Jon Stewart geeks on out Project Runway’s Tim Gunn

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Project Runway’s Tim Gunn was the fabulous guest on last night’s Daily Show, all to promote the new season, which starts tonight. Jon Stewart has had Tim on before – and do you know why? Because Jon Stewart is a total Project Runway fanboy. In Tim’s first appearance on the show, back in February of 2008, Jon totally geeked out on Tim, telling him “I watch this show all the time, I love this program, and you know why? They make things. And they’re good at it… what’s nice about the show is that I don’t know anything about fashion, I think anybody who knows me and sees, really, the eighth grade way that I dress, and yet, I’m beginning to understand it and I really appreciate it. When it’s not on on Wednesday nights, I get physically upset.” Jon also asked Tim, “Why isn’t everyone as reasonable as you as a human being?” Total, utter fanboy.

So it’s no surprise Tim was asked back, for the honor of having Jon geek out on him once again. I can’t tell you how much pleasure I get from seeing two of my favorite people in the world just sit there and have a conversation. I had the same giddy happiness when I watched Stephen Colbert’s interview with the surprisingly girlish and giggly Meryl Streep. On last night’s episode, Tim talked about how much he hates the “perfect” Los Angeles weather, and how Marvel comics asked if they could make him a superhero:

Jon: My mother called me this morning and said, ‘Please tell Tim Gunn my life can begin again.’ Project Runway is back!
Tim: It’s back… we have a new backdrop, a new city-
Jon: That hurts a little bit.
Tim: I mean, I’m a New Yorker, I really am. I went [to Los Angeles] with a lot of trepidation…but it ended up being a fun backdrop for us.

Tim: The weather was perfection-
Jon: See, I don’t care for that.
Tim: Well, I didn’t either! And there was one day when there was cloud cover and I thought ‘Thank goodness’. And then there were some drops of rain, and I thought ‘even better!’ And then all over the news it was Storm 2008! And I thought ‘this is ridiculous, I need to visit the East coast.’

[Transcribed from The Daily Show 8/19/2009]

Tim also describes the Project Runway knockoff The Fashion Show as “painful”. And Jon even shows the Marvel image of Tim as a Marvel superhero. Tim says, “It was a dream I never even contemplated.” So cute. Tim and Jon are total BFFs now. I’d bet Jon wants to go shopping with Tim. Hell, that’s what I want too!

Here’s Tim Gunn’s first “Daily Show” interview, from February 4, 2008.

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  1. Annie says:

    <<Is quite happy with her perfect weather and perpetual sunshine Mr. Gunn!

    <3 Project Runway. <3 The Daily Show.

  2. Mark says:

    Tim Gunn is the only redeeming quality that show has. WIthout him it’s just as bad as the rest of the cr@p on tv.

  3. crab says:

    I love Tim!! When he said “Make it work” it made the wait all worth while!!!

  4. jarkko says:

    I want Tim Gunn and Jon Stewart to go to Red Lobster together!