Pete Doherty says that he’s going to marry Kate Moss!

Guess Kate didn’t pay Doherty enough cash to keep his mouth shut, because he reportedly spilled the beans about their planned wedding while at an Austrian porn club.

Doherty claims that he’s going to marry Kate in a ceremony in Scotland this fall and says that he loves to get high and have sex with the supermodel:

He said: “We are going to marry. It’s going to happen at a Scottish castle somewhere between September and November.

“A posh Scottish castle. That’s gonna be so cool.”

He also told how much he loved having sex with model Kate while high on drugs.

The waster said: “Drugs or sex — they are both great.

“The best is a combination of both of them. I really love sex on substances — nothing beats that.”

The article went on to reveal that Pete plans to pass his required drug tests by getting someone else’s urine samples. He also called himself the new John Lennon, and “the most important rock star now!”

Kate is said to visit Pete with a purse full of bundled-up cash to help secure his silence about their reconciled relationship. She also has offered to pay the bill for Pete to have his teeth fixed. Pete rarely brushes his teeth and suffers from bad halitosis.

As one of the world’s highest paid models, Kate has to be careful about her public image. She seems to have recovered splendedly from the cocaine scandal she suffered last year, and has just secured a new $875,000 contract advertising jeans for Calvin Klein. She will also face no warning or charges for the crime of using cocaine and the stupidity of being caught on tape.

Here is Pete Doherty with one of his many Jaguars outside his flat in London on April 2 and Kate Moss outside a dentist’s office recently. Maybe Moss was making inquiries for Doherty. Hopefully he’ll get rid of his terrible breath in time for their honeymoon.

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