Glamour’s size 12 nude model Lizzi Miller gets overwhelming support

From Glamour, September 2009
Lizzi Miller is going to be all over the news this week. She’s a 20-year-old model who weighs 180 pounds. Considering she’s nearly six feet tall, her proportions are great, and she looks healthy and… well, normal. Like a very pretty girl you would meet at a party. Lizzi was hired for a gig at Glamour Magazine - one photo to go along with an article in the September issue about having a healthy body image. The photo taken was of Lizzi in profile, wearing what looks like a g-string. I suppose the big deal is that she’s not sucking in her stomach, and she’s got a small tummy. She’s also got extremely realistic thighs. Lizzi’s smiling and laughing at something off-camera, and it’s simply a gorgeous photo. The photo went online, and became something of a sensation – people all over the world left comments, overwhelming positive, about how great she looks:

A single photo used for an article on self confidence in September’s issue of Glamour magazine has caused a buzz in the modeling world.

Meet Lizzi Miller: a 20-year-old, 180-pound, 5-foot-11 bombshell whose size 12-to-14 body matches that of the average American female.

After she was captured smiling and showing a bit of a tummy, the Glamour website was immediately overrun with positive comments, inspiring editor-in-chief Cindi Leive to reconsider the models shown in the magazine’s pages.

[From the Huffington Post]

Lizzi and the Glamour editor have been doing the publicity rounds – yesterday they went on the Today Show (video is below) and CNN. They’ll probably hit all the major networks before the week is out. While I’m thrilled that people are reacting positively to Lizzi and her body, I do tend to think this “controversy” was manufactured. At the very least, it shouldn’t take this kind of thing to make an editor realize that weight diversity in models is something that should happen every month, in every issue.

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From Glamour, April 2009

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  1. voodoobetty says:

    Now if they can feature girls like this in ALL their issues we’ll be getting somewhere. I don’t like the whole “real woman” tag that gets thrown around when they show non stick-insect looking females because women come in many beautiful shapes and sizes. It would just be good to see all different body types in magazines. I hate the fact that designers use the excuse that clothes hang better on skinny models. I am a size 12 and I want to see what the clothes advertised are going to look like on MY body, not just Gisele Bundchens.

  2. Sassy says:

    I love the photo. For once in God knows how long, a woman looks REAL. Not photoshopped to the point where they look like a fake doll. I’m glad she’s proud of her body. I’m a size 9-10 and they call me thunder thighs because of how thick mine are. Everyone loves my body and guess what? I love them too and they make me feel very curvy and womanlike.

  3. Yippie says:

    I Love It! :-) It actually makes me feel better & more confident…since I have a “tummy” too

  4. Ursula says:

    Then why photoshp the rest of her features? I am all for healthy sizes but photoshop is as bad as size zero.

  5. Diane says:

    Nice photo, real women have tummy’s and curve’s. I think of Jaime Lee Curtis when I see this photo.

    (I prefer progress to controversy = )

  6. Len says:

    She looks fine, normal yes. But to be honest, I’m not sure I want to see normal women in my magazines. I sort of want it to be a fantasy-world…i don’t know why. But seeing this bellyflap so very much resembling mine, I don’t know, i’m kind of realising that I don’t want to buy a magazine and stare at another womans flap..

  7. barneslr says:

    Stick figures are just not attractive. My mother is anorexic, and some of these supermodels weigh less than she does! It bothers me a lot that my mother has been fighting this disease for her entire adult life (she’s now 67, is 5’7″ and has gotten her weight all they way up to 112 lbs-which is great, for her), yet these models are as underweight as she is (or worse) and it’s promoted as beauty.

    I’m not attacking naturally thin women-I agree beauty comes in many shapes and sizes. But being extremely underweight, as is my mother and most models, is distressing and shouldn’t be promoted as the ideal.

    I hope this is the beginning of a trend. That model looks beautiful and there’s not a reason in the world why she needs to lose any weight. Six feet tall and 180 lbs? That’s great!

  8. Anna says:

    Oh puhleeze! “Reconsider the models shown in the magazine’s pages”?! That’s not going to happen, they are just riding the good buzz wave while it lasts.

    I think Lizzi is an absolute stunner but if women like her really had the power to change something about perceptions in the world of modeling, it would’ve happened a long time ago. Never say never, but still…
    Nevertheless, I hope this will aid her career and she will continue profiting from the buzz she’s generated. She is a great role model for a healthy body issue. Go Lizzi!

  9. Amanda says:

    How twisted is it that a model with healthy proportions makes headlines?! Does she really qualify as “plus size”? The fashion world really is controlled by a bunch of dudes who don’t understand what a real woman’s body look like! :(

  10. danielle says:

    I would REALLY enjoy seeing models a little more like me, especially modeling clothes. It would be much easier to judge if an outfit would look good on me if a stick wasn’t wearing it.

  11. Len says:

    Unconciously I think we want to see thin women wearing the clothes, we are buying a fantasy because that is what makes us feel good. We think if we buy that dress that somehow we will come a bit closer to looking like the models in the magazine. So we buy the dress. Seeing the dress on a size 12 model is just not as appealing. That’s just how it is. I think. Not sure, just letting my thoughts flow here.

  12. viper says:

    She isnt as overweight looking as a person lets say is 5’2 and 180. Lets get women of all heights to model like this. Because lets be honest people, if youre short, weight IS your enemy. So if they got another girl to model like this and she was in the 5 foot area I would love to see it and wonder about the reaction.

  13. KJ says:

    2/3rds of Americans are overweight- we might as well have overweight models to fit the trend.

  14. QB says:

    She is not overweight she is in the recommended weight for her height.

  15. IriD says:

    I don’t wish to offend you, but your way of thinking is part of the problem. You have been socialized into thinking that the standard of beauty requires an unattainable (for most) thinness and you have bought into it hook, line and sinker. Even in a “fantasy world” I would much prefer women that have proportions similar to mine.
    Only through changing the thinking (boobs and butts and even a little tummy are sexy!) Bony sternums and every rib showing are *not* attractive to most people, yet that is what we are force fed and somehow come to believe is the only way to be beautiful.

  16. Len says:

    I do think boobs a butts are sexy, and I agree models are way to thin these days. But I don’t want to see cellulite, stomachflaps, chickenwings or anything like that. I’m sorry for my socialized self, i can’t help it!

  17. Enonymous says:

    I agree with Len. Elegantly thin models are chosen for a good reason because they are preferred by most and designers know that they can influence their consumers to spend big money purchasing their stuff if stunning models look great in their cloths leaving the average man and woman to strive for the same look, it is just good business. No one will spend a fortune on a dress to look like an average looking woman, Lizzi Miller maybe somewhat pretty but if she walks into a room she is not going to get heads turned and that is the fantasy models offer that the overage woman and man look for. There is more to it then some pretty slim girls on a cover of a magazine trying to make the average looking person jealous, and it is absolutely stupid and completely wrong to try and vilify slim thin women/models to make the not-so-thin average woman and man happy. The point is to create acceptance between anyone from any size and body shape and teaching women/young girls in particular to have a higher self esteem and choosing yet again one over the other is not going to help.

    Also, barneslr most models are choose because they are naturally tall and thin, just because you unfortunately have experienced anorexia through a loved one does not mean that most thin people (even the very thin ones) happen to be anorexic.

  18. natalie says:

    is this healthy?
    she must have 35% of body fat!
    this is not healty!and not normal!
    maybe just for fat americans
    that distorced the proportions of being healthy beacuse most of then are in dangerous because of fat!

  19. fizXgirl314 says:

    I like her, I think it’s great… not sure why her belly is so loose though but ok…

    It would be great to have supermodels who are “normal” weight… but then I’m thinking, what qualification would these women have then? wouldn’t we just be making it really easy to be a model? For instance, most jobs have a qualification… maybe being super thin is the qualification to be a model… otherwise, they’re just gonna be even MORE overpaid and have to endure basically no hardships… I dunno, I’m on the fence… I say we get rid of the profession altogether :-p

  20. Daniel says:

    Like said above, 2/3rds of Americans are overweight and I work very hard to try and look my best. Why would I want to see pictures of somebody who isn’t trying to look their best but is instead satisfied with a flabby stomach and thunder thighs. Sure I like curves but not curdled cottage cheese.

  21. fizXgirl314 says:

    oh and is there ANYTHING we americans will not be criticized for? Americans have been called all kinds of things, fat, lazy, ignorant, stupid, unsophisticated, greedy etc etc. what is up with that?

    oh I’m sorry to be even posting here.. I should probably go hang my head in shame as an American rather than have the audacity to express an opinion. I’m sorry for stepping out of line…

    you know what? for a fat, lazy, ignorant, stupid country… we are damn successful… SO SUCK IT BITCH!!!

  22. bored says:

    Maybe to an anorexic she looks overweight. To me she looks hot.

  23. Enonymous says:

    I agree natalie, for a 20-year-old (she looks much older) Lizzi Miller should not have that type of stomach, she looks like a woman post – pregnancy. That is indeed not healthy at all. You can be very fit and still have curves.

  24. fizXgirl314 says:

    Enonymous, you’re not her doctor and presumably have not done her blood work, so don’t comment on her health… just say that you don’t like her stomach flap and move on… don’t make it a “health” issue…

  25. viper says:

    Because americans are fat, lazy, ignorant, stupid, unsophisticated, greedy etc etc.

  26. I love belly flaps says:

    she looks cool! that flap is normal…a lot of women have it and its just ok.

  27. Fat Elvis says:

    Not healthy at all, Enonymous? Seriously? Jesus, you act like she’s 800 pounds and housebound. So what if she has a (very small) tummy? How could that one “flaw” determine (via photograph) a person’s health one way or another?

  28. Enonymous says:

    fizXgirl314, calm down, I comment on what I see and like it or not a 20-year-old having a stomach like that is not healthy, simple as that and her body does not match a 20 years olds, she looks much older.

  29. birdgherl says:

    The tummy is adorable. Everyone has one if they are not standing up straight and sucking it in.

  30. Stanley Parrish says:

    Now that’s real. Women should embrace their curves

  31. Taya says:

    She looks great. The magazines should be using real women in their magazines instead of anorexic snooty models who are 15 years old portraying 25 year olds.

  32. Green Is Good says:

    Team Lizzi Miller all the way!

  33. Daniel says:

    I don’t want to see real women in magazines. I see ‘real’ women all day in real life and most of them are ugly. To be fair, most men I see are ugly too. I want to see people who are attractive not people who are labeled ‘real’ because the general population is fat.

  34. Darlene says:

    I think she looks amazing. I have a tummy like that and I am so self-conscious about it. I’m happy to see “my kind” of beauty on the pages of a magazine, even if it’s only once or twice a year.

  35. Trillion says:

    The tummy definitely looks post-partum, although 20 is on the young side for that. The rest of her seems perfectly fit though. She’s gorgeous.
    I wouldn’t necessarily want to see her size on a runway because that’s presumably for looking at clothing, hence the “clothes hanger” skeletor look. On the other hand, runway models don’t look sexy naked. Too skinny, IMO.
    So skinny models and normal sized models like this girl both have their place.

  36. NJMDPS says:

    She looks great. As far as you people who don’t like the belly “flap”, well, I guess none of you are mothers. Unfortunate as it may be, that usually comes along with having had children. Maybe not in her case. Doesn’t matter. It’s there. What do you recommend?? Having herself surgically enhanced to appease society? She looks wonderful, natural, wholesome. She is NOT overweight. Give the woman and all women a break. Is it any wonder why young girls today have such a poor self image?! Look at what is expected of them? Stop all the madness. Enjoy your life and stop striving to be some kind of stick figure that society demands. Just awful pressure. By the way, LEN, are you some kind of perfect body specimen??!! Who are you to judge?! My guess is you don’t even have a job and you sit in judgement of what a woman should or should not look like to make you happy? GET LOST.

  37. barneslr says:

    “if she walks into a room she is not going to get heads turned”

    Are you out of your mind? She is beautiful, and I guarantee a gorgeous, 6 foot tall blond entering a room is going to turn heads. And no one is going to think she is fat, at 180 lbs for her height. A 6 foot tall size 12? That’s probably just about right.

  38. fizXgirl314 says:

    Daniel, to be fair… Glamour mag isn’t marketed toward men so kindly stfu :)

  39. the original kate says:

    she is a pretty girl and i think she looks fine. she would look fine 20 pounds heavier or 20 pounds lighter, too. the sooner we all stop trying to conform to one beauty ideal the happier we will all be.

  40. Len says:

    We can all agree she is completely real and very normal looking. Hooray. But when I am reading a fashion magazine I don’t want to see ‘real’. I want to see very beautiful. I want to think ‘wow, what a great body’. And I’m sorry but this stomach flap just ain’t pretty. This stomach flap is not going to make me buy a bikini or dress if she were modelling one. And I agree with some peoples comments: it is quite a flap. She needs to work out a bit.

  41. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “you know what? for a fat, lazy, ignorant, stupid country… we are damn successful… SO SUCK IT BITCH!!!”

    ha! that made me laugh…

    U S A! U S A!

  42. ! says:

    Wow, since when is having a tiny bit of a stomach “unhealthy”? Why are people acting as though if you have any body fat at all, you’re unhealthy? Studies actually show that you’re healthier if you’re ten to twenty pounds “overweight”.

    Those of you who’d rather she look emaciated…you’re sick and twisted. Please off yourself immediately.

  43. Katyusha says:

    Girl’s got a stunning smile, but I agree with Enonymous.

    “Elegantly thin models are chosen for a good reason because they are preferred by most and designers know that they can influence their consumers to spend big money purchasing their stuff if stunning models look great in their cloths leaving the average man and woman to strive for the same look, it is just good business.”

    Models are meant to be fantasy… Putting “real” or “average” women would defeat the whole purpose.
    I don’t understand what people don’t get about that.

  44. ! says:

    You know Len, Daniel, whoever—

    Glamour isn’t even intended for you anyway. Neither is it Vogue. Your arguments don’t hold water. How dare they have a “love you body” magazine and yet portray only stick figures, promoting the ideals and conformity that seem so important to shallow aholes like yourself. Its contradictory and hurtful.

    If a belly offends your delicate sensibilities that much, then go find your copy of Maxim and leave us real people alone.

    Seriously…all these people acting so SHOCKED AND OFFENDED that anyone would DARE portray a non-anorexic body. You’re being children. Worse, actually.

  45. Annie says:

    She’s cute.

    But frankly, at 20, she shouldn’t be flapping around. I’m not saying she’s obese by any standards, but she hasn’t had children and yet she looks like she just had a baby a couple months ago.

    In fact, for 20…she looks more like mid to late 20s.

    Power to her for being proud of herself, but I hope she’s the limit. I feel like we can never just be happy with a good medium and people will just keep pushing towards more and more weight gain, saying that it’s “healthier” looking and “rubenesque”. (Rubens models were pretty damn fat imho.) Essentially justifying excessive amounts of body weight. And then we’ll flip and go stick thin, anorexic status.

    And I don’t know if she’d turn heads in the way that you guys are implying. They might look at her because she’s tall, but meh. I don’t know if beyond that. I guess it depends on where she’s walking into. She’d turn heads at a Denny’s, but might not do so at My House or something.

  46. Lenora says:

    I just dislike how some women call each other “real” women and say how happy they are to see other “real” women in magazines. It’s silly because it implies that if you are a size 2 or 4 then you are somehow less real. She looks O.K ecept for her tummy and that’s fine but she is not cut out to be a model. Emme was a beautiful plus size model. This one, not so much.

  47. captain america says:


  48. N. says:

    I am 5’7 and fluctuate between 130-135 pounds. I’ve never had a baby, and I can tell you I would kill for her supposed “tummy flap”. I am healthy, my doctor says I’m a very healthy weight, and yet my stomach has always stuck out, even as a teenager. I just happen to be thicker in the middle, not fat, just more skin or something. I think this girl is beautiful and healthy and best of all, she looks happy. If I had a daughter, I would want her to look at images of girls like this one in magazines. Ever stop to think that most skinny models probably have a little tummy flap too that just gets photoshopped out, thighs that get photoshopped thinned out and abs sprayed on? Personally I think it’s more healthy to have a little tummy flap–that’s how women are designed. We weren’t all designed to have rock hard tummies. I’ve tried.

  49. fizXgirl314 says:

    Enonymous, I don’t recall appointing you the authority on what a 20 year old should look like.

    quite franky, I find it infinitely more offensive for someone to say that a person is “unhealthy” than if they say they don’t find them attractive… my mother is slightly overweight but has great bloodwork… my father is average weight and has high cholesterol and heart problems… and I GUARANTEE all of you know someone who fits into what I just described… so stfu with your “uneathly” BS and just say you don’t find it aesthetically appealing… when you get your MD then you can talk…

  50. fizXgirl314 says:

    Why do we as women find it necessary to stare at naked women’s bodies AT ALL… has anyone ever figured this out? men don’t do it… in fact, I think they find looking at a naked male body quite repulsive… deep down, I think all women hate themselves a little bit… Why else would we subject ourselves to this??? :/

  51. DK says:

    Len: Completely agree with you. I do not think her body or look is appealing or attractive. She looks like the average woman – if the average woman is 20 and 6 foot tall…she’s only 20, why don’t people complain about the age thing as much as the body thing? Women in magazines or in fashion ads are made to look like the highest ideal of women – just like the men are! Look at the men in cologne ads, or fashion ads – do they look like “real men”? Does anyone really want them to? Haha. Fashion ads are made to sell, not to provide social support and comfort, or therapy. I am a size 14! I’m only 5’2. I am somewhat overweight by most definitions – but I still don’t want to see it in a magazine. I’m not looking to them for guidance and comfort that maybe I’m not overweight after all. Not to mention America has way more of an obesity problem than an anorexic, too-thin one. And I’m pretty sure more people die from obesity related illnesses.

  52. Enonymous says:

    fizXgirl314, I don’t recall I had to ask for your permission to comment, what makes YOU an expert anyway? This is what I hate about people like you, you can dish it out but you can’t take it. You sure are very opinionated, shame no one gives a sh*t of what you have to say.

  53. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    She’s gorgeous. Regardless it’ll make no difference to the fash mags who will continue to pander to the designers for, like, ever.

  54. fizXgirl314 says:

    Who says I can’t take it? BRING IT ONNNNN…

    again, presumably you’re not her doctor and have no idea what state of health this woman is in. that is an obvious FACT… therefore, any “opinions” you make regarding her health are null and void.. One’s health is not up for debate… understanding of one’s health has a fairly scientific basis…

    good day :)

  55. Daniel says:

    I agree with DK. It doesn’t matter that she’s a plus sized model with a belly flap. It matters that it’s not that attractive. The ‘real’ woman also has hairy legs. Most people don’t want to see that either. The same goes for men. How many women actually want to see a man with a super hairy back in a magazine. And as for the argument that this magazine isn’t for men…I can guarantee that men wouldn’t look at a cologne add featuring a hairy-backed man and think ‘Hmm, I want to smell like that guy!!! He looks like he gets stuff done!’

  56. fizXgirl314 says:

    and you’re being incredibly mature with your “no one on the forums likes you” argument… i’m really hurt… waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Daniel, how many magazines do you own with half naked men in them??

    let WOMEN decide what they want to see on a magazine.. again, this is not marketed toward you so your opinion doesn’t count… :)

  57. hatsumomo says:

    “you know what? for a fat, lazy, ignorant, stupid country… we are damn successful… SO SUCK IT BITCH!!!” – fizXgirl314

    You Go Girl!!!!!!!!

  58. AJ says:

    She looks fine to me, but why is it so important that women’s appearances be so minutely analyzed? Do we analyze men in such detail?

    Also as a thin person since forever, I cannot hear/read anymore these comments about “real women” (Oprah is particularly guilty of this). Real women come in all kinds of shapes and sizes – weight is an attribute as diverse as height, skin color, etc. Why the need to constantly push every woman into one category (whether very thin, or voluptuous) as if we are all cattle?

    I can understand the frustration of women aren’t thin, but thin women aren’t the enemy. The enemy is this thinking that all women are clones instead of individuals. Instead of being clear-eyed about the source of this division between them, women just lunge at each other, the same old story. In the meantime, the people who influence the culture and tell us all what to think are laughing all the way to the bank.

  59. AJ says:

    Also, the modeling industry selects women who are very good looking, with features that are rarely found in the population at large. How come nobody thinks this is discrimination? In other words, if picking models for their weight is wrong, why is it right to pick them for the size of their nose and the symmetry of their features?

  60. Moore says:

    I really hate that some people describe larger body types as normal or real as if more fat, some cellulite or a belly flap makes you real.
    She’s an attractive woman, probably healthy and loves herself but this is not the future of fashion magazines when they’re not trying to bring up a point. Magazines seem to play on the fantasy of it all. Even if she was hired by Glamour later on you’d never see the belly flap and she’d be photoshopped.

    I agree AJ. It’s like being thin is a fault and not a matter of heredity. Also I would love to see someone with my features. Who cares about their weight unless its unhealthy.

  61. Len says:

    Imagine bellyflaps being all the rage!

  62. fizXgirl314 says:

    I think when people say “real” they probably mean statistically more accurate… don’t take offense… I don’t think anyone is claiming you’re imaginary if you’re not the average size… chill out… I don’t necessarily think I’m fat… but I GET IT… more diversity in models generally = good thing…

    however, I was brought up by my brothers (who are much older than I am) to think I am fat and ugly no matter how much I weigh like a good armenian girl should… so I understand body image issues and I dream of a day when all women will love their tummy pooch, cuddle it and caress it and give it little kisses…

    as one man once said… “I HAVE A DREAM…” and the rest is history :-p

  63. Ling says:

    “Why do we as women find it necessary to stare at naked women’s bodies AT ALL… has anyone ever figured this out? men don’t do it… in fact, I think they find looking at a naked male body quite repulsive…”

    Because the female body is much more objectively beautiful than the male, and deep down we’re all a tiny bit lesbian? :)

  64. AJ says:

    quote {Because the female body is much more objectively beautiful}

    Really? Are you referring to the average woman without makeup, hairstyling, haircolor, breast implants, no use of deodorant or a shaving blade?

  65. ER says:

    It’s really true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  66. Ashley says:

    I can’t help but be a bit disturbed by commentary of the photo being of a “real” woman. I am a a natural size 0, 32-23-33 figure, with a six pack, and I’m just as real as this woman in the photo. I think it’s great that this photo is in their magazine, but I am a bit surprised that people are SO excited about it. And why? As if it somehow personally inflicts upon their own self esteem.

  67. Enonymous says:

    I agree, It is true that all these efforts to promote “real” and “curvier” women/people is done with a great dose of selfishness in their part concerned primarily with their own interests, to make themselves feel better and increase their self esteem by finally getting back at “the evil” thin people.

  68. princess pea says:

    @ Ashley – On the off chance that you are actually unaware of how this impacts people’s self esteem, and why they are so excited, let me elucidate. With the body you’ve described for yourself, whenever you buy a magazine you see page after page of women who look like you. Not exactly, and you probably have at least one area of your body that you feel less than awesome about. But nonetheless, you see models who are built like you, wearing things that realistically would fit you. With that experience, you might not be aware that for many women there will never be a fashion shoot with a woman who looks even remotely like them.
    The unwritten message in all women’s lifestyle mags is that THIS is ideal; they do these fashion and beauty spreads to tell us what is pretty, what is hot, what we should want to be. (The magazines even refer to themselves as ‘aspirational’… as in ‘everyone should aspire for this ideal’) Never mind the fact that there is no ONE ideal and that HEALTHY comes in a lot of different shapes and sizes. Thus, the message that most women in North America get from magazines is “you will never be good enough.”

    That is why they are excited. It feels like this image of a beautiful woman – who just happens to not fit the cookie cutter the usually use – is saying that you can be gorgeous without being tiny. It’s a nice thing. I hope the editors realize the power of what they did, but I don’t expect much.

  69. fizXgirl314 says:

    so only thin people deserve to have high self esteem? just listen to yourselves…

    come on! if you’re thin and fit, congrats! you’re already deemed more attractive by society and are more likely to succeed in life… pat yourselves on the back and move on. let the fatties have this one… how can you be thin AND insecure… yeesh!!

    and thank you princess pea… WELL SAID!

  70. scorpiogal says:

    FizXgirl314 quote: “you know what? for a fat, lazy, ignorant, stupid country… we are damn successful… SO SUCK IT BITCH!!!”

    LMAO…I’m totally going to scream “suck it bitch!!!” to the next perosn who pisses me off.

  71. orion70 says:

    I think she looks fine, however they should and clothe ANY model in a way that compliments them, and that photo in the g-string definitely isn’t it, she even looks uncomfortable. The bottom photo is closer to the mark, although I fail to see why they photographed her all scrunched up, so that even if she didn’t have a belly, it’d give her one.

    That said, she sure looks like she’s sucking it in on photo #1, but for those talking about the “flap”, it’s not there on the bottom photo, and besides, people can have odd-looking bellies for other reasons, like surgery.

    And Ashley, with all respect to you, maybe you don’t understand the hype because you’re a size 0 . I do agree that self-esteem comes from within, not from what people tell you you should look like.

  72. orion70 says:

    p.s. Enonymous, you might call it selfishness, or promotion of interest, or revenge……alot of people would call it empowerment.

    But hey, if you want to believe that all the non-model people spend their time plotting skinny-cide while stuffing twinkies, feel free. I’ll let you get back to boarding up the windows lest they sneak in at night and steal your ‘specialness’

  73. Annie says:

    And I must add, I’m really over the whole “real” woman talk.

    I understand what you mean by “statistically more common”.

    But no matter how you slice and dice it, people perceive a little more chunk as “real” and you have all these dove ads running around and if you’re fit and thin, you’re a “skinny bitch”. Oh. And just to throw it out there, the only people who truly judge each other so harshly are women with regards to other women. Guys are basic creatures (Sorry boys) Most of the time, if they see naked, that’s all they care about. Blubber or not.

    … we are damn successful… lol. I don’t know how successful we are, considering most industrialized countries provide GOOD universal health care for all their citizens and we’re kind of in this big recession and many good, hard-working Americans are out of jobs and struggling to make bills. Then of course, there are those who chose to buy things on credit that they couldn’t afford and are now in foreclosure, bankruptcy..etc. I don’t know what your definition of successful is….but uh…I don’t know if I’d call that successful.

  74. Shannon says:

    I couldn’t agree with orion70 and princess pea more.

    I’m 5’6 and usually about 115 pounds… a size 3 in pants. I’m pretty damn skinny. Want to know why? Because I’m terribly unhealthy with acid reflux disease that causes me to vomit uncontrollably for days at a time. I WISH I could weigh more because I wouldn’t have to deal with this horrible chronic illness. So as for calling this chick unhealthy – I don’t think anyone has a leg to stand on with that claim. She looks in the peak of health to me.

    And I was SO happy to see this woman in my issue of Glamour. I think she’s brave, confident and stunningly beautiful.

  75. fizXgirl314 says:


    I understand we have problems… but if you want to see people who are TRULY hurting, go visit China or Africa or Armenia (where I’m from) or something. Kids in China are working their asses off so they can get into a school, ANY school in America… I’ve also lived in European countries where the quality of life is generally pretty good… but trust me when I say this, recession or not.. The US is STILL the land of opportunity… and guess why we’re fat… it’s cuz we got food to eat and unfortunately, lots of it… Any way you slice is, this country is doing well…

    maybe it doesn’t fit into your utopian ideal where nobody loses their job, nobody ever takes out a loan and nobody ever has any hardships… but it is still successful nonetheless…

    anyways, I’m not going to feel sorry or shameful cuz I’m american… and if that’s your intent… I invite you to still SUCK IT!

  76. daniel says:

    Got news for everyone, this woman is totally hot but she is NOT the typical american woman. The typical american woman is about 5’5″ to 5’9″ in height and weighs about 180 to 200 lbs, no joke, probably size 14 to 16. The average american woman is way fat, not that there’s anything wrong with that, I think “chubbY” or “big” woman are beuatiful, in fact I married one so no comments from the peanut gallery, lol.

  77. daniel says:

    oh and the other “daniel”, dude use some other name I’ve been posting here for years here under that name so pick something else so other people dont’ get us confused, lol!

  78. Munkey says:

    Orion and Princess Pea: Spot on!

  79. Daniel says:

    Don’t worry, I only post here once every 30 years. It’s all yours again.

  80. fizXgirl314 says:

    wait wait daniel… the average woman CANNOT be that big… maybe it depends on age brackets or something… older women are generally heavier than younger women… but that still sounds like it’s on the high side though…

  81. Kphillips says:

    I’m 23 and I work damn hard at keeping my body in shape. It was a lot easier why I was 17! Why? Becuase I THINK I look better and feel better at a size 4 than a size 10. But that’s just me. I’m all about being confident in yourself, seriously, play the cards you got, right? But I don’t think any women would take Mo’Nique’s body over Giselle’s.

    I think Lizzy’s gorgeous and not over weight AT ALL. She could tone a little, but she’s still getting booked for jobs, so she must be really stunning in real life. If there hadn’t been so much promotion about her and I saw her pic in a magazine, I probably wouldn’t even notice she was an “average” size.

    Wow, this post really got people’s attention.

  82. icky says:

    she is gorgeous and if I were a dude – this would be my type

  83. fizXgirl314 says:

    why do people on these threads always self righteously proclaim how hard they work and what size clothing they wear… talk about insecure :/

  84. Ana says:

    I think she is beautiful. She is lucky to be so tall. I wish I was taller. The reason it’s such a big deal is because women come in all shapes and sizes but the only ones that are portrayed are the perfect ones. But it really shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

  85. Annie says:

    Wow, you’re on a little attack rampage aren’t you?

    Did I say that we’re horribly off? Did I in any way say that we’re worse off than third world countries? Did I even try to say we’re some kind of utopia? Or that we should be?


    I am not denying that this is the land of opportunity. But I will say that we are not as damn wonderful as we think we are, and should probably get off our high horses. That’s the problem. We celebrate gluttony and excess without concern for anyone but our individual selves.

    As for the “suck it” sentiment…real mature. I take you so seriously now.

    You go on this mad rampage about how you can’t express your opinion, but anyone expressing one that differs from yours, you tell them to “suck it”? Seriously?

    Yea, that’s not hypocritical at all.

  86. carrie says:

    She’s lucky, when I gain a few pounds, it goes straight to my face. Then, I look like a chipmunk. I wish the weight would go to my booty. She is a little young to have a poochy belly. Maybe, her metabolism is a little slow. Most 20yr olds are thin. Or, it could be her diet. Who knows? She still has a very pretty face and looks lovely.

  87. FriskyTurtle says:

    The troll action on this thread is amazing. Keep it up you lovable basement dwellers, you!

  88. Moore says:

    “But I will say that we are not as damn wonderful as we think we are, and should probably get off our high horses.”

    exactly. If anyone needs to go to another country to see what it is to lack then you have it better than most people. This country is great but has faults aplenty.

    “I think when people say “real” they probably mean statistically more accurate… don’t take offense… I don’t think anyone is claiming you’re imaginary if you’re not the average size… chill out… I don’t necessarily think I’m fat… but I GET IT… more diversity in models generally = good thing…”

    …uh, duh?

    The average, statistically more accurate woman is 5’3.7 and 152 lbs. This average woman is not more or less real than a 6 foot 180lbs woman. Point being, the use of the word real or normal is ridiculous when talking about humans. I have a dream too and its that one day those words will not describe a woman and bodies of all types will be accepted cause honestly some of us don’t/wont have belly flab to kiss on and some of us will have too much booty. You “fatties” can have this Glamour victory, I guess I’ll wait for the better ones to come, if ever.

  89. Jennifer says:

    She needs to do some situps.

  90. Tina says:

    shes beautiful! i (L) it! :)

  91. sofia says:

    I’m short and skinny and it’s not fair to people like me that I’m not considered a “real woman”. Real women are fighters–for their jobs, their babies, their families, their lives. BIG DEAL what they look like!
    Women can be sexy AS THEY ARE created to be–skinny, voluptuous, flat chested or a bbw!!!!!

  92. trichatillomaniak says:

    OMG you guys depressed me with your comments!!!!! “Belly Flap!?!” WTF? Debating this woman’s HEALTH because of this “flap” !?!? Are you FU(K!!!!NG KIDDING me?
    “She can’t possibly be 20 bc of THAT….”. The conspiaricy theories of magazines?! Really??

    I’d not be surprised that if at some point in(90% of) EVERY commenter here’s life they realize…. DAMN! I wish EYE looked that pretty.

  93. lizzy says:

    I had three kids before I was out of my twenties but I didn’t end up with a belly like that. Sure, the first few months there was a flap, but I kept active and ate right and the pounds slipped away. I think she looks fine with the exception of the extra belly flab. If she has never had a child there’s just no reason for that. I’m sorry if some of you have to struggle with body weight issues because I know that’s a drag and it’s no easy battle to win. However, I firmly believe that American diets are so horrible that few of us really know how much junk we’re putting in our bodies every day. Everything is over processed and full of unnecessary chemicals. I think most people would be surprised with the easy weight loss results that they could achieve if they truly made an effort to cut bad food out of their lives. It’s soooo easy to eat fresh, good tasting food and keep the weight down.

  94. fizXgirl314 says:

    besides, no matter how thin you are, you probably still don’t look like the typical 6’0 tall, 115 pound model with 0% body fat and a six pack… I know approximately 0 people who look like that… so yeah, it’s not “real” or realistic… so even if you’re not fat, I don’t see why you have a problem with the usage of the word…

  95. jay says:

    she’s very inspire me, hot hot hot.

  96. barneslr says:

    “Got news for everyone, this woman is totally hot but she is NOT the typical american woman. The typical american woman is about 5′5″ to 5′9″ in height and weighs about 180 to 200 lbs, no joke, probably size 14 to 16.”

    Got news for you, dear. The average woman in the US is 5’3″ and wears a size 12.

    I don’t know where you are getting your information, but it is quite wrong. I got my info from the medical school I work for, so I feel pretty confident that it’s accurate.

  97. Moore says:

    “why do people on these threads always self righteously proclaim how hard they work and what size clothing they wear… talk about insecure :/ ”
    yet you had no problem bringing up your own weight issues. Is it just the ones who talk about how small they are that are insecure cause you’re looking mighty insecure to me. You’re in a thread talking about weight, obviously people of all sizes are going to chime in. Where’s the problem?

    Maybe its because you don’t know any thin people that you don’t consider them to be ‘real’? I know/have seen 6 foot thin women and chubby women, and short women and tall curvy women (dancers and non dancers). All pretty real and very pretty to me. You sound like you don’t get the point on why using the word is ridiculous since you don’t consider some body types to be ‘real’. Not everyone is healthy at every weight but they are not any less ‘real’ cause they haven’t gotten to that weight yet. Some may never get there but having a word that describes a body type that some may not get to in either direction is still dumb.

    And anyway what is a ‘real’ woman look like and can that even be measured?

  98. David Leavenworth says:

    To all women weighing 180lbs, repeat: this woman is 20yrs old and 5in11 tall

  99. ! says:

    “come on! if you’re thin and fit, congrats! you’re already deemed more attractive by society and are more likely to succeed in life… pat yourselves on the back and move on. let the fatties have this one… how can you be thin AND insecure… yeesh!!”


    Also, orion70 rocks:

    “But hey, if you want to believe that all the non-model people spend their time plotting skinny-cide while stuffing twinkies, feel free. I’ll let you get back to boarding up the windows lest they sneak in at night and steal your ’specialness’”

  100. Annie says:

    I thought she was 6 feet?

    That’s like…two inches under my BF LOL, who many people consider quite tall…

    It’s kinda nuts how tall she is.

    I mean…everyone’s pretty much considered tall in my world (LOL. I’m 5’1 and a HALF! lol) and I could tell you right now that if I were 180, I’d be a big ol’ ball! Heck, even if I were 115, I’d be chubby for my height.

    Everything’s relative. And I love what you said:

    Point being, the use of the word real or normal is ridiculous when talking about humans. I have a dream too and its that one day those words will not describe a woman and bodies of all types will be accepted cause honestly some of us don’t/wont have belly flab to kiss on and some of us will have too much booty. You “fatties” can have this Glamour victory, I guess I’ll wait for the better ones to come, if ever.


  101. Enonymous says:

    fizXgirl314, you seem to be desperately insecure, even so, whatever personal frustrations you have don’t take it out on thin people or the people in this thread. End of.

    @ Moore, very well said.

  102. fizXgirl314 says:


    I don’t have a problem with thin people… I have a problem with jackasses… and you fit that category quite well

    grow some ovaries…:)

  103. fizXgirl314 says:

    It’s obvious you people are hurtful and rude toward those who don’t look like YOU… so how about a taste of your own medicine? and I really feel sorry for friends of people like you because I can’t imagine all your friends are thin and reminiscent of the typical model… so I presume they just feel so insecure and uncomfortable around people like you… and that is a damn shame!

  104. Enonymous says:

    Well fizXgirl314, you can join me because you sure do qualify. Whatever you say you reek of desperation and insecurity. You think you are empowering all women? Hah! don’t fool yourself, you are just helping in creating more division. But that does not matter does it fizXgirl314 as long as you and others like yourself get to feel better about yourselves.

    And no, I don’t discriminate and alienate people who are not as thin as me, I make friends based on their personality and not their looks. However, you seem like the type of friend that is jealous and bitter with a chip on your shoulder and that is no ones problem but yours.

  105. Annie says:

    To be fair fizXgirl314. I think you just have a problem. Period. You get all worked up and just start firing off on people.

    You’re entitled to your opinions, but quite frankly, you lose any validity when you end your comments in “SUCK IT.”

    I will not comment on what kind of friend you are, but I will say that MY first reaction is not to look at someone and automatically write them off. And from my experience, most of the mean comments (and “write-offs”!) towards my thin frame have come from women who are larger and insecure/unhappy with their bodies.

    And I don’t know why Enonymous would be considered “ovary-less”. Can you explain that retort?

  106. Ashley says:

    I just don’t understand why we can’t appreciate women and situations like this WITHOUT attacking the skinny girl in the same sentence. Most of the comments here pretty much say the same thing, “Yay for belly flab! Down with the fake twigs!”

    This may be a step in the right direction for fashion magazines, but I think it’s a step backward for people of society who seem to not just redefine the ideal of beauty, but reverse it from “skinny=good and fat=bad” to “Fat=good and skinny=bad”

  107. binc says:

    first the description ‘belly flap’ is gross.
    2nd its interesting to see what gets people all fired would be interesting to see the height and weight of all the posters.

    3rd i think she looks great but that pose just accentuates her gut area. the 2nd picture is way better but why not have her in less constricting underwear? i think the main issue is anyone can look unflattering even if they are a super model in the wrong clothes, makeup and lighting. i’m not saying the need to hide her gut but why bend over and put on constricting underwear?

    4th i’m skinny and have cellulite. i work out. i have friends who are fatter and have none and have way better shapes.

  108. fizXgirl314 says:

    yes, I’m so desperate and insecure… please please be my friend and tell me how unnattractive and unhealthy I am because I’m a size 6 and not a 0 like you… I just don’t know what to do I’m drowing in my belly flap…

    *eyeroll*… if my attitude scares away people like you from being my friend then I’m doing something right…


  109. Sara says:

    I’m with you vodoobetty. A “real woman’s body” is any woman who isn’t photoshoped, and I don’t appreciate the media calling any none skinny woman a “real woman’s body” Do I have a fake woman’s body because I’m thin? We have too much body hate skinny or fat.

  110. fizXgirl314 says:

    You know I had a friend like you… keyword being HAD… that talked all kinds of shit about fat people and she seriously made me sick to my stomach… I just can’t fathom how you can respect yourself if you say shit like that about another human being…

    If these sorts of insults were being directed toward a race, nobody would be surprised at my anger… but somehow because this woman has a belly flap, then she’s fair game…

    people like you just make me sick and that’s not going to change no matter how many times you call me insecure or desperate… you’ve got your feathers all ruffled because you were under attack but you can’t turn around and feel that same sort of sympathy for someone you are attacking because she may not be your ideal image of perfection?

    I seriously just feel sorry for people like you and don’t want to be around them if I can help it… again, if that makes me “insecure” and “desperate”… then so be it…

  111. Alexa says:

    Thanks for your great post “Sofia”!

  112. Munkey says:

    Damn, this thread really went to hell, didn’t it?

  113. Enonymous says:

    WOW fizXgirl314, you got some serious issues. You truthfully sound like a very sad insecure individual, I feel quite sorry for you now, it seems that thin people had gotten under your skin for whatever reason. Harboring so much hate for people you don’t know is only going to continue making you unhappy. Take my advice and seek therapy or join a gym (it is a great stress reliever while it helps you keep fit), preferably do both for your own good.

  114. fizXgirl314 says:

    you know, why don’t you stick to the issue instead of continually proclaiming your thinness and using it as a scapegoat… you are sadly mistaken if you think this has anything to do with your weight and not with your disgusting attitude… but I imagine it is easier to deflect the criticism and pretend that everyone’s just “jelaz”
    and I hike 25-30 miles a week thank you very much. But you keep on with your delusional self so that you don’t have to admit to the sad fact that.. you are a biotch…

    you know i sort of understand why men would undermine women in such a way… it suits their purpose… makes sense. but i don’t get why women do it. to me it is a sad reflection of an inability to process logically that they are in essence hurting THEMSELVES… which is why i have concluded that deep down, women just hate themselves. you are simply a lost cause and that is why I don’t have any problem mocking you… not because you are so “thin” as you so eager to proclaim… but because you (and people like you) are… kind of idiots… :/

  115. Ana says:

    Okay, the belly “flap” issue.
    I am 21. I am 5’3 and weigh 112 pounds. I am a size three and I have had a child. When I lean over like that, I have a belly flap. It’s not a big deal. When I stand up my belly is flat.
    When I sit in a pose like the second picture, I have a little pudge like hers.
    It’s not like she has a spare tire when she stands up.
    She is beautiful.

  116. lucy says:

    As others have said, the real victory here is that she wasn’t photoshopped. That’s what makes her real, not her size. It’s not fair to say that the only “real women” are women who are a size 12 or larger. Women naturally come in all shapes and sizes. Small women are real too, and the model says this in the interview.

    She’s a beautiful, confident woman who put herself out there to be scrutinized by the masses. Kudos, Lizzi!

  117. luna says:

    Don’t want to repeat what’s already been said, but for the posters commenting on how 20 is too young to have belly flap…

    I go to a university with around 45,000 students, and trust me, it is VERY possible for 20 year olds to have belly flaps lol.

    Of course diet and exercise factor into this, but it also depends on how someone’s body is built. For some people, when they gain weight their stomach is the first place that extra weight goes to.

  118. Enonymous says:

    fizXgirl314, the only “disgusting attitude” is yours, you blame everyone for the same things YOU say because of those two chips permanently planted on both of your shoulders and believe me I can easily make you feel horrible about yourself and break any self esteem you have if I really wanted to but despite your bitter rumblings, I am not that type of person. Take my advice seriously now and urgently seek therapy or join a gym, if you ignore it than your loss. No one should invest so much emotion and anger on appearance, it is very unhealthy.

  119. Andrew says:

    Enonymous, you are the one with serious issues. You need to see a doctor if you honestly think that a woman with a little belly is unhealthy. Guess what idiot? SHE IS IN THE PERFECT BODY RANGE FOR HER HEIGHT. You are a sad woman, men like me and almost all men laugh behind your back because you are a sad person. You think you are so attractive yet everyone hates you because you are not and you look down on people who are much better looking than you. I can tell as a man that fizXgirl314 is way hotter than you because you are certifiable idiot.

    P.S. To the person who said foreign powers are better off because they have universal health care. I hate to break it to you but not one single country that has universal health care is problemless. Those countries have to wait for weeks to see doctors, thy cant just go into a hospital and get help and most of the wealthy citizens travel to the US because they know they can treated quicker and by BETTER DOCTORS

  120. Moore says:

    Andrew, she’s actually considered overweight. If she was 6 feet that would put her in the normal range but she just barely gets over to the overweight side since she’s 5’11. Kinda sad how that works out especially since looking at her she doesn’t seem like she’s at all over any kind of weight.

  121. Ducky says:

    @Andrew – oh, please. “men like me and almost all men laugh behind your back because you are a sad person.”

    Aside from the fact that you think you can speak for “almost all men”, I find it interesting that the bulk of your post is name-calling, and you choose to frame all your insults in terms of “attractive” and “better looking” and “hotter”. Which has nothing to do with anything, except making you look like a certifiable idiot.

    Pot. Kettle. Black.

  122. Enonymous says:

    Andrew, LOL you must be some kind of psycho dude and don’t flatter yourself, if you are a man 1. I would not care what you think 2. I would not even give you a second look. You must be fat and ugly yourself that hot thin girls never give you that time of day and now you, like fizXgirl314, have a chip on your shoulder. And how do you know fizXgirl314 is better looking then me? have you seen me? You must be secretly fizXgirl314 or related to her because you both have the same serious issues. Run along little man, no one cares what you think.

  123. Lenora says:

    People who have no way to communicate their ideas articulately and in a respectful manner without resorting to name calling should probably sit back and take some college courses in order to learn how to effectively communicate. It is sad that the internet gives cover to trolls who wouldn’t dare speak someone in that manner to their face. This is why most educated powerful people don’t resort to saying “suck it bitch” at the end of their sentences, it negates any point that could have been made. By the way , your insecurity is showing ;)

  124. Fat Elvis says:

    The point that seems to have been missed (by a few posters) here is that Lizzi is comfortable in her own skin, and consequently, isn’t outwardly concerned by whether or not she’s admired or condemned by other women. And I think ladies of all shapes and sizes can find inspiration in that attitude.

    Sadly, our first instinct is to tear each other down, or proclaim ourselves thinner/better/hotter than someone else. Women can be so incredibly vicious, and it’s a damn shame.

  125. Trashaddict says:

    124 comments on what a woman “should” look like. That says it all. Will everybody please just STFU already and live their lives instead of obsessing over what size they should be.

  126. Enonymous says:

    That is the point with some of the comments here eg. fizXgirl314 and Andrew (although they might be the same person) etc. it shows there are some painfully insecure people that will always raise an issue with other peoples weight and go a step too far to unfairly criticize them due do their own personal reasons and that will continue to create a division in the effort to try and accept all shapes and sizes. As I said, no one should invest so much emotion and anger on appearance, it is unhealthy.

  127. Blahbetty Blah says:

    “I just don’t know what to do I’m drowing in my belly flap… ”

    Fiz, you’re a riot and quite possibly the only sane one [I will not partake in sanity pretenses myself] on this discussion board [or whatever this is].

  128. Blahbetty Blah says:

    “…it shows there are some painfully insecure people that will always raise an issue with other peoples weight and go a step too far to unfairly criticize them due do their own personal reasons and that will continue to create a division in the effort to try and accept all shapes and sizes.”

    Like telling someone to join a gym?

    “Take my advice seriously now and urgently seek therapy or join a gym, if you ignore it than your loss.”

    Silly hypocrite…or were you including yourself among those painfully insecure people? :]

  129. Dolly says:

    Hey, I start to hate fat people, because of how nasty they treat me. I’m 5’6, size 4-6 – not a barbie, not overweight either. Ok, fat people have some probs with their heads for real. I have a cousin who’s been one of my best friends ever since and she’s literally HUGE, but she’s cute and has an amazing personality.

    I used to think that all fat people were this cute and nice and friendly…. BUT… no no no!

    They are nasty haters and they only like to boil in their own rotten hatred juices with other nasty fatties.

    Btw, americans?? Pftt…. sorry, those guys are way too up in their heads for me to even bother talking with them. All they talk about is how great is THE U S AAAAA! Well, now I have to say – suck it – because I’m sick of them. :(

  130. kongming says:

    “I find it interesting that the bulk of your post is name-calling”
    “you look like a certifiable idiot”
    “Pot. Kettle. Black.”

    You don’t say.

  131. kongming says:

    “As I said, no one should invest so much emotion and anger on appearance, it is unhealthy.”

    This explains why you comment at great and turgid length and resort to insulting other posters, of course.

  132. Trillion says:

    #119, you have never had to use medical care in Europe. That’s OK. Nothing wrong with that. But you should know that your assertion that people have to “wait weeks to see a doctor” b/c of universal health care is simply wrong. It’s repeated a lot here in the U.S. so I don’t blame you for simply believing it, but it is false. I’m American but have lived in Europe and have seen doctors on short notice with much better success there than here on many occasions. And although I pay $$$ for “premium” insurance, I’ve spent many frustrating hours fighting to have expenses paid for. These companies are in the business of making millions, not protecting their customer’s health. They arbitrarily cover some things but not others. It’s confusing and expensive and inefficient. They cover certain doctors but not others. Doctors that have seen me for years suddenly drop their contracts with the insurers and consequently drop patients. Insurers won’t work with those of us who have pre-existing conditions. There’s got to be a better way. Our standard of living here is lower than other industrialized nations. It ought not be this way. Instead of picking a “team” and just following their direction, ask yourself who benefits from political decisions: citizens or profit-mad gigantic companies. The answer is not hard to find. Don’t let the politicians sell you up the river. Politicians are bought and paid for by insurance co.s. and are successfully “marketing” (a.k.a. LYING) to us. We spend more than Europeans do on h.c. yet have a lower standard of living. It just doesn’t make sense.

  133. Enonymous says:

    kongming you clearly have not read some of the other more insulting comments from the other bloggers, until you have don’t comment. And Blahbetty Blah, the same goes for you, and there is nothing wrong telling someone to join a gym, they are clearly desperate to be thin and it will help them burn some of that hatred they have inside, it might help you take that stick out of your a$$ too.

  134. Ana says:

    Dolly, I think you have it the other way around. It seems like all the foreigners I meet are so proud of their country and think America is a joke. Yea, I get being proud of your country and heritage, but they always seem to put our country down at the same time.

    Why they didn’t stay in their country in the first place if it is so much better? I don’t know.

    I’m not saying you’re one of those people.

  135. yadira says:

    Some of the comments on here are really ignorant. I made the mistake of reading this thread and skimming thru some comments…..WOW.

    Enonymous, I was gonna say you didn’t sound too bad when replying until you joined the ignorant band wagon and said “fat and ugly”. Such ugly words to come out of such a “sophisticated” person.

    I’m not picking sides cus I really don’t care about anyone on here but people are getting really worked up over nothing.

    The model girl looks pretty. I think what makes her pretty is her confidence. Not the fact that she weighs so much, or has blonde hair and light skin or anything physical. It is the confidence radiating off of her. To me, the confidence and personality is what makes a person beautiful :)

  136. Nebraska says:

    I’ll bet this chick has a nice rear view – she could model for Levi’s.

  137. sk says:

    I don’t care what anyone says a 180 pound “20 year old” is entirely too large…as we age almost all of us will gain weight! What happens to her by age 30 and a couple of kids?

  138. Allison says:

    OK, so a quick run down– I have nothing to say that skinny is better, or bigger is better–healthy is best. Healthy can look like a size 0 or look like a size 6 or look like a size 14.

    I’m 25 years old and 5’6″ and 165 lbs and a size 12. I can only imagine a world where I get to be seen as beautiful like Lizzi Miller.

    I’m quite healthy at my weight–I belong to..and use… a gym, I eat healthfully, etc. and yet most people look at me and see only my waistline. I have not had children, and if I gain a bit when I do, so be it, it’s a part of the decision to have kids to accept a changed/changing body. That’s a whole other can of worms…

  139. pepper says:

    I remember getting that magazine and thinking how beautiful and healthy she looked. I sure hope that more models like her are used in magazines. She’s not fat and not skinny, just just average.

  140. LA woman says:

    The saddest thing is, women are so ultra competitive, the “skinny chicks” on here are offended that a new “look” is surfacing in the modeling industry.

    It’s cause, how dare someone be comfortable in their own skin and accept their body shape and QUIT going to the gym 6 days a week, oh noooo, I feel like a fool…am I right? How dare someone not put EFFORT into their ass size, right? Grow up, and get your self esteem from something other than what clothing size you wear.

    so skinny chicks, please stop attacking the average woman please. Oh, and men have no idea what they want in a woman’s body anyway.

    This is why they are lashing out with “lose weight, thats unhealthy…” little do they know that “skinny” isn’t the norm ANYWHERE, except maybe ethiopia.

    HEALTHY looks different for everyone on an individual basis.
    Rock on Lizzie Miller!!!

  141. gazelle says:

    fizXgirl314: you’ve failed to make the connection between the stereotypes you rattled off and the conclusion of your comment…
    has it occurred to you that the reason america is so “successful” is because of the greed (which you yourself mentioned) of your leaders for generations pillaging other countries, without conscience? that is what we call a bully, and bullies are often fat. “suck it, bitch” is also very true to form. It’s exhausting when people are unable to spot the irony in what comes out of their mouths.

  142. Mark Cohen says:

    she is stunning… just stunning.

  143. eateateat says:

    she’s a bit fat on the guts though…but over all, beautiful. I think she needs to exercise more to get rid of the belly fat. im a size 0. i dont eat greasy or high sugar foods, and i work out 3-4x/week, 2hours, to build muscle tone. guess what…i still have belly fat.

  144. Anita Johnson says:

    This is interesting, isn’t it? I am 62 years old and may not make sense to younger generations, but when I was a young girl, I spent a lot of time trying hard to get my tummy to pooch! Brigette Bardot, Marilyn Monroe and other sexy celebrites of the 50′s were the fantasy women for our generation, and I tried so hard to get that flat tummy of mine to look rounder and pouchy! Styles change. I tend to be on the “fantasy is fun” side of this one. I do wish though that the photo shop changes were described and published near the photos to show young girls it is more a cartoon than photograph! At least we all knew Betty Boop could not be duplicated by live humans! Might help the self esteem.

  145. sdb says:

    She is very beautiful. I don’t read these kinds of magazines and noticed this link on another website, so I fail to understand the whole fat vs skinny debate going on here.

    I’m a little offended by the “she’s unhealthy” comments as well. I have been a little “chubby” my whole life. My parents always cooked fresh veggies, and my husband and I now eat only locally produced veggies and meat. I exercise regularly. I’ve just always had a little extra fat/skin all over–it’s just my body type.

    When I was 20, I was a little thinner than Lizzie. I’m also little shorter, but I think our proportions are about the same. I have had self-esteem issues since I was 12 and didn’t look like my very thin classmates. However, men have never seemed to judge me the way other women, and even I, judge me. I have traveled a good deal and have received positive attention from men in Latin America, Europe, and the MidEast.

    I guess my point is that I probably look “overweight” like Lizzie, but I’m a very healthy person with a very healthy sex-life. Seeing a photo of a woman who looks like me is nice because it helps me overcome some of the insecurities I experienced in the past–insecurities brought on by comparing myself to the images of women in the media. Those images can be very damaging to girls going through puberty.

  146. This is it? says:

    This is what the internet has come to? Flame wars? Wow anything can be turned into a reason to fight.

    You people each took it from expressing opinions and feeling out an argument into a traditional ‘think like me or you are so wrong’ screamfest. LoL Personally I’m more disgusted with the comments you all leave than the article itself.

    IMHO… I’d hit it. She’s beautiful. The pictures really suck, the photographer needs to take some art classes or something, but I wouldn’t mind meeting this Lizzi girl.


  147. Tanya says:

    Wow I think I’ve worked out the psychology behind most peoples feelings when they see models in a magazine. When I look at this picture I see the kind of woman that I see in the streets. Seeing apidose tiisue up close kind of makes me cringe – coz a normal person looks like this but for once I did feel more comfortable in my own skin. The fact that fat normally makes us look older than we are unconsciously makes other people believe that skinny models will stay younger for longer, so they see them as an inspiration. Looking at a bony model makes us feel like we are looking at a magazine in a fantasy world, so yet again we uncosciously see someone portrayed as a beautifully, toned, flap – less person in clothes that don’t bulge and just float over their skin as the ideal. If your naturally thin – then be yourself. If you are more curvy the fact still remains that the girl you see on the cover of Vogue turns your head, seems powerful and in control – you will want to be her even if you don’t admit it. Don’t you? However, another issue I think people believe is that when you see a thin model she doesn’t have any fat in the way; restricting her from wearing the clothes she wants, holding in the unwanted, carrying it around. Therefore, when we look at normal, curvier people we understand how the fat is controlling their body; it’s shape, it’s size, it’s flexibility limitations, so we become angry with this thing at the side of our legs, sticking out at the sides over our jeans. That’s when we want to control it and the anger against the fat becomes anorexia.