Theory: Doria Ragland is probably isolating with the Sussexes in LA somewhere?

The Kardashian clan enjoy family dinner at Nobu but there is no sign of Khloe!

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been in California for several weeks now. I personally believe that they probably arrived in LA soon after Commonwealth Day, which was March 9th. That was their final event in London, and Meghan reportedly left the country that evening. My theory is that she returned to Canada, got Archie, packed up their sh-t and moved to LA within one week at most. Maybe Harry – who spent an additional few days in London – flew to Canada first, or maybe he went directly to LA. I don’t know. What I do know is that Meghan and Harry got to LA before all of the travel bans and stay-at-home orders. So excuse me if I do not believe that Meghan hasn’t seen her mother Doria all this time?

Meghan has not seen her beloved mum Doria since returning to Los Angeles – despite living just ten miles away. The Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry have been self-isolating after quitting Vancouver Island, and have been advised not to socialise with the 63-year-old former social worker during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Sun on Sunday can also reveal that even though 38-year-old Meghan was the driving force behind the couple’s return to Hollywood, she has no plans to return to acting. Instead, as she and Harry househunt for a permanent home — and are currently social distancing in a secluded mansion in a private gated community — she hopes to focus on her philanthropic causes while she is prevented from seeing her mum.

Tonight a source said: “Meghan is absolutely heartbroken. After all, one of the main reasons she decided to live in LA was to be near her mum. Because of her age, Doria obviously has to be careful and Meghan and Harry are sticking rigidly to all formal guidelines when it comes to coronavirus. They’ve been WhatsApping and FaceTiming almost daily but obviously it’s not the same. Meghan has been using her time in isolation to plan her future and has been exploring various good causes she could align herself with. She has also had a big conference call with her agents and told them that at the moment she doesn’t wish to be considered for any acting roles. Those days are gone.”

[From The Sun]

Personally, I think the Sun’s motivations for writing this kind of story are more interesting than the story itself. I think the background for their reasoning is probably quite fascinating (and gross) – I’d be willing to bet that several British tabloids (The Sun and the Daily Mail among them) have paid people to stake out Doria Ragland’s LA home. If they had recent photos of Doria, they would have published them too. Because they don’t have recent photos of Doria, I suspect the Sun just surmised that “Meghan hasn’t visited Doria” and “Doria and Meghan haven’t seen each other in weeks.” But I’ve been wondering this whole time if Meghan actually left Archie in Doria’s charge when Meghan went to London, and I wonder if Doria is isolating with Meghan, Harry and Archie. It would explain the lack of photos of Doria, wouldn’t it? Because you know they’ve staked out Doria’s house, even in a quarantine.


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  1. runcmc says:

    That would be so risky! I hope they are isolating separately and then see each other when it’s safe to. It’s really ridiculous that the story is being framed by the Sun/DM as “she won’t see her mother, what a bad daughter!” and not “she won’t endanger her mother, what a caring human.”

    • Trufflefries says:

      What’s so risky about self isolating with other known family members? If there were any concerns they likely could have all been tested before becoming a multigenerational household. They tested entire NBA teams I have no doubt they could have gone this route if they wanted.

      • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

        I wouldn’t be surprised if M&H had Doria move into their temp. digs with Archie while they went to London (isn’t it supposed to be one of Mike Hess’ places? He’s married to Meg’s bf Misha). I would go further and guess Meg isolated for a week to 10 days before flying into LA to join (so as to make sure), and Harry followed (flying straight into LA, isolating in a guest house (I assume would be) on the property). I doubt they’d do anything that could put Archie or Doria at risk.

        Again, all conjecture on my part…but it wouldn’t surprise me if this happened.

      • ARBELIA says:

        That’s risky because children can be healthy carrier , and pass on the virus without showing any symptom. It has been argued that one of the reason Italy ( and also Spain) is so severely touched is because of frequent mutligenerational households, or at least very frequent visits between old people and their children and grandchildren . The authorities ( here in Europe) advised to avoid any contact between children and grandparents ( aka not having grandparents provide childcare, no visits …) Children here haven’t seen their grandparents for a months or more when they saw them every week. People sometimes greet elderly family members through windows to keep them safe.
        Of course i suspect Meghan and Harry they do have access to tests … unlike common people.

      • Jumpingthesnark says:

        There are households of all kinds including multigenerational households in American countries and throughout the world. In a lot of communities this is actually the norm and not the exception. I think it is very possible to practice responsible social distancing in a variety of household contexts including the multigenerational household. I suspect that exactly what the Sussexes are doing and we have no evidence to the contrary. So what is the big deal here?

      • ARBELIA says:

        I know that’s the norm for many families around the world ( including mine since my parents are from Africa) .
        But in those scary times, we’ve been strongly advised against it. We’re not in a normal situation.
        Here in France , we’ve been in lockdown for more than three weeks, but we were advised to avoid ANY contact between children and their grandparents long before that. Nobody would think of practising social distanciation within a multigenerational household unless they had no other choice, (and here it’s mostly the case for people who live the lockdown in very difficult conditions aka many people in small spaces). So it would be a situation “suffered” by people and not chosen.
        Of course, if you are in lockdown in a big mansion , etc… it would be more comfortable, but it still wouldn’t be witout risks .
        Again the problem it that some people can pass on the virus without any symptom, and that’s mostly the case with young children.
        We have here some workers who’ve been separated from their young children for weeks , because they work in hospital or with older people, and they don’t want to risk to pass on the virus in their worplace… since they are not tested. There are not enough tests , not even for nurses, doctors, caregivers etc…
        So the only way to limit risks it to limit contacts between people , notably between fragile people anfd those who could be healthy carriers.

      • songbirds_thrive says:

        TheOG said:
        “I wouldn’t be surprised if M&H had Doria move into their temp. digs with Archie while they went to London (isn’t it supposed to be one of Mike Hess’ places? He’s married to Meg’s bf Misha)…”

        Speaking of Hess and Nonoo, she just gave birth to a baby boy, named Leo (in late March). Surely, Leo will be a playmate to Archie!

        Apparently, Nonoo was in the early stages of pregnancy when she married wealthy entrepreneur & oil heir, Mike Hess, last September:

    • LuckyD says:

      my mom is isolating with us, she is so helpful and we are all staying home except for the necessities every few weeks. I would rather her be with us if she gets sick so we can help than across the city. Shrug.

  2. Nina says:

    In my dream they have a giant house and a guest house for doria

  3. Eva says:

    Please Sussex theorists explain: I understand why they’d want to live in LA but then why first relocate to Canada and leave 2 months later? I still don’t understand this.

    Doesn’t it just make them seem like they’re indecisive and don’t know what they’re doing? Or did something happen in Canada that made them say f— this, we’re going to LA?

    • Natalee says:

      Who cares why?

    • BeyondTheFringe says:

      It’s possible they just saw the writing on the wall regarding CoVid-19 and wanted to be in the States close to Doria or even with her for the duration.

    • Becks1 says:

      I think they went to Canada because they wanted to spend time in that part of Canada. I don’t think there was a business reason for it, I think they wanted some quiet family time in a relatively secluded area and they got it. Also, at the time, they still wanted to work for the Queen on a PT basis and they prob figured a commonwealth country made more sense because of that.

      I didn’t think staying there (in British Columbia) was ever their long term plan. It seems to me like they went there for some downtime before planning their next steps.

    • lily says:

      well Meghan, Harry, Archie are not citizens of Canada. My theory is they were renting there, came to LA during the crisis to be with Meghan’s mother in Meghan’s country and have not returned to Canada since because as we can see the pandemic isn’t showing signs of stopping any time soon. I don’t know why, but I have this feeling they will buy a place in Canada and stay there several times in the year like the Jolie-Pitts used to in France.

    • S808 says:

      It’s to my understanding that locating to Canada was probably part of Plan A where they would’ve been allowed to be part time working royals. They aren’t working royals, no longer represent the Commonwealth and neither are citizens so they couldn’t stay. Also, they NEVER specified Canada as where they’d permanently stay. They ALWAYS said “North America”. That includes Canada AND the US.

      • JanetDR says:

        That’s what I was thinking too.
        Also, I have several co-workers with young children who have moved in with family since their husbands are essential workers who don’t want to expose them and so far that’s nice for everyone!

      • MaryContrary says:

        I agree with you.

    • Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

      I think their plan was to make Canada their home base but because of COVID19 they relocated to CA to be with Doria. Doria and Meghan are extremely close; she wants to be with her family during this time.

      • sassafras says:

        This is very likely it. Also, there could have been an issue with Doria’s visa in Canada, depending on how long she was there for before all this started. It was probably much more straightforward to go to a country where 3/4 of the family are citizens and Harry wouldn’t have a problem and where private doctors/ clinics were plenty (Los Angeles has tons of private medical facilities for plastic surgery recovery, etc.)

    • Danielle says:

      I never got the impression that Canada was permanent. I think they just went there as a stop-gap when they were planning what they were going to do late last year and when Sussexit was being finalised this year. They were there for almost 5 months. As soon as they finished their Royal duties they headed straight for LA. If they had been in LA for the past few months the British press would have been in even more of a frenzy (which is hard to imagine, but they would have managed it) Canada is also a Commonwealth country and Meghan has closed ties to there as well.

    • Toot says:

      I think they first went to Canada because they planned to stay there originally.

      The Queen took away their Commonwealth appointments, so the plans changed. If the Queen had let them stay Commonwealth Youth Ambassadors, I think they would have stayed in Canada.

      • lucy2 says:

        That’s possible.

        Also, weren’t they staying at the home of a friend? Possibly that friend said “come stay here until you figure out where you want to be.”

      • niki says:

        This is what I think too. It would have been a PR nightmare for them to jump straight to “Hollywood”. It was to soften the blow of leaving that they could say, “we’re in a Commonwealth country still!” Once royal appointments were gone, they had no reason to stay.

        Plus, if I had the opportunity to visit a seaside Canadian island for a few months, I’d jump on the chance. It looked like a beautiful place to visit.

      • Sticks says:

        What Nikki said, 100%. It was a transition plan to soften the narrative, easing into the inevitable LA move. Which is fine. Makes much more sense for what they wanted to live in LA over Vancouver Island.

      • MJM says:

        Wouldn’t not being citizens or working royals make living in Canada more difficult?

        I think the more interesting question to ponder is will they ever be returning to the UK for long stays when the dust settles.

    • Jaded says:

      You’re making too much of a muchness out of this. They went to Canada because Meghan knows Canada. They were in one of the most scenic and tranquil places in the country. They needed a break from their horrible experience back in the UK. That’s all.

    • Amy Too says:

      They were in Canada since November, so not just 2 months. None of the three of them are canadian citizens, they can’t just stay there forever. It was meant to be a vacation that got extended when sussexit got accelerated and they were told they couldn’t be part time royals. So they stayed in Canada while they made their moving plans. Then coronavirus happened and all countries were telling their citizens to come home, now, before travel bans. Come home and shelter in place, at home, where you are a citizen who can more easily get access to medical care if you need it, and so you’re not taking up the resources of the place you’re visiting. So since Meghan and Archie are both American citizens, and since the plan was to move to America and base their work out of America eventually, likely sometime in April or May, they moved earlier. Because that’s what the governments were telling their citizens to do: come home and shelter in place. Don’t get stranded in a country where you’re not a citizen and might end up with immigration/over staying your visa issues. Come home to where your doctors and hospitals are.

    • Tina says:

      Were they really planning on living in Canada or even staying the extra 2 months that they did. They were in that vacation house in Vancouver and they were going to go for a Christmas holiday that they announced at the last minute to the family. Then Harry emailed his family to tell them the plans to go part time and when they pushed back they dropped the website. When they didn’t get what they wanted they had to stay longer in Canada.

      • Yoyo says:

        Oh stop it! discussions were on going for months about the Sussexes being part time workers.
        Harry didn’t leak their plans to the tabloids, it was Cain, so Harry called his bluff.
        Royal or not they can’t just live in Canada.

      • ABritGuest says:

        I know that’s the Fail’s recent version of events but the Sussexes’ first statement after the Sun leaked the Canada plan& Wootton (by his own admission give them 10 days to handle the story) said that there had been months of discussions which was supported by palace’s initial response after the Sussexes pushed their first statement where they said discussions were ongoing& Queen’s final statement on Sussexit where she said there had been months of discussions. Plus the Times (more of a palace friendly paper then a Sussex one) said that Harry had been raising issues with the Queen& Charles & was given run around to speak to X& finally put plans down in writing which Harry was reluctant to do in case of leaks. So I don’t believe family first heard of Harry wanting to step back by email.

        Plus that Times Shipman piece in April 2019 mentioned the idea of some in the family wanting the Sussexes away from the U.K.& subsequent reports from those on the rota talked about them doing 6 months secondments so idea of Sussexes moving away has clearly been floated around within palace for almost a year.

        Dan’s leaked story was they wanted to be based in Canada for significant time which made sense when they thought they could do royal duties part time& represent the Queen in the Commonwealth. When Queen said no to their suggested working model& they had to step back, no surprise if that plan changed too and for them to be based where the pair have rights to reside-presumably with base in USA& UK.

      • Couch potato says:

        Tinfoiltiara theory: The queen probably said no, because she and the courtiers thought they’d stay full time if they were denied part time. I would have like to see the cunt bitch faces on all of them when H & M told them “sayonara bitches!”

    • RoyalBlue says:

      The initial move to Canada came about after the South Africa trip which resulted in the Sussexes holding an interview where they mentioned how stressful it all was. As a result they were shipped off to Canada for 6 weeks to de stress and come up with plans for their future role. Their attempts to negotiate their future was thwarted on numerous attempts with courtiers blocking Harry’s attempt to speak with his grandmother along with an insistence to put it in writing. On their return to the U.K. in January they visited the Canadian consulate and thanked them for their hospitality (at this point I believe their plan was to return to the U.K.). Then began the formal discussions. This as you know once again was roadblocked, so the Sussexes took charge of their future by dropping the website with their plans. At this point it was obvious no one wanted them around so Meghan peaced out and Harry manned up and negotiated the plans for his family’s future. He eventually returned to Canada where they then were forced to change all plans for their future outside the U.K.

      So. No. They are not indecisive in the least. The Firm tossed them up and chewed them out like the cold hearted bitch it is. The Sussexes are on their own now and are trying to figure this out.

      • MaryContrary says:

        I think this makes the most sense.

      • Yoyo says:

        If they planned to come back to England why would they leave Archie in Canada?
        Harry didn’t take Paternal Leave, they wanted their vacation at Xmas in North America, they were not shipped off to Canada like packages.

    • khaveman says:

      Because…they got a free amazing crash pad for a while before they made their decisions.

    • Reece says:

      I think they went to Canada for a vacation in November/October whichever it was. Then the leak happened. So why move back and forth just stay in Canada where they were until they figured everything out. I wouldn’t have gone back to the UK at that point.

    • songbirds_thrive says:

      I don’t understand all the confusion over this. It’s very simple, as a few people have already pointed out. But a number of other people are making a lot of fuss over nothing.

      Reportedly, M&H’s plans were always to eventually relocate to the U.S. They never said they’d be staying in Canada. They were renting a large home on Canada’s Vancouver Island from an anonymous wealthy friend of friends over Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, and they probably extended their stay by a couple of months. However, living in Vancouver was never a long term situation for them.

      In light of the current crisis, M&H probably had a heads-up about possible border closings (they have a friendly connection with Justin Trudeau, whose wife, Sophie Trudeau, had been ill — she’s now recovered). For all we know, M&H simply moved up their departure date from Vancouver, from the summer to early March. Or else, this timing was always in their plans.

      Don’t forget, we’d heard for months that M&H were house-hunting in the L.A. area. So their move to L.A. should not be surprising. M&H themselves had always mentioned spending time between the U.K. and North America (not exclusively Canada).

  4. TQ says:

    I imagine Doria has been with them the entire time — in Canada while they were in the UK for Commonwealth Day, and made the move down to LA with them. I reckon Doria has been doing a lot of Archie childcare. The Sussexes are so tight with Doria, I can’t imagine they’d isolate without her.

    • ARBELIA says:

      It’s risky to have grandparents caring for children, because they can be healthy carrier. So i hope they stayed away from Doria. even if it’s very hard ( that’s what families are doing in Europe to keep older people safe).

      • MaryContrary says:

        If they’ve all been self isolating, then the baby isn’t randomly going to pop up with the virus.

    • Yoyo says:

      Doria works and she just can’t pick up and take leave.

      • Amelie says:

        There were multiple reports she quit her social worker job awhile back, not sure if it’s true but Us Weekly wasn’t the only outlet to report it: This was around the time of the wedding back in 2018, no doubt her place of work was being flooded with calls about Meghan. Maybe she managed to get another job at another place once interest died down but I’m not 100% sure she is currently employed.

      • songbirds_thrive says:

        I recall hearing reports that Doria quit her job and started her own business as a social worker for the elderly. I believe that Doria is also still a yoga teacher.

        And let’s face it, although Doria is extremely independent and has her own money and personal livelihood, she doesn’t necessarily have to work with a daughter as independently wealthy as Meghan, and a son-in-law who is a prince of the U.K. The ridiculous headlines about M&H being ‘penniless in L.A.’ are just wishful thinking by rabid rabble-rousing royal reporters and useless tabloids.

        Certainly by now, Doria is exclusively self-employed and is no longer beholden to an employer. Possibly, Doria was able to be tested to ensure her health. Or else, she’s been with M&H and Archie off-and-on in Vancouver all along, while also spending time helping to set up their new digs in L.A. before M&H relocated.

  5. M Narang says:

    I completely agree about Doria being on Vancouver Island with Archie while Meghan & Harry returned to London for their final Royal tour and now she’s with them in L.A. Makes complete sense.

    I don’t think they meant to permanently settle in Canada. Their statement said North America. I think they picked Vancouver Island for their initial holiday way back in November because it’s beautiful & isolated. When The Sun leaked the news that they wished to be working Royals, things rapidly changed and it became a temporary home base. None of them are Canadian. Now that they are free, they can live where they want. L.A. makes sense because it’s Meghan’s home town AND I’ve heard that it has its own system for celebs to move around without anyone’s knowledge which will work as well.

    • lucy2 says:

      I hope so! That would be lovely for her to have so much time with her grandson.

    • Anonymous says:

      I disagree Doria is living in LA with Harry and Meghan. I think she is at home. It’s easy getting rid of nosy photographers during COVID-19. One phone call reporting unknown person or persons hanging outside your house instead of self isolating is all it would take.

      Eva the question of Why Canada has been explained endlessly. Non citizens. Visas. Borders are closing. Return home.

      Indecisive must be the new word of the day.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Paps have been photographing Doria constantly for two years. They keep track of her movements, when her dog walker is seen, etc. They aren’t getting pics now, which means Doria likely isn’t at her home.

      • Anonymous says:

        I know paps photographed Doria in the past. But are they constantly keeping track during COVID-19?

      • lucy2 says:

        Maybe they’re all too busy following Ben Affleck.

      • notasugarhere says:

        They always keep track of Doria, because trailing her might lead them to the Sussexes.

  6. Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

    Side note: I just think Doria is so lovely and classy and inspirational. Do you know she received a Master’s only a few years ago? She’s a yogi, and Meghan needs to get her to share her hair routine.

    • Jaded says:

      The woman oozes class, dignity and inner light doesn’t she!

    • Yoyo says:

      I’m sure each woman is happy with their hair.
      Let’s not go down this road telling black women how to style their hair.

      • Derrière says:

        She only meant that maybe meghan could get Doria to share her hair secrets with us, the public.

    • khaveman says:

      Yeah Doria the cool yoga grandma gets to hang out with Archie, vs the truly judgmental, racist, pick-you-apart environment of Britain. Big UP to LA, y’all. Love u California! True acceptance and chill. I wish H&M all the best. Enjoy the Pacific breezes. Namaste.

  7. Ali says:

    Where is Carole Middleton?

    Now I would be interested in that information.

    • Anonymous says:

      I want to know how sick Boris Johnson really is and have they informed The Queen.

    • notasugarhere says:

      My guess is Carole is busy spinning all those lies about Kate homeschooling the kids, when their school announced they were putting the full curriculum and classes online.

      • TheOriginalMia says:

        Nota! I was worried. Hadn’t seen you on the threads lately. Hope all is well with you and your family.

      • MaryContrary says:

        Oh come on. Even if the classes are all online, you don’t just stick the kids in front of the computer. You must not have kids if you think they just do this on their own. You still have to supervise-and still teach some of it. Especially with the younger kids.

  8. I’m buying this rabid Royal Rota BS about as much as I’m going to believe they have a ‘source’ that knows what social media activity Meghan does on a daily basis. Once again, I believe the Sussexes’ own statement, that no sources speak for them. And, I agree with other commenters above —— Doria rocks!

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s clearly royal rota and tabloid BS. They have no Sussex sources so keep making up stories to pay the bills. It’s British tabs who constantly insist Doria wants to be wherever Meghan is. In reality, Meghan and Doria are used to being apart. Why would Meghan be heartbroken over their norm? The idea a mother and daughter can love each other deeply yet lead separate, individual lives seems to be a foreign concept to some.

      • SandyBay says:

        Exactly. Doria is an independent woman who, unlike Carole Middleton, isn’t trying to live vicariously through her daughter.

  9. KellyRyan says:

    Archie with a real grandmother who is caring and attentive, and not used as a prop for the Corgi lover in the UK. Fortunate family, they’re together.

    • khaveman says:

      Yeah Doria the cool yoga grandma gets to hang out with Archie, vs the truly judgmental, racist, pick-you-apart environment of Britain. Big UP to LA, y’all. Love u California! True acceptance and chill. I wish H&M all the best. Enjoy the Pacific breezes. Namaste.

  10. Ruby_Woo says:

    I hope that Doria is isolating with Meghan and Harry (health permitting). It must have been so distressing for her to be so far from her child and seeing all the bullying and even her own father selling stories on her.

    I’m really surprised at the tone of this article. Usually they papers can’t help but give dig at how famous and ‘hollywood’ Meghan wants to be.

    This kinder slant in comparison with the shady article in the Sun about Kate being intimidated by Meghan and therefore competing with her, showing her up to be insecure stands out to me.

    Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but I wonder if we are going to see a shift in the narrative. The Sun is always up to something!

  11. Yoyo says:

    Where do people think Meghan learned her independence from and standing up for herself?
    Doria has proven she is not going to be living in Meghan’s back pocket.
    When you raised children, you want them to stand on their own two feet.
    All this crap about Meghan is heartbroken not seeing her mother, how would they know when they’re seeing each other.

    • bettyrose says:

      Agreed. Doria very clearly has her own life (cough Carol cough) but it’s still not ideal to be alone in your house for weeks on end. I hope she’s with them or someone else close to her. Being in the same time zone, it’s easy enough to Zoom a million times a day to stay in touch now.

  12. Awkward symphony says:

    This is all to get a reaction or to flush them out. They still think the Sussexs are amateurs who don’t know their way around town🤦‍♀️
    I’d urge people to not engage. Alot of media commentators have been sharing letters to support declining press. If anything good comes out of this it would be the irradication of toxic media.

    • songbirds_thrive says:

      Right @Awkward Symphony. I figured this as well. The tabs are just needling, thinking that M&H might put out a statement. But this kind of annoying tabloid nonsense is easy to ignore.

      This is peskiness about a purely personal matter involving Meghan’s mother’s whereabouts. It’s quite different from Trump’s nosy, stinky, fire-throwing tweet nonsense about M&H’s security, which was important for Sussex reps (and BP too for that matter) to shut down immediately, and move on.

  13. bettyrose says:

    Only 10 miles away? How TF do they know where H & M are staying? (and 10 miles in L.A. might as well be 50, in normal times anyway). I agree that Doria is isolating with them. L.A. had a good 24 hours to prepare after the shelter orders went out in the Bay Area. There may have been a small danger to Doria if Harry, Meghan, or Archie were asymptomatic carriers, but the point is that if they all started isolating before becoming carriers, then none of them have contracted it in the interim and there’s no danger to Doria. I seriously doubt any of them are personally going to grocery stores.

  14. Area A says:

    These photos are from the cookbook launch, correct? Does anyone know where this event was held?

  15. ABritGuest says:

    Cookbook launch was on grounds of Kensington palace. I remember people were upset for taxpayers that Doria was driven to and from the event with the Sussexes. No word when Pippa was in the car with Kate to attend Wimbledon months later though.

  16. Magenta says:

    I feel like I’m missing something. Sure this is a plausible theory, although I recall pictures of Doria walking her dogs before non essential paparazzi were told to stay home. Still why does it seem people on here want to make sure the Sussexes were in the US before all stay at home orders and border closing dates. Why does this matter? Meghan and Archie are US citizens and I’m sure spouses can enter legally. US citizens are arriving from overseas on planes even today. They are allowed. There are less commercial flights though. Is it that they may have taken a private plane? This seems like a special circumstance even to the most crazy non fan of them. It makes sense every country would want you to be in one of the countries where a good portion of your family are citizens and or pay taxes. Honestly I think we will never know exactly what they did. They seem to be hunkering down for the virus and then after an appropriate time start their new endeavor. Something to look forward to seeing.

  17. khaveman says:

    Yeah Doria the cool yoga grandma gets to hang out with Archie, vs the truly judgmental, racist, pick-you-apart environment of Britain. Big UP to LA, y’all. Love u California! True acceptance and chill. I wish H&M all the best. Enjoy the Pacific breezes. Namaste.