The Schitt’$ Creek series finale was a fitting farewell to the little sitcom that could

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I realize I might be the only person that reads this post but sometimes, I need to write something just for me. Tuesday night saw the series finale for the Canadian sitcom, Schitt’$ Creek. The show was created by Dan Levy and his father, the amazing Eugene Levy (who has had one of the best glow ups in history). The show aired on CBC and is viewable on Pop and Hulu in the US. It had a small cult-like following for much of its run, until it blew up in the last two years. The series finale earned the largest US audience to date. Vanity Fair did a great recap of the whole episode. Here is an excerpt of their review:

If they had to leave us–and this feels like a particularly painful time to say goodbye–at least the Rose family left us well. The magnificent series finale of Schitt’s Creek was a balm, a confection, a tear-jerker, and a perfect reminder that there just have to be better days ahead.

The darling Roses had their lives stripped away, after all, and were forced into their own version of a quarantine in a middle-of-nowhere town, distant siblings and disengaged parents confined to two shabby motel rooms. It was a wonderful thing to watch over the last six seasons as each of them lovably, uncomfortably, sometimes heartbreakingly, sometimes hilariously (hi yoh, that masseuse!) reached towards his or her happy ending. The Rose family lost their riches, but earned their own good fortune.

If one had to pick who had the most emotional last turn, it’d be a toss-up between Alexis and Stevie. First: physical comedian extraordinaire Annie Murphy, the flouncing, lanky actress with the winning zip of Goldie Hawn, has long made Alexis the most endearing character on this show. Alexis has learned her worth, which means she’s learned to love herself—which means she wasn’t going to let this last night pass without offering sincere expressions of love to her family members.

The episode’s pacing cooked, spilling out with the giddy breathless energy of an actual wedding day. When David rushed into the motel room to change into his tuxedo (and chic kilt!), his face contorted into its beloved scrunch of horror when Alexis swanned out of the bathroom in white. “Everyone’s going to think we’re getting married to each other!” he shrieked.

In the end, the kids are alright, the four of them standing together as they say goodbye to their parents. Moira clung to David, but it was hearing her tell Alexis “I’m so proud of you, so proud” that pulled hardest at the heart. Stevie, of course, looked the most broken-up as she waved goodbye to Mr. Rose.

Of course, Roland also came through with his gift–a new family portrait for the Roses. The Rose family doesn’t merely own Schitt’s Creek; they are Schitt’s Creek. Johnny took in the absurdity of the new town billboard. Then husband and wife, devoted to each other in disaster and triumph, drove on to a new adventure while the world’s most perfect pop song (“This Will Be Our Year” by the Zombies) played them off.

[From Vanity Fair]

I was going to do my own recap, but I kept going on and on and frankly, VF did it better. I came to the show later. I am a big fan of Eugene and I can’t even quantify my love for Catherine O’Hara. The only other cast member I knew was Chris Elliott and although I think he is a very funny person in general, his humor can gross me out sometimes. But honestly, I didn’t watch the show because I thought the title was stupid and believed the show would be a series of amateurish puns and references. However, following Ira Madison III on Twitter who adores the show, I was finally convinced I should check it out. I think I started watching right before season three aired. I was hooked less than halfway into the pilot and it quickly became a family thing for us.

The beauty of the show is the characters. In the Best Wishes, Warmest Regards: A Schitt’s Creek Farewell special that followed the finale, Dan told us that character development was something his father insisted upon. It truly made the show what it was. No one was a two-dimensional joke, no matter how small their part. And what the show made fun of had nothing to do with generalities or stereotypes. You came to love everyone on it. It would be hard to pick my favorite story arc but if I had to choose, I think it would be Alexis. I was destroyed when she ended it with Ted, reacting almost as if it was my own breakup. But it was absolutely the right choice for her character. I’ll just pretend that they get back together after they’ve both gone on to fabulous success in their chosen fields.

The show is heralded for many positive messages. One of the most powerful is how it portrayed the LGBTQ characters and storylines. On the Best Wishes special, Noah Reid, who played Patrick, read a letter of appreciation from a moms-of-LGBTQ-kids group. What seemed like a silly show with a nutty name, became a beacon of hope during a time when we ended up needing it the most.

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  1. Bookie says:

    I loved everything about this show.

    • Snappyfish says:

      As did I. I adored everything about this show & I’m not ashamed to admit I cried from the minute the Jazzergirls started singing Precious Love & all through Patrick & David’s wedding. Quite possibly the best written love story on TV, ever.

  2. CROWHOOD says:

    This show was such a lovely display of inclusivity. People just….were. Nobody needed to be over explained.

    Catherine O’Hara is impeccable but even more as Moira Rose. Apparently, she ad libbed many of the vocabulary choices in her lines. And several seasons in they found out she had a Victorian dictionary she was using 😂

    Best Line:
    David- shouldn’t parents want more for their kids than themselves?!
    Moira- oh no, dear. If airlines taught me Anything it’s that a mother should always secure her own air mask first.

    I encourage Everybody to power through the first few episodes- it is so worth the journey.

    • Ariel says:

      Thank you for this encouragement… I had a friend recommend it, and I tried watching the first episode and just could barely even get through it! I was so confused! Now I understand that the first few episodes aren’t indicative of the show’s run… I’ll give it another try.

  3. Lightpurple says:

    This show was such a delight, so sad to see it go.

  4. Joan Callamezzo says:

    Moira Rose is one of the most amazing characters ever created.

  5. Mellie says:

    I loved, loved, loved this show!!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I haven’t watched the finale yet, so just skipping down here to say this will forever be in my top 5 favorite shows. I’m an anxiety mess right now, so will probably bawl my way through the last episode. So just gotta steel myself for that. I’m thankful we have the ability to revisit these characters via streaming because I’m sure as heck gonna miss them.

  7. sa says:

    This show was perfect. Every once in a while there is a show that always leaves me smiling and this was one. Those shows usually get cancelled on me, so I’m extra glad that this one survived. Loved the finale.

    Moira’s outfit to David’s wedding was everything I didn’t know I needed.

  8. Snap Happy says:

    I loved this show and am sad to see it go. Did anyone catch the goodby show with the cast after the finale? I thought it was strange that Chris Elliot was barely mentioned. Beside DL and CO he was the only big name when the show started. There was nothing about casting him and he only gave one quote.

    • Hecate says:

      Hi there, Snap Happy!

      Re: Chris Elliott- I think that is more Chris than anything. He doesn’t do much press these days. But iirc, Eugene talked him into doing this part because Eugene finds him one of the funniest people in the business. Apparently there are countless outtakes of Eugene breaking in scenes with him. Also, Dan organized a GoFundMe ( to aid Canadian and American food banks and the cast all contributed videos, including Chris (it’s really funny, I suggest watching it – So I do think the lack of Chris is more to respect him than not. He was so good on the show, wasn’t he?

      • Snap Happy says:

        Oh wow thanks for the response!
        I can’t watch the video right now but will def come back.
        I didn’t realize he wasn’t into doing press. He was perfect in that role.

      • GreenTurtle says:

        Ah, that makes sense! I noticed the lack of Chris as well, and figured it might be something like that.

  9. Marjorie says:

    No one on earth ever could have carries off Moira’s pope costume but Catherine O’Hara. The woman has genius level comedic abilities. They were all great, Emmys for everyone.

    I think the closeness of the core people on the show in real life helped it be what it was. Catherine and Eugene are longtime besties and she’s known Dan and Sarah Levy since they were born.

    Dan has said he’s not against a movie or a Christmas special or other sequel, so let’s hold out hope!

  10. Becks1 says:

    I love this show so much. It’s one of those heartwarming and endearing yet still hilarious shows. David was my favorite. He went from someone who couldn’t even get his own towel to a successful businessman.

    I also like that the characters grew but didn’t change, if that makes sense. Alexis learned to be less self centered and to appreciate other people more, but she was still kind of flighty and still bought a wedding dress for her brother’s wedding. David learned to be less narcissistic but his wedding was still HIS DAY. Etc.

    I def got teary eyed during the finale. It was the perfect happy ending. Lol

  11. Liane says:

    You’ve made me cry all over again reading your post. So glad you wrote this up. :-)

  12. Darla says:

    I loved it. And it’s still there for us to rewatch whenever we need to revisit this town and family. I’m also very excited to see what Dan Levy, and also Annie Murphy do next. They’re young and talented. I know Levy already has a development deal. But no matter what, we’ll always have Schitt’s Creek.

  13. Wendy says:

    I’m crying again.
    Another great CBC show to check out that you might love is Kim’s Convenience- not comparable exactly- but similar gentle humour and lovable characters

    • Charfromdarock says:

      Yes! I second the recommendation for Kim’s Convenience!

    • CommentingBunny says:

      Oh, I love Kim’s Convenience! So funny and sweet. Kimchee slays me.

    • keroppi says:

      I third this! I just watched all 4 seasons over the course of last week and fell in love with the show. I love the representation as well as the fact that interracial relationships are completely normal and not a subject of endless conflict and discussion.

  14. Dorothywc says:

    I bawled while I watched the ending yesterday. One of my all time favorite shows.

  15. H says:

    Crying at the letter. I’m only on season three and originally the title put me off too. But so many Canadian friends raved about the show so I gave it a go. It’s fabulous. I thought at first I would hate this privileged family who just didn’t GET it, but they grew into themselves and I grew to love them. (Alexis is my favorite too). So sad to see it end.

  16. Maryann says:

    I saw Eugene Levy in a grocery store last summer and can attest to the glow up! He’s tall and handsome in person, truly something I never thought I’d say. And he was super polite to the salesperson too.

  17. Q T Hush says:

    Schitt’s Creek reminded me that kindness still exists in our current hate filled political climate. Favorite scene is when David was watching his boss’ daughter and she started her period. Loved that he included the offer of one of Alexis’ designer sweatshirts to tie around her waist. That showed true kindness. This show has been my escape from the hateful judgement society feels entitled to share and I’d move to Schitt’s Creek in a heartbeat if only it was a real place.

  18. Lori says:

    Welp you have me bawling reading this post almost as much as when I watched the finale, so it’s definitely not just you❤️ . This show helped my son come out to us years ago and I’m forever grateful for the role Schitt’s Creek played in that.

  19. Faithmobile says:

    I was hoping the finale would get it’s own post here. This series as meant a lot to me. I was a fan of Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy in the Christopher Guest movies and so I was all in from the beginning. I have told anyone who will listen for six years that this is one of the best shows on television. I love the entire cast but Moira Rose is the most legendary character-regal, eloquent, fashionable but also bumbling and fiercely loving. Truly at a loss of what to watch next.

  20. Jerusha says:

    I miss SCTV so much. A completely brilliant cast, including EL and CO. If you can find it, watch it.

    • A Fan says:

      Yes! Any Canadian who was around in the 70s and 80s will remember SCTV (and Eugene Levy & Catherine O’Hara). I still laugh thinking back at some of those episodes/characters.

  21. Charfromdarock says:

    I have loved Schitt’s Creek from the first episode six years and I love it in a way that I’ve never loved any other movie or tv show.

    I love them all, but Moira and Alexis are both my favourite characters. I could never chose between them.

    I squealed when Moira made her wedding entrance. Moira, and only Moira, could wear that outfit without it overpowering her.

    I cried and laughed my way through the finale as I have many of the episodes. It was absolutely perfect. As much as I’m going to miss it, I’m glad they are ending on a high and not fading away.

    I would love a spin off of Alexis making her way in NYC. Twi could join her and use some of that lottery money to open a Cafe Tropical there! All the other characters could make guest appearances.

    I’d also love a spin off of Moira making Sunrise Bay. :D

    • Wendy says:

      I’d love a spin off too … but failing that – maybe taking a page from Downton Abbey – a reunion movie!

    • Wendy says:

      And how about the song and video of ‘A little bit Alexis’ … so sweet and funny – so her!

    • GreenTurtle says:

      I’d love an Alexis and Twy (boop!) spin-off, too! Maybe our favorite vet could show up after a couple years? :) While I loved the artistic integrity of Ted and Alexis’s farewell, I’ll admit I really wanted him to pop up at the 11th hour of the finale. I just loved them together and he was such a sweetheart.

  22. Gaah says:

    This has to be one of my all time shows and I only got into after a few seasons and watched earlier seasons on Netflix. I adore Eugene and Catherine from SCTV and Daniel was on The Hills aftershow on MTV Canada. He was the only good part of the aftershow. I will miss this show because it is rare that any show has perfection in every episode. The characters were great. I was heartbroken to see it end.

    And I agree with the recommendations for Kims Convenience. It is also on netflix and another great show.

    • Wendy says:

      Just hearing the Kim’s Convenience opening music makes me happy – I loved the recent season finale too – it made me cry

  23. London Lozza says:

    Can we just get one episode of Sunrise Bay?!

  24. LA says:

    Best show. Best. I have many friends who’ve told me they think of me when they see it, because I turned them onto it, and I take that as a huge compliment.

  25. Siul says:

    I started watching SC after seeing little pieces of it on Youtube. And I was won over immediately. I haven’t watched the last episode yet, I’m starting season 3, but I know it’ll make me tear up. SC is just one of those shows where everyone of the characters is someone you’ve met or run into or even know. There’s so much uncertainty now. No one knows what will happen in the coming weeks or months. But I’m sure we’ll muddle through. If the Rose family can, there’s no reason we can’t either.

    • Wendy says:

      That’s how I got into it too – someone posted that you tube clip of all the time Alexis says ‘David’ – I watched it twice and was so intrigued I starting watching it on CBC Gem – I went back and watched all the episodes from the start. I think I may rewatch the entire series.

  26. Mle says:

    I feel like this is the series finale that “Friends” wants to be when it grows up.

  27. Wendy says:

    My favourite episode ever was when Patrick came out to his parents and then introduces David to them. It was so nuanced and perfect. I was hoping to see a bit more of his parents again in the finale. Actually I would have liked a whole extra episode of the wedding reception. I can’t face that it is over. I used to watch Kim’s Convenience and then Schitt’s Creek both on Tuesday evening. Kim’s had the season finale last week and now Schitt’s creek the series finale and I will no longer have that to look forward to.

  28. Summer says:

    I can’t believe it ended! It was/is a brilliant show.

  29. EviesMom says:

    Love Schitts Creek! Brilliant comedy & the best entertainment during self isolation. The Rose family 4Eva!!

  30. GreenTurtle says:

    Love, love, love this show! It is silly and zany, but has real heart. I basically bawled through the entire special. Thank you for writing a positive post, Hecate, and on one of my favorite shows, at that!