Kourtney Kardashian fears baby-daddy Scott Disick is still a cheater

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Kourtney Kardashian’s newly-announced pregnancy has been getting quite a bit of press lately. I wonder if the next five months will be like this? Perhaps we’ll be given hourly updates on the state of Kourtney’s womb, her revelations about everything from baby fashions and posing nude, to birth control and abortion. What surprised me was that Kourtney gave away her biggest exclusive – she named the father, on-again boyfriend Scott Disick – within hours of the news of her pregnancy breaking. She should have held on to the gossip for just a little bit longer. She could have convinced us that Jude Law was the dad! We would have bought that. Kourtney might even be a better baby-mama than Samantha Burke.

The question I’ve always had about this whole situation is whether Scott Disick is really interested or committed enough to be a father, and be with Kourtney for the long term. On Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Scott always seemed totally boring, and utterly uninterested in Kourtney beyond sex. There were rumors flosting around for a while that Scott is quite a womanizer, and that he cheated on Kourtney quite a bit when they were together last year. Now the Enquirer is reporting that Scott hasn’t changed his ways one bit since learning he’s going to be a father:

Kourtney Kardashian… announced on the “Today Show” on Aug. 13 that she’s pregnant by on-again/off-again boyfriend Scott Disick. Kourtney blurted out that Scott’s “very excited” about the baby, adding: “He was so for it and so excited from the beginning. And we’re really happy.”

But the night before she dropped her baby bombshell in New York, Kourtney’s handsome beau was acting nothing like a blissful father-to-be at an event in California.

“Scott was hitting on a blonde in a short black dress,” divulged a source at the event, an art show at Hollywood’s Milk Studios. “He was hugging her and rubbing her back. They were ordering vodka drinks for each other. He took a picture with her and even handed her his phone so she could punch in her number.”

And the blonde wasn’t the only woman to catch Scott’s eye that night, said the source.

“Before he moved in on the blonde, Scott was chatting up a brunette,” the source divulged. “He was on the hunt – not faithful boyfriend material by any means.”

Scott has reportedly cheated on Kourtney a number of times. The two split in January, but recently rekindled their relationship, which led to the pregnancy.

In July, Scott introduced Kourtney – who’s due in December – to an old pal as his “girlfriend” while they were having dinner at a restaurant in the Hamptons. But his skirt-chasing behavior while Kourtney was promoting her new show doesn’t bode well for their future, noted the source.

“Kourtney’s just starting to show, and Scott is already acting like a horndog,” said the source. “God help her once the baby arrives.”

[From the National Enquirer, print edition, August 31 2009]

Yeah, it’s not going to last. They’ll stay together until the baby is born – they might even make it a few months after that. And then they’ll break up, because Scott isn’t ready to settle down. Just my take! But I do wonder why Scott encouraged Kourtney to have the baby – as she told People Magazine yesterday. She said that she told Scott she was considering an abortion, and “He wanted me to talk about it more, but I just kept to myself. He said, ‘I really want you to keep it, but I will support you whatever you decide to do.’” In this week’s Star, there’s another report about this situation, too. Apparently, the Kardashian family is encouraging Kourtney to go ahead and dump Scott now. That’s the advice I would give her if I was one of her sisters.

Here’s Kourtney Kardashian shopping with Scott Disick and her mother Kris Jenner in Malibu on August 2nd. Images thanks to WENN.com .

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  1. AlaskaJoey says:

    Good god- I can’t believe what her mother is wearing. Lady, you are about 30 years too old for a dress that ridiculous.

  2. n says:

    if this stuff is true, hope he mends his ways. it was sad to see how much she loves him when they broke up on the show.

  3. QB says:

    Thats what happen when you get pregnant for attention. Do we need to know every thing? Does she knows that one day her kid is going to go to the internet and find what a publicity whore his mother is and that she posed naked with her sister and ex-husband.

  4. kelbear says:

    Im just not a fan of the gladiator shoes. I dont think i would ever wear them or be able to pull them off.

  5. Green Is Good says:

    Have these ass-hats heard of birth control? It’s not like they can’t afford it.

    Let’s cut to the chase: Kourtney never considered an abortion. She’s a lying sack of media-whore loving shit. Convenient that she has a reality show debuting. Free publicity, folks.

  6. DoMaReMc says:

    HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOO! Am I the only one who doubted Scott from the very beginning? Puhleeez! She would be so much better off if she had the baby by herself (God knows there are enough babysitters in that family!), and stayed away from Scott altogether. He is toxic for her. I do think his last name is misspelled..Should be D-I-C-K!

  7. Enonymous says:

    Whatever, who gives a flying monkeys about the Kardashians anyway. All these publicity for these nobodies. I have seen episodes of their show and Kourtney always comes off as a unemotional robot and this Scott Disick guy comes off like a wet blanket.

  8. OXA says:

    Scott encouraged Kourtney to have the baby so he can have his 15 minutes of fame and collect child support from her. All of her family are connected to showbiz and making money, he is a wanna be riding their coat tails.

  9. Firestarter says:


    *runs screaming from thread*

  10. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    @ Green Is Good – ‘ass hats’ a much underused cuss and one guaranteed to always bring the LOLz. Nicely done.

    As for the ‘ass hats’ in the story – meh, I honestly don’t know if its possible for me to care any less about these people than I already do. So yeah, what everyone above me said.

  11. Annie says:

    Grass is Green: Oh she’s heard of it, in fact, she was on the pill, but was too stupid to remember to actually take it at the same time every day.

    This guy looks like a colossal Dbag. And isn’t even goodlooking…whatthefuck?

  12. Beth says:

    They will not last. I don’t watch the show often but in one episode Scott said he was going someplace. Instead he met up with another girl and was hugging/kissing her.

  13. the original kate says:

    no, kourteny…i’m sure your douchey, babyman boyfriend will settle down and become the model husband and father.

  14. QB says:

    I feel bad for that kid. He is going to have a douchebag for a father , a mom who will do anything for publicity , a aunt with a drinking problem and another aunt who is famous for having a sex tape and taking naked picture with her underage sister(his/her mom) by her husband.

  15. Paloma says:

    QB: Let’s not forget a grandma who encouarged her daughter to pose nude for Playboy.

  16. sigh says:

    And a ditz-of-a-grandpa whose face is going to be on the back of his neck if he has another face lift…and 2 other aunts who will soon be acting out for attention in some manner or another…

  17. AngelicDevil80 says:

    LOL @ sigh.

    First I cant believe what Kris has on. Thats an insane outfit for anytime.

    Second both Kris and Kortneys shoes are gross looking.

    Third, Scott, is ugly and boring. Who would sleep with him besides Kortney and a few other random girls?

    Fouth, I feel bad for the baby but only b/c the dad is an idiot. I think Kortney would be a good mom…as Ive noticed from their shows, while they seem to be dysfunctional, they also have close bonds and lots of love.

    Fifth, Scott is probably around b/c of the money Kourtney and her family have. This baby will be provided for.

  18. JackieSA says:

    Why did she think he was going to change? He is what he is: a cheat!

  19. lway says:

    He is a DORK. What would she want with him and who’s the laddy dressed like a pinapple?

  20. pearl nzimande says:

    the kardashians are one crazy family but i think kort deserves much more than Scott… he doesnt know how to appreciate.. Kort should’ve left a long time ago..

  21. mockingbird says:

    He’s still a cheater.
    She’s still morally bankrupt.

    He’s not committed and ready to settle down? Since when is she committed? She volunteered she forgot to take her birth-control pills.

    Take a look at her mother. Is it any wonder she has no dignity?

  22. no name says:

    I think Kourtney is going to be a good mom, but I agree with most of you, she should dump Scott.He is a cheater and isn’t ready to committe

  23. birdgherl says:

    Once a cheater, always a cheater. I feel so sorry for this kid. And WTF is grandma wearing??

  24. tina says:

    kourtney does not look happy about her moms dress

  25. andri says:

    i realy do think that scott is a asshole and must get someone els to hurt…i love all the sisters bt they need to work on there bf…..

  26. Kamva says:

    I love kourtney bt hr mum is a bitch who encourages her kids 2 be golddiggers jst like hr. She loves lamar nd reggie more bcoz thy hv more molla than poor scott. She talked khloé into sleeping her way to get lamar buy her a mansion! What kind of a mum in her late 50s gvs hr husband viagra? Kris disghusts me, shes a real whore