David Letterman was hard on Paris Hilton *tear*


Okay, I’ll admit it: my sense of humor is not so advanced that I find David Letterman funny. That’s always followed up by someone asking which late night host I do find funny. Ummm… well none of them. But David Letterman has never given me more than a mild chuckle. Yes, I get that the problem is me, not him. It’s a massive, unforgivable character flaw. But Dave has redeemed himself with me (which I know he’s been worried about for a while). He embarrassed the crap outta Paris Hilton. Thus, I now love and respect David Lettermen with a previously undiscovered ferocity. He lobbed a number of questions at Hilton as she grew increasingly uncomfortable and annoyed. “How’d you like being in jail?” started the conversation. Then there was, “How was the bologna?” and “Have your friends treated you differently now that you’re out of the slammer?” And my personal favorite: “What’d you do? Do you know what you did wrong?”

Hilton: “I’ve moved on with my life, so I don’t want to talk about it anymore.”

Letterman: “This is where you and I are different — All I want to do is talk about it. Did you make any friends while you were in jail?”

Hilton: “I’m not answering any more questions about it. I’m here to talk about my clothing line, my movie and my perfume. I’m moving on.”

[From readexpress.com]

To really understand the greatness of Letterman’s interview, you must watch it. Seeing Paris Hilton squirm is just about my favorite thing in the world. I might have a teeny, tiny bit of sympathy if she’d change one iota like she promised she would – but come on, it’s Paris Hilton. Did any of us really believe for a second that she’s capable of becoming a decent human being? Enjoy the video and lovely Hilton squirmishness.

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