Is Courtney Love’s weight loss from taking human growth hormone?

Courtney Love leaves her hotel
For the past few months, we’ve been seeing pictures a frightening-looking Courtney Love. Honestly, Courtney’s appearance usually frightens me, but in June and July, she seems to have lost quite a bit of weight, and has been looking particularly gaunt, pale and cracked-out. Courtney blamed her weight loss on stress, telling the Daily Mail, “I know I’ve got too skinny… I know I need to sort it out. I am going to put on 15lbs in one month… I do not have body dysmorphia. Seriously, I want to get fatter.” Photos taken this weekend of Courtney show her gaining some weight back, but she still looks pretty strung out. Meanwhile, the Daily Mail has a theory for Courtney’s weight loss – and it’s not the drug usage we were all thinking of. Their source claims that Courtney’s been taking the human growth hormone “in a bid to halt the ageing process”:

Courtney Love is taking her fascination with her looks to a new level.

Insiders say the 45-year-old singer is taking Genotropin, a human growth hormone, in a bid to halt the ageing process.

The hormone may also be responsible for her recent shock weight loss.

‘Courtney has been struggling with her weight,’ said a source.

‘She’s been using the hormones to help her gain muscle and for anti-ageing and likes the results. But she’s not very discreet. She even left a vial of it in her LA hotel room.’

A spokesman for Courtney said he was not aware that she was taking the hormone.

[From Daily Mail]

It seemed weird to me that the human growth hormone would cause such rapid weight loss, but it seems that “decreased body fat” is one of the side effects, along with “increased muscle mass, increased bone density, increased energy levels, improved skin tone and texture, increased sexual function and improved immune system function.” Uh… yeah. Judging from these recent photos of Courtney, I’m going to make an educated guess and say it’s more likely a crack-based diet, not human growth hormone.

Courtney Love looks happy on the 1st day of August in sunny NYC weather

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  1. sickofit says:

    whatever it is, she looks ill!

  2. BlueSkies says:

    What a mess. I’d like to see her pull it together & show her creative side. She’s worse than RDJ and Dan Bonaduce ever were, isn’t she?

  3. bros says:

    she now looks exactly like her character in the people v. larry flynt.

  4. Cinderella says:

    It begins with H, but it’s not a hormone.

  5. daniel says:

    who has been raising this junkie’s daughter all these years? seriously, why is she not in jail for child abuse and neglect?

  6. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    She’s being raised by her grandmother. I also believe that Kim and Thurston of Sonic Youth have also had a large part in her upbringing.

  7. becky reed says:

    i don’t want to stick up for cl but she is a good mother

    and she has been raising fc not wendy or don kc parents i know the cobain’s and despite

    cl being on drugs fc has a good head on her shoulder

    and yes for about 1 year fc was raised by wendy kc mom but for the most part it has been cl

  8. Ally says:

    Wouldn’t these hormones increase your risks of cancer, too? Seems a big sacrifice just to look skeletal and haggard.

  9. the original kate says:

    um, i don’t think drug addicts are generally considered good mothers. god, she looks revolting.

  10. Hoodia says:

    She looks absolutely dreadful! she had better put on a few pounds before it’s too late…

  11. Are you for real? I browsed over some other things on this

  12. CB Rawks says:

    Get lost, spammers.

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