Tom Cruise plays “relationship guru” to Posh & Becks


Would you take relationship advice from Tom Cruise? Just ignore Xenu and the Crazy for a second, and just look at Tom as a man. Two divorces, married to his third wife who is 17 years younger than him, and who doesn’t even want him around while she’s working. Do you take relationship advice from that guy? You do if you’re David and Victoria Beckham. It seems Tom is hellbent on being the third wheel in the Beckham’s marriage while he and Katie are on different continents. Tom has taken it upon himself to tell Posh that she better get her house in order, and follow Becks wherever he goes, or their marriage will be in trouble. Because Tom is following the same advice…?

TOM CRUISE has become a self-appointed “relationship guru” to his good friends David and Victoria Beckham. The Hollywood actor, who is himself in a happy marriage with actress Katie Holmes, has been counselling Posh and Becks on how best to stay happy while juggling diverging careers, we hear.

A friend revealed that Tom’s pep talk has since had a “profound effect” on Victoria, 35, who is looking to make things easier for David during this tough time in his career.

“After an evening with David, Tom decided to have a friendly chat with Victoria about the family’s future, saying it was because he cared so much about all of them,” revealed a source.

“They love each other dearly but Tom is a big believer in talking about issues . He could see they were both worried about the future and what it might hold.”

The Mission Impossible actor is understood to be concerned that the former Spice Girl – who runs a successful fashion empire from her home in the US – will want to stay in Los Angeles while her husband, 35, heads back to Europe.

“He talked to her about David ageing, his football career, the pressures of disgruntled fans, his loneliness when away from the family and how time apart is how marriages can fall apart,” adds the source.

“Victoria knows that Tom has a point because she saw how their recent trip to the Seychelles really improved their relationship. It seems his heart to heart made a huge impact on her.”

[From The Daily Express]

If I were Posh, I would be screaming “Get off my husband, Tiny Tom!” You know, because Tom is all over the Golden Balls. But Posh isn’t me, and I could see how she would listen to Tom’s advice. And honestly, the advice isn’t that horrible. Yes, it’s not really feminist to think that a woman has to drop her career plans so that she can fully support her husband, but sh-t happens. Posh and Becks have been together ten years, and I’m sure there’s lots of compromises on both sides. But no matter what, Becks still isn’t going to let Tom have what he really wants – to be up close and personal with the Golden Balls.

Here’s Tom Cruise, Victoria Beckham, and Connor and Isabella Cruise watching David Beckham play for LA Galaxy on 7/19/09. Credit:

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  1. gracie says:

    All I can say to advice from Tom Cruise: Gross.

    Tom is just way too intense for me. And crazy.

  2. Lem says:

    isn’t that what your bestest girls are for… gossip, advise and discussing how hot your hubby is (as long as he doesn’t open his mouth)

    daily express?

  3. morgs says:

    umm, isn’t it a little wrong to be giving the wife of your bang buddy relationship advice?

  4. Diablo says:

    Asking Tom Cruise for heterosexual love advice is like asking John Wayne Gacy to babysit your teenage boys.

  5. walker says:

    I feel bad for Tom. The more helpful he is the more he gets razzed for it. What gives? And can somebody here show proof that he is gay before calling him that? You make it sound like it’s a bad thing anyway. Why did that rumor start?

  6. the original kate says:

    yeah, i’m going to take relationship advice from someone who’s been married 3 times and whose current wife looks like a sad robot.

  7. Nicole says:

    Tom has a heart of gold and people need to get off what he believes or doesn’t believe. His beliefs are his and he isn’t forcing anyone. I’m begining to think people are jeoulous of him. What has he done that is so wrong. Dancing on a sofa? Any women would find that cute. He is brave and good looking and should ignore the insults because I bet none of us could do what he has done. Katie is beautiful and glad she stands by her man. A sign of a true woman and great mother. Class acts, those two. Victoria, a different ball game, besides she can be whatever she wants also.

  8. Diablo says:

    Nicole and walker,

    You must have missed all the interviews in which Tom Cruise forced his belief system on to others, saying that PPD and depression are “all in the mind” and that his cult/religion has the ONLY solutions. He attacked Matt Lauer as being “glib” on national TV because he didn’t agree with him, and blamed Brooke Shields’ lack of a career on her “weakness” in admitting she had PPD…this was done on national TV too.

    He has called psychiatry a “Nazi science” and belongs to a cult that wants to rid the world of SPs…or Suppressive Persons, anyone who isn’t a Scientologist. Does this sound like a tolerant, sane man to you?

    About the gay rumors…any man who has to try SO HARD to prove how much in love he is with someone seems weird. I don’t know any women who find his couch-abusing behavior romantic. He was unable to get Nicole Kidman preggers, who immediately became knocked up once she left him…she said he was impotent, and if so then Suri is not his kid…it’s Chris Klein’s.

    Cruise is no different from Rock Hudson. He is desperately trying to hide his sexual orientation with over-the-top displays of affection (or was, I should say…he and Katie won’t last two more years, since the sham marriage has failed to return him to star status, and hasn’t helped her career either). Cruise is trying to protect his action-star roles…and he knows folks won’t accept a gay action star.

  9. Trashaddict says:

    Hahahahah thunk. I just laughed my head off.