Tracee Ellis Ross steals furniture and decorations from her mom Diana Ross’s house


Tracee Ellis Ross is such a ray of sunshine. I know CB is a superfan and I admit, so am I. I love her confidence, her charisma, her sense of style, her humor – everything. So I’m delighted to know that Tracee and I share something in common: stealing from our mothers. Not just anything, but items right out of their homes. Tracee is promoting her movie with Dakota Johnson, High Note, which I cannot wait to see. She spoke to Sibley Scoles from Access Hollywood who asked Tracee about a kitchen rug she’d supposedly nabbed from her mother, the legendary Diana Ross. Not only did Tracee admit to it, she proceeded to point out everything else she’d swiped from La Ross’s home.

A great voice isn’t the only thing Tracee’s gotten from her mama. She loves stealing stuff from her too. Is it true that you did get that kitchen rug from her when you left college?

Yeah, I still have it. I often go to my mom’s house and do what I call “shopping.” I’m not kidding, (pointing) There’s pillows right there, totally taken from my mom. Yeah, uhm – oh-oh-oh! (pointing) That little table, right there! Walked out of the house with it. She turns around and I walk out like I’ve gone shopping, like I’ve gone to Bloomingdales. Thank you, ma!

[From YouTube]

This is relatable on two, very different planes. The first is, I would love to showcase items that once belonged to Diana Ross so if I could make off with a pillow or two, I absolutely would. I wonder if Diana even notices. Like, does she walk into Tracee’s house and compliment her on the adorable table, never realizing that her good taste on display? If Diana does her own shopping, I’m sure she knows when something goes missing, but if she has a designer, she may not connect with every item. On the second plane – what is it with wanting to rip off your mom? I know for a fact if I point to something in my mom’s house and compliment it enough, I will either walk out with it or receive a brand new one for whatever gift-giving holiday comes up next. I don’t need my mom’s stuff, I can afford the occasional trinket or filler item, but there’s this evil feeling that creeps up in me when I cross her threshold. It doesn’t work for the jewelry, though. I can fawn over a piece of jewelry until I produce tears but she’ll just side-eye me and keep me at arm’s length the rest of the visit. I love Tracee’s enthusiasm for her ‘finds.’ I swear, she would be the most fun attendee at a Girls Night.

A minute 35 seconds into the video below, Tracee talks about being in an elevator with Keanu Reeves at the Met Gala and not speaking so as to, “leave him space to propose.” See, it doesn’t matter what level of Hollywood Royalty you are; no one is impervious to the Keanu effect.




Photo credit” WENN/Avalon and YouTube

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  1. Eleonor says:

    AHAHAHAA I do the same with my mum.
    I love this woman, her confindence it’s so inspirational for me!
    I saw a video on her makeup and hair routine, and we have something in common: we don’t use foundation!

  2. Lightpurple says:

    Speaking of La Ross. If we ever get back to anything remotely resembling normal, Diana Ross needs to be the performer at the Super Bowl halftime show. She is high energy and fun. Everyone knows her songs. Our family went to see her perform 3 summers ago, ranging in age from 12 to 88 and we all had a fantastic time.

  3. aang says:

    Both of those women are amazing! Diana Ross looks incredible for a woman of any age but for a woman of her age she looks unreal. My mom was a low key hoarder so anytime she offered me something I would take it and donate it just to get something out of her house.

  4. Jumpingthesnark says:

    OMG if Diana Ross was my Mom I would do the same!!

  5. Sister Carrie says:

    Keanu goes to the Met gala?

  6. lucy2 says:

    I love Tracee so much, I think I will buy or rent her film this weekend. I’m sorry for her that it’s opening now in the midst of a pandemic. I hope it does well on demand for her.

  7. Guest with Cat says:

    Do these two women ever have a bad hair/face/talent day? I love every look Tracee is showing in all of these photos, especially her hair styles. Some people can apparently pull off anything. I am sadly not one of them. Even some other very gorgeous and glamorous people can’t do this.

  8. Charfromdarock says:

    I love TER. She is such a bright positive light.

  9. Ange says:

    My mum does this to me, we say she’s shopping from our cupboards lol. Once she took a photo of some linen on her bed to show me and it was a cover she’d pinched from us! Thankfully she gives anything back I say she can’t keep and I bought her the linen in question for Christmas. It’s a running family joke now.