Prince Harry snorts booze

Prince Harry has some serious party issues. He sounds like that guy everyone knew in college who was totally cool to get plastered with, but you’d never really want to know outside of that context. Except Prince Harry is third in line to the throne, so you’d probably deal with knowing him sober, just because it’d be cool. News of the World, admittedly not the most reliable source, has some pretty clear pictures of Prince Harry snorting alcohol while on vacation in Namibia last November. I thought Namibia was just a place celebrities went to when they wanted to have fancy babies in private. I didn’t realize it’s also a good place to snort alcohol. Though to be fair, I also didn’t realize a person could snort alcohol. But apparently it can be done, and like much of anything else you snort, it gets the item into your bloodstream a lot faster. Heaven forbid we have to drink an extra shot or two of tequila, when you can just inhale it up your nostrils. Lovely.

“These are the shocking pictures that show Prince Harry inhaling vodka through his nose in a drinking game medical experts warn could KILL. Our exclusive shots—taken from a video of Harry’s holiday in Namibia—will bring fresh shame on the boozed-up royal. In the video, pals cheer loudly as Harry slugs a bottle cap of vodka, swills it around his mouth, spits it back into the cap and then snorts it up his nose. Seconds later, Harry—a 2nd Lieutenant in the Blue and Royals —closes his eyes and shakes his head as the alcohol, shooting straight into his bloodstream, takes effect.”

[From News of the World]

So why shouldn’t Prince Harry just booze it up all the hell he wants because he’s young and who the hell cares? Well some experts have some pretty compelling reasons. But again, I’m not judging, just passing along the information so the rest of you don’t start snorting alcohol, thinking “If Prince Harry does it, it MUST be a smart idea!”

“Experts on drink abuse have warned that the game is potentially deadly. Professor Ian Gilmore, president of the Royal College of Physicians, said: ‘There are all sorts of additives that could cause an allergic reaction which could damage the lungs, mucus membranes of the nose and trachea. It could kill.’ David Nott, who runs the Manor Clinic rehab centre and is a member of the Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals, said: ‘Anybody acting in this manner continually will do severe damage, which could be deadly.’ Frank Soodeen from Alcohol Concern added: ‘By by-passing the liver, you run the risk of inflaming the brain and possibly causing long-term damage. It’s a practice to be avoided at all costs. It’s very irresponsible.’”

[From News of the World]

So those seem like pretty compelling reason to me to avoid being a total moron. Again, not judging. I don’t really think Prince Harry is under any obligation to set a good example to the rest of the world – he didn’t choose his fame in any way (though he’s certainly not running from it). But it’s not like he’s a pop singer who’s trying to be a teen idol, he’s someone who was born into his celebrity and can’t exactly walk away from it. But I think it might be a good idea not to stick random stuff up your nose, just as a general principle. When my mom was six, she put a button up her nose, to see if it would fit. Turns out it did, just barely, and she had to go to the hospital to get it out. Though she did get rewarded with a new doll to make up for her suffering. See what I’m saying here Prince Harry? Stop putting crap up your nose. It’s exit only. If you don’t listen, you might end up in the hospital with a new doll too. And of all the embarrassing stuff you’ve done, getting your photo taken with a Kewpie doll probably isn’t the quickest route to dignity.

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