Chase Rice, on his packed concert, there’s ‘a lot of different opinions on COVID-19′

Yesterday we reported on the fact that two country stars had packed concerts over the weekend, Chase Rice and Chris Janson. Both Chase and Chris posted photos and videos of their shows, but Chris deleted his and hasn’t issued further comment. Chase left his up on his stories until they expired and has since recorded a video where he sounds just like the Fox News viewers his music targets. I’ve transcribed his video. You guys owe me for watching it. He looks like he smells like cigarettes, stale beer and halitosis.

I just wanted to address my show Saturday night. I had a show in east Tennessee I took a video of the concert, everybody had a blast. Once I posted a video of the concert, a lot of people seeing that online had a big problem with how the show looked, how the show went down. I understand there’s a lot of different opinions on covid-19, just like how it works with large music crowds and what all that looks like. My biggest thing is y’all. Y’all is why I get to tour the country, do live shows, sing songs. So your safety is a huge priority. Moving forward, I have a show in Ashland, Kentucky on Friday and it’s a drive-in show. Please stay with the people you came with. The safer we are now the quicker we get to actual, normal live shows.

He plugged his next show because of course he did. It’s a drive-in show so he seems to get it, or he doesn’t want people to continue to call him out, especially in his own industry.

Yes, there are a lot of different opinions on covid, just like there are a lot of different opinions on climate science. Opinions don’t f’ing matter, facts and science do. Concerts and bars are super spreader events. These people are so stupid and are putting so many lives at risk with this idiocy. This is why we’re in this situation, because people are perpetuating this idea that all opinions are someone valid or equal. They are f’ing not on any level. Facts and truth matters, especially during a pandemic and especially during a global health crisis. I’m ashamed I live here when this type of “opinion” is given so much validity and weight by the media and by the US leadership. It should not be legal to have regular concerts at this time (except at drive-ins).



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21 Responses to “Chase Rice, on his packed concert, there’s ‘a lot of different opinions on COVID-19′”

  1. Kaya says:

    Ugh this idiot was on the Bachelor last season as a guest and his “music” sucks. F-ing loser

  2. Rapunzel says:

    Imagine people during the bubonic plague going, “there are a lot of different opinions on this plague.” Smh.

    There’s only one opinion and it’s fact: COVID-19 is dangerous and people should work hard to not spread it through unnecessary concerts.

    Methinks Rice and Janson held this concert for their pocketbooks only. Am guessing their contracts would’ve been voided without a concert by a certain time.

    And to think COVID-19 killed the fabulous Joe Diffie at only 60. He could sing rings around these two covidiot douchebros.

  3. ME says:

    What a moron. We all know how this virus spreads, that is a given. Stop being ignorant. I swear the rest of the world is looking at America with such horror. America by far has done the worst job with containing this virus. Get your sh*t together !

  4. FYI says:

    There are ZERO “different opinions” on how COVID “works with large music crowds.” Zero. It works by infecting people who are crowded together without face masks. This isn’t difficult, nor is it a matter of opinion. It’s science, and it’s been demonstrated over and over. It’s been discussed repeatedly by the best scientific minds in the world.

    If his biggest “thing” is “y’all,” then why did he put everyone at risk?

  5. MaryContrary says:

    Oh FFS. It’s science-viruses are spread by close contact with droplets from speaking/singing. There are no “differing opinions.” There are only people who are selfish and stupid who want to make it into a political issue or issue of “choice” /”personal responsibility.”

  6. ATLMathMom says:

    Lots of opinions, just like there were lots of “fine people” on both sides of the Charlottesville rally. SMH.

  7. Other Renee says:

    Y’all is a covidiot.

  8. Harper says:

    There’s a story in the Daily Fail this morning about three 20 somethings that went to a bar in Fl because, like, there’s not that much corona around here and, like, the bar is going to be practicing safety measures and like, why not? The rest of the article is screen shots from their phones of their positive covid-19 results, and selfies they sent of waking up in a pool of sweat, thermometers showing their 101+ degree fevers, and complaints that they are literally pooping on themselves and have never felt so sick in their lives. I showed this story to my 20-something daughter whose friends are all wanting to “try and get together if you feel safe about it” and it really freaked her out. But maybe all that is just those girls’ opinions on how sick they are!

  9. Insomniac says:

    Didn’t someone on his season of Survivor call him “dumb as a bag of hammers?” I can certainly see why.

  10. Izzy says:

    Science doesn’t care about your opinions, you tool.

    • schmootc says:

      Yup. Your opinions are all well and good until they lead you to do something dumb, you get sick and then you maybe die. Then your opinions really won’t matter for sh*it. What an idiot.

  11. Tina says:

    Does anyone know how this concert was allowed to happen? Yes, this guy is a douche and he should know better. But does permission to hold a concert vary state by state? How did this not get shut down?

  12. Rebecca says:

    He was also the runner-up on Survivor. There are a few Survivors on social media basically saying that there is no longer a question as to the dumbest Survivor player ever.

  13. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Science is bullshit. Global warming is a joke. Fossil fuels will fuel until the end of time, and the current administration is the most honest group the White House has ever known throughout America’s history. I just listened to someone at one of the orange worm’s rally who said, ‘One man’s sexual assault is another man’s flirtation.’ I’m seriously going to have to find seclusion and isolation in order to continue living out my life. We are surrounded by, hands down, stupid¹⁰*¹⁰⁰⁰⁰⁰⁰⁰⁰⁰⁰⁰⁰.

  14. ex-liontamer says:

    He’s drinking Gentleman Jack. That was created for ladies. I hope his penis doesn’t fall off. Real Jack drinkers do Black Label, Chase Rice….whoever the hell you are.

  15. lucy2 says:

    He’s as dumb as he looks.

  16. JRenee says:

    Selfish twerp

  17. khaveman says:

    He’s as ignorant nobody.

  18. Haapa says:

    Congratulations, you are the walking embodiment of white male privilege. You are becoming more irrelevent by the day, and soon you will be left behind in the dust of history because you refuse to grow or adapt to reality.

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