Is Celine Dion pregnant? (Update: Celine’s rep confirms)

Singer Celine Dion, 41, and her husband Rene Angelil, 67, are reportedly expecting a second child. Celine said in December, 2008 that she had a frozen embryo left over from the fertility treatment that resulted in her son René-Charles, 8, and that she would love to have another child:

“We’d love to extend the family,” the singer – who herself is the youngest of 14 children – told CBS Early Show host Julie Chen.

Asked if she has a frozen embryo, Dion, whose son was conceived by in vitro fertilization after six years of trying, replied, “Yes, we do have a frozen embryo.”

Only, one may not be enough. “I started to talk to René-Charles about it. He said ‘Can we have four and five?’ ” said Dion.

“So if we’re blessed again, I will be very happy to come back and do another interview with you and talk about it. I will be the first one to be extremely happy.”

[From People, December 4, 2008]

Dion probably had more than just one embryo, and it sounds like in vitro worked for her and that she’s expecting a sibling for Renee. We’re still waiting for confirmation from her, but I hope this is true if she was hoping for it:

Celine Dion is reportedly expecting her second child.

A report in Tuesday’s Journal de Montreal states that the 41-year-old superstar and her husband, Rene Angelil, 67, conceived with the help of a team of fertility doctors in New York. The couple’s first child, Rene-Charles, was born in January 2001. Angelil has three other children from two previous marriages.

Dion, who has publicly expressed a desire to expand her family, has not yet confirmed the pregnancy on her official website.

[From Montreal Gazette]

Until I started covering celebrity gossip and reading up on fertility treatments I didn’t know much about all the options available. It looks like Dion could be having another baby – using her own fertilized egg from nine years ago. That’s kind of amazing when you think about it.

Dion finished her last tour, Taking Chances, in February after a year performing around the world. She previously had a five year run in her Las Vegas show, A New Day, which grossed $400 million, and ended in December, 2007. Dion certainly has an incredibly successful career, and now she could be adding to her family. Congratulations to Celine and her husband.

UPDATE: Celine’s rep just confirmed to “various media outlets” that Celine is, in fact, pregnant. The rep says, “Celine and Rene [Ang[e]lil] are very happy… They are crazy in love over the news and … they are overjoyed.” Congratulations to the happy family!

Celine, Renee and René-Charles are shown on March 23, 2009 below. Credit: Splash News. Celine is shown in the header performing in Miami on 1/23/09. Credit:

Celine Dion with her family checking out of their hotel in NYC

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  1. Risa says:

    All I can pay attention to is the supernatural sparkles on her legs….

  2. Jen says:

    It’s Rene, not Renee. Renee is a girl’s name.

    Sorry to nitpick.

  3. wow says:

    I hope this is true. I love Celine Dion and there are just some people in the world that you WANT to see have more kids. That would be awesome if she is pregnant again.

    Now I just wish they’d cut some of their first child’s hair. :-)

  4. lway says:

    I think she’s great and hope that it works for them :)

  5. princess pea says:

    @Risa – SHE’S A VAMPIRE!!! I knew it!

  6. Diablo says:

    The thought of anyone actually having sex with Celine Dion makes my heart shudder. Her face and nose could stop an atomic clock.

  7. Beth says:

    I completely forgot about Celine. She’s actually a really good performer.

  8. princess pea says:

    @ Diablo – yeah, but have you SEEN her husband? He doesn’t have the most options, let’s just say. Also, he bagged her when she was 16. I guess he really likes her.

  9. Catherine says:

    Well, congrats to the couple.

  10. kelbear says:

    She has one of the most greatest voices out there. Love to hear her sing.

  11. Laura says:

    Don’t you guys think shes a little wacky? Every time i see an interview of hers, im on the floor laughing.

    But i adore her! Great performer…i should know, seen her in concert one too many times <– expensive = shes filthy stinking rich.

  12. Bill Hicks is God says:

    You know how when you see something – like the first picture for instance – and you try to repress a real big laugh? Don’t. You’ll just end up with snot all over your computer screen like I did.

  13. Mairead says:

    re the sparkles:
    Damn, that Robert Pattinson gets around!!

  14. Katyusha says:

    LMAO!!!!! Bill Hicks!!

    Am I the only one that thinks it’s going to suck real bad when he loses his father at such a young age?

    When this kid is 10 years old, his/her dad will be pushing 80.

  15. girl says:

    I hope she has a happy, healthy, boring (as in nothing but what is supposed to happens, happens) pregnancy.

    It is amazing that a baby conceived 9 years ago can just now be starting to develop in pregnancy. It is also kinda scary in a way. Unless that kid was in my own freezer or something, I would be afraid of some mishap where she was transferred into another woman’s uterus.

  16. Magsy says:


  17. Kevin says:

    9 year old embryo? That’s gonna be one Benjamin Button baby!

  18. GatsbyGal says:

    That kid looks miserable…

  19. Sheigh says:

    My gosh! Will the embryo want to stay in her uterus until the birth! I don’t think so! She’s totally freaking me out! She looks like more a man than a woman!