go, no matter who it is. No one wants to not have a mother but to be around such poison will eventually kill you slowly or drive you insane and turn you into that person who is abusing you.

  232. Seattleite says:

    I don’t follow the whole Tori/Candy show, but I had to read this since the letter was published on TMZ. So, my two cents, Knowing what little I do about the 2 women, Tori is a complete B***H from everything I have heard and her mom isn’t much better. HOWEVER, I think Candy has a very valid point of wanting to see her grandchild (for the first time no less) in private. That would be a very emotional meeting for her. Second, I saw people saying how horrible it was of her to publish the letter on TMZ. From what I have read in the article, they don’t exactly go and have lunch together. Maybe, just maybe, that was the only forum she knew of that would guarantee Tori to read it. Who knows how amny times she may have written tori and she just tosses them out. Even if she went through “her people” to get a letter to Tori I have a pretty good feeling it didn’t get read. So, as a last resort, she posts it where it can’t be tossed aside or burned or whatever Tori may have done with them. Just an opinion from an outsider to this “family” and I must say thank God I am.
    Yeah i know opinions are like a******s and they all stink, no exceptions.

  233. Michelle says:

    As a mother I would like to send a personal note to Candy.

    We are trusted with our children to become the example they need to succeed personally, not financially in their life. It is our responsibility to understand our children so our example is for the most part successful, every child adds their own flare. It is also our responsibility to teach our children forgiveness and grace through our example so they in turn practice that with us as every parent makes mistakes.
    I must say that I am proud of Tori as she is being successful at talking through and overcoming one of the cruelest rejections a child can endure, their own mothers. Whether she is doing it in light of the world or in private makes no difference, it is not a ploy Candy it is the way she has chosen to live her life. As her mother you should be supporting her and your grandchildren no matter what.
    Unconditional love and immeasurable mercy is the summary of what you just read. I challenge you to give it a shot. It will not only repair the damage you have taken a huge part in with your daughter, but you will feel released from whatever has held you hostage all these years. It’s a full circle moment.
    It is not about you Candy.

  234. Gabrielle says:

    Wow! Talk about making your daughter work overtime for her mother to just be a grandparent. It doesn’t seem to matter what Tori does it will not be in her mothers intrust, unless it’s on her terms. Who cares when you meet your granddaughter for the first time, this could have been her chance for all of us to see her make the effort. Which she has said she has done time and time again why’ll on The View promoting her book.
    If she has a problem with her daughter why go to everyone else but her. And why can’t she call her? She cancelled by email? Very cold. Stella is going to be 1 years old and she still has not met her? Who’s fault is that? She could have had that specail moment when she was born.

  235. Jekisa56 says:

    I just think its funny that candi is mad at tori for being public about everything, and having her children on tv. She was raised taht way and taught at a young age that it was ok. She is just mad that everyone loves tori.

    I know parents just like her, and so i do have sympathy for tori. I think it was something that she would like to have her mom involved in. But since her mom tries so hard to come see the babies of course if everything your doing is on tv then they are going to see you trying to make a decision on inviting the bitchy mom or not!! she mad at tori so she goes right out and does exactly what shes accusing her daughter of doing! she’s the one teaching her!

  236. Jekisa56 says:

    one other comment about someone saying maybe this was the only way to ensure that tori would read it— SHE JUST SAID she talked to them through email- why not just email her a letter about this- instead of putting it on TMZ for hellsake!

  237. Rosalee says:

    I would do anything to ensure my daughter’s happiness. No one or nothing comes before her. Being with my grandchildren is one of my greatest pleasures in life. Candi has serious emotional detachment issues and she should be pitied for the lack of caring or love she shows her only daughter. To email a gossip site reinforces the belief that Candi is creating more drama for her daughter and headlines for herself.

  238. steph says:

    This woman is a sad excuse for a mother! It does not make Tori a bad parent because she has her kids on TV she has nothing to hide! I think they are a very happy family and should just wipe candy out of the pic for good..a mother like that is not something anyone needs!!!!

  239. Brunette says:

    I never posted before on any website, but I was so outraged by what Candy Spelling wrote in her letter and how she chose to communicate with her only daughter. This story is not about whether you like Tori’s reality show or whether Tori is talented as an actress or what her husband Dean might or might not have done. This is a human story about a grand mother who was not in the hospital anxiously waiting to meet her new grand daughter, did not show up at Tori’s house to help her after the delivery, did not try to be present to see Stella start to smile or crawl or walk or sit up by herself. She did not buy cute little dresses or stuffed animal or teething rings for her grand daughter, and refuses to go to that adorable little girl’s birthday party. She could simply have asked for a private meeting with Stella before the party or just request that she is not filmed at the party. It would be illegal for the show to portray Candy on TV if she did not agree to it. Or she could have refused the invitation privately not through a mean spirited letter on the internet.

    Candy, take some of your fortune and go buy yourself some class and some human emotions. Tori, forget your blood ties to this woman and keep your children away from her. She is such a witch, she reminds me of the evil old women in fairy tales who fed poisoned apples to kids.

    Blood relatives are in the news every day for hurting or killing each other. Just because someone has your blood DOES NOT make them family. Your family are people who are there for you every day, accept you as you are and actually care about you. This woman chose to publicly refuse an invitation to see her grand daughter while putting down her own only daughter as middle age. If Tori is middle aged then that makes Candy an ancient old crone. What a witch! And Tori would not have to do a reality show featuring her children IF Candy had given Tori her rightful inheritance from her father. Tori talked often of being able to stop working and stay home to enjoy her kids. Maybe Candy should give Tori some of her father’s money so she does not need a reality show to pay the bills anymore. Candy did not make this money, Aaron Spelling did and he loved his only daughter. So he is probably rolling over in his grave to see his only daughter and his grandkids on a reality show to pay the bills while greedy Candy is piling on the jewelry and expensive poor taste clothes. For all the people blaming Tori for putting her kids on the show, would you do the same thing if that was your only way to provide for your family? The kids are not being abused, they appear loved and well cared for. Some reality shows portray dysfunctional families where the kids are cursing at the parents, or drinking or the parents are under the influence or are whoring the daughters to Playboy magazine. Tori’s shows are kind of sweet and innocent and not offensive. I don’t blame her one bit.

    I think Candy Spelling is a bitter old witch who is jealous of her own daughter and is using the money she did not earn like a weapon. No one would even put Candy on talk shows or publish her letter in TMZ if Aaron and Tori did not make Candy famous. Tori should stop helping her evil mother get more famous: stop talking about her on your show or on talk shows because she does not deserve it you thinking or talking about her. Just ignore her and live your life with the people who want to be part of it. Candy, you can not take the money with you to the grave. Aaron Spelling shares part of the blame for not writing a decent will to provide for his kids. He must have known his wife was a witch who did not like her own daughter, so he should have taken care of her before he died. Candy will die one day and most judges will probably give a portion of the money to Tori and her kids anyway no matter what the old witch puts in her will.

  240. Marlene says:

    Ummmm I got tired of reading the responses, but I do have one observation. What took Candy so long to even want to meet Stella? She had to wait for her daughter to invite her to her first birthday? hmmmm… interesting.

    I didn’t have the greatest relationship with my mom but oddly enough I can guarantee you that if she knew I was in labor or in the hospital at all she would have broken down doors to find me (and she did). So, where was mom during the big moments in her daughters life? There WERE two….

    Stop peeing on each others legs and just hug for gods sake!

  241. The Domestic Goddess says:

    WOW! if this doesn’t prove that money can’t buy happiness!

    Sad sad people.

  242. Penny Daniel says:


  243. Nicole says:

    I understand about the whole camera thing, but Candy should be over that. If she really wanted to be a grandmother she would want to see her grandchild no matter if there was cameras or not. Why has she not tried to contact her before. Every family has problems, it just happens to be a bit more public. Sure Tori cries all the bloddy time about the relationship between mother and daughter, but it means something to her, it affects everyone differently. The mother just does not want to try and realizes she sucked as a mother and wants all the blame on Tori. I believe candy should stop being a total bitch and Tori should just realize whats done is done, You can not force change. No one is perfect.

  244. avggirl says:

    who knows what goes on behind closed doors..what you read about celebrities lives is such a small part of the whole picture.
    personally, the few episodes of the tori show, she seems genuinely sincere and caring especially when it comes to her husband and kids. as for her mom, maybe she doesnt know how to be a mom in the warm and fuzzy way…maybe she lashes out, out of hurt and lonliness….

  245. tamra says:

    That mean old woman should see her grandchildren on ANY terms their mother, Tori sets forth. If she truly wanted to see those children, then she would go even though the cameras are there. We all know how ugly Candy is and Tori is probably right to want it on film because knowing how badly Candy speaks of Tori, there’s no telling what she may take from a meeting with her children if it were not filmed!

  246. Kris says:

    I have to say Candy Spelling is exactly like my mom no doubt about it! The word I’m looking for is B****! They are very selfish and only care about there needs and how things are going to affect them! Even if that means crush your daughter’s heart into pieces or even throwing you under the bus anything to make there reprutation look good. They always love to use the so called advice they were taught by there “husbands” and calling us younger women middle aged. How sad is it to be jealous of your own daughter. Is there a very important place or event they have to attend other then making time to visit with your daughter. If my mother was famous and living in Hollywood she probably would had submitted a letter to me through TMZ but instead she hand writes them to me saying how inconvinent the location or time to meet is for her etc. I think the issue here is they are immature old women! Please wake up into reality into the real world fantasy world doesn’t exsist better yet do something productive with your time.

  247. Swan Song says:

    Tori – Insanity’s definition is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. You mother obviously has issues and is not worth the heart wrenching you put yourself through to make this a family affair, she doesn’t know how to be a proper mother, forgive, forget, take responsibility for her own actions and quit blaming whatever…Let her go, while difficult, you will find peace and you have a gorgeous family of your own to attend to and love and enjoy.

  248. Cat says:

    Tori Spelling is actually experiencing a very private problem in a public forum. I can relate to her “Mom” issues, as I am sure many readers, fans, gays etc. can. However Tori cannot be surprised that Candy is defensive, I know my Mom is, and will always be in denial. I knew Tori when she was on 90210 in the 90’s, and the relationship that she had with both her Mom and Dad has always been strained. After all they lived in a castle with 20+ bathrooms, hard to bond when you communicate via intercom. Tori has changed from the self centered spoiled plastic surgery junkie to a Mom who truly cares about her family and cashes in on our obsession with her. Good luck Tori!

  249. Deana says:

    My feelings are that Candy is just missing out on her grandchildren and she will never be able to make up for this. As a mother of 2 sons and now a grandmother I just can’t see him enough. There is a love for a grandchild that can’t be described. Not talking or seeing your daughter is one thing but what did the kids do to deserve not to see there grandmother. So Candy wake up and smell the roses you are hurting the kids too. They need you as a grandmother so suck it up and buy yourself some love for the kids……

  250. Denise says:

    Team Tori all the way. I love Tori and Dean and think they are great together and are great parents. Who needs a grandma like that anyway?

  251. keida023 says:

    i agree with candy kinda i understand were shes comming from shes just putting it out there wrong tori needs to get over it shes grown now,& u never know how long u have on earth and lifes to short to be mad over old things shes pampered and a brat,but that still doesnt make mom right,and leave the children out of it u people that say she shouldnt let the camera stop her from seeing her grandchild, bologna their stars and u just want to see their lives unfold in front of the world just goes to show that all the money in the world cant bring happiness

  252. jasper says:

    You Know what MISS CANDY… just tell Tori this ” look, i am not leaving you any money when i die! The reason is, when i saw my life as a caring good hearted mom, i knew i couldn’t be running around hollywood in my big orange outfit, so i sold my soul to the “devil”, I can’t be a normal grandmother because of this.(slurs) “I am sorry for being such consistent disappointment”. I Know i have raised you in this lavish life style and i refuse to help you and your family out finacially. I just sit back and watch you on T.V struggling to make a lavish life for your family in hollywood, while i swig on my bottle of jack daniels and gamble all night and TREAT MY LAME DOGS AS IF THEY WERE MY TRUE PEEPS”. There you go Tori you want to know why your mom doesn’t care I JUST TOLD YOU WHY SO THERE I SAID IT FOR YOU TOO CANDY AT LEAST I CAN SEE IT WHY CAN’T ANYBODY ELSE? LOL!! KEEP LOVING YOUR MOM TORI SHE NEEDS ALL THE LOVE SHE CAN GET.

  253. LoriLynn says:

    I find this so very hard to understand why this woman (Candi) is being so ignorant to the fact that whether she be seeing her granddaughter for the first time on the toilet or in person-that blood is thicker than water. There are grandchildren out there that will never meet their grandparents, or that are to young to remember them. If Candi has the chance to meet Stella & never sees her again, the meeting will be something that Stella will have as a memory forever in the way of “reality film”. Whether it is 8mm or digital, it is something that will never happen again in that way. Let the memory live on in film. There is no reason Tori should be beating herself up for her mother’s actions. She has gone out, put her own emotions out on the line & Candi is still being ignorant to even the feelings of her daughter. Tori has to put her Mom to rest, unfortunately for Tori she lost the wrong parent first. A lose of a parent is difficult, being someone who has lost her father. I miss him & think about him everyday. And maybe it was Aaron who “made” Candi pose in the family pictures Tori has. Cause it seems that Candi finds no love in the fact that those family pictures are all there is now of the family she once had. Now is the time for family pictures to part of their lives, & with technology & progress the 21 century has come of age. But for Candi to be so cold & heartless as to “lay down the rules” on ways that she is willing to meet her “grandchildren” is mentally sick & inhuman. These poor kids are just kids. Don’t let Candi take a mental toll on Liam & Stella. I feel for Tori and I think that even a surrogate mother has more love in her heart then this thing who calls herself Tori’s Mom. Tori has pictures of Candi. Maybe she can take those to show her children what she looked like. It was probably Aaron who made Candi pose in those family pictures. Since Candi has ignored & not been part of any life that Dean & Tori have made for their children. Children when they are young will make up different understanding in their mind which are usually detrimental to the child. The child will think they are the reason for certain occurances that have nothing to do with the child. You don’t want Liam or Stella to grow up thinking that their “gramms” never seeing them was something to do with them. When it was Candi’s own selfishness that was what lead “that woman” Candi to be this way. Tori has gone out of her way to allow Candi to open her life up for Candi to become part of. Candi is an arrogant selfish bitch that doesn’t deserve to be part of Stella & Liam’s life. Maybe the terms Candi wants to meet the grandchildren is unusual, & I think that maybe one morning when “Gramme” is having her “morning constitutional” you can pop in & let her meet the grandkids. I mean Tori has gone out of her way to try & make the meeting happen, maybe this could be worth examining. Since who knows what Candi is thinking, but you got to figure her head must be up her Azz??? Tori should stop putting herself through all the agony of the kids ever being part of this selfish cold hearted things life & keep Candi away. Candi is a mental queen & even on innocent children she doesn’t even have to see them to leave a”mark for life” on them. And maybe trying the morning thing might leave Candi “marked for the rest of her miserable life”. As if she deserves it. Those kids are way to good for Candi. Tori has been the bigger person & I feel that it is best to just walk away. Don’t put it in Candi’s hand to do the right thing, or even think that she will. Know that Tori has. And if Candi ever comes around to wanting to see them, make her wait until the kids are old enough to make that decision themselves.

    • Sandy says:

      who in their right mind would read all this? plus it’s Candy with a “y” not an “i”
      maybe you need to get a life? just a thought.

  254. Puffy says:

    If only half of what Tori wrote in her first book is true, Candy is a stingy, controlling harridan. I know because I had a mother just like her. A mother who wants to control every aspect of your life and on those occasions where she wants to participate in it, prefers to be the center of attention and someone who wants to take credit for others accomplishments. Things are always arranged to suit her because it’s too exhausting trying to fight against it so you give in. Until you can’t anymore. They always want public acknowledgement for doing what is expected and if you are unwilling to do it their way, it’s going to be no way at all. The most difficult part of dealing with someone like this is that they like to pull the rug out from under you. As soon as you conform to what you think will make them happy, they will change the rules. Tori, I feel for you.

  255. Jerry Minery says:

    hi,beautiful apple in your post,I love thatwellapple,I need to find one for me,jane

  256. Neva Willis says:

    Candy and Tori are total bores with faces and heads that are too big for their bodies. The money helps.

  257. Where did ego take the incrustation class? So achieve her essentially hasp the embassy onto the chair? he am historical hung-up abridgement arrested thanks to reupholstering things… desire bringing elderly appurtenances authenticate pending life!

  258. Sandy says:

    You watch, she will not leave one cent of “her” money to Tori and Randy.

  259. SO SO says:

    Candy is Narcissistic. Writing this letter was deliberately insulting, and very revealing about her personality. Shallow, jealuous, narcissistic and not too bright (calling her daughter middle-aged to insult her? what does that make her mother?).

    Shame on Candy, shame, shame, shame.

    She doesn’t seem to want to give anything valuable to her kids – bought by their father’s money. Pathethic.

  260. sue says:

    people lets face it their is no team tori or team candy here,both women are mean,tori try to make people believe that she and her husband are good people,remember reality show is a script show don’t believe blindly in what you see in the show becouse as soon the camara,s stop rolling they show their tru collors,tori is a well known holliwood princess with a lot of attitude problem,s,Tori spelling is a holliwood brat,sin’s the day,s she used to do 90210,celebrities who used to work with her complain that she was spoiled and mean,we all know that Aaron spelling loved his daughter,i wonder what the hell did tori do to make Aaron spelling disinhered her ! she must have done something really bad to make Aaron spelling take that desittion,and for candy she was allways a mean person and whole holliwood know it,the only reason people tollerate her and her mean behavior is becouse she got money,she is a really evil women she could atleast put up a trust fund for her granddaugther if she really was consern for her granddaugther,