Kirsten Dunst is still drinking despite rehab

Kirsten Dunst out and about with brother Christian Dunst in SoHo, NYC
Kirsten out with her brother in Soho on 8/22/09

Radar has an “eyewitness report” about Kirsten Dunst still being a sloppy drunk. There were rumors about Kiki’s drinking for years – and then she suddenly went to rehab in February of last year. Since then, it’s not like she’s been totally on the straight and narrow, but she seems to have been keeping her sh-t together a little better than before. Although there was that throwdown with Mary-Kate Olsen last December… but I digress. Radar’s eyewitness saw Kirsten downing double vodkas at a party:

She’s a year and a half removed from her rehab stint, but Kirsten Dunst was spotted stumbling drunk at the Tropicana bar at the Roosevelt hotel in Los Angeles on August 18, several eyewitnesses tell

Dunst was in rehab at Utah’s Cirque Lodge in February, 2008. But rehab seemed a distant memory as she partied in L.A. recently, the eyewitnesses revealed. She was seen with a double vodka on the rocks stumbling into a crowd of people.

This isn’t the first time she’s been seen hitting the party scene hard since her rehab stay. Most notably she was helped (by friends) out of the LA club The Room after another vodka-infused night.

Details of her latest binge were first reported by the National Enquirer in its new issue which contains more details of her Mary Jane Parker’s lost night.

[From Radar]

I’m sure we’ll bring you that Enquirer story later on in the week. I totally buy this story – Kirsten didn’t seem to deal with her alcohol abuse problems in a real way, it just sort of seemed like she went to rehab when everyone was going to rehab. Like, to socialize or to be cool or something.

In a weird coincidence, Fox News 411 has an interesting story up about Kiki being a “cougar in training” because she’s been partying and hooking up with a few guys in their early twenties. And no, it wasn’t Robert Pattinson. But least she’s keeping it legal, you know?

Kirsten Dunst likes her guys on the side on the young side. The 27 year-old actress whiled some time away this summer in Mississippi with a fresh new Ole Miss graduate, and last week she was busy partying the night away in California with her little brother’s young pals.

A source close to the Mississippi situation tells FOX411 that the hookup was just a fun one-night stand.

“Kirsten met a cute, young, 22 year-old guy at a bar in Oxford, Mississippi and they partied together and had a hot little hookup,” says the fellow reveler. “She invited him back to her hotel and even took him out for breakfast in the morning. She was having a good time, and she likes younger guys. But the two have no plans to see each other again.”

So what was the Hollywood A-lister doing in the deep South?”Kirsten wanted a change of pace this summer and she spent a little vacation time in the South, checking out Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee and also traveling to Mississippi,” said the snitch. “She managed to squeeze in a little party time with some college co-eds on her travels.”

But Kirsten was just getting started. Last week, she threw a party for her brother, Christian, 23, at Hollywood hotspot Madame Royale, and Christian invited plenty of young male friends for his appreciative sis.

“She came alone without a date and Christian brought several of his buddies,” a fellow partygoer tells FOX411. “Kirsten and Christan are very close, and they get along with each other’s friends. Everyone was drinking vodka and partying at their table. Kirsten looked like she was having a great night, laughing and dancing with all the young dudes.”

[From Fox 411]

Funny, sketchy and true story – when I was 20 years old, I hooked up with a 17-year-old guy. To be fair, he was only a few months away from his 18th birthday. I couldn’t actually do the deed with him, because I was so freaked out because what we were doing was technically illegal in my state, but I did let him get to a base that’s still probably a misdemeanor. That is my one and only stab at being a cougar… but I can identify with Kiki for hooking up with some young college guys. Some of those boys are so cute! She probably doesn’t remember the hookup though – that’s what happens when you’re doing tequila shots with 22-year-olds.

Here’s Kirsten at the CFDA Fashion Awards on 6/15/09. Credit: Diane Cohen/Fame Pictures

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  1. I choose me says:

    I like Kirsten so I’m bummed that she’s not taking the rehab thing seriously, assuming this story is true. Re: bottom pics. I’m meh about her outfit(I like the colours just not the style) but I’m seriously digging on those shoes. Her skin looks great in those pics though, she cleans up well.

  2. Obvious says:

    Kaiser, I love your little asides and stories, you bring a quirky sense of yourself to every piece, your stories are among my favorite reads.

    On another note, KiKi has gone down hill since her early work. I miss the teenage/early 20s KiKi. She was funny, and cute, now there is just something so off-putting about her….

  3. grisgris says:

    My husband is 5 years older than me and I adore him. But the guy I dated before him was 24 and I was 35 – and it was a seriously good time. I don’t regret it one bit!

    I don’t really follow Kiki but it doesn’t sound to me like she is getting wasted and making an ass of herself on a regular basis (see Lohan, Lindsay). She’s young and should be allowed to have a little fun.

  4. the original kate says:

    kirsten needs a decent bra.

  5. Diane says:

    Was she in rehab for substance abuse or possibly other reasons?

    Harm reduction, not necessarily abstinence, is an effective alternative, and could be her path.

    As far as the cougar experience. It works for me = )

  6. princess pea says:

    It’s time to put the cougar crap to bed. Five years age difference is not something we should even be noticing, for crying out loud. Is this the fifties?

    As for the drinking, I’m with Diane. I gotta admit that I don’t think the AA approach of ‘never touch a drop again’ works for everyone. Harm reduction is perfectly reasonable. And despite the fact that she does get drunk at parties, the ‘official’ reason for her rehab was depression, wasn’t it? These days, celebrities go to rehab like it’s a spa with therapists, just for some rest and a few chats.

  7. Ggirl says:

    Kirsten was so beautiful in The Virgin Suicides and all of her earlier movies. I wish she could pull it together because I hate to see another talented and beautiful actress go down the tubes! She has also dated a stream of losers since Jake Gyllenhaal (yes, I am old school ancient). Even though Jakey may swing both ways, I still think he adorable. I hated it when they broke up. Kirsten needs a nice guy like him.

  8. Sheigh says:

    She looks so miserable.
    Alcohol spoils her very hard!

  9. Nono says:

    Someone I know works were KD goes for a routine service (they sign non-disclosure agreements and I do not want to even come remotely close to getting this person fired). She told me that she is always coming in buzz and wears really dirty flip flops and her feet and finger nails always have lots of dirt on them. Basically, she is a hot mess.

  10. Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD rescinded says:

    Here’s my impersonation of Kristen Dunce: Glug glug glug glug glug glug BARRRRRFFFF!!!!! Ha ha, she’s a pathetic drunk.

  11. MAt says:

    Who care!!

  12. MB says:

    Why would a tabloid define a woman in her twenties going out with a guy who is also in their twenties as a cougar? Shouldnt there actually be a significant age gap for this ‘term’ to apply? Sheesh!

  13. lway says:

    @ nono – LOL – that’s just gross! KD doesn’t take care of herself. Her outfit in the top pic looks like something she took out of grandma’s cupboard. She just comes accross as dirty. I can’t seem to get myself to like her – no matter how hard i try.

  14. GatsbyGal says:

    Yeahhhh…I can see an obituary in the near future with her name on it. She just seems like the type who’d suddenly end up dead and it would shock everyone, like Heath Ledger or something.

  15. Magsy says:

    Another boozy blonde.

  16. I don’t know about you guys, but I sort of saw that one coming a mile away… she just that “Hey look at me im a drunk!” face all the time.

  17. Alcohol rehabilitation services are surely waiting just around the corner for her. Hopefully she’ll get the help she needs. Sad to see someone that young with so much talent making a fool of herself.

  18. Angel54321 says:

    I love KD. I grew up with her and admired her my entire life. Seeing things like this really makes me sad and I hope that she doesn’t end up dead. I’d like to see her clean up her life.

  19. Hugh Faas says:

    an effective rehabilitation is not nonobligatory, it is a requirement.

  20. Tom Buch says:

    Alcohol rehab is tricky, and while it is a requirement for sure, Hugh.