Rebel Wilson’s ‘Year of Health’ goal is to get down to 75 kgs or 165 lbs

We talk about celebrities’ weights and weight loss too much. It’s on our minds too much as women, the constant dieting and fitness inspo and “goals” and such. I really appreciated the acknowledgement in March that a lot of diets and fitness plans were going to get screwed up with the pandemic, and we should all just gain 20 lbs in peace and not say anything about it. I’m not saying that should be our f–king goal, but that we should forgive ourselves and find some peace in a difficult time. But of course, there are some people who have found it easy to stay on a diet and fitness routine during the lockdown. Who are they and WHY. Rebel Wilson is one of those people – she posted this to her Instagram:

Even if you have to crawl towards your goals, keep going x it will be worth it. Try and give a little bit of effort each day…I know some days are frustrating as hell, you feel like giving up, you get annoyed at the lack of progress…but good things are coming your way 🤘what are your goals this year? I’ll be honest with you guys – with my “Year of Health” mission I’m trying to get to 75kg’s and career wise am trying to get one of my movies into production before the end of the year! Both of these things are requiring a daily effort and there’s constant set backs – but I’m working hard x

[From Rebel’s Instagram]

For those of us dumb Americans who can’t deal with the metric system (I had to look it up, truly), 75 kilograms is roughly 165 lbs. Her goal weight is 165 lbs, that’s what she’s working towards. More power to her, but how is she staying motivated at all? Does she have a trainer come to her house? Or is she doing everything online? I don’t know. I also kind of wonder if Rebel would ever take one of those Weight Watcher or Jenny Craig contracts – this Instagram definitely seems like a low-key way to fish for a weight-loss program sponsorship.

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    Good for her for setting a reasonable goal. I don’t know how much she weighs now, but at her height, even 165 pounds is quite heavy. She could lose another 30 pounds and be in a “healthier” range, so I think it’s great she’s not choosing some intense target goal right off the bat.

    • Allz says:

      I knew I would see a comment like this and what do you know, it’s the first one. Please stop telling people what their healthy range is, unless you’re their doctor.

    • Heather says:

      She looks great. I’m 5″4 and have a wide build like her. When I”m 165 lbs I wear a size 6-8 and look great, all boobs and butt.

      We all don’t have the wilting lily frame that needs to be 110 lbs or you look massively overweight.

      • Lipreng says:

        I am also 5’4” and was a very healthy size 6 at 165 pounds.

      • Alyse says:

        Yep! I’m 5’5 and 75kg… but curvy/small waist, size AUS 10-12 (a Medium basically)

        Weight doesn’t mean much… we all wear it differently. Fat / muscle etc.

    • RN says:

      @Crooksnannies, I agree. I looked up her height and she’s 5’3″, so 165 lbs is still in the overweight category. But a lot of people choose a higher number to reach first, take a pause, and then adjust downward. And you don’t have to be a medical professional (although I have been for 26 years) to know what a healthy weight range is for someone’s height, btw. It’s a matter of science and common sense.

      • Lipreng says:

        I assume you used a BMI calculator? The BMI is far from scientific seeing as it doesn’t take her fat and or muscle ratios into account.

      • Sportlady20 says:

        I’m never ever going to be petite and or small, large general stature & boobs for years why anyone would pay for these has forever astounded me they’re so heavy to lug about. Honestly used to bug me but I’m strong & well you know I’m not about to get my bones shaved to have small wrists you know, I’ve come to terms mostly with it. I’m 5” five’ & some change, my doctor has asked me never to weigh under 150, I’m a size 6 then & super small. However on the “health” chart it puts me in the overweight category. Stature plays, I once had physical therapy and the therapist upon looking at my rolled ankle proclaimed “there is no fat on your ankle” to which I just said yeah & gave home a look. Often people think I’m “fat” when in fact I just am regular it gets old.
        A different perspective to consider.

    • Belly says:

      Oh, would you ever just pipe down.

      If she does get to 165 she will still probably be healthier. Big deal if that number, by your simplistic measure, falls into a category *you* don’t like.

      I’d guess she’s posted it for accountability, and yep, probably angling for some kind of sponsorship. Less likely an invitation for muppets to spout off with the “Yeah, nah, still not good enough love”.

  2. Gem says:

    I like that she’s putting a reasonable number out there. Lots of people, especially actors, would cringe at the idea of weighing 165 pounds. Personally, I would take it. For her, maybe being overweight versus obese is an attainable goal. Go Rebel!

    • Ronaldinhio says:

      I am please to see her model a healthier goal and then assess how she feels then
      It must be impossibly difficult to be larger and in the public eye

    • Heather says:

      She has a good body type to weigh 165. She looks like she lifts weights.

      I’ve always thought she was very pretty and confident at any weight.

  3. Phat girl says:

    Good for her. I would also like to get down to 165 this year. Why not.

  4. AppleTartin says:

    She’s been slowly losing weight over the years. It’s smart and will last in the long run. Crash/fad diets you always end up gaining it all back. Even surgery, you can get a sleeve or bypass. The first year is great but 2-3 years in you will get hungry and the fail rate is pretty high to regain the weight. Slow and steady wins the race.

  5. Thaisajs says:

    I have no idea how tall she is, but 165 sounds like a good goal weight. It will be great for her health. Go Rebel!

  6. raptor says:

    I’ve lost a few pounds since March, and it’s mostly down to online accountability groups with friends, streaming workouts I enjoy doing, and nutrition coaching (which I pay for, so it hasn’t come cheap, but I haven’t had to put much thought into it either, which is nice). I’ve also hated being cooped up in the house, so I end up walking with my dogs and kids a lot more—almost every day during my lunch break and again before dinner.

  7. Clara says:

    Good for her, this figure is also my goal for this year, I am currently at 85 kg (187 pounds) but at 5’10” (178cm) I am a lot taller than her. This figure will take me out of the overweight bmi and in to normal weight range.

  8. Lipreng says:

    Kaiser, I’m pretty sure Rebel did/does have a Jenny Craig sponsorship.

    • Ange says:

      Yeah she did. She got quite sick a couple of years back and lost a bit of weight so she capitalised on it and did a jenny Craig ad campaign. She didn’t maintain the weight loss or stick with Jenny craig though, I imagine because she lost weight incidentally rather than as part of an internal motivation. It’s hard to keep up if your head isn’t in it

  9. matahari33 says:

    That’s great, but I really wish she wouldn’t share the exact number/what she weighs now

  10. Alex says:

    I wonder if she was inspired by Adele.

  11. Loreen says:

    She definitely doing this because the industry wont give her more interesting parts than the chubby, funny girl.

    I hope she does this for herself, not the industry, but I dunno

  12. Sue M says:

    “But of course, there are some people who have found it easy to stay on a diet and fitness routine during the lockdown. Who are they and WHY. Rebel Wilson is one of those people…”

    Really this is just insulting. As a person who is 5’2” tall and has to fight to stay at 185 and if I ever get down to 175 on the odd occasion it is a friggin’ miracle. I have to eat only 1200 calories a day or I GAIN weight. And yes I do significant resistance training 3-4 days a week and the days I don’t I get aerobic exercise on a recumbent bike, plus I do a lot of walking. This is just how my metabolism is made and I have to work with that. The are are NO persons who find it easy to stay on a diet and fitness routine now during the lockdown or before. It is hard, unrelenting work to maintain your health and fitness. I am not doing all that work to be skinny, that will never happen. I am doing it to be healthy. Rebel is working really hard to look after her health. And, I think she looks fab at any weight. That gold dress and the pink dress, to die for.

  13. Angie says:

    I have the same goal as her, number-wise. But I’ve been at it for 10 months and anticipate it will take me another year to get there. I don’t live and die by BMI but my general goal is to get to the high range of “healthy” and use that as a gauge for how I feel. By that point, the number may not matter to me so much.

    I crossed the 100 pounds lost threshold during quarantine. What has kept me going is not wanting to undo my progress and finding motivation in how my clothes fit. When it’s reasonably safe, I want to just spend a whole day shopping and trying on clothes so I know what size I am now, because I hardly have anything that fits anymore. I also walk when I’m feeling anxious or overwhelmed, which is often. It’s been very difficult to not make food a comfort activity, especially since I’m the meal planner/grocery run person, but since it’s a former habit I have to fight the urge every day. It’s extremely hard and I have to set little goalposts to not feel like I should just give up.