Colin Jost: Relationships don’t have to be hard, ‘a lot of times they can be fun & easy’

Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost arrive at the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party held at the Wallis Anne...

For days now, I’ve seen these Colin Jost headlines and I was just ignoring them because I think he’s white privilege personified, but then I realized WHY he was getting so many headlines. Dude wrote a book – a memoir called A Very Punchable Face. Ah, so witty! I think that kind of hyper-self-aware vibe only works if people have already established that you’re actually a good guy. Has Jost established that? Anyway, it turns out that Jost is talking a lot about his relationship with his fiancee Scarlett Johansson, and it’s gotten sort of interesting. Some assorted quotes:

Easy love with ScarJo: “It’s a relief kind of, you know? You always hear things like marriage or relationships are hard, but they don’t have to be all the time. A lot of times they can be fun and easy. The goal should be that your lives are better together rather than more difficult. I think the people that are unhappy are just more vocal about it. The people that are happy are kind of like, ‘We don’t need to tell everyone we’re happy. We’re just going to be happy.’”

Getting attention for his personal life: “I’ve gotten more self-conscious about it. I’m still surprised that anyone cares about anything I do, because for so long in my life, no one did.”

He worried about losing his identity when he started dating Scarlett: “Yes. That was definitely a worry. The lucky thing was, people in the [Saturday Day Night Live] cast really liked her when she was there as the host. I worried about my identity with it and also with comedy. You work in comedy, so, I was always worried about anything that felt non-comedy or took me out of the world of comedy. You have to keep your own identity and do your own thing.”

[From People & Page Six]

Imagine being Scarlett Johansson and having completely bland and mediocre men worried about losing their identity because they get to have sex with you. LOL. And I love that Jost is all “omg, I’m so self-conscious about people up in my business!” while he’s dumping out his purse to Howard Stern and People Magazine. I mean…

I will say this, he has an okay point about easy, fun relationships. Whenever some celebrity couples talk about how relationships are such hard work, I always wonder if it’s hard work because those two people actually suck together.

Colin Jost, Scarlett Johansson at arriva...

Oscar® nominee, Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost arrive on the red carpet of The 92nd Oscars® at...

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18 Responses to “Colin Jost: Relationships don’t have to be hard, ‘a lot of times they can be fun & easy’”

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  1. BlueSky says:

    Mediocrity personified

  2. Tiffany says:

    This dude is full blown mediocre.

    You got a book deal because of your relationship with Scarlet Johanssen. Otherwise, you would have gotten a ton of denial letters for your ‘memoir’.

    • CherryL says:

      He’s a Harvard graduate and had a good position at SNL as head writer. Actually, Scarlett seems mediocre nect to him.

  3. tina says:

    Ugh, this guy. I don’t know, I agree that being with someone shouldn’t make your life technically HARDER, but at the same time, isn’t that inevitable when you have to balance another person’s entire needs/wants/personhood with your own? Like, I get it, relationships shouldn’t be really difficult, but I don’t believe they’re easy either. I look at myself and my significant other. We are two individuals, who share so many similar values and fundamental beliefs that drive us to work well together, but at the same time, we are very different in a lot of ways. And those differences definitely have warranted challenging times. I think to be honest, there is co-existing with your partner and then there is truly living your life with your partner. I think the latter is what can make your life more challenging because you are trying to put two essentially different people together into one life. I don’t think relationships should be toxic and abusive, but I don’t think easygoing and fun is something that happens all the time, I think it should happen most of the time. But, nonetheless, I think relationships, even with people that are good together, take work. Especially if you are going through different milestones together, you are bound to have difficulties. I don’t know though, I do hear a lot of people who discuss how their relationships are so easy and there are never challenges or arguments, so maybe i’m in the wrong one. But, I really love my partner and he’s probably the best person I’ve ever met, but to say our relationship hasn’t required work and hasn’t had its challenges would be a lie.

    • Lara says:

      Tina I agree with everything you say there. My relationship with my husband is the best relationship I’ve ever had (including those with my family) and I don’t think a day goes by where we don’t really laugh together. But you know what there are a lot of things that we have to work on together, grief over infertility, worry over his job and just some days one of us being in a bad mood! To say it’s always fun and light makes me think that they’re not always themselves in the relationship.

    • meloroast says:

      they are a relatively new couple too. I don’t get why “work” is such a dirty word. We work on ourselves, our jobs, our hobbies…doesn’t mean those things can’t be fun! But to expect them to be fun all the time….nah. I do agree that if it’s more work and not enough fun (i am a firm believer in “play” as a couple) then that is not the relationship for me. But everyone wants different things. Sometimes if you’re relationship is only “fun” or “light” it might lack depth. I’ve been there too and that just gets boring after awhile.

      • tealily says:

        Yeah, a point will come up at some point where you have to work. I think that’s when a lot of these Hollywood marriages bail.

    • MissMarierose says:

      Yeah, I think every relationship is different and because something takes work doesn’t mean it’s bad.
      But I think you have to take one person’s opinion about a relationship being “easy” when you haven’t heard from the other person.
      Perhaps the relationship is easy for Colin because Scarlett is doing all the work. Who knows?!

    • Ines says:

      I’m 47. I had a lot of relationships. And yes, many relationships are hard work. In fact all our lives we’ve been told that relationships take work and therefore we accept it. It wasn’t until I met my second husband that I realised that relationships can be easy and fun. Lockdown has been a total breeze, we truly enjoy our time together and to quote you never even feel we are “balancing another person’s entire needs/wants/personhood”. As you can imagine, after a divorce at 31 I was happy to be by myselft and not willing to compomise and then I met the right person and I didn’t have to. If you had asked me about it before I would have told you that all relationships take work. Not if you’re married to the right person they don’t.

  4. Ennie says:

    People don’t have to be “winners” in their field to be with a famous man of woman, or with anyone, actually.
    If the relationship works, and things are ok and they like and love each other, fine.
    Just my thoughts.

  5. megs283 says:

    yeah… I mean… living is easy for these people. No worries about money or their work necessarily. (Obviously they want to keep the jobs coming, but their rainy-day fund should be $$$.). Scar Jo has a six-year-old, but Colin Jost can be the fun fiancé or whatever.

  6. Dierski says:

    Not to sound like a whiny peasant here, but I’m sure that their respective enormous fortunes go a looooong way to help make their relationship easier to navigate. Removing the ordinary stress of how to afford the lifestyle you want (and in their case, a very cushy life, having ample time for leisure, and time apart) must play a role in allowing them to focus more on all the super-duper fun times together.

  7. MrsPanda says:

    Shallow and odd observation: They have totally opposite faces. Her features are wide-set, her eyes remind me of a praying mantis. His features are all squished into the centre of his face. My eyes couldn’t stop flashing between each of their faces!

  8. K says:

    All relationships have challenging moments because we have to compromise here and there to get along with everyone else in the world who see things a little differently. Sometimes we give, sometimes we take. Ideally, that balances out. But I think he’s talking about relationships where people are suffering through a lot to remain partners, feeling regular animosity and maybe assuming that they have to feel that. If you’re in that kind of situation, you don’t have to be.

    Get out, find someone who (most of the time) makes you feel relaxed and supported, not stressed or angry. If you have trouble meeting people who brighten up your life, then you need to be alone for a bit to consider why you’re drawn to difficult people or attract that into your life. We are responsible for our own choices and if you choose to be with someone you who irritates you half the time… you’re going to be irritated at least half the time. Who cares if she’s hotter, if they make each other happy?

  9. Bobbie says:

    He is not bland and mediocre. Do you how many people they audition for SNL? Do you know what the odds are of making it to even his level in the entertainment field? Do you how hard it is to do well enough to just pay your bills as an actor and not need a side gig to support yourself? He’s a name, with or without her. He’s successful. He’d be bland and mediocre if he picked a field with an easily discernible career path like an engineer.