Shania Twain denies engagement after she & new love are seen w/ rings

Shania Twain and family watch wild birds at the Lake of Bays, Muskoka, Ontario
I kind of like the story of how Shania Twain recovered after her husband of 14 years cheated on her with a married woman she considered a close family friend. It must have been very painful and difficult for Shania, but she had sweet revenge by revealing details of her husband’s affair to People Magazine and then hooking up with his mistress’ husband – a very hunky dark-haired Swiss guy. Shania, 43, and her new lover Frederic Thiébaud, 39, were spotted out on several outings in December that seemed a little too well photographed for paparazzi photos, suggesting they were staged. And who could blame Shania for wanting to let it be known that she’d moved on?

There didn’t seem to be any hard feelings between Frederic and Shania’s ex, Mutt Lange, who was quoted back in December as saying he had no idea Shania and Frederic were dating but that “I wouldn’t mind if it was the case they were dating, not at all.” Shania, Mutt, Frederic and his wife were all friends with a business relationship back when Mutt started the affair. Mutt’s mistress, Frederic’s wife, worked as the manager on Shania and Mutt’s massive estate in Switzerland.

It’s now over eight months later and Shania and Frederic are still together. The pair was spotted on a vacation at Shania’s cabin in her native Canada along with friends and her eight year-old son. I wonder if their cheating spouses are still a couple too. Both Shania and Frederic were wearing rings on that important left ring finger, but her rep denies that they’re engaged or married:

On the heels of news she’ll be a guest judge on American Idol later this month, Shania Twain was spotted kicking back in Canada with family and friends, including Frédéric Thiébaud, who comforted the singer after the alleged affair between his wife and her husband ended the singer’s marriage last May.

Despite the rings both appear to wear in some photos, “They are not engaged and they are not married,” says Twain’s rep.

Photos show the group relaxing by Twain’s lakefront cottage and Thiébaud, 39, jet skiing, horsing around with the kids – including her son Eja, 8, and his young daughter Johanna – and sharing some tender moments with Twain.

“She loves being back in Canada. That cottage is probably her favorite place in the world,” says a source close to the singer.

The next few weeks promise to be busy ones for Twain. She’ll guest judge on Idol’s Chicago auditions, and she’ll turn 44 on Aug. 28.

Included in the celebration plans: a “gift of thanks” to fans that Twain will post on her Web site, which will include a video travelogue documenting her life since her split with producer Robert “Mutt” Lange after his reported affair with her friend, Marie-Anne Thiébaud, a longtime manager of the couple’s chateau in Switzerland.

A source close to Twain says she’ll reference her relationship with Thiébaud in a personal letter that will accompany the video.


At first it seemed like Shania was flaunting her relationship with Frederick after the news of her divorce and it came across like a kind of revenge romance. It’s nice to see that it worked out for her, and that she’s found something lasting. I wonder what we’ll hear about her relationship once she’s ready to reveal more. Shania’s new album, her first in five years, is due out either late this year or early in 2010. It seems like she’s trying to prepare for her comeback by getting everything in her personal life in order, and it really looks like she’s happy now after so much heartache.

Shania Twain and family watch wild birds at the Lake of Bays, Muskoka, Ontario

Shania Twain and family watch wild birds at the Lake of Bays, Muskoka, Ontario

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  1. ash says:

    what’s with the bottom picture? they included an owl tamer on family outing day?

  2. LouRob says:

    Just your normal everyday family picnic. Food, fun, falconry.

  3. n says:

    she is an inspiration.

    hope this time it lasts.

  4. Izzy says:

    Nobody told me she was divorced! Damn, I blew my chance again! I waited 14 years.

    Oh well, back to waiting for LiLo to go straight again. That might work if I had a $50 bill in my shorts.

  5. Cinderella says:

    LouRob…LOL! Falconry!

  6. maddie says:

    @ LouRob

    “Food, fun, falconry.”

    Too funny .

  7. Angelica says:

    Shania does what some of us
    dream about doing every day.
    She puts herself outside of
    the situation.

    She freed herself and made
    herself look like a lady
    to the true observer.

  8. mark says:

    Wow! it looks like she stages everything. Is there anything real about this bitch?!. me thinks not!