Punky Brewster opens eco-friendly baby store


I didn’t realize Punky Brewster was still around – I think I got her confused with the little girl from the Poltergeist movies – but it turns out she is, and is pregnant with her second child. Oh, and she’s totally hot. I hate her. In that good, jealous way. Soleil Moon Frye has opened a green children’s boutique called The Little Seed in L.A. I have a freakish admiration for the eco-friendly folks. I’m trying to learn to be better – I’ve switched from Kleenex to hankies, which I think saves about a tree a day, at the rate I get sinus infections. So I’m pretty sure I’m right up there with Soleil Moon Frye.

“‘It’s an opportunity to make the planet a little greener,’ Frye, 31, tells PEOPLE. ‘I haven’t slept at all these last few months. It’s probably a combination of pregnancy and opening this store. It’s so exciting.’

“The boutique, located in the hip enclave of Larchmont Village, carries green products, including sustainable furniture from Kalon Studios, organic toys from Zid Zid and non-toxic crayons and paints from Stockmeyer.

“‘I had such a hard time finding great organic and non-toxic items for my daughter,’ says Frye. ‘I wanted to create a place where parents can come and find products that are safe for their children, as well as good for the planet.’”

[From People]

Oh you do-gooders. You make me look so bad in comparison. You make my hankies seem so insignificant. No, I won’t go there. You can never take my hankies from me. Frye’s first daughter, who’s name is Poet (I’ll give you a minute to digest that) is crazy about the store and all the cool toys. Plus, she’s probably not going to get some crazy lead-based poison like all the other little kids whose parents bought years of tainted toys. So that’s always nice. I think gnawing on a melamine Big Bird did some serious damage to me back in the day.

“Her daughter’s favorite item? ‘Poet loves to paint and draw,’ says Frye about her two-year-old daughter with husband Jason Goldberg, 36. ‘As soon as she comes to the store, she grabs the crayons and starts a new art project.’ The actress, who founded the store with Paige Tolmach and Beth Birkett, reveals her second pregnancy hasn’t been easy. ‘The first trimester was rough,’ she says. ‘I don’t know why you call it morning sickness, because I was sick all day and night!’ Still, she adds: ‘I’m finally feeling good.’

“Frye says her daughter Poet is already bonding with the baby, due in the spring. ‘She talks to the belly all the time and tells the baby she loves it.’ Frye and Goldberg have decided not to find out the gender of their child, but they’ve already started talking about names. ‘Poet is such a unique name,’ she says about her daughter, whose full name is Poet Sienna Rose Goldberg. ‘And we have a family of crazy, wonderful names so we have a lot to live up to.’”

[From People]

I say you name the next kid Bob or Jane, depending on the sex. For that family, that probably would be a unique, weird name. And if nothing else, it’ll let the kid know from the get-go that you weren’t all that interested in them, so you don’t have to spend years neglecting them to figure it out. In fact, that’s the route Britney Spears should have gone. Would have saved her a lot of time of having to neglect the kids.


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