Star: Jude Law’s baby-mama is Rachel McAdams’ sister

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Many gossip sites and tabloids have been playing a little guessing game ever since Jude Law’s spokesperson announced that Jude was expecting his fourth child this fall. The spokesperson was very cryptic about the whole thing, saying that Jude is “no longer in a relationship” with the woman, and that the whole thing was “an entirely private matter.” Some people went through the list of women Jude was connected with last year or this – everyone from ex-wife Sadie Frost, to ex-girlfriend Sienna Miller, to model/actress Lily Cole. My thoughts were that the baby-mama was not any kind of public figure or celebrity, but perhaps some crew member or extra on Sherlock Holmes, the film he was making in December.

Star has a theory – and I should make it clear, this is just a theory. Just judging this from the available information, it sounds like a pretty good, gossipy, juicy theory, but it is far from confirmed. Star claims that the baby-mama is none other than the younger sister of Jude’s Sherlock Holmes costar, Canadian actress Rachel McAdams. Her name is Kayleen, and according to her IMDB page, she’s a 27-year-old makeup artist. According to Star, she only recently told Jude about the baby. It’s also claimed that Rachel is “pissed” about the whole situation. Jeez, if this is true, this is going to a really awkward Sherlock Holmes promotional tour:

In a carefully worded statement, Jude Law announced that he’s expecting a child with an undisclosed woman who he’s no longer seeing. And while he may not want to tell you the identity of his baby mama, we do!

Yesterday, a rep for the father of four said that “following a relationship last year, he has been advised that he is to be the father of a child due in the fall of this year. Mr. Law is no longer in a relationship with the individual concerned, but he intends to be a fully supportive part of the child’s life.”

Now speculation is surrounding the sister of Jude’s Sherlock Holmes costar Rachel McAdams — 27-year-old Hollywood make-up artist Kayleen McAdams. posted a story today identifying her as the “secret mother.”

Jude and Kayleen hooked up last Christmas in New York when the actor was working on Holmes. She is reportedly seven months pregnant and just informed him recently. Jude is said to have broken the news to his ex-wife, Sadie Frost, and three kids — Rafferty, 12, Iris, 8, and Rudy, 6 — on Tuesday. (He also adopted Sadie’s son Finlay, 18).

As for Rachel, she’s said to be “pissed” about the situation.

The last time Jude — who will be appearing in Hamlet on Broadway this fall, when the wee one is due — made big headlines, it was when he cheated on his then-fiancée Sienna Miller with his children’s nanny.

[From Star Magazine]

So, does anyone think there’s any truth to it? I’d say chances are pretty good, actually. It would answer some of the other questions I had surrounding this whole situation. Like, why is Jude announcing the pregnancy now, in what is presumably the seventh month of the baby-mama’s pregnancy? Answer: Because she just told him about it. Or why wouldn’t Jude know about this whole thing before now? Because she was probably in Canada, and Jude wasn’t. Now I have new questions. Like, how long before Rachel McAdams kicks Jude in the gonads?


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  1. Iggles says:

    Omg!!! The blind item was right!!

  2. gigi says:

    maybe its the answer to this Blind Item…I say maybe because there was no promo tour for sherlock holmes at least not yet. Plus I don’t think of Rachel McAdams as C list.

    Anyway here’s the blind…tell me what you think.

    CDAN – July 27th, 2009 – This B+/A- movie actor had a great relationship with his C list movie actress co-star on one of his recent movies. It didn’t lead to anything romantic for them, but the actress did invite her sister to the set. Well one thing led to the other and the next thing you know the sister of the C list actress was pregnant. When our actor found out, he dumped the sister and is saying the child isn’t his. It made for a VERY tense time between the actress and the actor on their recent promotional tour.

  3. lala says:

    rachel made him admit it or she wouldnt do press for the movie. he was backed into a corner on this.

  4. Enonymous says:

    What I found most surprising was that Rachel McAdams is 30 years old, she looks much younger. As for Jude Law and this whole messy situation, dude needs to really have some self control when it comes to having different affairs, he seems to really put the whore in manwhore. Couple of years ago he was the ‘IT’ guy and on top of the world and after that whole secret nanny affair, he came crushing down and now just looks positively sleazy. Whatever, it’s his life.

  5. NateGriffin says:

    jude jude jude… take some “salt peter” to curb your friend downstairs

  6. raven says:


    One night stand is popular way to become rich and famous.

  7. Miss Wanderlust says:

    Kayleen McAdams is also her sisters make-up artist so she could have been on the set of “Sherlock Holmes” all the time ? She reportedly was in a on/off a relationship with Ryan Gosling friend and bandmate(Dead man’s bones)Zach Shields, don’t know if there still together now ?

    I understand that this is a private affair
    and they don’t have to share every detail but this story only gets more attention because of the blind item last month, what if it isn’t Kayleen ?
    I would be showing my flat tummy in public for every paparazzi to see LOL

    Hope it’s not true, must be an akward situation because it draws the attention from the movie when everybody worked so hard on it. This should be Guy Ritchies big comeback movie.
    Sucks to do a presstour right now i guess ?

  8. Bubulle says:

    So CDAN BI are not BS wow I’m shocked.

  9. Guttersnipey says:

    Hi. Could the people talking shit about CDAN and how it’s fake and everything please STFU now?


  10. Kaiser says:

    Miss Wanderlust – From my understanding, Kayleen is a professional makeup artist who has worked on a few film sets. I can’t figure out if Kayleen was working on the Sherlock Holmes set throughout the shoot, or if she was just visiting her sister. If she was working on Holmes, she isn’t credited on IMDB.

  11. gigi says:

    I don’t think that all blind items on every site is true. Some are fake, some are partially true and some exagerated just like the stories in the tabloids.

    Now I don’t know if Jude Law is the answer to this Blind and that’s why I said MAYBE.

  12. AC says:

    How I have to admit this is SUPER juicy. Wow. Just wow.

    In his defense they were both in the affair … he’s a single man he’s allowed to have encounters with people but it certainly plays into his reputation.

  13. RubyKaur says:

    Wow, that didn’t take long to come out! They are both stunning. I am sure the child will be gorgeous!

  14. joy says:

    not true. kayleen was just photographed on set of rachel’s new movie a few weeks ago with a flat stomach. also was at zach’s brothers wedding a week ago with a flat stomach.

  15. mikaila says:

    wow! I’m a woman and I automatically assumed that Rachel was pissed at her sister for getting pregnant by a known womanizer. I know I would be all up in my sister’s ass about coming to my job and dropping her drawers for a known whore (although he is a beautiful one). As for Jude, did anyone actually think he changed? He’d f** a duck if it stood still too long in front of him.

  16. Bodhi says:

    Wow, theres the answer to the blind right there!

  17. Obvious says:

    I call bull. Rachel isn’t C list. she’s firmly B list, and poised to take A list.

    P.S. Kaiser, gonads? Really? you make me smile

  18. Tazina says:

    This is an opportunist’s dream come true and you can score the cash without even having to stand up! Set for life….no worries. And Jude, maybe it’s time to pay a visit to your friendly neighbourhood Urologist for a certain 20 minute procedure…unless you want more kids….that is.

  19. connie says:

    i am sorry, but the looks did not seem to carry on to younger sister

  20. Embee says:

    I find the younger sister even more beautiful! But that’s beauty for you…eye of the beholder and all :)

  21. Susette says:

    According to D-listed, the publicist has already issued a statement that the mother is NOT Kayleen McAdams. Weird coincidence, though. Maybe he did have a fling with her, and that’s how the story got confused.

  22. minx says:

    Rachel McAdams is NOT a C-list actress. I would say she’s B to A list and going up. It must be someone else. The McAdams sisters are both gorgeous btw, and I think they’re both classy, don’t see it happening here. Jude, on the other hand, is a pig. I always thought that Sienna was pregnant by him at one point but after the nanny affair she had an abortion and they broke up.

  23. vgirl says:

    Rachel is totally C list and not poised to take A. Angelina, Julia Roberts, the top earning leading ladies are A that easily open a film. Katy Heigl is B on the verge of A because she opens solidly and keeps getting films and they continue to do well. Rachel might be B after Sherlock Holmes but she’s hardly one tier down from Angelina, Gwyneth, Julia Roberts,Meryl. Not even close. Now Amy Adams is definitely B for sure, but not Rachel McAdams.

  24. Miss Wanderlust says:

    Thanks for the update Kaiser, Joy & Susette because i thought it would be a shame for Kayleen’s own career.
    She is a make-up artist and had a talent of her own, no need to compare her beauty to her sister, they are both beautiful and talented in there own way ? Glad she is still with her boyfriend Zach and a shame she is involved in this story.

    I saw a few clips via youtube and she gave good make-up tips.
    Wouldn’t be a smart move if she was now only known as Judes baby momma !
    We just have to wait and see who the girl is….not guessing anymore !!!

  25. Pole says:

    I don’t believe it. I’m guessing it’s just some random girl he sleept with. Also – it’s her fault too unless of course they were just unlucky. It happens. This is hardly a scandal or ‘juicy news’. Jude Law has sex. Wow. Who would have guessed that!

  26. Caitlan says:

    Jude want to spread his seed to as many chicks around the world. lol

  27. ! says:

    Just so guys know, Star reads CDAN and EL has indicated there is a friendship there.

  28. maritza says:

    He should get a vasectomy!

  29. lurker says:

    TMZ is reporting that Samantha Burke is the mother-to-be, not Kayleen McAdams.

    Here’s the link:

  30. Obvious says:

    TMZ broke the story on who the real baby mama is. And has a quote from her rep confirming.

  31. Gigohead says:

    So is Samantha Burke related to anyone in the business that would make the blind item true?

  32. Tania says:

    Nope, just one of the bastions of women who’se had sex with Jude Law

  33. ... says:

    Kayleen is NOT THE MOEHTER. She has been with his bf Zach for 4 years… NOT THE MOTHER!

  34. CeeJay says:

    Oops! Looks like Kaiser got this one wrong.

  35. sheryl says:

    Yes, Jude freakin’ Law is the only man in the world having the sex with the women. George Clooney? Forget about it! Ryan Gosling? No way. Colin Farrell? Huh uh. No sex for them…it’s ALL JUDE, BABY! He must be pretty tired, though, between performing Hamlet every night and taking his kids shopping and to the movies by day. Wow, he’s the sexual superhero! *snort* Impregnating every woman that crosses his path (if, by every woman, you mean Sadie and Samantha…wow, that’s not so superhero after all…hmmmm)
    Gee, Tania, you seem wise beyond your years *cough*…name for me these bastions of women with whom Jude has had sex. Seriously…*rolls eyes because she sees stupid people. Walking around like regular people. They don’t see each other. They only see what they want to see. They don’t know they’re stupid.

  36. sunseeker says:


    Can’t agree more, why is it such a big deal, shit happens, people have sex, at least both are not married, and whatever else Jude is a good father and will be to this one. He is a better father than that moran Getty.

  37. Tania says:

    Sheryl it is not healthy for you to get this worked up over a celebrity you don’t even know. Take several valiums and chill the ferk out.

    I am not disputing that he will be a good father, just that he’s a rampant man pig. Just because other men are pigs doesn’t make him less of a pig. Obviously he has no problem with a five-minute friendship leading to a role in the hay and then “see ya”. That’s pretty damn disrespectful to women and something he should of outgrown at his age.

  38. Miss Wanderlust says:

    I think the story got out of hand because there was a blind item last month and everybody started to guess including Star, celebblogs & me….guilty !!!

    Mister Law isn’t the only actor sleeping around, having unsafe sex, impregnating women, he is single so he’s got to have some freaky time like every humanbeing does, nothing strange about that ?
    At least he is single, if you ask me 80% of the actors & entertainers do that kind off stuff ?
    They just don’t mention it, pay for abortions, or buy people of to vanish into the oblivion !
    I don’t encourage that kind of behaviour but i realise that a big part of the population isn’t a product of a long lasting romantic relationship.
    At least i give him props for making a statement, altough i find the statement a bit cold calling the mother to be “the individual concerned”, probably was a one night stand ?