Ghislaine Maxwell wants to be released on a $5 million bond, will it happen?

Ghislaine, Amanda and Brooke talk at Womens confernece

I don’t want to jinx anything, but is anyone else surprised that Ghislaine Maxwell hasn’t died under mysterious circumstances in jail yet? Maybe the one thing 2020 will give us is the ability to keep Ghislaine alive long enough to destroy a lot of lives and careers. Last Friday, the federal prosecutors and Maxwell’s lawyers argued whether she could be released on bond – her lawyers want a $5 million bond. The DOJ detailed the lengths Maxwell went through to hide, including relocating dozens of times, using fake names for deliveries and changing cell phones and email addresses. The FBI has apparently been tracking her for a year now. Besides all of that, this B is one of the biggest flight risks out there – God knows how many passports, secret homes and bank accounts she has. Anyway, no decision has been made thus far. The formal arraignment is tomorrow, July 14th.

Meanwhile, the British papers have been full of competing and contradictory stories about Maxwell. They spoke to several “unnamed friends” who laid out Ghislaine’s possible defense, which is basically that she didn’t do anything and it was all Jeffrey Epstein. Meanwhile, the Sun had this exclusive interview:

Jeffrey Epstein and his ex-lover Ghislaine Maxwell recorded videos of powerful people having sex with under-age girls, according to a former friend of the pair. And the reformed jewel thief, who uses the pseudonym William Steel, claims the couple made him watch some to prove how they “owned” people. In an exclusive interview with The Sun, the ex-criminal turned writer tells how he was shown footage involving two high-profile US politicians having sex with minors and two high society figures having a threesome with an under-age girl.

Steel — who is not being paid for this interview — also branded Maxwell, 58, who was arrested last week in connection with trafficking young girls, a wild “nymphomaniac” who would try “everything and anything in bed”.

He says: “I was forced to watch their videos because they were trying to impress me. They wanted to convince me of their power and who they held in their grip. They boasted about ‘owning’ powerful people. Ghislaine was more into showing me those than Jeff. When you’re in a situation like that, you have to pretend to be non- judgmental. But it was shocking. I saw videos of very powerful people — celebrities, world figures — in those videos having sex, threesomes, even o–es with minors.”

[From The Sun]

Attention, British and American media: stop saying “sex with minors.” It’s rape. It’s human trafficking. It’s abuse. It’s pedophilia or statutory rape. It’s not “sex with minors.” Anyway, I don’t believe that “William Steel” has some sort of fresh tea, it’s been widely rumored and reported for years that Epstein taped prominent people and politicians doing crimes against children and now the question is whether Ghislaine has any of those tapes. And of course, the larger question is who is on the tapes? Virginia Roberts says Prince Andrew is on-tape:

A lawyer representing Prince Andrew’s accuser Virginia Roberts has sensationally claimed that the Duke of York may have been secretly caught on video visiting convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

‘There is no doubt Prince Andrew would have been captured on footage filmed in rooms and private areas of Epstein’s property,’ said David Boies. The disclosure will raise more concerns for Andrew, who has vehemently and repeatedly denied all allegations against him, including that he had sex with Ms Roberts three times, the first when she was just 17.

Mr Boies, who represents more than a dozen of Epstein’s victims, told The Mail on Sunday: ‘We know there were cameras throughout the New York mansion and in Epstein’s other properties. We know there were a multitude of cameras and very large quantities of tapes. Prince Andrew would have been included. He would certainly have been included among the people who would have been captured on the tapes.’

Many of Epstein’s victims have reported seeing surveillance cameras in private areas of his properties, including bedrooms.

[From The Daily Mail]

Remember how Prince Andrew really thought he could stage some kind of comeback after Harry and Meghan left the UK? LOL. That’s still funny to me.

Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts **FILE PHOTOS**

Photos courtesy of WENN, Backgrid.

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28 Responses to “Ghislaine Maxwell wants to be released on a $5 million bond, will it happen?”

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  1. Astrid says:

    GM might actually be safer in jail than out on bail.

  2. SomeChick says:

    If they really think she is a suicide risk, they need to watch her 24/7/365. Giving her bail is insane. Do I think it will happen? Hard to say. It certainly shouldn’t.

  3. Michael says:

    If she gets bail it will be paid quickly by somebody. easier to get to her outside of prison

  4. Mac says:

    She doesn’t deserve bail. She is a dangerous criminal.

    • kelleybelle says:

      And hardly in a position to be “I want” about anything. She’s every bit the monster Epstein was. She has threatened murder and physical harm on minors and participated in their physical and verbal abuse. She’s a POS with money, nothing more.

  5. Tiffany says:

    Nothing says innocent like using fake names and changing your phone number and email address like underwear.

  6. SamC says:

    I did read something where the person interviewed thought it was a possibility she would get bail; part of the rationale was she has stayed in the US vs leaving the country even after Epstein’s death so arguably is not a flight risk.

    • Chrissy says:

      If she knows someone with access to a private jet and has a British passport, she could easily leave the jurisdiction and be out of reach of US authorities. But then she would be more likely to being targeted and silenced by one of those whose name she’d being willing to trade for leniency. I think she’s safer in protective custody. If she gets released she’ll be dead in no time and then the victims would never get their day in court. What a mess!

      • molly says:

        Yeah, if she’s such a “suicide risk” that she’s wearing paper clothes and moved constantly, she’s really at “risk” being out in the world. Mysterious private plane crash coming in 3… 2…1…

  7. ANA says:

    Sure, she will go on 5mill bail and then “mysteriously disappear”. These powerful a-holes are so obvious.

  8. Betsy says:

    I just don’t understand why these tapes/files aren’t findable, watchable and actionable. Or maybe they do have them, or some, already, but the wheels of justice creak like a wagon wheel like through prairie with no path. I want the rapists to face consequences. I want the victims to get justice, however that looks for them. Who even knows how many victims there are, because the ones who have filed suits or otherwise been identified as victims certainly aren’t the only victims.

    • Allergy says:

      I also don’t get it. Why is everything still such mystery? There must be tons of high level losers entangled in this horrid case.

    • LaraW” says:

      Personally, given how the current president and his administration have proven that they will go out of their way to obstruct investigations; access and disclose top secret intelligence at their convenience to whomever they please, then ignore it when the words “Russia” apprears; commit treasonous acts; and generally fuck over the intelligence community, I would not be surprised if they decide the best course of action is to sit on it until we see what happens in November.

  9. anniefannie says:

    I think the judge is going to error on the side of caution and refuse bail.
    On a superficial note her earring game needs work…

  10. Angie says:

    I believe Jeffrey Epstein is still alive and in hiding somewhere…and it won’t be long before she goes to join him in a fake suicide plot! These people know too much and have proof of all the people who participated in these illegal activities. Some of the worlds most influencial and powerful men and women were aware and did nothing about it!! No way will the US go down like that!

  11. Ainsley7 says:

    Ya know, I’ve always wondered how Epstein ended up where he was. Like he was given a position to teach at a fancy private school when he wasn’t remotely qualified. Then he’s working in finance with a students father after he was fired. It’s all shady, but always leaves me with the question about whose idea was it to start a massive blackmail scheme. Is Epstein a sociopath who played everyone around him like a fiddle or was he an expendable outsider. Ghislaine has always somehow always managed to wiggle free. Her PR has always said that she wasn’t involved or was tricked or just so in love. Always throwing him under the bus to save herself.
    I sometimes think Epstein thought he was pulling the strings, but it may have been Ghislaine. Her wanting to show off the tapes shows how much she loved the power that they gave her. Epstein was definitely a monster. There were allegations against him going back to when he was a teacher. It’s something people knew about from the very beginning. I think it’ll be interesting to see what happens with Ghislaine going forward. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she stayed in the US, her PR insists she was in touch with the feds the whole time and her argument for bail is based on her not being a flight risk because she stayed in the US. Clearly she has some sort of plan. Unlike Epstein, I don’t think she’s solely relying on blackmail either.

  12. The Recluse says:

    They need to keep her locked up. If she gets out, she will DISAPPEAR.

  13. ce says:

    Just coming to remind people that there’s a theory that Trump’s “pee tape” is actually a “p-tape” as in pedophile.
    Hope Ghilaine isn’t disappeared before it gets to the courts.

  14. LaraW” says:

    That’s nice Gislaine. And I want to be a concert pianist but we can’t always have what we want.

  15. jbyrdku says:

    I am SUPER curious about who is on those tapes. I doubt it will happen, but I truly hope we get to hear about which of our favorite celebs are shockingly shitty. It’s been a super crazy summer, you guys.

  16. SomeChick says:

    I recently came across old video of Epstein and the horrible man who is now president schmoozing at a party. There’s Gigi right behind them. When she sees the camera, she repositions herself so that she’s visible on the other side of the shot, grinning like a maniac.

    I wish I knew what they were saying (or perhaps not) but Epstein doubles over laughing at one point. All I could make out was that the DJ was playing Rhythm is a Dancer, so this would have been some time in the ’90s, when DT was just another annoying dude in NYC. He briefly attempted some embarrassing “dance” moves at one point.

    Didn’t think to save the link and I don’t want to type DT’s name into my search. I already see his icky face way too much as it is.

  17. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    July 14
    Hey y’all
    Maxwell was denied bail at her hearing
    Ruled a flight risk by judge