Ryan and Redmond O’Neal to get reality show when he’s out of jail

Ryan O’Neal has reportedly brokered a deal for his son, Redmond, to appear in his own reality show once he’s released from jail in four months. This story originates in In Touch, so let’s hope it’s not true. They’re reporting that once Redmond gets out of jail he’s planning to live with his drug supplier dad, Ryan, who will also appear on the show. They don’t say if it will be a typical reality show, meaning skewed to show some kind of manufactured plot, or if it will be documentary-style like his late mom Farrah Fawcett’s show, “Farrah’s Story.”

Ever since Farrah Fawcett’s final days were turned into reality television for the documentary “Farrah’s Story,” it’s become tougher to determine what’s acceptable documentation of struggle. So it’s hard to know what to make of her adult son Redmond O’Neal’s new reality show plans.

The troubled son of Fawcett and Ryan O’Neal will reportedly chronicle his struggles with addiction in a new show. Filming is set to begin in four months, once O’Neal is released from the California detention center where he’s serving time for possession of narcotics and bringing narcotics into a jail facility.

“Redmond has signed the deal that was brokered for him by his dad,” according to a source that spoke to In Touch. “Ryan will be on the show, too.”

The magazine goes on to say that Fawcett, who died of anal cancer on June 25 at age 62, is the inspiration for the show.

“Redmond wants to do this to honor his mother. He really wants to get better to honor her memory,” the source told In Touch.

The magazine goes on to say that Redmond will only receive the inheritance left to him by his mother if he remains sober.

[From MSNBC]

The thing that bothers me about this story is that after Redmond gets out of jail he’s going right back to the dysfunctional home where both he and his dad were busted for meth possession last September. Ryan’s half brother Griffin O’Neal told Larry King Live that he often fought with his father over enabling Redmond’s drug use. Griffin said that Ryan and Remond often partied together and that “Redmond hung out with Ryan a lot, because Ryan allowed the drug use… in the house.” At least they’ll have to hide it when the cameras are rolling, but I doubt Ryan has changed at all after his girlfriend’s death and his son’s incarceration.

Ryan and Redmond are shown outside court on 1/9/09. Credit: Fame Pictures

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  1. Firestarter says:

    Who in the hell would watch two drug addicted, z-list celebrities in a scripted reality show? Give me a break!
    As if Ryan O’Neal needs an addictional platform to spew his insanity!

    I am also not sure as to how this show would honor his dead mother’s memory, considering she was a very private person, until she decided to share her journey about her illness with people.

  2. maddie says:

    Wow I bet Ryan is happy that the death of Farrah revitalized his z-list career.

    I find him so nasty to look at his voice crates on my nerves and he’s a lousy asshat of an actor.

    I won’t be watching it, anyone who watches this if it’s true.

  3. Green Is Good says:

    This is truly in poor taste. Have they no dignity?

  4. birdgherl says:

    Oh this is great. First he takes advantage of a dying Farrah and now his drug-addicted son. Perfect. Father of the Year!

  5. Diane says:

    Ryan admitted to being a low quality parent. Once again, he cannot think or care enough to put the needs of any of his sons or daughter above his own.

  6. Persistent Cat says:

    What bothers me is the ridiculous amount of reality tv shows.

  7. Judy says:

    Ryan O’Neal is a total fraud–hitting every daytime talk show that would take him to promote his own agenda as Farrah lay dying. Wanted to marry Farrah on her death bed ($$$) and yet hit on his own daughter at her funeral. What a pathetic excuse for a father and/or human being.

  8. Tia C says:

    Yeah, I think we all know this is just a plain bad idea all the way around. Just, no. I’m shaking my head at the sad, sad state of TV entertainment these days. I’m wondering when this whole BS “reality” trend will meet its long-overdue demise.

  9. sigh says:

    Is this from the producers of the ill-fated NICK HOGAN show?

    Stars don’t teach their kids to have skills/education/identities of their own (misery loves company), so addicted Redmond will have to live with/off of his addicted dad cuz I’m SURE Ryan is making him feel he doesn’t have anyone or anything left (until some drug-addcted harpy comes along).

  10. maddie says:

    @Tia “I’m wondering when this whole BS “reality” trend will meet its long-overdue demise.”

    I would say never, because look at the costs put out for reality tv as per a real show where they pay real actors, and talented writters to do what they do best, and get PAID well to do it.

    I think it will end when we the public stop watching trashy shows that show how people at their worst behavior.

  11. gg says:

    Oh, dear. They have no shame. All these people seem to do is sniff drugs and fight and nearly kill each other.

  12. Ggirl says:

    I read the Vanity Fair edition with Farrah Fawcett as the cover story by Leslie Bennets: “Beautiful People, Ugly Choices”. Ryan O’Neal has turned into a real horror show of a human being. I guess he has evolved into this creature largely because of years of drug abuse and self indulgence. Ryan said, and I am paraphrasing here, that he ‘hated’ a couple of his kids and basically wished that they hadn’t been born. His sense of self responsibility is lacking. Anyway, Ryan tried his slimy charm in the article also ‘joking’ that he would like to get his hands on Farrah’s money but Farrah made sure that Redmond was taken care of by having an estate executor over see the fortune she left him. Obviously Redmond seems incapable at this point. Anyway, reading this article just reinforced what a true nightmare Ryan O’Neal is and the horrible way he has treated his children. He is a waste of space at this point and he only has himself to thank. If Redmond gets out of this mess alive, it will be IN SPITE OF his dad, not because of. Here is the VF link:


  13. YoMomma says:

    I’d watch it. I also rubberneck at all auto accidents and love a good train wreak.