The Office cast reunited to help a fan celebrate their wedding

After last week’s Graduation episode, this week’s Some Good News theme was “love.” In addition to all of the sweet stories of people expressing love during quarantine, host John Krasinski introduced us to John and Susan. John and Susan stood out to John K because John Not K reenacted The Office’s Jim Halpert gas station proposal to Pam Beesly. When they sent the clip in, the couple asked John K if he would attend their wedding. He went one step further by officiating at their surprise virtual wedding right then and there. After linking in family and friends as witnesses, John K announced he would stand up as best man and that Pam/Jenna Fischer would stand in as Susan’s maid of honor (it was cute how dressed up Jenna was). Following the quick service that included country star Zac Brown singing his new song for Susan and her dad’s processional, John pulled out his last surprise, the rest of the cast of The Office who recreated the dance number from Jim and Pam’s wedding episode, all from the safety of their own homes.

John Krasinski and Steve Carell virtually reunited again — this time with more The Office costars!

The cast reunited to surprise a newly married couple Susan and John, who held their wedding virtually with Krasinski, 40, serving as the officiant. “Perhaps my favorite love story of the week was a couple down in Maryland, whose wedding proposal was oddly familiar,” Krasinski said as he replayed the couple’s The Office-inspired proposal.

“Just like Jim, he couldn’t wait any longer,” the bride said of their proposal.

Then, Krasinski invited their families to join them via Zoom. “But we have someone else in mind,” Krasinski said after surprising the couple with their best man and maid of honor. The actor nominated himself to also be the honorary best man and introduced Jenna Fischer as the honorary maid of honor.

Country star Zac Brown performed a special song during the virtual ceremony.

After officiating their ceremony and making their marriage official, Krasinski and Fischer were joined by Carell, Mindy Kaling, BJ Novak, Rainn Wilson, Angela Kinsey, Ellie Kemper, Kate Flannery, Brian Baumgartner, Ed Helms, Phyllis Smith, Oscar Nunez and Creed Bratton.

“There’s only one way out of this wedding. And Susan and John, because you elegantly ripped off our proposal, I think it’s only fitting that you rip off the wedding too,” Krasinski said.

[From People]

The episode is linked below along with the original Office dance clip. It’s hard to tell the reactions of SGN guests sometimes. It’s exactly how I would react, kind of in a stupefied acknowledgement, which is how Susan and John looked during their “wedding.” Their parents look more excited than they do. And the best friends/witnesses embody Anna Camp’s line to Pam during Pam and Jim’s wedding, “I begged them not to.” I felt a little bad for Zac Brown because it looked like some those folks didn’t know who he was. It was a nice song, though, and anything is better than having Chris Brown played at your wedding.

Only, Chris Brown was played, since he was the unfortunate choice for the original episode. And when the cast joins in, I think it makes it worthwhile to the couple. Plus, the cast really commits, including Dwight/Rainn Wilson’s accidental face kick to the bridesmaid. It’s very sweet and if I had to get married, on the spot, virtually, I’d probably want the cast of The Office there too.

The Original:

The virtual reunion queued to the dancing:




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  1. CommentingBunny says:

    Brian / Kevin with the Kleenex shoes 😂😂😂

  2. Eleonor says:

    Love it love it love it!

  3. Snazzy says:

    So I never watched the office but that dance clip was pretty cute. SGN is one of the really nice things that has come out of this virus chaos

    Edit: Steve Carrell remains insanely hot as a silver fox. I would, so many times over.

    • FHMom says:

      Crazy, Stupid, Love. Dan in Real Life. Little Miss Sunshine. Date Night. My family and I have been watching his movies, and he is just so good in them. I get his appeal.

    • damejudi says:

      Definitely here for hot-silver fox Carrell. Also would do.

    • mander says:

      He’s mine. I’ve loved him forever. He is on my “laminated list”.

      • ravynrobyn says:

        @ MANDER-step behind me in line, sweetie! Loved him WAY before his silver fox days, way before his Michael Scott days. The man exudes sweetness, kindness, intelligence and you can tell he smells great 🤗🥰😜

    • Mara says:

      I’m loving the cardigan

  4. Snap Happy says:

    The whole thing was adorable and made me cry, but that couple didn’t look thrilled about getting married on the spot lol. And no one clapped?

  5. SamC says:

    I love how they all committed…Oscar was my favorite with his pants and vogue’ing, Brian/Kevin with three tissue box shoes, Creed (enough said!) and Angela Kinsey seemed the happiest for them out of everyone, including the actual couple, lol!

  6. FHMom says:

    Omg. I love that.

  7. Amy says:

    I love this so much! I also love the fact the cast committed to doing their part like Brian/Kevin with the Kleenex box. So fun. I loved that wedding on the office it’s as just so great.

    I also don’t get this issue with the Chris Brown song- yes I know what he did but when they made the show that wasn’t public and it is widely associated with this moment so it wouldn’t work without it. Honestly, people picking at that just want to be negative and I have to be honest I am real done with the negativity.

    I loved this and think its sweet the office cast will do this. As someone said above Steve Carrell has gotten so freaking hot.

  8. ShazBot says:

    okay does everyone have a ring light in their house for good lighting during COVID? Or is that just celebrities (Steve Carrell here). I’ve seen it on twitter that people are ordering them!

  9. Karen McCabe says:

    Loveeeeeee ! I cried the whole way thru the dance. I love that John Krasinski has been doing this week after week.
    OMG…Oscar and his vogue dance, Dwights kick, Creeeeeed, Kevin’s Kleenex shoes…..HOT Michael Scott !!

  10. KHL says:

    Love, love, love! Seeing the original made me laugh/cry – again! “I bought these boat tickets the day that video came out.” And the cast reunion was just fantastic. I will watch Steve the Silver Fox in anything.

  11. Lola_Lola says:

    I loved this! John Krasinski is getting so hot to me the older he gets. He seems like a good guy and I am really starting to believe that Emily Blunt lucked out! Steve is the ultimate silver fox. It’s the gray with the beard and the glasses ::swoon::. I loved seeing everyone together again. I find myself looking forward to SGN. It always puts a smile on my face.

  12. heather muntean says:

    Love love love!!