Tiffany Haddish: A bad boss takes credit for your work, a good boss uplifts

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Tiffany Haddish is a joy to watch in interviews. She’s one of those people whose energy is infectious. I want to be more like that. Tiffany is promoting Like a Boss, with Rose Byrne and Salma Hayek, which is out this week! I have to arrange a girls’ night out for that. She had a brief interview with Access on the red carpet and I loved her answers about what she’s looking for in a man, I’m pretty sure she’s talked about that before, and about what makes a good and bad boss. Sometimes I wonder what it’s like to be a celebrity and answer a bunch of random questions like that. It’s like you’re in constant job interviews. Here’s what she said and you can see the video below!

Who should ask her out
Whoever likes me and has a good job. No kids or kids over 21. They got to have their own business going on.

On good and bad bosses
A bad boss is someone who takes credit for your work and doesn’t give you the respect due. A good boss is one who amplifies and uplifts their employees.

I had a boss who took credit for my work and I caught her plagiarizing from the internet multiple times too! I didn’t even turn her in I just quit that job and got a better one. I think I’m a good boss but it’s hard sometimes! I also don’t really think of myself as a boss because it’s more like I work with everyone. You have to figure out people’s personalities and work with them in a way that is best for both of you. It’s also important to know that not everyone does things your way, but that they often come up with a way that’s better than what you’re imagining.

Here’s that interview!

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  1. Lucy says:

    TH speaks the truth!! Also, she’s been looking amazing lately (not that she didn’t before). Great haircut!!

    • lucy2 says:

      I like her hair too! Looks good on her. I keep debating whether to go a little longer or chop off in a bob.

  2. Léna says:

    That’s so true. I remember last year when my boss was listing all things he “achieved” in a year as a new manager and I was thinking, is he kidding me? Half the things he was listing were thanks to my work. Without him even helping or giving me credit for.

  3. LizzieB says:

    Praise in public, chastise in private. Best advice I can give a new boss.

  4. Charfromdarock says:

    I love Tiffany and want all the good things for her!

  5. Eliza_ says:

    I wasnt a boss, but we worked with outsourced coworkers from a different country. I got all “last chance” ones, and guess what they trained their coworkers in the end. The US teams before me, never trained beyond an email, gave repetitive work, and handed in their work without giving credit – then got mad if any negative feedback. Of course, they had no motivation, honestly they had more than I’d have in their shoes. So I made minor changes – actual training, gave new varying assignments, and they handed in their own work or were given credit and discussed with contacts directly. It’s amazing what giving people credit and autonomy of their own work does. I don’t understand why people wouldn’t. It makes everyone better.

  6. Ann says:

    My last boss did this to me often. I would do something my own way, she’d insist I did it wrong, go back and “correct” it then proceed to take credit. I wasn’t doing anything wrong, she just didn’t know how to do my job with my streamlined, more efficient process, so she did it the long, dumb way and then took credit for all of it. It got to the point where she gracefully accepted praise for work I did right in front of me. She was one of the worst bosses I’ve ever had. My current boss tells me when my good ideas are good and let’s me get my freaking work done, which is a total delight. Having a supportive boss makes a world of difference.

  7. Hecate says:

    I think you’re a good boss, too