When Mel Gibson is nice to ex-wife Robyn, Oksana freaks out

Oksana Grigorieva performs on Good Morning America in Times Square.

There’s been a lot of news lately about Mel Gibson and his pregnant girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, probably because she’s been doing a media blitz to promote her album, which Mel Gibson is paying for. Oksana admitted last week that she only got with Mel when he “reassured” her his marriage was unhappy. Previously, we’ve heard other explanations for how, when and where Mel and his wife Robyn became estranged, and my guess was that Oksana just forgot her talking points. We’ve also heard about the alleged “secret annulment” Mel Gibson got from his sort-of Catholic Church in California, supposedly so he could marry Oksana free and clear. Most of the stories have been pretty consistent – Oksana is here to stay, and Mel is making arrangements to have their relationship legitimized in the eyes of the public.

Alas, the Enquirer has a different take. And before everyone gets up in arms about it being from the Enquirer, keep in mind that they’ve had several great scoops on Mel and Oksana that later turned out to be true. They claim that Mel is really worried that Robyn will destroy him in the divorce, and that Robyn will turn all of their kids against him. I totally buy that. The Enquirer also reports that Robyn and Mel have been meeting secretly to work out the divorce deal, and to keep the peace – they are “getting along better than they have in years.” My guess is that Robyn is being nice because she’s visualizing all of that money she’s going to get. Imagining eight zeroes on a check has a calming effect. But guess who’s not happy with Mel and Robyn’s secret meetings? Oksana!

Mel Gibson is meeting secretly with his soon-to-be ex-wife, and his pregnant girlfriend is fuming! [He’s] bending over backward to please both his estranged wife Robyn and fiancée Oksana Grigorieva, and sources say the pressure has him frazzled.

“Mel is desperately trying to keep both Robyn and Oksana happy, and his nerves are shot,” an insider told the Enquirer.

After she filed for divorce in April, Robyn didn’t even want to speak to the father of her seven kids, said the insider.

“Mel has been meeting secretly with Robyn at his Holy Family Chapel in Agoura Hills to hash out their divorce, and attempt to get her blessing to marry Oksana,” the insider divulged.

“He knows that Robyn still has a lot of control over his assets and their children’s opinions of him, so he’s being very nice to her. They’re getting along better than they have in years.”

But… the truce with Robyn is causing trendous turmoil between him and 39-year-old Oksana, who is due to deliver his child this fall.

“When Oksana found out about Mel’s secret meetings with Robyn, she went berserk,” said the insider.

“The key problem is Oksana knows Mel will always have a place in his heart for Robyn, and she’s scared to death that Mel might reconsider their divorce.”

But a reconciliation is not really an option, said the source. One big factor, as the Enquirer recently reported, is 53-year-old Robyn’s newfound happiness with her secret boyfriend, who lives in northern California.

“At this point, Robyn just wants the divorce to be finalized so she can move on with her life,” explained the insider. “And she wants the Gibson kids to be happy with both their parent’s new relationships.”

[After Mel’s secret annulment by his breakaway Catholic congration, he was planning a splashy Christmas wedding to Oksana.]

“But Oksana is threatening to postpone the nuptials if Mel doesn’t stop meeting with Robyn and including her in financial matters regarding the family and the church,” confided the insider.

“Oksana hates that Robyn is still in control of Mel’s money. She told him that there will be no wedding until Robyn is 100 percent out of Mel’s life.”

“All Mel wants is peace between his new and old families, and a joyous Christmas wedding.”

[From the National Enquirer, print edition, August 24 2009]

Oksana’s not really the sharpest knife in the drawer is she? Threatening to not marry Mel isn’t much of a bluff. Oksana needs the marriage way more than Mel. True, she’s got her baby “Cash Money”, but she would get a lot more in a divorce. As for the threat about not seeing Robyn anymore? Puh-lease. No matter how much of a douche I think Mel is, I do think he and Robyn probably care very much about maintaining some sort of civil relationship for their seven kids.

Oksana Grigorieva performs on Good Morning America in Times Square.

Oksana Grigorieva performs on Good Morning America in Times Square.

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  1. Diane says:

    Why is it both of these two, Mel and Oksana appear freakish to me. Perhaps they are = )

    I find no redeeming value in either one.

  2. crash2GO2 says:

    Has anyone seen a picture of this woman looking pregnant??

  3. Obvious says:

    Team ROBYN!

  4. MeowBea says:

    Yuck I still find them GROSS!! Her more than him…. did anyone hear her trying to sing?? she even has an album out!!(Surprising) She sounds like a hurt Walrus! LOL

  5. yadira says:

    Once a cheater, always a cheater but I guess it doesn’t matter to her as long as she gets her claws on his money.

    I don’t think the hearts are involved in this matter.

  6. maddie says:

    Robyn won’t need to do anything about “turning the kids” against Mel I think he doing a great job himself.

    And Catwauling Okicotton marriage to Mel will be PRE-Nupted I’m sure to the fullest .

    Mel is such a narcissist that he doesn’t realize what a idiot he comes across to most of us normal people to trade your wife for a GOLDDING GOFER LOOKING CHIPMUCK is just uh crazy.

  7. pepper says:

    there you have it. anne boleyn gets jealous of catherine of aragon. boo hoo
    all mel needs to do is to find his archbishop cranmer and all’s well. until hell

  8. Neelyo says:

    I hope she makes him miserable.

  9. Toe says:

    Yeah…i’ve never seen a pic of her pregnant.

  10. Leni says:

    I am still reeling from the fact that “good Catholic” Mel got an annulment. On what fricking grounds. That the church still lets him attend shows that it is not a real Catholic church. Yes, I realize it is his church, bought and paid for-okay..letting it go, letting it go.

  11. sammy says:

    Looks like Mel doesn’t realize he’s a laughing stock but thinks everyone who can’t stomach Oksana is just jealous because she got him. Hard to tell someone they’re not a hottie anymore and no one with any decency wants him anymore, not even Robyn

  12. wow says:

    She looks really young in the opening picture up there with Mel. In fact I always thought she was in her early 20’s until she made her red carpet debut with Mel.

    I doubt this latest story though. Oksana doesn’t have to go “beserk” or feel threatened by Robyn. Mel is with her because he wants to be with ole gal. Robyn is probably all “good riddance to bad rubbish” as far as Mel is concerned.

  13. pepper says:

    she looks anorexic. that babys gonna be sick

  14. Victoria says:

    The children have ALREADY turned against him. Ive heard this NITWIT sing and she aint all that. Mel Gibson can promote it till the end of time and it wont sell. I dont believe she threw a hissy fit over Mel meeting with Robyn because I think this woman is a professional GOLD DIGGER. Mel Gibson is NOT her first, Timothy Dalton was her first. I agree with Sammy. Mel doesnt realize he’s GROSS to almost all women now. Comments made to this link prove it.

  15. moonshadows says:

    what a beautiful voice. i mean that “cat” can really sing!

  16. Munkey says:

    Yeah, her record is going to flop big time. Whatever tabloid “value” she might have doesn’t carry enough weight to convince most people to fork out their hard-earned cash for a monumentally shitty album.

  17. maddie says:

    @ Munkey

    Yeah, her record is going to flop big

    Unless Mel buys all of her CDs he does have the money, because if not they bein the 0.99 bin at K-Mart.

  18. colorado says:

    Professional gold digger go back to Russia or buy a one way ticket to the moon.
    You are painful.
    Robyn has character and looks better.
    Unlike you is Robyn a saint.

  19. oh my says:

    anyone else think it’s interesting that Mel’s secret annulment was allegedly granted on the grounds that he felt pressured to marry Robyn because she was pregnant and that somehow undermines the legitimacy of the marriage? Isn’t he marrying Oksana because she’s pregnant?

  20. the original kate says:

    father time has not been kind to mel. and i’m sure all the smoking and boozing didn’t help either. what a dick.

  21. Sammy says:

    Oh my: I don’t believe Mel can be pressured to do much of anything except apologize and snivel after the fact, and that goes for when he proposed to Robyn. He has just lost his mind and his Faith. He’s marrying Oksana because he’s drunk with self-love and conceit. He really thinks he’s something special, can do whatever he wants, and Robyn just didn’t get that, giving him a constant reality check. Oksamom inflames his fantasies, encouraging his private passions and obsessions. She pretends to worship him and also pretends to have talent. She plays the part of the invincibly ignorant, adoring little girl and he eats it up. Both will get a reality check. It is sad and frightening how he has thrown all his standards to the wind, devil may care about his family and good name. How embarrassing to be one of his children

  22. prince says:

    has any one ever seen the sexy and busty gibson girl?
    she is married to one of the gibson boys . she is the real deal man. busty beauty she hangs out with surfer laird hamilton . amazed mel gibson didn’t hit on her wau lol

  23. oksana says:

    mel is buying me vocal lessons.

    lesson 1. oksana keep quiet
    lesson 2. oksana do not open your mouth
    lesson 3. etc.

  24. ellen says:

    Non of the Mels boys are married. You prolly mean his nephs GF. She just had his baby

  25. rop says:

    seperated at birth:

    Ocotomom and Oksana

  26. Kat says:

    Hey Mel, If she gets mad and refuses to marry you, THAT IS A GOOD THING !!!!Why jump into another marriage so soon ??? And to keep her at bay, tell her you are a good Catholic and expect many more babies from her. Ahhhh… the smell of dirty diapers… tell her you can’t wait

  27. Close friend says:

    Have you seen the pictures?
    She is coming out of Goodmorning America appearance, looking pregy, but while she was in the show her stomach was flat thus she was wearing a dress that should have made her looks bigger.

    Here she wears a thin tunica, who is transparent, and it shows a big belly taken front, and standing up, while all images of her at GMA, sitting down, and taken from the side, who should show even more, with her wearing a fat dress, show that she has a flat stomach. There is an obvious contradiction in it.
    This metamorphosis isnt possible unless she is using a decoy, as those they use in movies when an actress has to looks pregy.
    She is wearing a movie’s requisit.

    There is no way she can be pregnant
    Her breasts are flat, her thighs are too skinny, and she was totaly flat at the Playhouse opening party, as well as during the CNN interview made 2 days earlier, and the GMA interview made a few hours before those shots were taken.
    Its a fake.

    She is definitly not pregnant, but trying to counter what people have been saying for a while: that she is faking the pregnancy.
    She must also have read the comments peole made online on different articles.

    There is no way she could have this big ballon when showing outside, and being all flat while sitting and playing piano, unless she put on a movie requisit to looks pregy in the dressing room.
    That kind of tunica she is wearing, will also hang on her breasts, if she had some, as a pregnant woman has.

    Something isnt rigth and we can see it.

  28. boomchakaboom says:

    Oh, yeah. This marriage is going to work out really,really, well. HA!

  29. babsi says:

    his boys have gf’s. his broter has a stunning wife
    they live around malibu i think . see them at pardise beach.

  30. Jazz says:

    “She told him that there will be no wedding until Robyn is 100 percent out of Mel’s life.”

    They have children together, the youngest being only 10 so Robyn will never be 100% out of Mel’s life.

  31. jane says:

    I was no longer fooled by this fool when I saw an hour-long interview in 1992 as he was macho, piggish and misogynistic.

    He’s no Catholic (I am). Finally he’s getting his due after anti-semitic rants, hypocritical and faux radical Catholicism.

    If you believe the Pope is God’s rep. on earth, yet refuse to accept Vatican II reforms, then you are not Roman Catholic, you liquor-soaked fool.

    Buying a church that allows you to divorce indeed makes you a separatist.

    He deserves this scary Barbie-doll con artist. She definitively exposes him as the moron he is.

    May Robyn take minimum half his wealth. God knows she’s earned it dealing with the likes of him all these years.

  32. Rabbit says:

    Argh, the hypocrisy!

    He ANNULLED his marriage to Robyn… so (according to the Good Book) I guess their 7 children are now illegitimate and Robyn’s some kind of harlot?!?

    Granted, I don’t know a thing about Catholic views on these situations, but it seems to me that the Man Upstairs would be rather disgusted by this “annullment” nonsense.

    Ethically, how in the world can Mel justify that an annullment from Robyn, effectively “bastardizing” his 7 children, is more acceptable to God than simply saying, “the marriage failed?” I’m just baffled by this kind of thinking.

    And what kind of damage does this do to the kids’ pscyhes?

    @Maddie, you pegged it with “narcissist” and “idiot.” “Catwauling Okicotton” was pretty darned funny, too!

  33. QB says:

    His 7 kids are not bastards if they get an annulment , Oksanas kid is going to be bastard unless he gets divorce and married fast.

    PS: Mel must be really inlove because Oksana is ugly, or maybe she is really good at what she does , if you get what I mean.

  34. Clarify (from used to be Disgusted) says:

    This is not a defense of Mel’s actions. I for one think what he needs is prayers to enlighten him.

    It is an explanation of what an annulment is… it is not divorce. It is a determination that the conditions necessary for a marriage to be valid were not present at the time the vows were taken. The length of the marriage has no bearing on it… nor do the amount of children. Many years and children to not validate a marriage. The vows must be taken in the right way and with the right intentions!

    Robyn was 5 months pregnant when they married, and from what I have heard, Mel claims he was pressured into the marriage. That very well may be… how one earth can WE know what went on in his mind at that moment? We can’t.

    Also, the church accepts that the marriage was performed according to civil law, and so the children are NOT declared illegitimate! Period. That is the way it is. No one is making the Gibson children into bastards.

    Do I like what Mel is doing now? No, it revolts me. But all the ranting and yelling won’t make a sinner turn around. It is prayer that will.

  35. annie says:

    Was’nt Mel involved with Leslie Hamil at the time he met Oksana? And I believe it was leslie who broke that up. He likes more than one woman at a time I’m thinking.

  36. Bree says:

    The Russian mail order bride aspect will always linger.

  37. annie says:

    This is all very sad for the man who made a very profound film, I’m thinking the devil is after hin for that one. True Mel supporters need to keep him in their prayers.

  38. K says:

    Is Okie afraid her gravy train will derail? Her only talent is getting aging stars to father her babies, singing won’t do it. And she ain’t got many years left to even do that talent.

  39. Rabbit says:

    @Clarify: you said “…an annulment is…not divorce. It is a determination that the conditions necessary for a marriage to be valid were not present at the time the vows were taken.”

    I read that to mean that the marriage has thus been deemed to be invalid in the eyes of God. Correct? If so, what is the spiritual standing (for lack of a better phrase) of their children? Honestly, I am really baffled by the logic behind annullments that take place DECADES after the marriage. To me, it’s like someone saying, “well, my fingers were crossed behind my back when I said: for better and for worst, until death do us part.” It seems like a cheesey way to get out of something that is supposedly against your religious beliefs. It smacks of hypocrisy. (Not your remark, but Mel’s actions). Now, as I proofread this comment, it occurred to me that most Catholic couples go through premarital counseling with their Priest. If so, wouldn’t he have recognized that “the conditions necessary” did not exist in Mel and Robyn’s case? Or did the pregnancy invalidate that “requirement?” I’m not trying to be pest, I’m just very curious as to how alll of this works.

  40. Gigohead says:

    I’m glad to hear that Mel being nice to the ex irks this girl. GOOOOOODDD!!!

    The more she is irked, the more power to Robyn. LOL!

    Revenge is a great dish served cold!!

  41. Close friend says:

    @ annie

    Mel Gibson was dating Leslie Hammel in 2006 to 2007, and no he wasnt dating oksana at that time at all.
    It first begin in october 2008, after she had visited him several times in his trailer, at the Boston movie set.
    He wasnt dating her yet when she was coming there. It begin as a sexual affair later on, that he interupted several times, like in novemeber and december 2008, then was back in late december and went wrong in january as she got him while making the videos.

    What you read on Reuter that they were together since the DUI arrest is a misunderstanding.
    Thats a misunderstandign started from somehting that Hollywooscope got wrong mixing the dates since when Mel was separated with Robyn (3 years) with when oksa met with Mel, and tehy printed it in an article in late april/may and realised a few days later they were wrong and corrected it. It is also in the article that they had got it wrong, they state it themselves, and corrected it into that they had knwon each others since less than a year.
    Oksasna was stil with timothy dalton in 2006 to march 2007 and was dating David Foster as well as a rich swedish man who financed her name on a record, in 2007, wereafter oksana was dating David Foster and got a house from him in late 2008, in Santa Monica, and was still living with him as far as april may 2009.
    So things are not that transparent as they seems to be.
    Mel Gibson first begin to have an affair with that wannabe musician singer in october 2008.
    He met her for the first time in late august 2008.
    She was in a group with her swedish bf in Panama in dec 2007, while Mel Gibson was meeting governement officials there, but they didnt knew each others at that time nor talk together.
    She was just there as part of a group of people following the event.

    You can see the article in hollywooscope and their correction of it.

  42. Clarify (from used to be Disgusted) says:

    As one who has been through the annulment process personally, I learned quite a bit. There are also good books written on the subject by canon lawyers. I am not inventing anything here… I am repeating what I have been told by my advocate, and what I have read which was written by canon lawyers who are knowledgeable about the subject.

    Regarding annulments, it is a sacrament, but also a contract, and a contract, to be legal (valid) must meet conditions. The Church has specified what these are. If someone is coerced or pressured into marriage, it can invalidate it, as marriage must be entered into freely with no pressure.

    People stay within a bad marriage for many different reasons. Quite often the arrival of children will cause someone to stay put. But no length of time can by itself change the fact that a marriage was entered into under undue pressure. The length of marriage and children doesn’t change the fact of whatever the conditions were at the moment the vows were taken.

    Couples are supposed to have the pre-marital counseling, but many times it isn’t what it should be. And even if they do, fear of scandal, trouble in the family etc can cause a person to go along and keep silent.

    I have no idea what the circumstances were within Mel and Robyn’s minds. All I know is that he very well may have been under strong pressure to marry her as she was 5 months pregnant with his child. And for someone on the outside of a marriage to judge what happened originally is presumptuous, as we have no way of knowing. It is the Church’s right to determine that.

    Ahem, the Church’s right. Not Mel’s father!!

  43. mike says:

    sorry you got it wrong. maura his crazy sister got him to leave his wife. he is a confused drunk. she backstabbing bitch smile with robin and moment she turn around she badmouth robin and kids.
    mel got oksa took oksa to panama he never left his room was sleeping with oksa while waiting for robi
    to come back to him. maura is a voodo witch-he is a drunk cathocrazy.oksa use the situation anf get.crazy get him more drunk

  44. Uzi says:

    I think Mel is caught in the middle of a good vs. evil tug-of-war: 7 kids/true friends/well-meaning business associates vs. Oksana/the crazy cult-like church led by his father. Robyn would not be involved at all if it weren’t for the children, especially the ten-year-old, as she’s probably ready to move on with her life. When Mel was on the Tonight Show he blew off the idea of marriage, but since then people from the church seem to be putting pressure on him to vilify Robyn and legitimize Oksana. The idea of a Christmas wedding is interesting: are Mel and Oksana the new Joseph and Mary and their spawn the second coming of Christ? Mel is weak, confused and missing a few brain cells, so the outcome of this fiasco of a relationship will depend on which side gets the upper hand. I’m hoping his kids issue an ultimatum: it’s Oksana or us, and also hope they shun the meal ticket baby. Oksana’s latest media blitz has convinced me more than ever that she’s a manipulative monster.

  45. insana says:

    Oksana is insania
    she did not give him chance to go to family back .
    she use boris nizon the russian he own Fame pictures
    to go to Boston set take picturs and she sleep with Boris Nizon too the have many plan for oksna fame money

  46. clarify says:

    When Robyn was in the picture, she was influential in how things ran at the chapel. It is to Maura’s benefit that Robyn is gone, and that Mel marry Oksana, as then she will have free rein and be more or less in charge. Oksana is not interested in being involved with the chapel! heh

  47. Snoopchew says:

    Oksana needs to help her estranged twin sister, Octomom raise her 14 kids. She needs to go there immediately. Get in on that Fox Reality action!
    Forget about singing, everyone else has.

  48. Uzi says:

    How does everyone know so much about Maura? Is there info about her on another web site? And are some of Mel’s other siblings besides Maura involved with the crazy church too? I didn’t realize his entire family was insane! Poor Robyn, having to deal with these people as well as an alcoholic adulterer husband for so many years! Also, can anyone explain why the “church” is so accepting of Oksana since she’s essentially a prostitute. Why are they so anxious to welcome this sleazy woman into their “family?”

  49. Oz says:

    Hutton is said to have been the one who exposed that Robyn was pregnant prior to marriage yet the math makes it obvious.
    Mel’s brother and his hot wife left the rest of the crazies there but others remain.

  50. mike says:

    i have seen the brother’s stunning wife at s.monica’s church. she does not go to mel church. she is elegant and sexy and everyone nice to her the.martin sheen goes to same church good church.

  51. Taia says:

    mel didn’t blow off marriage on leno, listen carefully. he said who would do it twice? that is no answer but another question. he doesn’t consider himself married since he calls it annulled, never happened like the holocaust. these people are tricky, saying one thing, and doing another and doing others. or pretending to say something they are not. oxsana needs to be very nervous trying to control mel. he likes his fun

  52. browning says:

    she looks just like the octo-mom. gross.

  53. crash2GO2 says:

    I don’t know who scares me more – Oksana and Mel or some of the posters in this thread.

  54. Jazz says:

    It’s hell being Mel…