Gal Gadot & Chris Pine didn’t even need a chemistry test for ‘Wonder Woman’

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I’m not the kind of person who geeks out about superhero costumes. If anything, I like to critique superhero costumes for fashion purposes or wearability and/or unsuitability for the world-saving tasks at hand. With all that being said, Wonder Woman’s gold costume is EVERYTHING. It might be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Is it practical? Eh. Is it suitable? Meh. Is it completely armored? Maybe. Is it bulletproof? Well. Still, it’s beautiful and I love it. Obviously, Gal Gadot-as-WW covers the current issue of Entertainment Weekly. You can read the piece about the history of WW’s gold armor here. You can read the EW cover story here. Some highlights:

Gal Gadot on the 1980s: “I was born in ’85, but it’s funny, I really do remember. Probably more so because of my parents, but it was a such a standout decade as much as it goes with fashion, music, politics. And the look of everything! The colors.”

Kristen Wiig on Cheetah: “I did not really know so much about Cheetah. Before I even talked to Patty [Jenkins], there was an idea that maybe it might be about being a villain for the movie, so I went online and looked at all the villains of Wonder Woman to try to figure out which one, because I was so excited. And I was really, really happy to find out it was her.”

Chris Pine on coming back to play Steve: “In the first movie, I played the world-weary soldier who has seen all the depravity that humankind is capable of displaying. And in this one I get to be much more wide-eyed and joyful. My role is really just as a friend, lover, boyfriend-cum-bodyguard who’s trying his best to help Diana on her mission. I’m like the Watson to her Holmes.”

Gal on how she didn’t need a chemistry test with Chris: “There was no chemistry test! Honestly, we just had it…. And where other men could be intimidated by the fact that they’re not, you know, the hero hero that men usually are, with Chris he enjoys it, and it challenges him in a way that is so much fun and so funny.”

Gal on playing WW: “I think that when I just started, I didn’t understand the magnitude and how much this character means to people. I was feeling like the little girl who’s supposed to climb the Kilimanjaro mountain, scratching my head and thinking, ‘How the hell am I going to do this?’ But now I feel like I know where I’m going and I know what we’re doing. If in the first movie Diana didn’t understand the complexities of mankind, now she completely understands it…. She loves people, and I think that’s the key to this character, you know? She has the powers of a goddess, but she has the heart of a human.”

[From EW]

EW doesn’t reveal HOW Steve comes back and magically appears in Diana’s life again, but no one is talking about that from the film, which is smart. I mean, that’s why I’ll probably go see this in the theater – I want to find out how and why, and it better not be lame. Although even if it is lame, I enjoy Pine and Gadot’s chemistry together so much.

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  1. Snowslow says:

    I don’t know why but this woman annoys me. I was born in 1976 but I don’t remember the 70s. It’s impossible. She remembers seeing photos of the 80s and the colours she mentions are from that. I dunno I guess I find her dumb and I find WW, the film dumb, and I am cranky and should be working. Seeing myself out.

    • raindrop says:

      Eh, she probably isn’t lying – just embellishing the truth. I was born in early ’86 and I have memories (snapshot memories, nothing very detailed) from 1989. But I agree that remembering a few things from your early childhood doesn’t really translate to “ah yes, I remember that decade so well.” I’m a “90s kid” in that all of my clear, formative memories are from the 90s. I’m sure she is too.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      What people considers “80s style” didn’t stop on a dime in 1990. It always bleeds over a bit into the next decade. If we look at 1992, it is going to look way more 80s than 1998.

      As a kid I grew up watching things that were made a few years before my time, but they were reruns. I don’t doubt that a person born in 1985 has memories of the 80s.

    • Xi Tang says:

      Lol you are crancky. But I get it I’m not a fan either. She’s a terrible actor. Chris Pine completely stole the show in the first movie. He was the strongest point in that movie and that’s why he is coming back in the form of a ghost. If the leaked plot is correct then this movie is dumber than the first.
      Side note, we know diana was in Justice League so it feels wrong to have the sequel in the past as well. It’s like there’s no stakes.

      • Tila says:

        Even if the plot has been leaked elsewhere online, it’s not cool to have posted this. At least put a spolier warning.

  2. Enny says:

    Remember how everyone was so pissed when she was cast? She was too pretty, too little, too unknown… Girl is bada$$. She’s not a great actress – I don’t know how much depth her career will have – but as WW? She kills it.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      I think she’s a decent enough actress but yeah she is well cast as WW – there is a badass quality to her.

    • dofcol says:

      There was a lot of male fanboy hate towards her too, for not being busty enough – which she laughed off pretty well.

  3. Lee says:

    Can’t wait to see WW 1984!

  4. Gaby says:

    My theory is that Pascal’s character will do something to make people have what they want, like she wanting Pine back, but there’s a catch and to save the world, she will have to give him up so things go back to normal.

    I’m so excited to see this movie!

  5. The Recluse says:

    Love Wonder Woman and am so looking forward to this. She remembers the 80s the way I remember the late 60s, fondly, as a small child. I was born midway through too.
    Funny what lodges in a child’s memory.

  6. H says:

    I am so excited for this movie. Wonder Woman was my hero as a girl and Linda Carter probably my first crush. Gal is perfect in this role. When Diana crosses No Man’s Land in the first movie I cried. Like buckets, as finally someone else (Jenkins) got what WW meant to so many of us geeky girls growing up in the 70’s. I so hope Patty and crew pull off another success.

  7. Michael says:

    They imply how Steve Trevor was brought back in the previews. I don’t care how though because they are great together.

  8. Grant says:

    The plot leaked on Reddit and it seemed pretty credible. If the plot leak is indeed legit, WW1984 sounds like it is going to be even more epic, funny, and moving (yes, moving!) than the first one.

  9. schmootc says:

    Have watched this trailer more than a few times since it came out and I gotta say this suit is one of the best parts. THUMBS UP!!

  10. Anne says:

    I love her and she was such a good choice for Wonder Woman. It comes natutral to her. Really looking forward to this movie.

  11. Leriel says:

    Not a DC fan, so when I saw this golden suit, I cringed, that looks even more ridiculous than her bulletproof corset. And it’s from comic book, ugh just because it was in comic book it shouldn’t be in the movie.

    Not a big fan of WW, she’s like Superman to me, too perfect and too powerful. Gal gives her life, for sure, but I can’t relate to her (didn’t cry during No man’s land scene, yes I exist). My bff is a huge DC fan and she dislikes WW too for same reasons. BOP did it for me, I heavily related to them and I find them like a real women and I can find myself in them easily, it’s my favourite female comic book movie for now (it’s not like it was a lot of them so I can choose easily, disliked Captain Marvel too, but mostly because of stupid story, Brie Larson was fine, I’d wish they gave her more depths to work with, Carol is comic sometimes can be really controversial and depressed, instead we got “you’re friend and human” monologue from Maria, ugh). Probably Marvel did it for me, they write their characters pretty human being, and DC gives to theirs a god-like (or mysterious in a case of Batman) fleur, I just don’t feel them as real people, unf.

  12. BB says:

    Why must there always be a love interest? I hate that sh!t…just let her be an awesome, badass wonder woman without trying to make it some romantic super hero bullsh!t. There was a whole story there without having to include that.

    • Caitrin says:

      I suspect it has to do with Maxwell Lord in this context, in which case Steve Trevor is hella relevant.

  13. Kari says:

    So this is one of those moments where I regret reading reddit because for months there have been folks posting what they claim is the plot to the movie and… yeah hard to enjoy the promotion when you have a strong feeling you’ve ruined it for yourself. This is what I get for being chismosa lol 😅

  14. Snazzy says:

    I am all about that fanny pack 😂

  15. Twist says:

    She’s 100% perfect for the role. Physical and with the right level of innocence or whatever it is. Chris Pine is so hot and they have insane chemistry. I do believe the rumours about him however, for gossip’s sake. 1984 looks like it’s been stylised really well. Loved the music in the preview. I read George Miller (Mad Max) was going to do WW with Meghan Gale. That would have been a disaster. Just realised I sound gushing, so, to clarify, this isn’t a paid post and I’m not a pr person.

  16. Ferdinand says:

    As to the how and why: it is lame!

    Spoilers have leaked since last November and some of them were confirmed when the trailer came out. I just hope some of it were not true because the movie would be pointless at the end. I do believe people would be disappointing but I still hope WW84 does great in The box office so we won’t have to read think pieces of how female heroes movies are not pulling people into the theater