The Jonas Brothers & their wives looked great at the ‘Chasing Happiness’ premiere

Jonas Brothers Chasing Happiness Premiere

The Jonas Brothers have a new documentary called Chasing Happiness. It’s on Amazon Prime right now, and it’s about how they got the boy band back together after several years apart, and how their lives have changed, and it’s also a “making of” their new album. They also talk about purity rings and all of that, but honestly… after all this time, are people still interested in that subject? All three brothers are now married, and they all brought their wives to the premiere event last night.

I don’t have the IDs on any of the ladies’ dresses, but they all looked good and very individual. Priyanka Chopra wore this vampy black gown which seemed over the top, but she looked beautiful. The only negative thing I’ll say – and I know people always hate this, but they would comment with the exact same thing if I didn’t mention it – is that the way the fabric lays across her abdomen is giving me baby-bump vibes. A weird cut on the dress or is a Baby Chopra-Jonas coming?

Jonas Brothers Chasing Happiness Premiere

Jonas Brothers Chasing Happiness Premiere

Sophie Turner looked amazing. Love the too-dark lipstick with the silver dress. It appeals to me as a ‘90s Girl. And Danielle (Kevin’s wife) looked really nice too.

Jonas Brothers Chasing Happiness Premiere

Jonas Brothers Chasing Happiness Premiere

Jonas Brothers Chasing Happiness Premiere

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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23 Responses to “The Jonas Brothers & their wives looked great at the ‘Chasing Happiness’ premiere”

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  1. Parigo says:

    I actually like Danielle’s ensemble best.

  2. JanetFerber says:

    They do all look great.

  3. Lucy says:

    All six of them look great!! And now that I know how good Joe has been (and is) for Sophie, I like him even more.

    • LouBear says:

      Agree, Lucy! And it sounds like Nick is great too. Per Priyanka’s interview in the Sunday Times-

      “I married a feminist,” she proclaims completely unprompted. “He’s not afraid to use the word and I love that. One of the big moments when I thought, ‘Oh, this guy is different,’ was early on when we were on a boat with friends. I had a meeting to go to and kept saying, ‘If someone gives me a reason to cancel, I will.’ He pulled me aside and said, ‘Listen, I see that you want me to tell you to cancel, but I won’t. You’ve worked hard to be where you are. I’ll take our friends for dinner and wait for you. When you’re finished, come back and join us.’ ”

      It was the first time Chopra had met a man who valued her career as much as she did.

      “I don’t think I’ve ever been with someone who is self-assured enough for me to be in the spotlight and for him to be OK with it,” she says. “As women, we’re normally the ones who have to say, ‘Yeah, I can move that appointment,’ or ‘What you did at work today was amazing.’ That’s what made Nick so different.”

  4. HeyThere! says:

    I have been a long time fan of Kevin and Dani’s relationship! They seem like parents you would meet at the children’s museum with their babies. I am also a new fan of Sophie Turner! She and Priyanka seem to have a lot of fun together and I think that would be the best, to have a sister in law you get along with. Some people get lucky like that!

    • McMe says:

      I love Kevin and Dani too. I’ve seen them around town a couple of times. Once I saw her at the mall in Forever 21 (no joke) and once I saw them as a family at an outdoor lawn concert. They were just there on the lawn like everyone else.
      She is strikingly beautiful in real life.

  5. Winnie Cooper’s Mom says:

    Sophie Turner is a goddess.

    Priyanka looks amazing, I just think the too-high slit is overplayed at this point. She didn’t need to go that far to be a knockout.

  6. Usedtobe says:

    Ugh. I find them all insufferable. I guess it’s not my generation but I really didn’t think the Jonas Bros were that big of a thing. I guess I was wrong.

  7. Audrey says:

    How is Priyanka’s dress “over the top”? Sophie’s dress is even more flashy… I think Priyanka looks fab!

  8. Elisabeth says:

    I remember years ago gossip sites speculated that Dani faked her pregnancies

  9. Becks1 says:

    I think all three women look fantastic.

    Is Nick Jonas wearing…..joggers? Like a shiny tuxedo jogger set?

  10. DML says:

    yeah no baby bump vibe. Priyanka looks gorgeous. Sophie is the bomb.

    • SKF says:

      I don’t see it either. I think she’s just not Hollywood stick thin, she’s gorgeously curvy (still thin but not by Hollywood stock standards). I think we grow so accustomed to seeing these ultra thin women that anything else seems bumpy or curvy. I

      remember in the 90s when the FRIENDS female cast all got super thin. We were all shocked at the time and couldn’t stop exclaiming about how thin they were. So thin! Now when I see reruns they just look normal. Not particularly thin at all. There’s way thinner all over tv and movies. And it disturbs me that in that time that ultra ultra ultra thinness has been normalised to me and to all of us. We can’t help it, we see it so much that our concept of what is normal shifts without us realising it.

      Anyway, I love Pritanka’s figure and I think she looks great.

  11. jen says:

    the ladies all look great, but they look like they are standing next to cardboard cut-outs of the J brothers. once you see it, you can’t un-see it.

  12. SKF says:

    She’s the MVP for me!

  13. SV says:

    Considering they all still get asked about the purity rings by the media constantly they had to address it. The way it is done in the documentary is good and puts you in their perspective for maybe the first time.

  14. Oh...Dear says:

    Priyanka is beautiful, rich & seems like she is very intellectual. She also has a massive following in Instagram, a real influencer. He got it right with her.